Moto G 5G Plus review

published on August 3, 2020

Hey everyone do you remember the original moto g it single-handedly shook up the entry-level market changing our idea of what 200 phones should be able to do in the following years the moto g models have

Seen great success in european and american markets and while the company lost a lot of market share lately it still has influence over the

Entry-level and mid-range markets over seven years later 5g has now made it to motorola's budget g lineup and the moto g 5g plus is here with a 90 hertz lcd screen a beefy 5 000 milliamp hour battery and

The snapdragon 765g chipset so with all the other smartphones coming out using the same processor does this one stand out enough i'm ricky with gsm arena and this is our

Review of the moto g 5g plus at first glance the g5g plus may look like a bunch of other phones but after you spend some time with it

You'll notice a couple of unique elements that let it stand out starting from the front there's a tall lcd screen with thin bezels all the way around the upper and lower ones are a bit

Thicker but they're at least consistently sized with each other meanwhile there are dual punch hole cutouts for the selfie cameras more on these later around the back is a quad camera setup

Arranged in an iphone-esque fashion the dual led flash and the moto batwing are pretty hard to miss as well on the right side is the power button with embedded fingerprint scanner

And the volume rocker they're placed pretty high up there but it shouldn't be too much of an issue for anyone with average sized hands do keep in mind that the aspect ratio of the screen makes this

One tall smartphone and at the bottom there's a downward speaker usb c charging port and 35 millimeter headphone jack the g5g plus feels great in the hand with nice tapered edges on the back

Even though the frame and back side are made of plastic the dot matrix finish of this blue model looks great and provides better grip here compared to real glass

Although the moto g 5g plus is not officially water resistant the phone's internals are protected by a splash resistant nano coating so occasional splashes should be fine the screen is a 67 inch lcd panel with

A 90 hertz refresh rate and full hd plus resolution in the cinematic 21×9 aspect ratio in terms of brightness the g5g plus reached 443 nits in the manual mode and pushed out 543

Nits in super bright environments when set to automatic we do wish it was a bit brighter but it should be bright enough for most viewing conditions when it comes to color accuracy though

This isn't the best screen we've seen its default saturated mode has very cool whites and grays and overly saturated colors natural mode renders more accurate colors but max brightness takes a hit since

This display can render at up to 90 hertz there's a new ai control option to let the software decide when to activate the 90 hertz refresh rate so if you're watching a video

Or seeing a static image on the screen the display switches to 60 hertz to save power and then kicks back in when you swipe around pretty neat thanks to the phone's huge 5 000 lamp

Hour battery we calculated a 114 hour endurance rating overall with more than 17 hours of video playback and just under 15 hours in our web test as far as

Charging goes the g5g plus supports 20 watt usb c power delivery and it recharged to 35 in 30 minutes it took 2 hours and 10 minutes to get to a full charge which is kind of slow

But the high endurance score makes up for that there's a single downward firing speaker and it's nothing special it scored average in our loudness test and from a company like motorola we

Would have expected a louder speaker this phone like a bunch of other mid-rangers in 2020 is powered by the snapdragon 765

5g support great battery life and smooth software are all expected and it delivers on everyday performance games run smoothly as well if you're after a near stock android

Experience you'll like the software on the g5g plus motorola's has changed a little bit and has only added a few features which boost the experience without cluttering the interface

Moto actions are gestures and actions that trigger apps or shortcuts the double twist to open the camera the double chop to fire up the flashlight and the lift to unlock

Are all well familiar at this point and they're just as useful as when they first launched moto now lets you further customize the look of the interface you can now change the accent colors and

Shape of the quick toggles and you can set the desired font and icon pack there's a new power touch feature that's kind of like samsung's edge panel but you access it by double pressing on

The power button you can customize which apps and shortcuts appear in this menu the fingerprint scanner while quick and responsive for the most part doesn't always work on the first read

Just make sure you firmly press on the sensor which we found to give us more consistent reads there are a total of six cameras on the moto g 5g

Plus four on the back and two in the front the main one is a 48 megapixel sensor with an f 18 aperture and it sits alongside an ultra wide 8 megapixel camera

A 5 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor the camera ui has been simplified to display three modes photo video and the most recent other mode

The other modes are in a separate menu the main camera took nice shots with decent detail levels and very good dynamic range with pleasing colors and contrast sharpness is balanced so detail is well

Highlighted without any halo effect the ultrawide camera is consistent with the main camera and colors and contrast but the detail levels aren't quite as good

The 5 megapixel macro camera has auto focus which makes taking close up shots a lot easier macro shots are sharp and you don't have to be too close to get a clear shot

Details and sharpness are not bad and colors are average as the sun goes down the image quality goes down along with it in lower light conditions photos are decidedly soft

And rather noisy even with hdr the moto g 5g plus can't seem to figure out how to get proper exposure in these scenes and shadow areas get lost night vision does help a lot with the

Exposure and detail levels although there is still some noise present if the scene allows for it we would use night vision for every low light shot as for the ultra wide camera we cannot

Recommend using it at night its output is pretty bad and there is no night vision available to help it portrait photos are missing sharpness and the hdr processing doesn't go all in otherwise we don't mind the

Colors the level of details and the average edge detection still the portraits are noisy regardless of how much light there is the moto g 5g plus has two selfie

Cameras a 16 megapixel standard unit with f 20 aperture and an 8 megapixel ultra white camera for when you need to fit more of your friends in the frame

Selfies look good for the most part faces are well exposed even in more challenging light detail levels aren't spectacular but skin tones are pleasingly rendered

Dynamic range is rather limited and noise is more of an issue than the main camera but all in all it's not a bad effort ultra white selfies have about the same level of sharpness per pixel

But with half the resolution available it's unable to resolve nearly as much detail at least it manages to keep up with the other camera in terms of color rendering portrait selfies are not great with

Mediocre subject separation at best it sometimes misses with simple hairstyles while messier hair is totally beyond its capability the g5g plus can record up to 4k

Resolution video in 30 frames per second or 1080p video at 60 frames per second 4k video is nicely detailed with good contrast and dynamic range you also get eis which somewhat

Strangely causes a significant drop in the bit rate and that causes a drop in sharpness but the overall quality remains solid the lower bit rate might cause issues with particularly dynamic scenes

Full hd videos lack detail and come out with muted colors overall we would keep away from using this mode unless you really need to be saving storage space there is a lot of fierce competition in

This affordable mid-range segment the moto g 5g plus is competitively priced with excellent battery life a smooth screen snappy software and support for 5g

Networks currently there are two big competitors close to the g5g plus in price using the same chipset and one of them is the xiaomi mi note 10 lite it has a sharper oled

Screen and similar battery life for 50 euros cheaper but it's missing a headphone jack and micro sd card slot then there's a trade-off of whether you want a heavy android skin like miui

Or a cleaner android experience like the moto then there's the oneplus nord which is 50 euros more than the moto with better camera hardware and an oled screen with in

Display fingerprint scanner but it has a smaller battery and no headphone jack also do keep in mind that in this price range a difference of just 50 euros can be a deal breaker if the cameras

Were a bit better on the moto it would be a perfect deal but even with the camera that it has the moto g 5g plus is a very affordable 5g smartphone that's well rounded in software

Battery life and overall experience and well worth the price i'm ricky with gsm arena and thanks for watching take care everyone you

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