Moto Gamepad Hands On: Android’s Nintendo Switch?

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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what's up everybody this is Danny and I
had an opportunity to check out Moto's
gamepad a little early and while there
are a ton of mods available and there's
new ones coming this one really caught
my eye so I want to spend as much time
as I could with it it was actually
announced earlier this year that just
fell off the face of the map and all of
a sudden now we have a full production
model at the z2 force event so here are
my thoughts I really enjoy my Nintendo
switch so naturally the gamepad kind of
reminds me of this but of course it's
not going to have the same impact and
we'll get into that later let's talk
about what makes this gamepad special
and the first thing is that this is a
physical connection and not a Bluetooth
one so you do not have to worry about
input lag when playing your games the
gamepad itself is long and it mostly
feels like you're holding a Nintendo
switch in your hand but lighter of
course I feel that all the buttons that
you need are here you have dual analog
sticks directional pad a B X&Y
start select and shoulder buttons that
light up at the top which is a nice
touch and on the back you get this
glowing logo that represents Lenovo's
gaming efforts and while it doesn't add
anything I think it looks pretty cool
but damn is that logo big this has a
built-in 1035 milliamp hour battery so
it won't suck up your phone's battery on
long gaming sessions which i think is
critical and it's rechargeable by USB C
and it gives you back the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack which I also think is a
nice touch since the recent Z series
phones do not have headphone jacks
ergonomically I think it feels a little
long but when I played real racing on
this it felt really good the analog
sticks felt responsive and games like
this are just so much better with
physical controls
I thought the buttons felt a little
cheap though a little hollow but until I
use this long-term it'll be hard to tell
if that will hurt the gaming experience
there's good texture to the back and the
gamepad felt pretty solid and have
plenty of grip so that's good if you
have a moto Z series phone in you're
into gaming and I think this could be
the mod for you to get now me personally
I can't wait to get this because I'm an
emulator fan I'm an old-school gaming
so this layout and feel I think it's
going to be perfect for emulators now I
think this could be a game-changing
thing for people that own moto
these series phones that are gaming
purist but I wish that this was a
universal attachment for all phones a
physical connection and I think that's
why this can't be androids Nintendo
switch this actually makes me wish that
Nvidia would just come out with a shield
portable – another barrier that I see is
that this thing's going to launch for
$80 at the end of August and there's a
lot of Bluetooth gaming peripherals and
controllers out there that are probably
half the price now they're not physical
connections but they work so moto Z
owners are going to have to think about
if this is worth it or not
now what I would suggest is wait for
this thing to launch maybe wait for the
holidays wait until the sting goes on
sale and then scoop it up for a smaller
price because $80 is a little bit high
of course I'm going to follow when I get
this thing so if you have any questions
about it make sure you leave the
comments in the comment section below
and I'll answer those questions when I
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