Most Expensive Liquids On Earth

published on July 9, 2020

The idea of liquid gold has transfixedus for generations but what if we toldyou that there was a liquid even moreexpensive than gold some liquids fetchmillions even tens of millions ofdollars per gallon fromdiamond-encrusted bottles of wine to

Animal venom worth more than your housebuckle up for an insight into the mostexpensive liquids on the planet thenumber of fascinating animals out thereis endless and many of them have a fargreater purpose than we realize we know

About snake and spider venom and cow andgoat milk but what about the humble crabintroducing the horseshoe crab whoseblue blood yep you heard that right blueis not only a life-saving liquid but amighty expensive one too unlike most

Other animals horseshoe crabs do not usehemoglobin to transport oxygen throughtheir bodies instead they use a proteincalled hemocyanin which is high incopper explaining the unique color everyyear hundreds of thousands of horseshoe

Crabs are harvested for their valuableblue blood a quart of which can be soldfor $15,000 that pegs its price pergallon at about sixty thousand dollarsbut why is it so expensive the blood hasa high level of sensitivity meaning that

It is an excellent test for bacterialcontamination before knowing thisscientists had no easy way of knowingwhether a vaccine or a medical tool wascontaminated with bacteria the medicalscientists who explore these

Possibilities typically make around 80thousand dollars per year lives aresaved by horseshoe crabs on the flipside if we're not prepared or if wedon't act quicklylives are ruined sometimes ended by

Scorpion stings the aptly namedDeathstalker is not only one of the mostdeadly scorpions on the planet but oneof the most deadly animals period thenearly four inch long predatoryarachnids possess a venom that contains

Large amounts of toxins toxins which canbe both extremely harmful and extremelyhelpful the venom is known for its aidin treating inflammatory bowel diseaserheumatoid arthritis and multiplesclerosis although accessing it doesn't

Come cheapselling price for Deathstalker denim isan out-of-this-world 39 million dollarsper gallon since they exudes suchminimal amounts in one sting onescorpion would need to be milked 264

Million times to fill one gallon andthere's a serious risk a Deathstalkersting hurts 100 times more than that ofa B so the milker puts themselves inreal danger how much can you make as ascorpion milker well it depends on how

Fast you act a group in morocco hasdeveloped a remote-controlled machinefor milking scorpions which means morevenom sold and more money coming in ageneral scorpion anti-venom called an Scorp is sold for twelve thousand dollars

Plus per vial meaning one course oftreatment can run as much as sixty twothousand dollars for a single stingwhile you might not have been too wellversed in the world of scorpion venomwe're certain you know a thing or two

About snake venom the World HealthOrganization estimates that there are upto 18 million bytes from venomoussnakes annually worldwide and if you'reon the receiving end of one of those youbetter hope that there's an anti-venom

Available especially if the snake inquestion is a black mamba unlike mostpoisonous snakes where the venom travelsslowly through the bloodstream the blackmambas poison immediately attacks thevictims central nervous system and shuts

Down major organs six hours and it'sbye-bye birdie that's why extractingvenom for medical purposes is vital inorder to develop an anti-venom of courseit'll cost you a pretty penny in the USAa typical anti-venom vial can cost

Between 1,500 and 2200 dollars but asnakebite often requires between twentyand twenty-five vials to be neutralizedall up a snakebite victim in the UScould end up paying thirty thousanddollars in pharmacy costs alone the most

Expensive snake venom of them allbelongs to the king cobra whosepoisonous liquid reaches in the ballparkof one hundred and fifty three thousanddollars per gallon most snake milkerjobs are paid by the hour but in general

Wildlife biologists make around sixtythousand dollars per yearwho needs anti-venom though as the oldiesay just pour some alcohol on it grantedalcohol is a disinfectant but it onlyworks for surface wounds not snake bites

However when the bottle in question isthe Macallan valeriodami 1926 then pouring even a sliver ofit out would be an insult to the whiskeygods this bottle has been dubbed theholy grail of whiskey's because of the

Combination of its rarity vintage andunique artwork in October of 2019 onebottle sold at auction for oh boy onepoint nine million dollars thatastronomical figure officially made itthe most expensive spirit bottle ever

Auctioned the bottle is 700 millilitersa standard shot of whiskey is 30millilitersthat means there's just over 23 shots inthe bottle each of which would cost youa smidge over 81,000 dollars per gallon

That's nearly 72 million whiskeymasters typically earn anywhere between50 and 100 K a year meaning that theirentire yearly salary could only buy justone shot of the stuff while we're on thetopic of expensive alcohols

