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by birtanpublished on July 12, 2020

Hello and welcome to the reseller reportpodcast for todaythursday july 9th 2020 i'm your hostann eckhartand every weekday i upload the resellingreport to update you on the days ofretail and e-commerce news

Including the latest from ebay amazonetsy and poshmarkwhether you are listening on youtube oryour favorite podcast sitemake sure you're subscribed and nowlet's get on with today's

Show well happy thursday everyone i hopeeveryone isdoing well and working your resalebusiness i know for a lot of people thisis a very very slow timeit is for me as well july is typically

My slowest month of the yearand this year is proving to be the samei haven't really been able to getoutsourcing uh like i normally wouldbecause of the pandemic there haven'treally been very many estate sales

Or thrift stores you know with theirdifferent policies some i don't feelsafe going to some haven't reopened yetso it is definitely a struggle to sourcefortunately i do have other streams ofincome that i'm working

Which is always something to think aboutif you are going to be resellingfull-timeand that is to develop multiple streamsof income of course i have my books thati write as well as

Notebooks journals and planners that ipublish under the jean lee publishingpen name all of those are on amazon andof course i have youtube and now i havea podcast somultiple streams of income key in this

Business i do want to start today with alittle bit ofretail news the vast majority of applestores have closed againdue to the kovid 19 pandemicthere were 100 apple retail stores that

Were closed around the world at the endof last weekand 92 were located in the united statesapple says it is monitoring coveted 19conditions community by communityout of an abundance of caution and has

Reclosed over 77 storesin the united states in recent weeksapple stores are often in major malls orbusiness districtsmaking it a key indicator of howsmoothly and where

Retail operations can restart amid thekovid 19 pandemicnow i have not been out to our mallsor really any of the strip malls retailwhat noti mean i can see when i'm driving by

That strip mall stores are open but ihaven't been to the mallsso i honestly don't know other than whati'm hearing from local friends say thatcertain stores haven't opened yetbut yeah a lot of retail still

Not open across the country and it'susually thelarge chains of stores you knowindependents find a way toopen up again but the large chains ofretail are

Having some trouble getting open and ithink apple's taking the beststep which is to just close to keeptheir employees andcustomers safe and in other retail newsstoried apparel brand brooks brothers

Files for bankruptcyas it seeks a buyer and closes dozens ofstores do you pick upbrooks brothers to resell i have in thepast it just found some shirts orwhatnot

It never was a big seller for me wedon't have a brooks brothersstore but we do have an outlet about anhour and a half from where i liveso it does pop up here now and then itsays brooks brothers which was founded

In 1818 wowfiled for bankruptcy on wednesday theretailer which generated more than 991million dollars in sales last yearhas more than 200 stores in northamerica and 500 worldwide

It has already decided to close roughly51 storesa decision it attributes to the pandemicsays over the past year brooks brothersboard leadership team and financialleague advisors

Have been evaluating various strategicoptions to position the companyfor future success including a potentialsale of the business a spokesman for theretailer saidduring the strategic review covet 19

Became immensely disruptiveand took a toll on our business thebrand had attracted significant interestfrom potential acquirersincluding brand licenser authenticbrands but many have preferred to buy

The brand with fewer storesin early april it began to evaluatewhich of its roughly 250 north americanstores to closeit had already decided to close about 51and

Most of those closures have alreadybegunthe company has moved away frominventory in targeted stores todistribution centersand the retail is proceeding with plans

To reopen the majority of stores it'sshut downduring the pandemic they have 500 storesnation i'm sorry worldwideand employ 4025people um so 20 of

Their sales are currently online and itdoes have wholesale agreementswith retailers like macy's andnordstrom's with contracts demand youruniforms fornet jets united airlines and others so

Another major name in trouble of coursetheyjoined neiman marcus j crew and jcpenneywhich have all filed for bankruptcycourt protectionuh does say that unlike many retail

Trailblazersbrooks brothers is not buckling fromdebt left over from a quiet from aprivateequity-led leveraged buyout that leftits owner unable

To invest in the story brand instead itis owned by its ceowho's the son of the founder of italianeyeweargiant luxotic and he's focused onrestoring the brand's quality

Since acquiring it from british retailermarx and spencer in 2001 sounfortunately we're just going tocontinue to see more of this brick andmortar retail especially clothing isreally struggling

