Mothers and Daughters Ages 6 to 89: What Has Changed Since You Were Their Age? | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

well my goodness there's a lot that is


they've gained more of a voice now I

feel like more people are listening to

kids their age and it's okay for them to

not like something a lot more than it

was when I was younger when I went to

school you know boys did boys things

girls did girls things so I think

Society changed when we bought our

colors you know we try to keep it

neutral though she does gravitate to her

Barbies and things that are feminine

because I think it's just society still

has that ingrained in our culture girls

right now rather watch TV or be on their

phone or are be on social media instead

of actually physically connecting to

friends I feel like um for Lunas

generation the thing that is the most

striking is probably around gender and

it's really cool for me to see how

natural and how accepting her and her

friends are of transgender students yeah

like Oh fine like you know you're

transitioning to a boy or you're

transitioning to a girl and now you're

using the boys bathroom like that's so

normal for her I unfortunately think a

lot hasn't gotten better and that's very

incredibly sad to me role of woman in a

household you know sort of women who

work just double down still you know

they're doing the housework and and the

outside homework I see how it hasn't

changed and I see how like me and my

brother's way of growing up was very

unique and special my dad was the one

who picked me up who cooked dinner who

like did the laundry and I always say I

wish that my generation was leaving the

world better but I think it's gonna be

up to her and her generation to make it

a little bit better the work force was

completely different when I was in my

20s I worked in a very male oriented

field I was a technical illustrator and

I did fighter jets so I was very often

the only woman in in the office


back then in like the the 80s you didn't

go to your boss and say you know someone

was sexually harassing me was just part

of the the deal with being in the office

I don't think that that type of thing

goes on anymore or at least its ya

better reported do you think women are

kind of prioritizing themselves a little

bit more yes my mom tells me things and

I sometimes I think at her age I would

have already had three kids I have my

two kids already when I was 26 I was in

the middle of the motherhood you know

the best opportunity to grow as a woman

I just feel like there's other things

that now as women we know that we have

different options we don't just have to

get married young and have kids and and

be a good wife we could be professionals

and we could have our own education my

parents were pretty liberal and and you

know education was very important

however it was my brothers who were

encouraged to be medical people I was

encouraged to do well in school for sure

but it wasn't with the goal of really

having a profession her him and my dad

have instilled in me there's really no

limit to what I can do and what I can

achieve I often think about how if I had

been raised that way I might have gone

off in a in a different direction I

think it could be more of who you want

to be the people I was surrounded by one

more traditional I think women can do

anything now and I think that's where I

see it changed I'm from the old school

so your generation today they don't want

to cook they don't cook you know a lot

of them eat out she can like cook when

she wanna she can go shopping with you

wanna so you can go to bed once you

wanna I grew up a different way I feel

that women's reproductive health rights

are imperiled you know there is

restrictions and schools about

sex Edie this is coming from somebody

and I was in a convent school I was 16

when cherish was conceived so that would

make me an 11th grader Catholic girls

are told to you know cross yourself and

cross your legs for me I see advance and

retract and blessedly I see this

incredible incredible social movement

led by young women not just the hashtag

me to movement but rights movement lbgtq

eye movement gender identity movement

and I noticed it most talking with my

young grandchildren and I'm just

absolutely amazed at their views on

things they're so well informed we talk

about me too we talk about politics we

talk about gender issues I mean there is

nothing that's not on the table and

there's nothing that they don't have an

opinion about I didn't go to college

what's quite different when I was her

age it was difficult for a woman to do a

lot of things that women now can do and

they can go wherever they want to go

they can go they can do what they want

to do not so when I was a young woman I

mean she has really gone through a lot

of things and she's always managed to

find the positive I see her as a

complete woman

I wish I could have been the kind of

woman who she is I think it's gonna take

a little bit more a little bit more time

but it's getting there

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