Moto Z2 Force 360 Camera Mod 4K Test!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny
checking out the 360 camera mod for the
Moto z2 course it's going to be able to
work across the other Z lines as well
from what I know now this is actually
the second video that I've made on this
I've learned a lot if you actually face
the camera towards you like when you're
looking at the screen then it's not
going to pick up good audio because
three of the microphones are on the back
those meant to get 360 facial audio but
it looks like it's meant to actually get
what's in front of you instead of you if
you're talking so if you're on the
vlogging type situation you're really
going to need to face it the back
towards you so I know that's kind of
weird but go ahead and pan around you if
you've never been to Disneyworld before
this is Magic Kingdom in Orlando and you
can take a look around it's actually not
a busy day today believe it or not you
look at all this you look at all these
people here you might think that's all
intact but this is actually a really
slow day we are Annual Pass holders so
we get to come here all the time my kids
love my son is obsessed with small world
so he comes here probably once a week I
know crazy right but let me know what
you guys think about the audio and what
you think about maybe the wind noise is
actually kind of windy out here if you
look at the flags up there you'll see
that it's quite windy out here too so
I'm not sure what the window is going to
be like but let me know what the quality
is like it shoots in 4k so just from
what I saw personally off of the footage
itself it doesn't look like 4k I know
that even I know it's downscaled I think
it's 2k on each side something like that
but it actually looks pretty soft in my
opinion but let me know what you guys
think of the quality I think it's
awesome when you take a look at a 360
video and you're able to just move your
phone around or you can pan yourself or
if you have Google cardboard or if you
have anything like daydream and if your
phone's a dream compatible put this on
and see what this is like
so of course my wife cuts me off right
here just see that but a thing about 360
right you can see it all so let me know
what you guys think about the quality
and I'll see you guys that's right
somebody's out of work all right I'll
see you guys in the next one

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