More Tether Pain To Come? – Crypto Happy Hour

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

everybody what is going on it is crypto
Bobby I hope you are having a great day
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happy hour happy Friday to everybody if
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why don't you pop in today to hang out
with you guys talk a little bit about
the obviously that the tether BitFenix
scenario the shenanigans that is going
on over there also some nice news that
baroque courtesy of nathaniel popper and
also the block covered it which was
etrade apparently on the really traders
is looking to offer Bitcoin and
aetherium to their five million-plus
retail accounts which is pretty legit so
a lot to cover today and obviously
interacting with you guys as much as
possible – apologies for let's say a
slower week of content had a product
launch this week with with air swap so
was pretty busy with that and just some
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great rye whiskey I don't know really
what it is other than the fact that it's
rye whiskey and its close to forty seven
percent alcohol and it was a liquor
store downstairs and it was in my price
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it will give me a nice little buzz so
you'll have a buzz Bobby so well that'll
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hopefully as well and
out here so giving everybody a second to
pop in what's up Stefan what's up RC
phantom Patrick Dumbo drew and shout-out
to everybody that is on periscope and
which as well so the big news that I'm
sure it's been covered ad nauseam so far
from from numerous people is the issue
with with BitFenix
and tether and it's it's been a whole
big back-and-forth I'm sure a lot of you
guys have have followed up unless you
literally haven't tuned into Twitter
YouTube in the past 24 hours
there was this whole whole letter sent
by the New York Attorney General to bid
for necks and to tether accusing them of
a variety of things but the biggest
issue is apparently tether is in the
hole for about 800 million dollars to
their payment processor and the funniest
part so there's there's a lot of funny
parts of this I personally do not use
I'll say a couple different things I
personally do not use bid for necks I
really don't use tether at all either so
I have no money and tether from me as a
stable coin I'll use either die or I'll
use like one of the the audited us-based
ones like Paxos or G USD or TUSD or USD
C I'll use one of those instead but
there's now that the New York Attorney
General came out and threw out this like
war of words essentially or there's been
a war of words from BitFenix Biff X just
formally responded and the funny part is
where we're bit FedEx says we didn't
lose or you know the 850 million dollars
is not lost
it's that's categorically false what is
in fact happened is this money is in
fact seized and safeguarded in several
jurisdictions so they just the money is
not lost its seized and safeguarded and
you know it's it's 850 million dollars
what's what's like close to a billion
dollars between friends no that's no
biggie right not a big deal
so obviously that crashed the market or
the market absorbed it I think a lot
better than most people would would have
you know likely expected if this
for perhaps a different time and there
was maybe not as much optimism kind of
from top to bottom
Bitcoin went down about 9% but really
settled on the day down around 5% or so
and it has been remained pretty steady
today so 5% for that it's it's a it's
been absorbed nicely which which has
been relatively surprising the one thing
that I would absolutely keep an eye on
is the kind of the element of a
potential bank run here there were you
could keep track of it there is the kind
of the whale bots on Twitter and a
number of other services out there but
you can look and you can see how many
people are it I believe it keeps track
of the whale bot keeps track of orders
above 500 or transactions about $500,000
so if we pull up if we pull up one of
those transactions you can go and see
let me see if I could pull it up here
you can actually see the amount of money
that is flowing out of
but we got no with the well bot alright
one nope
I forget the name of it but there's
essentially a bot that tweets out
anytime there's a transaction over about
five hundred thousand dollars and there
were numerous transactions I think there
was one of those like seventy million
dollar transaction that was sent from
BitFenix to another wallet just a lot of
money moving away from BitFenix and that
brings up the really the the potential
and the controversy of a a bank run of
people kind of taking all their money
out of bid phonetics running away or
just getting that to somewhere that they
deem more safe and efficient and that
could obviously lead to a number of
problems the other end of the spectrum
though too if we look at that is I'll
pull up there was a good article here or
a good chart from I think it was read
block let me let me pull that up for you
guys definitely something worth keeping
an eye on yeah so it's trade block at
trade block on Twitter and this was
really interesting because yesterday
when this happened I started to I
literally the second I saw this on
Twitter I think I tweeted out it was
just like retro and because we had a 505
the block and shout out to Frank
Chaparro for basically breaking the SE I
believe Frank scooped the Wall Street
Journal which is pretty nuts to think
that a man Frankie scoob's is scooping
the Wall Street Journal but so the block
publishes their article and and Frank
tweets about it and says you know
there's an issue with tethers solvency
that's a problem and the market didn't
move and I was like wait like tethers
potentially in the hole for eight
hundred million dollar Biff indexes the
hole for eight hundred million dollars
like there's no way the markets gonna
react positively to this then you have
like fifteen minutes later the Wall
Street Journal post about it and coin
desk finally post about it you know
thirty forty five minutes later and then
you see the market start to like slowly
trickle off trickle off trickle off and
then just shoot through you know shoot
through the floor and the interesting
thing I think initially about it was
there was a massive premium on or
there's a pretty big premium on BitFenix
and a lot of that was due to people
actually dumping their tether to buy
Bitcoin so it was actually artificially
boosting the price of Bitcoin because
nobody wanted to hold tether meanwhile
you know the the a the Bitcoin asset as
well people are running for the hills on
that too so it presented a really
interesting kind of conundrum and kind
of a delayed reaction in some respect
that I thought was was crazy but luckily
shortly after the block published their
article I hedged myself nicely to not
get my face ripped off during that you
know during that dip but still a lot of
the altcoins
was not the best thing in the world
that's nice
there we go well well alert
we are leave that's the one yeah so here
you got
fond for you know shout Stefan for this
one but yes so you can see I mean this
is just a bunch of large transactions on
a variety of block chains you could see
35 million USD see from an unknown while
to an unknown wallet but there was a lot
happening last evening surprised there's
a lot happening last last evening where
you could see people withdrawing their
money from BitFenix either to other
exchanges or outside a bit for next so
that's that's kind of the one part where
I think that I still think that there
might be another shoe to drop somebody
else I mentioned that before too I by no
means think we're out of the woodwork
with this tether stuff I think that
there's definitely an opportunity for
more instability to happen overall when
it does come down to what's happening
with tether and what's happening with
bid finnex
I think that there is definitely an
opportunity for this to sink the market
you know quite a bit lower and really
substantially lower for me personally I
mean I think it's really only a matter
of time before the kind of tether this I