And yeah not the last bankruptcy we willsee although it does sound like booksbrothersis looking to continue opening but justchangingmaybe more to online and less brick and

Mortar let's get into the resellingsites themselves we'll start with ebaybecause there's always more news fromebay than anybody elseand you have all been chiming in onyesterday's episode

With uh the talk about some ebay sellersgetting abonus credit offer to opt into managedpaymentsand others not i do want to reiteratethat if you have

Not gotten a notice from ebay that youneed to opt in to manage paymentsby july you're fine you're going to staywith paypal it's going to be okaytrust me when i say that you will notmiss the messages

From them because they send messageafter message after messagetrying to get you to opt in to managepayments i'm not keen i probably got20 or 30 before i started to do it soplease don't think that you missed the

Messageyou likely got it or you likely willknow when you get itbecause they send them non-stop so don'tworry about that anduntil you are switched over you still

Will be in paypal and as for the buyersas a buyer you will be able to buy onebay with paypal if you want toor with a credit card you will havemultiple payment options available toyou

When you check out it's for those of uswho are sellerswe will not have our money going throughpaypal we won't be able to go intopaypal to make withdrawsand we won't have the paypal financials

To work fromeverything uh in that realm will be onebay and of course this is what poshmarkand etsyboth do they both uh pay sellers afterfees are taken out

After shipping costs are taken out sowhat you getdeposited is what you get so it will beon a seller's sidei think eventually be good it's justthis initial transfer

That is stressful and of course we knowglitch baywe're all a little nervous and then thisuh public relations messi feel of enticing the late comersto sign up when so many of us did it

Early and then we didn't get this littlebonus so to me the punishmentfor not transferring over to managepayments is that you might not be ableto listand instead of letting that be the um

Consequence for people who didn't signup ebay said well here we'll give youmoney to do it nowwhich is really it's just not fair and alot of you agree and you'reupset too so that is still working out

Nobody can get a direct response fromebay by the way and they're gettingcalls and complaints all over andthey're just choosing to kind ofignore it and hope it will pass whichi'm sure it will um

But in other ebay news there is a newebay for business podcast up it isepisode 98 summer successthe traffic report page and seller storynumber twonow you can listen to the podcast or you

Can readthrough the transcript uh the overviewfor this week is that griff talks withebaysenior product manager of sellerexperience woo

They've got titles over on ebay they'relike a paragraph longuh pre-rana josiei'm sure i said that wrong about thetraffic report page and seller a hubhow to read the data there to help boost

Sales seller victoria eagle from the ukthe second seller whose story wasselectedfor the 25 seller stories project joinsgriff in a conversation about herbusiness on ebay

Why she started and the challengesrunning it during the pandemicand note that ebay for business podcastdoes uhtackle viewer questions or listenerquestions and they do have a phone

Number and emailif you want to interact with them thisand all of the articles i reference willbe linked in the show notes below if youwant to go overcheck it out also the ebay community

Forum has a new post changes to uspsinternational electronic uspsdelivery confirmationsthis is from the seller news team and itsayseffective july 1st the united states

Postal service implemented changes tothe countries they will be providingelectronic delivery confirmation forusps firstclass package international what is thechange

Usps has reduced the number of countriesproviding electronic deliveryconfirmation servicesfor first-class international packagesshipped directly from the sellerto the buyer the current list of

Countries that will continueto show tracking information areaustralia belgium canada croatiacyprus denmark estonia france germanyj job oh i know how to say it and i'mnot going to say it

Jaldrabar oh no that's not rightgigglingyou guys know what i'm saying rugby barhong kong iceland indonesia israel japanlithuania luxembourgthe netherlands new zealand poland

Portugal singapore and thailandecono i'm sorry electronic not economicelectronictracking includes us domestic transitinternational transit to the destinationcountry

And delivery confirmation in the finaldestination countriesfour countries where electronic deliveryconfirmation is not aftertrans are tracking will consist of theus domestic

Transit international transit to thedestination country and arrival in thefinal destination countryebay packages sent using ebayinternational standard deliveryor through the global shipping program

Are not impactedand are alternatives for internationalshipmentswith electronic tracking informationwhoo this is a wordy statementwhat does this mean for me if you are a

Seller that is currently shippingdirectly to international buyersthrough usps first class packageinternationalsome of your packages may no longer havetracking this

