Most UNDERRATED phones in 2020

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey everybody Vic Christophe here with
phone arena coming at you from my home
as we all stay inside to slow down the
corona virus pandemic we had fallen
arenal of the best and greatest phones
that push the boundaries with incredible
new cameras super high refresh rates and
a bunch of great innovation but in these
tough times ahead we also understand
that not everybody will be able to
afford the very best phone out there so
that's why we have compiled a list of
what are our favorite phones for those
of you who need to get a phone right now
a phone that they will love without
having to spend a thousand or more
dollars on it let's get started with the
best phone deals around and also the
most underrated phones right now in 2020
and we kick it off with one of the best
camera phones that you can get the
Google pixel 3xl Google's finest phone
last year is this year's amazing deal at
the moment of shooting this you can get
this phone at the price of just four
hundred and fifty dollars which is
exactly half of its original price the
pixel 3xl is a big phone with a
good-looking AMOLED screen but the
reason to get it is the clean software
that was incredibly fast and the updates
that it is first in line to receive over
the next two years and of course that
camera can take just stunning photos
take a look at a few shots we captured
on it and see for yourself
the second great deal that we recommend
is the Apple iPhone 10 R which now costs
$600 the only major thing that you would
be missing compared to the newer iPhone
11 is that ultra wide-angle camera and
for all else the iPhone Tanner is pretty
much the same
it runs on iOS so you can use it with
the Apple watch and other gadgets the
airports for example it runs very
smoothly it's got excellent battery life
when the camera performance is great too
so definitely consider it next on our
list is another phone that isn't
absolutes to you and that I have
personally used for a couple of months
and regretted having to switch away from
it that phone is the oneplus 70
currently sold at just $500 this phone
can do it all is the only one in this
list that features a 90 Hertz refresh
rate screen and thanks to that it has
those smooth moves that you don't quite
get on the other options on the other
phones battery life is solid the screen
quality is great and what I personally
love about this phone is just how
compact and easy it is to use with just
one hand did we mention this super cool
mute switch now the only downside here
is the camera that is not quite great
but if you don't absolutely insist on
that you'll love the oneplus 70 and it's
a great value for the money – next we
have the big guns from the big boys
these are not the latest phones that
cost a fortune though first we recommend
you to definitely consider the Samsung
Galaxy S 10 yes
last year's s10 it costs merely $600 at
the moment and it's a device that will
not disappoint
it's got probably the highest quality
display of all phones in this list it's
got a great camera and battery life is
above average – and if you want a
slightly bigger phone the Galaxy S 10
plus with the price of $700 is another
outstanding option last on our list we
have another one for the Apple squad and
that's the iPhone 10s max this is the
phone that I have been using personally
in the past couple of weeks as my daily
driver throughout these
a virus quarantine times and I love it
if you go with the 10s max over the
newer iPhone 11 Pro max you'll save
quite a lot now the 10s max is available
as a refurbished unit only over at Apple
for eight hundred dollars and you can
find it in mint condition websites like
swapper for a lot less than that
first it's got a great camera and that's
important the iOS platform also has
multiple years of updates yet the
beautiful AMOLED screen and face ID also
works great and these are the phones
that we think often go under the radar
these days but don't really deserve to
these are excellent devices now solve
for reasonable prices and let's face it
spending $1,400 on a brand new phone in
these troubled times might not be the
most reasonable thing to do so what do
you think about them which of these
devices would you go for let me know in
the comments and meanwhile stay smart
protect yourself and the people around
you we wish you all to be well and
healthy my name is Vic this is fallen
arena and I will see you in the next one


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