Mothers and Daughters Ages 6 to 89: What Makes You Proud? | Iris

published on July 2, 2020


like everything seems like makes me

happy about my mom so I don't really

know she's full of personality

definitely I'm proud of me for being who

she is she's ready to help everyone and

just overall such a kind good soul she's

always there for me she's always right

behind me cheering me on and she's

driving me and providing so much she's


I would say that I'm proud of how

emotionally strong my mom is the way she

walks and carries herself in the world

I'm really proud of the fact that she

thinks about other people's feelings

it's really considerate of other people

in addition to the fact that she happens

to be beautiful and smart and physically

capable I just you know the fact that

she's really kind I think is really


she's so accomplished you know

academically and athletically and of

course I'm proud of those and she's a

real feminist when I like meet a new

friend I always like the first thing is

like yeah this is what my mom does like

this is who my mom is she's been the

only woman in the room and so many

situations she's like one of the

strongest voices I know of any one man

or a woman

that's just like amazes me it inspires

me and makes me kind of want to be like

a badass like she is we're not crying it

I'm not crying it might happen I'm proud

of how far my mom's come since losing my


it put my whole family through a lot

because I was only 15 and my older

sisters were out of the house so it's

basically just us facing like the

hardest thing that we've ever gone

through you push yourself to be better

and better every day you try a little

bit more every day I've never doubted

that you're proud of where I am and I

love that you show me that I hope that I

can show my kids that one day you go I

think I'm most proud of the fact that

she came to a country that was in her

own and she made something of herself

she came to this country and she she

definitely pushed me and my brother to

be better humans I'm proud that she made

that choice for us but I'm also I'm

gonna cry oh don't cry I know that I can

count on her aaron has been able to

realize that her first choice of where

she went to school wasn't the right one

and she took it upon herself to go ahead

and apply and try for a second on

another another school and she was


I mean she's 18 19 I thought that was

remarkable my mom is always the favorite

parent when anybody hears that my mom is

coming to town everybody gets so excited

when can I see Amy can we go to lunch

can we hang out I just have to see her

but it's not even just with my friends

it's with our family as well she's kind

of become the rock and the matriarch I'm

always proud when I introduce my mom to

people because she's like very confident

and warm and like I think makes everyone

feel good about themselves I cheered her

along but she's you know she pioneered

it and that's amazing to me and as

accomplished as she is with all of this

she's still very loving and attached to

her family that's what I'm proud of that

I mean she's who she is as a person I'm

amazed by it

I gave like a one-sentence know that was

and that was a powerful one sentence I

loved all of it I've been really proud

of her and from finishing high school

right on through college right on

through till she got her master's I try

to always like be there for her I feel

like she's overcoming a lot of obstacles

you know being a single mother you know

she kind of set the foundation of what

being a career person looks like to me

her work ethic has motivated me to

continue to grow and want to grow in the

corporate ladder myself so I'm proud of

her for her accomplishments cherish is

an extraordinary mother she's an

extraordinary teacher she's a lot of fun

to be with she's a great dancer she's a

great cook I could go on and in a way

she walks the talk in every way just she

showed me that you can you can have it

all I mean she was a working mom she was

very active him in my life growing up I

see that being just a challenge to say

people able to balance both and so I'm

really proud of her ability to do that

well I would have to say I'm incredibly

proud of the decisions that jessica has

made for herself particularly in recent

years she's made some major

life-changing decisions that were not


she stayed focused she was able to

figure out what was important I think

she's incredibly brave in the decisions

she's made what she's become as a woman

she just has done so much with her life

being there for her children always

supported of them always supported of me

I went through some terrible health

problems and she was there for me and I

really appreciated that my mom and dad

had an incredibly symbiotic relationship

my dad died it'll be 4 to 14 years in

December I think we all had thought that

things could go really south when my

father died and and my mom was so

incredibly strong and managed to

overcome her own depression and her

terrible feelings of emptiness after my

father died and re-established herself

in a you know find new friends make a

move from the suburbs back into the city

be independent and just showed really

credible strength and willingness to

keep on enjoying life that's true

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