think there's only a matter of time
before there's an implosion here it's
just where every time a crypto were
there smoke there's fire that's always
kind of been my thought process any time
you know you can see the smoke from a
mile away
and it has been smoking for a freaking
for multiple years now but you know
where there's smoke there's fire and I
feel like there's most likely some some
kind of bad culmination that will happen
and it's just it's eventually it's just
gonna go down and it will bring the
crypto market down with it and then six
months from now you're hopefully just
gonna look back at that in the history
books and say okay you know the market
shrugged it off it's obviously a
negative short-term event but you know
in the long run this was kind of a
necessity for for these markets to
mature and for a Bitcoin to mature so
that's that's my just like overall
thought on it so I am I'm essentially
hedged right now to basically neutral
for my crypto exposure just because I do
think that there is an opportunity for
this to move down quite a bit lower so
that's where my head's at I don't know
what you guys are thinking about as well
we'd love to hear your thoughts in the
whether you are on you know whether
you're on a periscope or if you're on
Twitch or on youtube as well
and then John what's up to you just the
New York Giants crappy draft make you
proud to be a Jets fan is there any room
on the bandwagon for us John you're
welcome to come aboard brother
you know I I'm so so in the the jet pick
apparently he was you know the best
player available and I I don't want to
get too excited about an interior deal
linemen I the Jets have draft it's you
know between Moe Wilkerson Sheldon
Richardson Leonard Williams and they've
all had like you know some some nice
nice moments but for the most part I've
never been like holy game changers
it is what it is but I think you know
when you go for the best player
available I don't think there were any
of their players there that really
outside of Josh Alan maybe was somewhat
interesting but the Giants drafting I
don't even know his name what what the
hell's the the quarterbacks name again I
the most the most unknown Obul person
ever reaching for him at six when you
could have had any number of
quarterbacks last year in the top 10 we
have the second overall pick you could
add Sam Donald you could add Josh Rosen
it's good Josh Alan and you blew it
guys management's trash Giants
management is more trash potentially
than this whole Tyler scenario
one of my sipping on I am sipping on
Pinhook straight rye whiskey on ice
because I'm a wimp and I don't drink it
I don't drink it neat I just drink it
with ice straight up and yeah it's
pretty good from Frankfort Kentucky
I think the bottle is maybe 35 40 bucks
it's pretty good
so that's that's a that's a good thought
and I think it's something potentially
temporary but I don't know how long this
would this would really last but when
you're looking at so Richie Rich says if
tether has no reserves and is a scam and
essentially sinew AIT's that everyone
would this would essentially push the
price of Bitcoin up because people would
be dumping their tether and then buying
Bitcoin all the way up what are your
thoughts on that I don't know how long
that would last because I think there's
if if tether implodes and things go bad
with tether yes there will be a lot of
people that hold USD T that will be
buying Bitcoin or potentially buying
other stable coins with that as well but
basically you know there'd be maybe
running away from tether as fast as
possible to get into any other asset
that will hold value and that could
potentially pop up the price of Bitcoin
I also do think that there would be a
variety of other people that would sell
their Bitcoin into any number of us dot
like US dollar or you know fiat
cryptocurrency or the regulated ones as
well because I think that they would see
that as a pretty large macro impact and
want to get out of of just the crypto
market as a whole
so I I would maybe there's there some
level of of a kind of a mini pump but I
don't think that that would be
incredibly sustainable in my personal
and so to to move away from some of the
I would say to move away and we can
definitely touch more on this but to
move away from some of the the topic
around bid phonetics musing that has
been literally the first comment in the
the thing was like you need to stop
copying other people's content and I was
like in my head I'm like this is the the
biggest script on news in the past 24
hours I haven't looked at YouTube and I
haven't looked at crypto YouTube and
I've either been on Twitter just been
working so I don't think I've been
copying anybody's anything but if you
want to if you want to cry like a
little boy then go for it
and then he deleted comment so he gone
but so on the other end of the spectrum
we have each raid and this is this is
pretty interesting I believe this was
Nathaniel popper who tweeted this one
out and he is he a New York Times writer
so couple kind of bullish things that
are in the works and this is this
florist talking about I think in the
literally the last video I the last
video I talked about I was like you know
what I am I'm pretty much full long
exposure right now I feel pretty good
about things I feel pretty confident if
there's a lot of just good macro events
happening right now there's a lot of
like positive forces good things are
happening and then this tether
comes up pops up again and then I think
in my personal opinion I think it has a
little bit more legs and there could be
some some near short to mid-term issues
with it on the other end of the spectrum
there continue to be these like positive
effects that have have been happening
these positive kind of movements and one
of those is not only as TD Ameritrade
which is obviously in a large retail
brokerage that is you know working on
opening Bitcoin trading for some of
these customers each raid is preparing
to begin and this is as a 4 o'clock
tonight this is e trade is preparing to
begin offering both Bitcoin and it
either trading to its five million plus
customers and is just finalizing a third
party to actually custody the coins
that's pretty damn incredible so I mean
that is really really that in my opinion
is one of the more like kind of bullish
here about I think we need to see a lot
more context outside of the thought
Nathaniel's tweet but that would
indicate I think some really positive
things you know having the
infrastructure potentially in place for
regular individuals to who have an e
trade account which I had five million
plus customers that are kind of in that
in that basically in that financial
mindset I myself have an e trade account
from just stock options and restricted
stock or you know restricted stock units
at companies I've worked at in the past
so I have a any trade account would love
to see the opportunity to have Bitcoin
and ether commingled with a variety of
other assets because right now for the
most part you have if coin Basin you
have all these kind of crypto exchanges
siloed into you know siloed into just
the crypto kind of aspect of it but if
you have this commingled e Trade
commingled or Bitcoin and ether
commingled with you know stocks equities
a variety of investment instruments I
think that's really interesting and
really compelling and yes I said
commingled like seven times Nick and
where's my man djay and 107 this show
kind of sucking kinda like your mom
whoops I'm some of my big connect for
tether that's a solid trade I like it I
like it
Shane you're the one crying brother
you're the one crying Ben's my XRP
bouncing back nicely today XRP so I had
some thoughts about this first of all
xrp is really eating since the
actually I would say since kind of
December when a lot of other altcoins
we're doing pretty well this at least
against the Bitcoin pair but this
mid-november – or late December – to
start of 2019 xrp is not performed very
well where a lot of other all coins did
granted XRP performed pretty well in in
the late 2018 when a lot of other crypto
assets were not doing so hot but there
has been a slow and steady sell-off here
and that's a you know down 44% against
