Moto One Zoom unboxing and key features

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what's up guys will here for gsm
arena Motorola's Moto one mid Rangers
each bring something different to the
table there was a one action and the one
vision and now we have the moto one zoom
which brings you three times lossless
zoom and it just arrived so let's check
it out

let's open up this box it has a lovely
purple color get this paper out of the
way and here's the phone itself it
already has a clear plastic case on it
let me take that off so we can see the
phone nice oh and here's the case by
itself if you wanted to look at it under
here is some paperwork the sim ejector
tool and some 3.5 millimeter earbuds
next is the 18 watt fast charger we'll
have to see how fast it really is and
finally here's the USBC cable so now
that we have the moto one zoom in our
hands let's go over its key features
first let's talk about the quad camera
setup which is probably the most
important feature on this device looking
at the back the square camera
arrangement gives the phone off while we
may 2005 there's a 48 megapixel main
camera the quad bear filter a 16
megapixel ultra webcam a 5 megapixel
depth sensor and the signature 8
megapixel 3x telephoto cam overall this
should give you a pretty versatile
camera experience something you'd expect
more from a flagship than a mid ranger
here are some quick shots we've been
able to take so far we'll have an
in-depth take on the camera quality in
our for review next is the build quality
it feels pretty nice hefty and premium
although the Moto 1 zoom looks like it's
made from metal that's just the finish
it's actually made from glass with a
6000 series aluminum frame the Moto logo
actually lights up a neat touch I like
to rounded corners and edges and the
power button – it's got ridges on it for
a nice tactile feel there's a 3.5
millimeter jack as well as one unusual
design choice the single speaker is
located on the top rather than at the
bottom not sure how that will change the
listening experience pumping on to the
front and the 1 zoom 6.4 inch OLED
display it's nice to have an OLED out of
mid-range phone and moto has delivered
here the screen looks nice and bright
and though it does have a cutout for the
selfie cam it's quite minimal and you
will have options to hide
one higher-end feature you get is an
under display fingerprint reader it
feels quite responsive and I like it's
colorful animations alright now on to
the internals the moto one zoom runs on
the snapdragon 675 chipset along with
four gigs of ram this setup is pretty
decent for a mid ranger on paper we'll
have to see how it handles in real life
and if there's any excessive heating
powering the phone is a four thousand
milliamp hour battery I would say from
its size that we should expect good
battery life but based on motors other
recent phones it might not be will run
our tests and let you know and finally
stock Android unlike many manufacturers
Motorola delivers a stock Android
experience rather than a custom UI this
should give you a snappier load free
experience though if you are all about
those custom features this may not be
the interface for you the features moto
does provide can be found within a
special hub and include a bunch of
custom gestures and some screen
interaction settings so there you have
it guys the Moto one zoom looks like
he's shaping up to be a nice upper
mid-range phone with some premium
features and some nice camera options
but for around 400 euros I really hope
it's battery life is better than his
moto one siblings what do you guys think
let us know down in the comments below
and keep an eye out for a full review
coming soon see ya


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