Most Impressive Heists Of All Time

published on July 13, 2020

Bonnie and Clyde might be famous fortheir dozens of small town robberies butin retrospect they were little fishtheir romanticized antics don't evencome close to some of the industrialsized thefts that have penetratedinternational banks museums and jewelry

Stores throughout the last 100 yearsthrough meticulous planning andorganization and the deceptive plan ofescape these sensational real-lifethieves exploited their victims formillions and sometimes billions of

Dollars from banks in Bangladesh to thecrown jewels of England in the eyes of aheist master if something has a highvalue it's got a target on its back tobe considered responsible for what'sbeen dubbed the heist of the century a

Significant amount of planningcoordination and risk needs to takeplace roots need to be planted weeksmonths sometimes even years in advancewhen leonardo notarbartolo rented asparsely furnished office in the Antwerp

World diamond centrehe wasn't running his own business orcoordinating client meetings he wasestablishing his headquarters for whatwould soon be one of the largestrobberies in history while stationed in

The building Leonardo's five-man teamknown as the school of Turin conducteddetailed surveillances of the diamondcentre observed cards opening the vaultdoor and recorded the combinations thatthey used with a small hidden camera

Then the thieves allegedly built theirvery own full-sized replica vault on theweekends starting February 15 2003leonardo and his fellow goons put theirplan into action with plastic gloves toavoid leaving fingerprints the group's

So-called king of keys picked the lockto an abandoned office building that hadjoined the diamond centre from therethey bypassed cameras cracked thecombination dial unlock the door with ahomemade key and blocked the thermal

Motion sensors with hairspray it tooktwo hours to raid more than 100 of the189 safety deposit boxes before walkingaway with diamonds gold and jewelryvalued at more than 100 million dollarsamazingly not a single alarm was

Triggered and the staff didn't evennotice the robbery until they reopenedon Monday morning in the end leonardowas caught and sentenced to ten years inprison but the majority of the loot wasnever recovered 13 years earlier over in

The Isabella Gardner Museum in Bostonthe biggest cold case heist in historywas under way it took all of just 81minutes for the single largest unsolvedstolen art episode in modern America toplay out this plan was far less

Elaborate yet just as successful justbefore midnight on March 18th 19two men pulled up to the side entranceof the Gardner Museum after waiting anhour to ensure that no cops were ontheir tail they emerged from their Dodge

Daytona wearing cheap police officercostumes fake mustaches and all andsucceeded in fooling the inexperiencednight watchman into thinking that theywere responding to a disturbance callthey weren't after money they were after

The near priceless works of art thatlittered the museum's walls once insidethe duo tied up the guards and with ablade cut around the canvases edges toremove the paintings from their casingsamong the work stolen were the storm on

The Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt valuedat a hundred million dollars and theconcert by Vermeer valued at around 300million all up a successful haul of nearenough to half a billion dollars even 30years after the heist the museum is

Still on the hunt eager to retrieve itsmasterpieces they've even offered areward of 10 million dollars for anybodythat provides key information whichleads to the arts recovery on August 8th1963 a team of 15 robbers led by a man

Named Bruce Reynolds made off with 26million pounds accounting for inflationthat's around 55 million or close to 70million American dollars if you've seenthe famous film called the Great TrainRobbery then you'll know the story if

You haven't well here's how one of themost ingenious heists in Americanhistory played out a Royal Mail trainwas carrying Scottish and Irish currencyas well as various valuables as ittraversed its route along the

Countryside from Glasgow to London whenthe train made it to the brita coalrailway bridge in lead Bern EnglandBruce and his gang had already sprunginto action ordinarily the railway lightwould have been green and the conductor

Would have continued along on his merryway but Reynolds had masked the greenlight and his co-conspirators hadconnected their own battery to power thered light instead when the conductor sawred the Royal Mail train was forced to

Make an unexpected stop that's when thethieves outmuscled the conductor climbedaboard and robbed the locomotive of 120sacks full of loot 11 of the 15 men wereeventually found and sentenced to timebehind bars but the majority of the

Money remained at large from therailways to the skies the only unsolvedairborne piracy heist in Americanhistory was spearheaded by one man DBCooper in 1971 Cooper or at least that'sthe alias that he gave at the check-in

Deskboarded a Boeing 727 on a Northwest orairlines flight from Portland to Seattlewhile in the air he showed the flightattendant his homemade explosive devicealthough oddly enough rather calmly and

Politely according to her recollectionCooper demanded that the airline and theauthorities provide for parachutes and$200,000 in $20 bills after landing inSeattle Cooper exchanged the flights 36passengers for his demands then took off

In a southerly direction ordering thepilot to set a course for Mexico Cityhowever it wasn't until the planestopped to refuel in Reno Nevada thatthe crew realized that Cooper had fledhe parachuted somewhere over the Pacific

Northwest never to be seen againit's not often that you hear aboutground breaking crimes taking place overin Scandinavia but back in 2009 thepolice force in Stockholm Sweden Scapatled found themselves knee-deep trying