Bitcoin in the past really about half
half a year or so and the one thing that
I think is is pretty interesting for me
personally is so potent Masari and
Masari covered i believe it was the q1
the q1 report came out for XRP see if we
can pull that up
all news
there we go so Ripple
XRP cryptocurrency grew 31% q1 I don't
think that's necessarily a great thing
for me this is and I had I didn't even
have an argument of somebody there's
like an X R P person on that's
whatever that was like somebody I wrote
about this being inflationary and being
an issue and somebody's like that's
that's not true that's not true at all
this to me is not like seeing this trend
if I'm not x RP holder and I'm not gonna
I'm not going to I'm not gonna on
them any extra P holders right now I'm
gonna be actually respectful for the
most part but the fact that ripple is
selling 170 million dollars of x RP
essentially on the market they do it
programmatically and they do it on
exchanges I think that's an issue is
they're actually 170 million dollars of
a real legitimate demand there to absorb
that sell pressure that's a lot of sell
pressure you can in my opinion you can
kind of consider that as inflation and
if you pull up let's see if we can get
here so current inflation if we pull it
up the way Masari calculates it that's
27 percent inflation that is
substantially higher than Bitcoin
substantially higher than a theory I'm
Bitcoin cash yo slight coin B and B it
is basically higher than everything else
in the top ten except for stellar and I
do think that that is a legitimate
concern for it should be a little ajumma
concern for any XRP holder in my
personal opinion yeah I guess it's it's
maybe good if you're thinking okay you
know you're using that money to fund
operations and to potentially get
partnerships and somehow increase the
utility of a crypto corrects RP whatever
it might be but on the other end of the
spectrum is they're really legitimately
no-bullshit 170 million dollars worth of
actual demand to buy and not dump x RP
on the open market and i think when you
look at a price so far in 2019 you see
that it's down 15% USD where everything
else is is basically in the green so i
think that's something that's just in
the future i would keep an eye on if you
and again I'm not I am NOT a not an
extra pee fan whatsoever and I'm being
as most of the time I'm being an
absolute jackass when I do talk about
xrp but I'm being halfway respectful
here and I do think that 27% inflation
which I do think that them selling rip
or X ripple ink selling x RP on on
whether it's programmatically to
exchanges whatever they're doing I think
that is an inflationary thing it's
almost the equivalent of of mining for
you know for Bitcoin or for aetherium or
for staking rewards or whatever it might
be it's it's cell pressure cell pressure
cell pressure and that's something that
people have to deal with
what's up classic is coming that is a
good question a pininana hi dice EDP
fees and alleged issues in leadership I
don't know too much method the
leadership issues I've seen some of the
articles and apparently there's there's
some there was you know there's some
infighting or or was some infighting
with the CDP or that actually may make
her doubt team one thing I'll say it's
because it was it was really interesting
with died where you had died at I think
I opened up in the market where it was a
theory him the price of a theorem was
like over a thousand dollars and people
look at at Diane like wow died held its
peg all the way down from like a
thousand dollars to you know eighty
dollar etherium and then ii eath bounced
from eighty dollars to wherever we're at
right now like 150 that's been an issue
and because there have been so many
people i think that have been opening up
there have been so many people opening
up CDP's with the etherium kind of price
so low and taking out died and then
immediately taking that die and buying
eath with it essentially levering
themselves up on eath so i think what
we're seeing is that dive works really
well or kind of that the maker dow died
system works very well for died
stability in the bear market not so much
in a potentially not so much in a bull
market be is there's not a massive
incentive for me as if i am much more
compelled to hold I'm much more
compelled to hold die in a bear market I
want to hold on to a stable coin in the
bear market I don't want to sell it
because I think everything else is
dipping there's a lot more demand for
died in a bear market right now now that
you know 2019 let's let's take the past
like five percent dip out of the fold
here it has been a good year for for
Bitcoin for a theory and pick winds up
you know forty percent ethers up fifteen
percent on the year it's been a pretty
good year so far so there's not as much
of a demand for died because people are
interested in crypto exposure and you're
starting to see that you know raising
the stability fee isn't that you know
isn't that efficient in some respects so
or at least at the number and so I mean
even for an example
I was – bill or I have a CDP that has I
think like 90th in it so I have a
stability fee this 90th in it I opened
it up when it was like $130
when Heath was that like a buck 30 and I
immediately took the die from that and I
bought eath with it so I I took you know
90th put it in I got I think was 4,000
died something in that range and then I
immediately took that 4,000 died and
bought whatever it was like I don't know
30-something eath and the price of eath
has gone up somewhat nicely it was up to
like 180 before at least in a die pair
now it's not but I'm still up from where
I am before and I'm I for me you can
raise this I think that the price of a
theorem is going to go higher in the
medium to long term so I'm not
necessarily you can move the stability
fee from 1% to 5% to 10% whatever it
might be
I still don't necessarily want to move
my eath back into something else so the
other interesting thing is there are
alternatives right now pretty
substantial alternatives whether it's
Dharma or compound there's a couple ones
out there let me see if I can pull up
I remember off the top
the loan scam is a cool website here if
you guys are interested in the kind of
crypto lending borrowing world I've
talked about this before
some people are dumb and think that it's
big connect it's not big connect at all
you could see open finance and
centralized finance but so right now if
you were to lend your who are to lend
your die on Dharma you would make 14
percent interest on an annual basis you
may 14% you were to do that on compound
finance you'd make five point seven five
if you wanted to lend your aetherium or
your ether on to Dharma you make two
point five percent and then also they
have Celsius and Polonia acts and bid
Finex as well you make about seven
percent on a number of stable coins on
Celsius which is pretty damn good pretty
damn respectable in addition to that so
I think this pretty cool website is loan
scans out IO if you're interested it
also keeps track of all the loans that
are opened up on the ether blockchain so
pretty cool website for sure
so a couple good questions so far
would we have here
Heather is scam I I'm never saying it's
classic is coming what is your favorite
crypt out of fiat service other than
coinbase I mean for me I still use coin
based as a crypt at a fiat service it's
it's my preferred one I know people have
issues the coin base that's that's
totally fine but for me it's I used coin
base verb for crypt out of fiat it's
just been it's been my go-to for for a
long time I've never had any issues with
it again I know people do it is what it
is I don't agree with every business
decision coin base makes outside of that
I know a lot of people like square for
Bitcoin purchases that's another one I
don't know if Robin Hood might be
example or might be available in your
state I don't think that is necessarily
the best one but if you're just trying
to get crypto exposure it's not too bad
also you know Gemini – I think the
Gemini fees are quite high for for
retail so I don't use Gemini but that's
that's me personally
happy Friday to you too Jay lighter and
