Most Wanted Smartphones of 2016

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the end of the year has arrived and it's
time to pick out the best Android
smartphones released in 2016 you can
call this one the Android Police most
wanted list smartphone edition now we've
seen plenty of smartphones this year
many of which provide a minimum of a
decent experience so it was really hard
to compress this huge list down to just
a small selection as the margin from
worse to outstanding is so small I also
decided to exclude devices you can't
purchase anymore for example the oneplus
3 or the note 7 because I want to make
this video for those who are looking to
get a new phone and can't decide which
one to get nonetheless I'm going to give
you my opinion on what's best in each
category as well as the MVP and from
there you can let me know in the
comments what you believe is the grave
smartphone of 2016 the first category is
the best design this is for the
smartphone that catches everyone's eye
feels great in the hand and makes you
feel like a boss this award goes to the
regular galaxy s7 I say regular because
I don't want to confuse you with the s7
edge now don't get me wrong the s7 edge
is just as sexy with its glass and KC
and curved edges but those edges are a
little too excessive to the point where
he gets uncomfortable to hold that frame
is just too thin from my not so massive
fingers the galaxy s7 on the other hand
is just as nice with a glass cover all
around curved edges on the back and an
aluminum frame great tactile button
placement and to top off all that
exoticness a gold finish it's just such
a well-built phone next up is the best
budget release a lot of you guys
probably saw this coming but the galaxy
s7 edge I'm just kidding the top budget
smartphone is the Moto G 4 plus when
thinking of an inexpensive smartphone
you're looking for a device that's not
as great as he's six to $700 flagship
but is a decent device that will get you
through the day and also cuts the price
in half the g4 does just that and even
better at a starting price of 249
dollars that's not a cheap smartphone I
don't know what is plus the phone is not
all that bad it has great performance
for the money ain't debt personalization
with the Moto maker and OS that provides
an unadulterated Android experience with
some useful motor features on the side
and runu get updates already rolling out
to the public a fast charging method
turbo power a great fingerprint reader
any solid battery life what a roll it
just knows how to make a budget phone
that kicks ass
for the top mid range device below $500
I'm looking at the 1 plus 3t this little
guy is such a great mention that it can
even compete with the higher price
flagships released this year at a
starting price of four hundred and
thirty nine dollars it has great
performance with the highest end
processor Snapdragon 820 one chip
clocked at two point three five
gigahertz and six gigabytes of RAM
making this the fastest phone out there
and all-around aluminum build a fast
charging method called – charge that
fully charges the battery in less than
an hour comes with oxygen OS which
provides a great near stock alternative
with a clean interface and insanely fast
fingerprint sensor a 3400 milliamp hour
battery capacity and 16 megapixel
cameras front and back for taking some
decent pictures that's insane I would
have never thought that a mid-range
smartphone would even come close to
competing with the top dollar brands one
to two years back and here I am saying
the three T is definitely one of the
best cells released this year let's talk
about the best performer I was planning
on leaving this one out because nowadays
the difference in real-world performance
between each mobile device is very
minuscule unless to use a benchmark app
but we still haven't gotten to that
point where the speed and most flagship
devices are completely unnoticeable when
tested side-by-side just know that the
ones who didn't get picked as the best
are not that far off we're talking
milliseconds slower with that being said
the 1 + 3 T is the winner once again the
interface within this phone just flies
application reload time is fast
animations are buttery smooth navigating
through apps is a breeze with zero
lifetime and I can't find anything wrong
with the performance on the stable
version of oxygen OS I know the pixel
seems just as fast and has the same
processor but since Google underclock
the CPU 22.1 5 gigahertz and the 3 T is
clocked at 2.3 5 gigahertz mostly
everything on the oneplus is
milliseconds faster
this is just a truly phenomenal phone
for the Most Wanted camera I have to
give it to the Google pixel this is
definitely one of the best shooters
released this year of course the
runner-up would be the galaxy s7 as that
12 megapixel camera doesn't disappoint
but the pixel is just a bit better if
you happen to take a quick photo in
you may be in it will most likely turn
out to be a solid picture
thanks to that HDR plus feature pictures
are very detailed sharp natural-looking
colors great dynamic range the
electronic stabilization feature
provides some smooth 4k recordings and
there's not much to complain about here
I've taken many photos in the past with
this device and many of my friends have
been astonished by the quality of the
final result asking me to take a photo
of them instead of using their own
device and that right there shows me
that this camera is no joke this is for
the heavy power user who needs a phone
to last a long time off the charger
that's you you should definitely
consider the Moto Z play as the cheapest
smartphone of Motorola's Moto Z series
it's pretty crazy to think that this
device packs the most battery capacity
out of the trio at three thousand five
hundred and ten milliamp hours combined
that with a 2200 mAh battery pack and
you have a hell of a long lasting phone
I unfortunately haven't been able to
test this myself but Ryan / Andrew
police chatter a screenshot of his
battery stats with the play showing 13
hours of screen on time on a light usage
I'm not sure how he uses his device but
just know that the potential is there
and no other smartphone will come close
to the results you will receive last but
not least we have the Most Wanted
display if you're a media guru and want
the crispiest screen and watch your
television series play some heavy 3d
graphic games or catch up on your good
old neighborhood Andrew police videos
then the galaxy s7 edge should be on the
top of your shopping list with a 5.5
inch quad HD Super AMOLED display this
is just the best-looking display you can
get your hands on it has great beauty
angles color reproduction and tons of
details so watching videos and playing
games brings in some good vibes plus the
screen to body ratio ads that I
experienced so I can get the most out of
the screen without having a giant chin
take up too much space and even though I
did say the edges are a little excessive
I have to admit that I do enjoy swiping
left to right a bit more as everything
looks like it's spilling off the screen
in all honesty I think Samsung now the
screen with the note 7 as it was
brighter had the right amount of courage
was a bit bigger and the resolution was
just as good but we all know what
happened to that phone still the galaxy
s7 edge packs a better display than any
other smartphone on the market released
this year in
opinion now for the moment you've all
been waiting for the Most Wanted
smartphone of 2016 according to the
entire Andhra police staff is the Google
pixel what really caught my attention
when using this phone was the software
rear camera and the performance
everything else was solid but I'd say
these three features are what really
makes this phone stand out from the
crowd and runu gear with a few exclusive
features on top packed in with a
Snapdragon 820 one chip and four
gigabytes of RAM brought in a very
smooth experience user-friendly and
beautiful UI with so many pleasing
animations and new useful features such
as Google assistant gesture controls and
24/7 support from the Google team right
from the settings are all reasons why I
kept on moving back to this phone and
using this as my main driver plus when
they top it off with a fantastic camera
for the cherry on top I honestly get a
little sad when I have to switch devices
as no other smartphone it provided the
experience I felt when using the Google
pixel anyway that's it for this video
make sure to drop a like if you enjoyed
it once again let me know in the
comments what you think is the best
smartphone of 2016 and check out Andrew to catch up on the latest
Android news
thank you for watching now we'll see you
guys in the next one

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