It's no secret that a rare wine canattract an enormous price tag but howmuch does the most expensive bottleactually cost do you think it's morethan the whiskey in 2018 a 73 year oldbottle of French Burgundy became the

Most expensive bottle of wine ever soldat auction fetching a bank breaking fivehundred and fifty eight thousand dollarswhile it doesn't quite match it with theMacallan this 1945 romanée-conti stillmanaged to rake in more than 17 times

Its original estimate of 32 thousanddollars the USDA defines one serving ofwine as five ounces or about 150milliliters which means there are aboutfive glasses worth of wine in a 750milliliter bottle going by that logic a

Glass of red from the 1945 romanée-contiwould set you back a whopping 110thousand dollars worth it you decide pergallonthat's over 28 million these days anexpert French wine maker earns an

Average salary of 46 thousand or about52,000 us dollars with a name liketaste of diamonds you would expect to bebuying an icon of excellence luxury andsophistication and that's exactly whatthis bottle of champagne delivers on the

Outside the Superman style signaturelogo is handcrafted from 18 karat solidgold and if you look close enough you'llspot the 19 karat deep cut white diamondcenterpiece on the inside you'll taste ablend of Grand Cru Chardonnay Pinot Noir

And Pinotah yeah so ready for the price tag anyguesses 500 thousand 1 million nopetry two point zero seven million dollarsa bottle that equates to four hundredand fourteen thousand dollars per glass

Or ten point four million dollars pergalloncan you imagine rocking up to a partywith one of these just as the finestchampagne is a symbol of exuberance sois perfume take this bottle for instance

The Chanel number 5 limited editionGrande x-ray it goes for $30,000 for a30 point 4 ounce bottle and is one ofthe most expensive in the industrywithout a doubt on average one ounce ofperfume provides around 300 sprays the

Massive Chanel bottle therefore offers9120 sprays this means you're payingthree dollars and twenty-nine cents forevery single spritz and yet it doesn'teven come close to the perfume they callShu Mook

Shu MOOC is on sale for a cool onemillion two hundred and ninety fivethousand dollars the crystal bottle isdecorated with three thousand fivehundred and seventy one individualdiamonds plus topaz's giant pearls over

Eleven pounds of pure silver and fourpounds of 18 karat gold each spray isdesigned to last 12 hours but youwouldn't expect anything less from arecord holder the unmatched fragrancecurrently holds two Guinness World

Records the most diamonds set on aperfume bottle and the tallestremote-controlled fragrance sprayproduct if that's the price for just onebottle then for an entire gallon of thestuff you'd be forking out tens of

Millions easy however only one of thesewas ever made so you'd never be able tobathe in opulence even if you wanted towant to make your own perfume then adegree in cosmetic science is what youneed land a job and you'll be looking at

A potential salary of over $100,000 themost common blood types are a bee oh anda be either positive or negative but didyou know about the so called goldenblood that's right known as RH null thisblood type lacks all possible RH

Antigens which means that it can beuniversally donated in other words it'sthe most precious blood out there fewerthan 50 people have been identified withgolden blood since its initial discoveryin 1961 so how much is it worth

Scientists haven'table to put a price on it because it isso rare and possesses such amazinglife-saving capabilities goldenbloodreally is considered priceless nursesusually earn between 50,000 and $100,000

Per year but the people who study RHnull can make much much more than thatnow to something we can all relate to alittle better printer ink how often doyou find yourself having to replace thecartridge and how often are you appalled

With the sky-high prices too oftencartridges can go for anywhere between50 and 100 bucks with some estimatessuggesting that the price per gallon ofprinter ink specifically black printerink is $2,700 but why is ink so

Expensive it's all because of printercompanies printers are getting cheaperand cheaper but once you've bought oneyou're stuck buying the same companiesink until the end of time and that'sexactly what they want the printers are

Sold at a loss in order to acquire acustomer with the profits then comingfrom the continuous need to rebuy inkdeceptive isn't it sometimes calledQuicksilver mercury is a shiny silveryand most importantly rare liquid metal

It serves a lot more purposes than werealizefluorescent lamps batteries thermometersvalves dental amalgams and liquidmirrors just to name a few the preciousliquid metal is worth around $3,500 per

Gallon and its value has at times risenfaster than that of gold that's youreveryday mercury though allegedlythere's another far more rare far moredangerous mercury out there on the blackmarket called red mercury yep you

Guessed it it's red one pound of redmercury is said to be worth up to$1,000,000 which would be almost 9million bucks per gallon keep in mindhowever that scientists insist that redmercury is nothing more than a myth the

Average annual salary for precious metalworkers in the United States isrelatively low at just $40,000 did youhave any idea how much these liquidswere worth what's the most expensiveliquid you've ever purchased let us know

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