so will me we can get back into the Biff
next drama a little bit here and talk
about that and again getting a lot of
questions here if there's anything you
absolutely must have answered throat in
a super chat if you're on YouTube and I
will hundred percent get to it then but
if not I will do my best so what do we
got here
no horse doesn't pull the right person
this is also going live too it was a
good there's a good take from Matt
Levine at Bloomberg on BitFenix
and some of the issues that were going
on there unfortunately I didn't get a
chance to I think didn't wasn't able to
pull it up here but the one thing that I
think was interesting and there were
some there was some commentary
commentary in this in this article that
he wrote there's kind of two sides to
the there's kind of two sides to it and
I got into I almost wasn't an argument
but it's just a little back and forth
that was that was good on those good on
Twitter and BitFenix there I think there
was an op there's a there's a
possibility that they started out and
they were you know very legit and or
they were you know legit and they were
in good faith and because of the way
there are banking restrictions in the
cryptocurrency world especially for
exchanges they had to resort to third
fourth fifth like 10th quality you know
tenth to your quality banks and
basically had to move their funds around
all the time through the detriment of
their customers and kind of brings up
the almost the thought exercise of what
happens if like Wells Fargo and all
these companies never cut bit for necks
out of the equation what happens if they
were able to bank with an actual
legitimate to your organization and what
would this have ever happened would
tether be way more legit if they had
always been able to maintain real legit
to your banking partners would they
always be in a good position or is just
the fact that everything that they've
done and you know whether or not you
like tether you don't like tether the
fact that they are basically missing
eight hundred million dollars and didn't
really tell customers about that and and
kind of you know swept under the rug
I don't think that is that's it's in my
opinion that's not really good good
management and kind of good business
practices and especially like your
customers deserve better if you are you
know going through issues then I think
that they should have they should be
able to know and it shouldn't be broken
by you know the block and Wall Street
Journal and some other companies out
there so
and bitcoin is going to 42 cents next
week I'll be poor if that happens
watching other youtubers say that they
were investigating this for close to two
years he feels this was done for
re-election purpose for personal gain
reelection on who
random guy on the Internet thank you for
the comments of my hair I appreciate
that my my barber would be very happy
about that
and that is funny to shoot McGavin on
twitch a bank in in effing Poland is
controlling the fate of crypto right now
and and yes there's you know it's it's
it's not lost its seized and it is to
get seized and secured that's that's
what it is it's not lost all is fine all
is good we're fine we're totally good
there's no issues don't worry about a
we've got this under control
so this is a great question there or we
get here
pull it up does anybody so – to preface
this a dollar bill what's up thank you
very much for yourself being a new
watcher anybody else who's new to the
channel by any chance
I appreciate you here also make sure to
hit that thumbs up on and there's a
subscribe button if you are new to the
channel by any chance
but the font says bolts on brave being
upset that gavest 4k or gap GA B is
forking their browser and using Bitcoin
instead of bat it's on decrypt media if
I haven't seen it I indeed have seen it
and I do think it's interesting and this
was something that was 100 percent so
this was definitely celebrated by
Bitcoin Bitcoin er so I'm not gonna say
biklen maximalist but bitcoiners and it
was the whole war of words a little bit
or a little bit of war of awards on
twitter but does anybody is anybody
utilize brave browser at all I'm
personally utilizing it right now but
does anybody actually use brave outside
of that would love to hear from that if
you do let me know in the comments so
gab which is a kind of an online social
media network for those who aren't
familiar it's I would say a small but
like loyal core audience sometimes they
are associated sometimes they're
associated with like well III don't give
a about politics but I feel like
sometimes they're associated with with
right-wing politics that have been deep
platformed don't give a about
politics don't drag me into politics
keep me out of politics whatever but so
gab is a company that has the social
network they've had gab for a while and
they're they're big bitcoiners or the
CEO got our and root or ba has always
been a Bitcoin guy always been a Bitcoin
guy and they have developed this
basically it's a it's a browser
extension and what it allows for people
to do is there's a lot of there's a lot
of companies that have basically banned
the comment section on the Internet
like I remember CNN used to have a
comment section I think it was discord
or discus or some
diving was Disqus CNN used to have a
comment section and that was wild
and even I'm like a barstool guy miss
Dooley but I don't pay for the gold and
they I think they banned the comment
section for everybody but gold members
and the barstool comment section was
freaking wild and common section is on
the comment the comment section on the
internet I would just skip the article
and go straight down in the comment
section but a lot of places that ban the
comment section because either there's
just stuff that they don't want to see
there or they think it's inappropriate
or they don't want to be associated with
it whatever and a gab is building this
this extension that'll go on the side
where like you'll be browsing a CNN
article that has the comment section
gone but they have this extension called
this Center that will allow anybody who
has the extension to comment on it so
basically you can you know CNN doesn't
want you to comment on it but this says
hey you you can comment on anyway
or excuse me I'm sorry so that that'll
say that and they have been they
developed that and then they were
removed I believe from the the Google
store they removed from like the Apple
store the the Safari store the Firefox
store basically their gap just gets deep
platformed all the time
so that happens and gap gets new
platformed so brave has babe brave
itself I think is it's kind of like a
fork of Google Chrome they took a lot of
the elements from google chrome and they
have their own thing now obviously I'm
on the brave browser right now and and
for me personally brave is pretty legit
like you can a lot of people are like oh
my god they they raised if you want to
debate the semantics of raising through
an ICO and a basic attention token not
being needed for anything go ahead but
you don't actually need to use basic
attention token at all with the browser
so like for the people that are like
a brick of Lego it forces you
to use let utilize like basic attention
token like I've literally never touched
bat in my in this I'd never touched it
and I probably never will hopefully but
so people are freaking out about that
and what gab is doing is they're taking
the brave browser and they are since
this open brave as open-source they're
taking the open source elements of it
and they're just building your own
browser with their their plug-in built
and the CEO brave Brendan Eich was like
well you know your plugin better be
pretty legit I think if we go down like
oh he said this like though I guess if
you want to say if calling them a
parasite is pretty aggressive but he
says answer this what kind of parasite
forks an open source browser to get an
extension distributed to people who can
already workaround silly App Store bans
so there's this was definitely picked up
like by the Bitcoin community because
the the the Bert or the gap CEO was like
hey we're gonna remove this the
token bat from this and we're going
to we're gonna implement Bitcoin and
