Moto Z2 Force 360 Camera Mod 4K Video // Software Update!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny now
I'm back with another moto 360 camera
mod video they just push out an update
and they let me know that it improves 4k
video stitching around the side so you
can check that out and it's supposed to
also improve the 360 spatial audio – as
you can see I'm at home right now I'm in
Japan actually I'm not Japanese but you
know I'm pretty sure I'll get that in
the comments so I just want to get that
out of the way and it's super hot right
now because it's summer in Florida you
know how that is humidity heat but I am
at Epcot right now and World Showcase
this is Japan down there with France
Morocco stuff like that so make sure you
pan around the reason why I didn't walk
or I'm not walking right now because in
the very first video if you want to
check that out there was a couple of
complaints I was walking so there's no
optical image stabilization on this
camera and that people said it was kind
of dark so it's kind of golden hour
right now it should be a lot better lit
out here and the color should be a lot
better too so I just wanted to follow up
to see if the improvement of the camera
is worth it sorry about the sweat men it
is hot out here but a shooting in 4k
right now I'm still holding the Moto 360
backwards or the 360 camera backwards
because the mics are on the back there's
three mics on the back so I can't see
myself right now and that's the best way
to shoot because if I had it facing me
or if I could see myself then you
wouldn't be able to hear me so I know
it's kind of a weird design thing
hopefully they changed that but I just
don't want to take the chance on this
video so I'll let you know I'm gonna
take another one facing me and see if
they actually have changed that but let
me know what you think about the video
quality pan around in here it's a really
beautiful day even though it's hot but
let me know in the comments section
below watch the first video watch this
one and let me know if it's improved
alright I'll see you guys in the next

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