Change does not apply to priority mailinternationalshipments so basically use ebay's globalshipping programor block the countries that don't givethe tracking if that's something that

Worries you now of coursethese countries where you still will gettracking arethe most shipped to countriesinternationally that i've ever dealtwith

Although it does not say the unitedkingdom which isof course big but i think most of us doship through ebay's global shipping butif you don't and you ship directlythen might be something that you want to

Learn a bit more aboutin terms of what packages will and willno longer havetracking in other ebay news a seventhformer ebay staffer has been charged ina cyber stalking campaign

Against the editor of a newsletter nowwe have been talking about this on theshow of courseit's been all over the news that sixformer ebay employeeswere charged with cyber stalking a

Couple in massachusetts i believe whoruna newsletter of course is the e-commercebytes newsletter we all know this by nowand now a seventh former staffer hasbeen charged according to this post

From the associated press a former ebayemployee has been charged withparticipating in a campaign to terrorizethe editor and publisher of an onlinenewsletterbecause ebay executives were upset about

Coverage of the companyauthorities said tuesday philip cook 55who was the supervisor of securityoperations at ebay's european and asianofficesis charged with conspiracy to commit

Cyber stalking and conspiracy to tamperwith witnesses prosecutors saidthe san jose man will appear in boston'sfederal court at a later datethere was no attorney listed for him inonline court records

Prosecutors announced charges againstsix former ebaystaffers last month authorities say cooka former police captain in santa claracaliforniaconspired with the other staffers to

Arrest the massachusetts couplethat published the newsletter withthreatening messages and disturbingdeliveries to their homeincluding live spiders and cockroachesebay said last month that an internal

Investigation was launchedafter the company was notified by lawenforcement of august of suspiciousactions by its security personnelthe employees were fired in december soi'm sure this is not the last

We will see of this i mean there's beentalk thatthe ceo or acting ceo at the time uh wasinvolved in some waywith what was going on so yeahjust more fallout and i know a lot of

People are upset and feeling veryweary of ebay i still feel safe on thesite overall and i still feel safetalking about ebay obviously this was asmall group of people but it only takesa few to

Cause havoc but we will of coursecontinue to follow that story and in onelast bit of ebay news today there is anew post over on the ecommerce buys blogagain thisis the site that was targeted in that

Cyber stalking situationthis new post is titled ebay securityconcerns lead to packing slip changesebay is now prohibiting sellers fromcustomizing packing slipsor adding a personal note and because it

Didn't give sellers advanced noticemultiple threads cropped up on the ebaydiscussion board forumsasking about the change some sellershave worked hard to personalize theirpacking slips and overnight poof

All their work went up in smoke wrote aseller during the ebay weekly chaton july 1st we've been promised therewould be announcements when ebay makeschanges that affect people sodramatically

But once again no advance notice why onearth was this notannounced in advance another personwrote this is just one more example ofebay taking away the sort ofpersonalization

That small sellers can and should bringto e-commercean ebay moderator answering the questioncited security concernsthey said we had to introducestandardized text because the free text

Boxposes the potential for risk to cite anaccount securitythis could either be through maliciouscode or inappropriate messagescontent that isn't possible to

Automatically identify or blockespecially considering the number oflanguages that are used across all ebaydomainsif you have any suggestions onpre-filled messages you would like to

See availableyou can start a new thread on the boardssellers have been discussingthese changes since mid-june and onsunday a seller posted about the changeon the ebay technical issue

Board it says today i completed a saleof one of my items and notedan issue with printing of the packingslip almost all of my transactioninformation that would be placed on thepacking slip

Is missing on the packing slip whenlooking at the print and shippinglabel page all the information is thereand correct when i clickprint packing slip a small pop-up boxcomes up showing what the packing slip

Will look likeonly the sold item description andlisting number are on the packing slipthat is exactly how it prints out aswell the only options that a seller cando

Is to add or change the seller messageto one of several canned messagesplus click three boxes which are addseller return policyinclude seller badge and score and hideship from

Address i did not hide the ship from boxand yet it's not on the packing slip aswell all the buyers info and sellersinfo is missingi looked all over the links and settingsand could not find anything

Any help to fix this would be greatlyappreciated and while the mainchange to the packing slip was by designthe missing buyer information appearedto be a technical issue caused by theconflict

With ad blockers something about thechange in the packing slip design cancause ad blockersto block parts of it from appearingcorrectly one seller suggestedum so some sellers are posting work