we're gonna implement lightning and
that's cool like that's fine if you want
to do that it's fine but I really don't
think at least in my personal opinion
and this is totally my personal opinion
I don't think they're doing that because
they're like they hate the basic
attention token that much and they love
Bitcoin so much they're doing it because
they have to they need they need their
own browser essentially to host their
application and to host their extension
because nobody else will but then that
brings up the issue of like you have to
have some hardcore ass users that really
love your stuff and really love you if
you you know if they're gonna download
and solely utilize your separate browser
and then also you kind of run into the
problem of you basically now need to be
on a browser company like that's cool if
you open source fork at once
but there's their stuff that happens all
the time with browsers where you need to
update them you need to improve them
like is is gab really begin I'm going to
become a browser company I and I think
that it would they would need to to
become competitive like are you you love
AB that much that you're just going to
utilize it I don't know maybe you are
maybe not I have no idea
that's my overall thoughts on it
Richard y-yes so I mean I have I have
basic attention I'm set up as a as a yes
contributor or I don't exactly I forget
thee as a performer platform I don't
know but my youtube and my twitch
profile on basic attention on brave are
set up to accept based contention token
donation so if anybody goes to my
website or to my youtube channel and
likes my stuff they can contribute to me
which is awesome and I appreciate that
but for me personally like I I don't
have a set like all I was saying with
that was you don't necessarily sure I'm
an idiot thank you Richard yes I'm a I'm
a auto eyes door kind of certified
publisher on brave on YouTube twitch and
my website so you can go there if you
want to donate some v80 to me and I
actually receive that in be 80 but it's
not required to use a system at all like
that's for me as a youtuber I could also
accept that in Bitcoin I can accept that
in anything but I take that in be 80 so
that's I mean that's that's just kind of
we're on that at this point in time but
you do not have to in you don't have to
interact like with I mean I can even
pull up the settings here I think let's
see I don't think I have anything so
person one like I don't have rave
rewards I don't have like I don't have
much going on this is just like out of
the box it blocks a bunch of stuff it I
like it I mean it's it's a good browser
and but at the same point I'm – like
that's the point of open source if gab
wants to go ahead and fork it use it and
enjoy it and use that's your supposed to
that's that's the point of open source
my only point is like I don't think it's
necessarily being forked because like
that is the worst thing in the world and
I don't even really like own a lot of
that I think I maybe have like $20 with
a bat so I don't give a about that
and a lot of people do but for me I
don't think it's about bad I think it's
that gap has been deep platform by so
many places and they they need a place
and rather than its them working off
brave is the easiest way to have their
own have their own thing
but I'll lift my butor in' I like the
name I don't give a about crypto
Bobby calm
so do I
let's see
Bethan says interesting conversation
today do you think some companies use
open source as a way to get free work at
you know and just don't think someone
will copy their cash cow main IP and
that was so we have it was a telegram
group I'm in recently and that was a
conversation around auger versus gnosis
and I thought it was pretty interesting
too because it brings up the subject of
like these certain companies that
develop a protocol and actually develop
like the main user interface on top of
it versus a company like auger that has
a user interface but now has veil as
well as as veil and I think Gesser is
the other one there are companies that
have been based and actually received
funding to build on top of excuse me on
top of on top of augur and then you also
have companies like 0x where they're
building the approach they're primarily
building the protocol and then hope or
you know I'm doing outreach to their
community to have developers build on
top of of 0x then you have a number of
real Ayres and other companies that in
websites that utilize 0x so I do think
that that is an interesting point and I
think that there are certain companies
that do that on purpose with the open
source and some companies that like they
secretly don't actually want anybody to
build anything open-source on them and
it's an interesting kind of dichotomy
there also when you look at
cryptocurrency it's something with token
this value accrue to anybody that
actually utilized so like in the case of
a 0x or in the case of some these other
assets out there like is there value
like is there value accrual if there are
a bunch of real layers that are very
popular or does that or they just
basically kind of extracting rent almost
or you're taking the hard work of the 0x
team or the augur team or wherever and
not necessarily providing any value back
to them in an ideal world you know if
somebody builds something on top of
augur there is some type of kind of like
you know augers done a bunch of work on
top of it and then ideally there would
be some way not necessarily to pay them
back but hey maybe there'd be a value
accrual to the rep token and I don't
think anybody's necessarily nailed that
yet at all
dgn I'm not watching jeopardy right
but I'm assuming that that dude that has
won a million dollars is still playing
he takes all the fun out of it he is the
biggest stud on the planet and the
smartest guy in the planet and that guy
will go forever on Jeopardy without
anybody beating him PSE is definitely
the best Jeopardy player obviously of
all time but III don't know what
jeopardy is gonna do because these event
he's never gonna lose never gonna lose
gonna continue to win and win and win
so it's taking a look scrolling back
through some of these questions
obviously ask away to as many as you'd
and he beat Watson probably
so this is something I think worth
keeping an eye on as well is just the
other stable coins that start to kind of
move around because ideally in in my in
my ideal world what will happen and I
know there's still a lot of commentary a
lot of questions around a lot of
commentary a lot of questions around
what is going on with Heather and for me
I think the ideal scenario is not that
obviously I personally don't think that
tether is sustainable in the long run
I don't but what I would ideally like to
see it's kind of a slow and steady
migration away from tether where it just
becomes less and less and less and less
and less relevant to the cryptocurrency
market as a whole to exchanges and I do
think a lot of that is on the on behalf
of the exchanges
I think places like by Nance like and
other crypto currency exchanges out
there like I would love to see by Nance
like you know we're delisting bsv
because we're no we're just whatever
we're dealing vsv like honestly like PSV
is cool like that's fine you know I
applauded that decision I literally have
a shirt on right now that is
but I got that shirt on but I would love
to see by Nance like actually and maybe
you know maybe maybe they've seen maybe
they know behind the industry maybe
maybe everything's fine maybe
everything's cool but like if finance
were to kind of just slowly remove
tether markets and if a bunch of
exchanges got together and we're like
hey well you know we're gonna we're
gonna figure things out somehow and
we're gonna go migrate from tether to
paxos into G USD into USD C into T USD
and to all these other freaking tokens
out there that are now these stable
coins that are more auditable or audited
and actually have a one-for-one basis
that would be that'd be awesome and I do
think some of the stuff falls in that
but like what happens if there is a slow
and steady migration so keep an eye on
what happens with like the market cap of
Paxos and gos D and T USD because
