Most Dangerous Reptiles On Earth

published on July 9, 2020

Mammals are the largest and insects arethe most annoying but hands downreptiles are the most dangerousterrifying and sinister animal group onthe planet from crocodiles with jawspowerful enough to snap bones in half tosnakes that can deliver enough venom to

Take down multiple targets withinminutes and even giant ancient turtlesready to devour anything in their pathincluding humans ready to check them outjust make sure to keep your distanceslithering its way onto the record books

As one of the most dangerous reptilesNate one of the world's most dangerousanimals period this is the inland Taipanwith a venom that is 400 times morepowerful and therefore four hundredtimes more deadly than that of a

Rattlesnake the inland Taipan is widelyknown as the most toxic land snake onthe planet can they take out a humanabsolutely how effective their bite isdepends on how much venom enters intoour bloodstream but without an

Anti-venom within arm's reach even thesmallest drop can be potentially lethalthankfully they tend to live in the hotdry remote areas of Australia where veryfew people call hometherefore they are rarely encountered by

Humans instead the inland Taipan prefersa diet of other smaller mammalsparticularly plague rats while we haveheard stories of people owning inlandTaipans as pets rarely does thatrelationship ever end well with handlers

Often left fighting for their life wheneverything hits the fanwe all know that a raging croc coming atyou from the water jaws ready to snap isjust about the most terrifying sight inthe animal kingdom but what if that

Crocodile could also climb trees that'sright the tree crocodile is realotherwise called the crocodile monitoror the barrenness Salvadori if you'reafter its scientific name these guys areknown for being exceptionally aggressive

Creatures hunters often target them fortheir meat or their skin yet you'll findthat it's often the crocodile monitorswho come out victorious typically foundacross lowland environments near thecoast of New Guinea three crocodiles can

Reach a horrifying 16 feet in length andweigh more than your average human withnearly 200 pounds being a common sighttechnically the crocodile monitor is anarboreal lizard arboreal meaning treedwelling and lizard meaning well lizard

It can hang onto branches with its rearlegs and just like a monkey is able touse its tail as an additional means ofgrip as if a giant monkey crocodilelizard hybrid wasn't scary enough to addto the intimidation they also have long

Fang-like upper teeth which help subduetheir prey in an instant if you everfind yourself gallivanting through thesavannas and rocky areas of southern andeastern Africa you're sure to spotplenty of large animals elephants lions

And Buffalo are not uncommon but makesure to keep your eyes peeled for aparticularly sly particularly deadlyreptile the black mamba they're capableof growing up to 14 feet long and arecapable of scurrying along the ground at

Up to 125 miles per hour thatlightning-fast speed which is quickerthan the average person's running pacemakes the Black Mamba near impossible toescape if threatened watch out thesebeautiful yet nasty snakes take down

Their target with repeated bites theywant to ensure that they've deliveredenough venom just a single bite carriesenough venom to kill ten humans soimagine the impact of repeated bites theonly solution vials of antivenom do not

Come cheapone summer camper was dealt a bill ofsixty seven thousand nine hundred andfifty seven dollars when she needed fourvials after a copperhead bite in Aprilof 2019 and still a copperheads venom

Potency doesn't come anywhere near thatof a black mamba if that same camperdidn't receive the correlativeanti-venom within 20 minutes she wouldhave faced a near 100% chance oftality this awkward stone looking

Creature might not appear dangerous atfirst but ask any fish and they'llcertainly tell you otherwisethese unique freshwater turtles known asthe mata Mata are typically foundthroughout South America in the Amazon

And Orinoco basins spread throughVenezuela Brazil Peru Ecuador ColombiaBolivia and the island of Trinidad withits supreme ability to camouflagedangerous appetite and vacuum likefeeding habits the bottom-feeding mata

Mata will suck up anything andeverything in its path its shell isrough and knobby and would be anabsolute nightmare to accidentally stepon that's for sure the impressive shellalone can grow about 15 feet and weigh

38 pounds matching the weight of anaverage four-year-old childunlike most creatures that we've seenthus far mata Mata turtles arerelatively safe to own as pets but makesure you're prepared for the commitment

They cost from 500 to a thousand dollarsto buy and will drain hundreds ofdollars every year for food consideringthat some turtles can live more than 100years at given the right care it adds upto one hefty payout as we transition

Over to the volcanic islands ofIndonesia make sure to keep yourdistance from the Komodo dragon it mightnot read fire or fly through the air butthe Komodo has a resume as intimidatingas any sitting at the top of the food

Chain in their natural habitatthe various Komodo ANSYS is the largestspecies of lizard known today weighingup to 190 pounds in reaching a colossal10 meters in length it's not all aboutsize though either these reptiles have a

