Mothers and Daughters Ages 6 to 89: What Do You Disagree About? | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

she just doesn't get it the iPad time

hearing give it to ye oh I can't get a

toy cataleya could watch her iPad all

day long if she wanted to

so I limit her iPad and screen time and

she's just not happy with that like

every other six truevolt it why did I

say that it's true

movies late at night right we have to go

to school the next day

really yes I have this little tent that

covers my bed so I can just take my book

light read my book and then she comes in

and she says me I give me the book I'm

opposed to reading at night instead of


that was the first one I had that was

the first one I yeah when I get home

from school I want to take a break but

my mom she's like okay I had like a list

of what I want you to do and I want you

to do it like now and it's just me

probably not wanting to clean because my

mom told me to I agree

I actually agree about our disagreements

College I think the most we've ever

fought was when I was applying to

college we just had such different pages

of what we wanted the most screaming

that's ever happened and I think we're

okay now okay so I grew up Orthodox

Jewish and I feel like you reject that

which I understand why it just I kind of

I feel I wasn't add more did it also I

forgot into Jewish school I've been like

my school didn't force me to pray but

like I had to be in like a prayer

situation and it was kind of like forced

on me so like who knows you think that I

watch way too much news yeah I think

that she watches way too much news we

used to fight a lot more than we do now

I've mellowed out yeah so a little bit

her silence what my silence sometimes I

really want to be there for you and when

I help you our when I maybe sometimes I

don't want to talk to anybody as soon as

you talk you surprised my happen

he'snot probably have the solution right

there but mommy probably has some clues

well mom I know you're there for me so

stop talking about mommy they're driving

children Oh Aaron has decided that she

wants to adopt which i think is fine but

I also think that you know having your

own natural child is kind of cool as

well she won't admit this but she

thrives on drama so I'm just saying you

know you guys deal with it I'll be over

here she likes to get right in the

middle of things a little bit cooking

here she cooks beautifully which is

always a few drops of oil that get onto

the bottom of the stove and it's like

you're in heaven like a big cloud for

the holidays before people come in when

windows have to be open we're always

like yeah and she gets like really

stressed out during holidays and she's

always like every time it's like I just

don't know if I can do this again and

it's like Ernie something year that

she's done it my mom had me so young so

she didn't experience any of the fun and

any of the growth that I've had the

chance to have so now I'm like I think

my mom should spend more time on herself

relationships mm-hmm relationships is

right and this is not just with with you

know male relationships but all in my

own relationships friendships with women

and men she could always say you know

this person is not your friend even when

a person shows me who they are I still

choose to engage when I say some I

don't want to hear it cuz you come you

end up being right I think mom's can

always see what we can't see think

they're on the outside kind of looking


99% of the time she's correct she's

right man kids yeah I should say my

partner's more specifically so yeah my

male partners um I tolerated a lot of

crap that she definitely wouldn't have

and she has to hear about it so it's

annoying because she can see how how it

affects me and brings me down and that

the kids then give me crap and another

delicate dance of what to share what not

to share and we just share a lot cherish

and I live together at

multi-generational household Gabriel is

17 me as 15 so for me the conflict is

about if I undo some instruction from

their mother bad on me it can be true

but that's everyday like yeah and they

play us you know they totally play us


okay this should be easy

I know we are should be easy you are not

always agree if you say that I find her

disagreeable and bad anything it's not

like I could say our politics are

completely different there's nothing

that we're diametrically opposed on no I

don't think we disagree on a lot of


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