literally 2018 was a bunch of companies
out there that created stable coins and
they are no legit or more legitimate
stable coins that are either us-based or
audited by companies in the US or just
like more responsibly done or die which
is more you know obviously more the
decentralized stable coin so
so Richard says how do you feel about
other Fiat back stable coins versus
something like die um and and then the
second question there's what stable coin
is most creditable or I guess I'll say
like what stable coin is the most what
stable coin do you like maybe has the
most credit what do you like the best I
guess I don't know and into that respect
I would say that I've I've good faith
and I in USD see I have faith in Paxos I
have faith in G USD also TUSD as well so
I mean they're they're like for stable
coins that are I think backed by good
companies that you would likely be able
to redeem for a dollar and you at the
very minimum you'd be able to hold on to
that even if you weren't able to redeem
there were some issues with like people
having funds from sketchy areas or
whatever and and not able to redeem
they're they're they're they're stable
coin directly for a dollar it would
still hold their value I don't think
they're necessarily going anywhere on
the other end of the spectrum
hold on one second here
I'm frozen and I look wonderful so let's
see if we can fix that
frozen Bobby there he is nope he's back
now that's my camera
I was a great look wasn't it
but so getting back into you know those
those stable coins I think like those
four are pretty legit I also like die
because die is
more decentralized I'm not gonna say
it's perfect it is not oh my god like
the most perfect you know perfect token
ever but it is more decentralized there
are issues with stability on die there
are no doubt issues with stability on
die it however you know nobody is
necessarily gonna say to you hey you
can't redeem this for you can't redeem
this at any point in time but I do like
die as well and die is very extensible
within the decentralized like
cryptocurrency ecosystem
making apple juice and fentanyl might
right I don't even know what fentanyl is
is that like poison trying to avoid that
one but now it's it's bourbon no I say
no what this is a weird bottle if you
can let's zoom in on this
and rye that's named after a horse I'm
like that I don't know who knows
white zinfandel now I don't I don't
drink white wine white wine is for not
but al licked my pewter in you is
up we can tell well I hope for my sake
that I am NOT effed up on one glass of
rye whiskey because that would mean I am
a lightweight and I'm about 175 pounds
or so so I would that would me and I
cannot hold my liquor anymore I haven't
been drinking as much if you guys have
noticed on the streams because I'm
trying to you know hit the gym or doing
some good things but
I don't get in tired of water RC phantom
I do have someone give some water over
Pinot Noir I am a Pinot Noir fan and
caps off and red wines red line
no leo that's a really good question
will these inner blocks change
communication networks like polka dot
effect stable coins doc I'm unsure about
they're kind of full effect on stable
coins I do think that polkadot and
cosmos are both something to watch in
the crypto space I think that both polka
dot cosmos I think have a lot of buzz
from people that are I would say like
the smart money in the crypto space and
granted the smart money is not always
smart but like we could we could
definitely be honest there that
sometimes the smart money makes really
dumb decisions and things just because
they have whatever degrees on paper and
sick experience at Goldman or whatever
other Wall Street firm that they're
smarter than the cartoon on Twitter a
lot of times they're not but the smart
money is is pretty big into pretty big
into both cosmos and poke it out and
think that right now I think a lot of
people think B&B or being finance chain
is like the the etherium competitor and
oh my god bye Nana Shane is gonna kill
aetherium and I think that a lot of
other individuals think that both
polkadot and cosmos are more of a threat
to aetherium then by nan chain is and I
would I would tend to agree that I need
to do a little bit more research on some
other components of things but it's
funny now – I there's like weird I don't
know if they're like spam bots or
whatever but I the I managed the air
swap Telegram hey I'm an admin in the
air swap telegram and multiple times a
day somebody joins the air swap telegram
and now says move to B in B chain and
it's interesting and I talked about it
before too because you know it is
possible or if you are a company a
project whatever it might be that built
something that that is on aetherium or
necessarily that's built on aetherium
but just use it utilizes ERC 20 tokens
now and it doesn't interact with the
ethereum blockchain basically at all
outside of the ERC 20 token yes you
can move – you could move to buying a
chain no problem you just wish your
token your year c20 token to whatever
the B&B token is on the other end of the
spectrum though if you're actually like
intertwined if you are leveraging
aetherium that's not an easy transition
and people are like coming in and be
like oh my god you need to join B&B
chain being BB and BB and B it's like
all right relax guys relax
captain gaffe one will be TC surpasses
previous all-time high
mid 2020
we'll pull a number on my ass I don't
actually know anything
so interesting question rules for rebels
to steam it have any future or is it a
sinking ship though
I used to use steam actually pretty
often and I need to get back to posting
on it but
it's interesting hasn't really changed
all that much
I would say in like
just in the past like you or so probably
over a year like there haven't been that
many significant updates to steam it and
I do think that there are legitimate
opportunities to have come in and and
beat steam it and one company that's
trying to do that right now is sent like
even now like steam it has an advertised
here like really fun you know if you're
not gonna sell the if you're not if
you're not selling the adblock like just
get rid of it like nobody's actually
clicking on this and buying it like
let's click on it hey there's one like
nobody's doing that but there was a time
where like you know these top people on
Steam or let's see you let's do the
okay so some people still make a good
amount of money on it it's interesting
but I don't know it's
since another one so if we pull up were
since is directly trying to compete with
steam it it hasn't gotten there from a
user standpoint yet but scent looks to
be pretty decent it's based on the
theorem – so you can do some kind of
different components with scent
I don't know all that much Bell like I'm
not gonna predict anything on steams
like long-term in a long-term future
it needs to be easier for people to use
its you know it's it's just not it's not
easy enough for most people to use
uh dollar bill Bobby what do you like
about Bitcoin SV absolutely nothing I'm
gonna sit here and I'm gonna say
abso-freaking-lutely nothing about
Bitcoin has to be that's what that's
what I like about Bitcoin sp
a coin SV is a
Vitalik my pewter and thank you for the
super chat I appreciate that two dollars
down a buffalo chicken wrap with no
shirt live
not a prostitute slash strippers I need
more than two dollars need a buffalo
chicken wrap live with no shirt on

yes that's a good point rules for rebels
it's it's really interesting when you
look at at Steam it when you look at at
cent a lot of these other ones where you
get paid for the content and so there's
this kind of interesting debate
obviously with you know you have
companies like Facebook out there that
make a ton of money of every user
Twitter makes obviously a lot of money
you know social networks make money off
of their users and what happens if you
provide that money back to the users
right that's the whole goal of
decentralization in some respect is
you're providing money back to the users
but when you provide in a financial
incentive to a user to utilize your
platform what does that do or the user
it makes you you're attracting people
that are number one financially
