Mothers and Daughters Ages 6 to 89: What’s the Hardest Thing About Being a Mom? | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

you want to be the greatest parent that

they rave about but sometimes you just

have to lay down the law of the land

being a working mom and wanting to be

there for every single trip every single

moment is is really hard making the kids

happy all the time but also laying down

the rules you know I can't always have

both knowing the boundary between being

a mom and a friend you know there has to

be that golden middle she's always so

nice sometimes a little too nice having

to divide your love for all the things

that you love your heart is with your

child and then perhaps you know if

there's something else that you want to

do or something else that you care about

I feel like men have not had to deal

with that and when they do they're

really kind of blown away like whoa wait

a second like I can't focus on one thing

and it's like yeah welcome to being a

parent when they really disagree about

kind of like what the next phase of

their lives should look like and it's

like such a cliche but it's like if you

love someone set them free you know like

it's so hard to do that you know we did

it with college I would say one of the

hardest things I had to do was kind of

let go and allow her to like apply easy

to where she wanted to go even when

they're younger it's like who they pick

his friends my friends I chose were

lovely people yes that's true when I sit

by from her dad I decided to put my

knife in the side and to be strong even

something I don't want to that was the

the most difficulty to be a mother

to set an example for her and sometimes

that's hard because I'm not sure that

I'm really setting that example that I

want her to follow I mean when you've

disappointed them in whatever way it is

it it's a disappointment to me too I

unfortunately want everybody to be

like in a movie like a shangri-la every

minute that's what you want if she seems

frustrated or sad about something

I want that fixed so obviously you want

them to be happy and you want what they

strive for it to at least come very

close to what they get well what I find

Connie hardest because I had the two

daughters my oldest daughter would look

to see what I'm doing different from for

her then for April I try to treat them

all equal it was so easy being cherishes

mother and it could be because I was so

young and clueless honestly that

everything was fun and easy I mean there

were a lot of you had support right you

did it's out question there were caring

adults around it does take a village to

raise a child truly does boundaries

boundaries because I'm an anxious person

I want to know a lot and there are some

things that really I don't need to know

and I have to get used to that when I

had the depression it was difficult for

me to hide the way I was feeling at the

time but I I didn't want to burden my

children with that I wanted them to feel

free and be happy and not see their

mother as a down person they never knew

how I really felt so I think I would

have gotten an Academy Award my acting

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