Toxic trick up their sleeve take a lookat those chompers not only can they tearinto their prey with ease but they alsosend an injection of venom into thevictims bloodstream as well a doublewhammy

The venom thins the victims blood andsends them into a state of shockmaking escape all the more impossiblewhile attacks on humans by Komododragons are relatively rare these giantreptiles will do whatever it takes to

Guarantee their survival if they'rethreatened unlike most animals they'realso capable of self fertilization andcan provide offspring that areabsolutely healthy without the need fora partner

When we think of dangerous reptilesrarely do our minds immediately zero inon turtles and for the most part that'sjustifiable turtles are typically slowand docile most are peaceful vegetariansthat pose no threat to humans

Well allow us to introduce you to oneexception to that rule the alligatorsnapping turtle with a sharp front beakand large robust head shell thesecarnivorous reptiles chomp down with apowerful bite force of 1,000 pounds per

Square inch that's strong enough to snapthrough bone and it's believed that thealligator snapping turtle is easilycapable of snapping a broomstick in halfthey're not small either the largest oneon record tilted the scales at a

Whopping 249 pounds and on average theystretch around 26 inches from beakdetail want to own one for yourselfyou'll be hard-pressed because theseturtles are locally endangered in somestates and are absolutely banned in

Others as we hop over from the USA tothe snake infested land down under trustus there are countless creatures toworry about close to a hundred and fortyspecies of land snakes slither aroundacross the country some equipped with

Venom more toxic than any other serpentsworldwide of all the frighteningreptiles there is perhaps none morethreatening and competitive than thesudana jock Tex Dallas otherwise knownas the Eastern brown snake these

Critters sport a reputation for having aheck of a bad attitude what's worse theyaren't camped out in the outback awayfrom civilizationinstead they slither around theoutskirts of populated areas

Particularly farms on the edge of largecities if one of these vicious snakesfeels threatened you'll know it raisesits body off the groundcurves itself into an S shape like acoiled spring ready to pounce showing

Off its wide jaws and piercing fangs ifsomeone finds themselves in the wrongplace at the wrong time withoutanti-venom at the ready collapse canoccur within just minutesfrom the land to the swamps our next

Special guest is ready to inflict aworld of hurt to anything that crossesits path we're talking of course aboutnone other than the enormous saltwatercrocodile with the exception of the Nilecrocodile no other reptile on earth even

Comes close in stature to the saltwatercroc with these colossal carnivoresreaching startling links of up to twentypoint two feet and tilting the scales attwo thousand three hundred and seventypounds that is almost the same size as a

Small car the rows of razor-sharp teetharen't just for show they come with a3,700 pounds per square inch bite forcecapable of ripping apart anything andeverything in its range even thoughhumans aren't typically on the menu an

Attack it's not unheard of believe it ornot in some areas in Australia you areactually allowed to own a saltwater crocas a pet although you are required tokeep a trauma kit in case of emergencywould you be brave enough on the left is

The saltwater crocodile on the right isthe black caiman even though they have along list of similarities caiman areactually neither alligators norcrocodiles what they are howeverrelentless sly and dangerous found

Throughout Bolivia Brazil ColombiaEcuador French Guiana Guyana and Peruthe black caiman establishes itself asthe apex predator of its habitat with anatural ability to grow up to 17 feetand a distinct dark coloration to go

With it to label these reptiles dauntingwould be an understatement the caiman isthe largest predator in the Amazon RiverBasin it presents itself as an excellentswimmer and is as menacing as any of itsneighbors once their powerful jaws have

Chomped down and latched onto their preyit is near impossible to pry them offtypically the caiman will feed on fishand other reptiles but attacks on humansare more common than you might expectaccording to the worldwide crocodilian

Attack database black caimans wereinvolved in 43 attacks on people between2008 and October of 2013 sometimes it'sobvious enormous reptiles that pose athreat and other times like in the caseof the Russell's Viper aka the chain

Viper it's the little guys you've got tobe wary of exclusive to India TaiwanChina and Southeast Asia the Viper mightbe small at just 3 to 5 feet but theyare strong agile relentless andwith one of the loudest hisses of all

Creatures in the reptile kingdom heretake a listen these serpents won't goout of their way to take you down butthey won't back down from a fight eitherthey tend to roam around open farmlandareas which makes contact with humans

Very likely a bite from one of these badboys will cause severe pain that canlast up to a month if you make it tothat long so which of these reptiles doyou find the most intimidating let usknow in the comments don't forget to

Like this video subscribe to the channeland as always thanks so much forchecking out the richest see you nexttime have a great day stay safe

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