incentive to use that platform now
you're you're attracting people that for
the most part the people that are going
to steam to post they are trying to make
money you know there are certainly some
hardcore Steam users that love the
platform and would basically die for the
platform but you're you have people that
are financially incentive there and then
you also have a lot of people like in
the comments section and the upvotes
like they're trying to play the game
they're trying to they're trying to make
money and it can lower the quality of
the content it definitely can I don't
think there's any debate about that and
it's something that is absolutely worth
you know thinking about in the long long
run when you look at a lot of this
Jorge are you still holding new Mirai
right now I made up mostly I was a short
short-term trade on that I have a tiny
bit but I cashed most of that out and
moved it back into Bitcoin so right now
I'm not holding a ton
if on thoughts on Nike getting into
crypto and Samsung investing in ledger
so I need to remember is a crypto Kix
what do they call it
what do we have here
the more I would say nefarious
varices yen
so Nike surprise Krypto play could steal
Facebook's thunder like let's let's
let's relax with that numero uno I am
NOT a massive fan of the whole Facebook
Facebook cryptocurrency stuff I just not
my like a lot of people like Facebook is
gonna lead the way into daily adoption
for cryptocurrency and put crypto in
every house yeah and it's gonna be a
billion dollars of Facebook coin owned
by injuries and Horowitz and kleiner
perkins and benchmark like it's gonna be
a bunch of Silicon Valley VC firms on on
Sand Hill Road that are buying it and
then somehow making money off of a State
Facebook stable coin however however I
don't know if Nike is stealing Facebook
scripta thunder so CCM let's let's relax
here a little bit and I don't even know
I don't know what the hell CCN is doing
but so apparently you have Nike that
went out and put out a trademark on a
digital currency called crypto kicks
which sounds like your seven-year-old
nephew went out and decided to hire a
lawyer and was like hey I like
cryptocurrency I like sneakers what's
crypto kicks we'll get into it so that
is you know that's apparently happening
there was some I don't know this I think
this was a guy found it Josh gurbin
yeah Josh Groban found it apparently is
a lawyer I don't know too much
but what are my thoughts and I mean
obviously it's good to see I think it
doesn't necessarily mean like oh my god
by Bitcoin I think that if you are a if
you are a a large fortune 500 company
and it takes you
your internal lawyers now a few hours or
whatever to throw a trademark out there
or to patent something whatever it might
your your you're trying to future-proof
a few things you're trying to just kind
of make sure that if if this crypto
thing is legit if it is actually
something in the long term you know
you'll be fine with it so you might be
positioned whatever it might be is it
does it mean that bitcoin is going to
the moon and that you're going to have a
cryptocurrency QR code embedded in your
Nike Air Max is no not necessarily but I
will wear my Nike Air Max does maybe
tomorrow just to celebrate I don't know
of Daniel Barnett yes I did already
talked about the Eli Manning stunt
double that was drafted last night to
play Eli in the story about Peyton
Manning the Giants are screwed the
Giants general manager is an idiot I am
smarter than the Giants general manager
and I am a very dumb but yeah it sucks
sucks to be Giants fan right now I
really do is Daniel Jones right yep
daniel Jones have fun with daniel Jones
transf and so um Barkley is gonna run
for 7,000 yards and
Jones gonna throw for six touchdowns and
27 interceptions
it color shoes
Jorge post this article I think its
I already talked a little bit about this
but yes so this is syndicated from the
block Jorge posted this and it is
literally on Bloomberg as well but this
was broken by New York Times Nathaniel
popper but yeah I spoke about this
before this would be I mean this would
be huge for for kryptos be huge for
Bitcoin I think this is one of the more
bullish things to actually see I mean
outside of an ETF just as far as
extending the ability and I'm not going
to say just because each trade might
offer the opportunity for an individual
to buy Bitcoin or either that that
automatically means the price of Bitcoin
is going to go back to $20,000 and that
ether is going to go back to a thousand
or 1300 dollars or whatever was that how
can I say that whatsoever but if you
don't think that it is a positive thing
to have Bitcoin and ether available to
five million plus investors that are
investing actual legitimate assets into
the you know stock equity markets into
bonds whatever it might be into you know
stock units it's a very positive thing
to see and I for one applaud etrade for
actually going out on the you know
actually going out and going through the
process of of doing that in a relatively
quick manner so I like to see that I'm
happy about it and I think a lot of
these I mean I do think as you're
starting to see this – one interesting
thing and I didn't really think about it
previously but
looking at TD Ameritrade looking at e
trade when you think about these
financial you know financial firms these
brokers you look at it and you think
about cryptocurrency adoption and I'll
put adoption in caps here or you know in
quotes excuse me but when you think
about cryptocurrency adoption
and how these financial firms are
working a lot of it is like a game of
you know they're waiting for one firm to
make a move they're waiting for one firm
to start doing it before they're gonna
make the move and then there's you know
there's one there's one company that
goes out on a limb takes a risk and you
know might perhaps stumble or you know
kind of mess up something but at least
they went out and took a risk and then
once they go out and do that you have a
lot of you know a lot of companies all
the firms that all end up falling end up
following suit and I think you know the
TD Ameritrade news that's happening the
e-trade news that's happening obviously
fidelity has come out and fidelity is
one of the more respected names in the
industry it's kind of this whole
convergence in this catch-up game or I
think you saw you know fidelity making
move and you have TD Ameritrade you know
you have TD Ameritrade you have etrade
that's it's fairly compelling I mean it
really is it is definitely pretty
compelling to to think about to see and
I think that will also happen when you
look at the Wall Street firms too
because you know you last year you had
goldman sachs was was rumored to be
getting into potentially starting a
bitcoin training desk or a
cryptocurrency trading desk and no major
no major bank in the u.s. at least has
started trading Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency for their clients but
once one does others follow suit so
maybe Goldman goes first maybe
eventually at some point time Goldman is
the first one to trade you know Bitcoin
trade cryptocurrency for the clients
traded internally whatever it might be
and all sudden hey they're citi bank
there is JP Morgan there's Bank of
America and it's you know one one domino
has to fall on the rest just kind of go
what's up Robert our Inaba key my still
in love with TRX I've always this is
this is great I am a I'm a big-time fan
of this where's where's my man Justin
moon I love that face I could I could
pinch it where do we got here
this was the funniest ever hold on
so Justin came out and you know Tron is
Tron is partnered with Heather and Tron
has created a a Tron version of tether
TRC 20 tether token and they had this
big of his big livestream talking about
you know Tron and tether and you could
trade Ronnie a trade tether and like two
hours later you have the New York
Attorney General like yeah you know
Heather and BitFenix might be out like
eight hundred million dollars and it's
like well there's the there's the
problem that's it's a it's a partnership
made in heaven you have you have tether
and Tron to scams one
a core Binion it's amazing that justice