To solve the country's first everhelicopter robbery after a bell 206helicopter was stolen from the RossLoggins helicopter base in the earlyhours of the morning the crew of thievesflew down to Stockholm landing on the

Roof of the g4s cache service buildingusing a sledgehammer and smallexplosives to blow security doors openthe perps were in and out of thebuilding in 20 minutes flying away with39 million Swedish kronor seven men were

Sentenced to varying prison terms inOctober of 2010 for their participationin the helicopter heist and ordered tospend between one and eight years behindbarsstaff at Harry Winston's exclusive

Jewelry store in Paris got one hell of afright when four men dressed as womenstarted hurting customers and workersinto a corner smashing the display casesand then speeding off with almost 85million pounds worth of diamonds

That's about 105 million us dollarsworth the men belonged to the audaciouspink Panther's gang who had mountedwell-planned and elaborate robberiesaround the world for years mostly inEurope the Middle East and Asia you'd

Assume that 105 million would have beenenough of a stash but just four yearslater in 2013 they took it to the nextlevel one solitary pink Panther's memberalleged to be a man named Milan hoveringwalked into a diamond exhibition hosted

By Israeli billionaire level Aviv at thecarton Hotel in Cannes France in the endthe robbery was easy because the jewelswere poorly protected and the guardswere unarmed the perp made away with 72jewels with an estimated value of 110

Million pounds or 138 million usdollars to this day questions are stillleft unansweredconventional heists involvebrick-and-mortar stores on elaborate getin and get out plan and usually

Disguises and weapons when bangladesh'sCentral Bank was robbed of more than 80million dollars in 2018 it was through avery different set of means digitalmeans on the evening of ThursdayFebruary 4th 2016 most of the central

Bank staff had gone home for the weekendthat's when the thieves struck hackersmanaged to install a malicious programon the bank's computer systems likelythrough an infected email that a staffmember would have previously opened

Clicking on that email would haveunintentionally downloaded the malwarewhich stole the bank's passwords andcredentials the hackers then use thebank's information to access Swift theinternational messaging system used to

Send money around the world via Swift 35requests which totaled almost a billiondollars were generated to transfer fundsfrom Bangladesh to the Federal ReserveBank of New York and through to RCBC abank in the Philippines only three of

These requests were approved but thatwas still enough for 81 million dollarsto be stolen we've all heard of thecrown jewels of England right well didyou know that they were actually stolenalmost 400 years ago a man named Thomas

Blood was an Irish assassin who decidedthat his next career move was going tobe theft not just anyone can view thecrown jewels though especially a no-nameforeigner so Thomas blood gave himself afake illustrious title wore a high-class

Costume and hired people to play therole of his fake wife and fake nephewclaiming that said nephew would marrythe daughter of Talbot Edwards thekeeper of the jewels once he'd secured aprivate viewing of the jewels the gang

Not Talbot out smashed the jewels casingwith mallets and shoved them in theirpants before making a run for it itwasn't too long before they were chaseddown though with several guardsallegedly tackling them off their horses

While this certainly wasn't the mostsuccessful heist in history it'scertainly up there with the most famousof them allsometimes these fascinating high-stakescrimes are the most of criminal circles

And other times they're the work of alone wolf or at least to begin with aperfect example is the diabolical cybertheft carried out in the hands ofAlexander and rivet painting also knownas Griffo demon or harder man this

Russian hacker was responsible forcreating a malicious software dubbed spyAI which he then distributed inunderground online forums for $500 a popbeginning in 2010 sky highinto computer systems and collected bank

Accounts credit card numbers andpasswords with over 14 million peopleaffected spy I infiltrated banks andATMs in China Germany Russia and the USAone US official described Alexander'smalware empire to a tee quote he

Commercialized the wholesale theft offinancial and personal information andquote we don't know exactly how much wasstolen but figures point upwards of fivehundred million dollars or even possiblywell into the multi billions painin was

Arrested and sentenced to nine years andsix months in prison but there was noretrieving what was already gone aroundthe same time that painin was exploitingthe online banking world two of theworld's biggest oil players shell and

Eni were involved in an exploit of theirown subsidiaries of both of thesecompanies allegedly paid the Nigeriangovernment close to 11 billion usdollars for an offshore block called OPL245 that had approximately nine billion

Barrels worth in its reserves some eightyears later the truth of the matter isstill yet to be determined however manyauthorities and courts question whethershell Andy and I were aware that thebillion dollar fee they paid wasn't

Actually being sent to the governmentinstead it was sent to a ruse companycalled Malibu oil and gas one which wascontrolled by the former Nigerian oilminister Danna today a man who wasalready a convicted money launderer is

This a heist of epic proportions interwoven with money laundering andinternational oil trade or is it merelya case of misunderstanding the jury isstill out on this one were there anyother heists that we hadn't mentioned

That you think deserve a spot in ournext video let us know don't forget tolike this video subscribe to the channeland as always thanks so much forchecking out the richest we'll see younext time and have a great day


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