done is so so popular that is what
happens when you buy Twitter accounts oh
god I love it
I did a laugh of that though I was I was
quite funny definitely pretty good
issue with one of my
tether xrp woof
oh I don't know man you guys choose
other xrp what's your choice
that was funny to Daniel I tweeted I
think I tweeted about that earlier today
like what do we got here
it's funny too because obviously there's
a lot of I mean rightly so there's a lot
of issues there's a lot of kind of
problems with what's going on with with
with tether right now but it's not like
there aren't other stable coin
alternatives yes tether is deeply
intertwined into the crypto ecosystem
right now yes there is a ton a
volume on tether
yes it's traded on by Nance yes it's
traded on racks yes has traded all
over the place but there are so many
freaking stable coin alternatives
they're actually legit now because all
these other companies looked at in 2017
and 2018 we're like yo tether is doing
so well and they are the most
illegitimate company on the planet and
what if we just did this and just did
the exact same thing but maybe did it
like legitimate business and hey maybe
we can make some money and get some
volume here we are in 2019
Courbet Mian yes so very very high level
Corbin Ian says I still don't understand
die and make her Dow the fees are only
if I use maker doubt right that is an
excellent point so if we go over to
so if we look at maker Dow over here
there's kind of two concepts with
there's there's really like two concepts
with with maker Dow and die so number
one there's two tokens there's maker
token which is that the government kind
of payment token you have died which is
the stable coin you have this thing
called the CDP which is basically what
prince died and then you can trade I
freely afterwards so give you guys a
really high-level example and this this
is glossing over a bunch of but if
you're not familiar with die this is
helpful so what what happens what what
what makes die so if you are somebody
basically to create die in the market
what you do is you open up what is a
call the CDP or a collateralized debt
position and what happens is you need to
be I believe it's if I remember
correctly I've done this two or three
times but I I'm gonna forget so you need
to basically collateralize a loan and
you over collateralize the loan so what
happens is you put in ether and you get
out die so like let's say if I have 10
either I have 10 eath and I want to take
out a hundred die what I would do is I
would put 10 eath into this smart
contract using this CDP system and what
that will do is that will print me back
100 100 doke ins and the the value of a
die is supposed to be pair to a dollar
if you go to coin market cap there have
been issues lately with dyes stability
not necessarily staying at a dollar it's
been around 97 sometimes 96 cents at 97
cents right now so what happens there is
once you elves fat BTC oh god this is
hello hello wash training fat PTC I
don't know who you are but I assume
you're not real so what happens when you
go ahead and like once somebody goes and
they take that die that they got from
their CDP once they have that die they
can do whatever they want with it they
can trade that to somebody else they can
go to a decentralized exchange or to
a centralized exchange potentially and
they can trade that what can they trade
that for they can trade that for ether
they can trade that for other crypto
currencies as well the most prominent
pair is ether pious isn't die is
essentially an ER c20 token so you can
go ahead and you could do that at any
point in time do you like and the thing
is with dye is there is a stability fee
for opening up a CDP now you can trade
dye as a user at any point in time with
without ever touching a CDP that's the
differentiator that CDP's enabled I to
enter the ecosystem but you don't ever
have to touch like I could go to any I
go to any decentralized exchange I go to
any centralized exchange it wants it has
died and I could trade it for died and
died for eath anytime I want without
ever having in touch with CDP however
there's this concept of a CDP and the
stability fee and the stability fee is
basically how much it costs to close
your to close your loan so you're
basically taking out a loan and at some
point in time you're gonna be charged an
interest fee in your maker token so the
one thing core bidding you have to know
is like you can go to Highbury you can
go to air swap you can go to unis WAP
you can go to coinbase wherever you want
ethan x KU coin any of these places you
could trade dye you'll never have to
worry about the stability fee the only
time you have to worry about that is if
you basically take out a loan through
the CDP process
maker was the fad new idea that has
already dying check the price action
maker pumped really hard I think the
price action recently is obviously not
super great let's pull it up
so maker pumped
crazy hard it was up what was it from
like from the bottom maker was up 250%
it's fallen I think over 60% a 50% so
makers down 50% against Bitcoin and
there are definitely some issues and
this a lot of this started around the
times that the stability fees started
moving up so I don't want to get too
into it because I think it's not
necessarily a boring topic but it's it's
kind of a detailed topic that a lot of
people might not be interested in but
yeah makers have makers token is having
some difficulty right now is what it is
yes exactly a Corbin e'en so so yes you
could hold Dai token in your what like
if you are somebody like so you have
Ethan your wallet right now you have
Ethan in your meta mask you have Ethan
your ledger whatever it might be you
have you have a theorem in your wallet
and you want to hold on to that
however the bit for next news came out
last night you're like holy this is
bad news I want to move out of this as
quickly as possible I take my men in
masks I plug it in and I immediately
want to hold it into something that's
stable what you could do is you could
immediately move that into dye and what
that will allow you to do is basically
have stable value you would not ever pay
a fee there's no stability fee
associated with that whatsoever
rules for rebels can Americans get in on
Finance Launchpad icos or are we barred
for from them all land of the free home
of the you can't buy coins anymore
that is that's where we're at with
that's where we're at with buy Nance
that's where we're at with icos that is
where we're at with basically everything
if there is a possibility that's
something could potentially in the
future being unregistered unregistered
security you are not going to have
access to that in the United States so
unfortunately or fortunately I depending
upon which way you look at it you're out
of luck
while what about using a VPN if I
haven't gotten through that process with
finance but I'm assuming you need to be
a KY seed user and I think this is
correct but I'm pretty sure you need to
be a KY seed user to participate in
binary finance launchpad token sales so
a VPN would not make a difference in
that scenario
yes at this point I'm been live for an
allow it's been crypto happy hour in 20
minutes or so I am out of whiskey or I'm
out of ice and I haven't eaten dinner
yet and it's like eight o'clock and I'm
a hungry child so I am probably new out
and fetch myself some dinner something
to eat I hope you enjoyed this I hope
you enjoyed this the script a happy hour
now that's a Bitcoin for not dumping as
I was live too that's that's kind of
nice I mean if we look at the hourly
candle where I was live it was actually
green that's the blessing in that's a
blessing in disguise so I will take that
any day of the week but I really do
appreciate everyone's time if you
enjoyed this video and you're watching
on YouTube make sure to hit that thumbs
up button thanks to everybody on
periscope and on Twitch as well so thank
you all for your time I really hope you
have a fantastic weekend I'll be around
this weekend too I might do another
crypt a happy hour or I do a record a
video so stay tuned for that but really
do appreciate time signing out peace

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