Abounds it is an entire thread over onthe selling boardbut another change even now i did noticethis change and i actually was like ohgood i can hide my from address onthe packing slip which really doesn't

Matter i use my po boxum i can include my seller badge andscore and i can put my return policywhich isdon't return it you can so i wasn'tupset with that

Um i do print a packing slip because mydaddoes most of the shipping so i print outa packing slip to put with the shippinglabel so thatum in case it gets separated from the

Order we know wherewhere it goes to so i've always printeda packing slip i like to get packingslips in my packagesi just find personally that it just addsan air for

Professionalism now i know a lot ofpeople don't they don't bother with itand that's fineso and then a change to the packing slipyou can let me knowyour thoughts about it if you care about

It at all if you sell on amazonyou likely got a notice from them titledadvance noticebusiness name and address to bedisplayed on the seller profile pagestarting september 1st 2020 this post

Reads beginning on september 1st 2020we will display a seller's business nameand address on their amazoncom sellerprofile pagefor individuals we will display theindividual name and address

This is consistent with seller profilepages across amazon storesin europe japan and mexico why are wemaking the changeover the years we have developed manyways for sellers to share more about

Their businessincluding through features like theseller profile pagestore pages for brand owners andhandmade maker profile pagesthese features help customers learn more

About the businesses of a sellerand the products they are selling we aremaking this change to ensure there is aconsistent baselineof seller information to help customersmake informed shipping

I'm sorry shopping decisions can i sharemore information to help customersbeyond my business name and addressyes you are welcome to add informationabout your business and productsthat you think would be helpful to

Customers however remember that youshould not include an email address inorder to prevent spam and abusewe ask customers and sellers to use ourbuyer seller messaging systemsto communicate effectively so this is a

Littleconcerning if you are an fba sellerselling out of your housecertainly don't want your business namewhich for most people is theirname although i think most of us who've

Sold on amazon put a business nameum now a lot of people have a po boxbut not everybody doesso that is an interesting development umkind of glad i don't sell on amazonright now because i

Would be fretting a little if they putmy home addressuh on their site but in other amazonnews there is a other press release fromamazon where they have announcedthe first fulfillment center and second

Delivery station in little rocknow why is this of note because littlerock arkansas is the headquarters ofwalmart and we talked yesterday on theshowabout walmart launching their own amazon

Prime like service will be amembership-basedservice where you pay yearly and you canget things likefree same day delivery on groceriesamong other things that hasn't been

Announced yet butthinking it'll come this week or nextand amazon nowuh fighting back i think on walmart bysaying wellyou can have your membership uh offering

But hey we're gonna build a newfulfillment center right in yourbackyard sothe war between amazon and walmart isjustheating up more amazon warehouses

Popping up to distribute their productsand this one of course nowhere in walmart's backyard masks havereallyturned etsy around the hugedemand for face masks during the

Pandemichas prompted etsy sellers at the urgingof etsy itselfto sell face masks and according to anarticle on buzzfeedcomthe trump campaign isn't selling face

Masks so etsy sellers are stepping in tomeet the demand thisarticle reads face covering sales haveskyrocketed on etsyand some of the most popular stylescelebrate a man who won't wear a mask

Sellers told buzzfeed news that masksbearing president donald trump's nameidioms and face are a hit the presidenthas been criticized for not wearing amask and advocatingamericans wear them in the face of the

Pandemic that has killed more than ahundredand thirty thousand americans supportersstill appear at the president's ralliesmask listso it's not clear if the growing number

Of sales for trump masks represent adetour from the administration's foggydisposition on wearing masks or anintentional nod to his presidencyi've only had my trump masks for a monthand they took off and our top seller

Said leanne soto an etsy seller invirginiai don't i didn't know if they'd sellwell or not soto40 said she has shipped to every stateexcept alaska and vermont

Including bulk orders to iowa and partsof virginiadays before the president's june rallyin tulsa she noticed a huge surge insalesand then last weekend just after trump

Spoke at mount rushmorewhere he claimed to more than 7 000largely masculist supportersthat there was a merciless campaign towipe out our history it happened againi'm like what the heck is going on i'm

Selling a mask every 5 to 10 minutessoto saidthe trump campaign does not currentlyoffer masks for purchase on their sitewhich boasts everything from brandedt-shirts to tree ornaments

In may brad parskal trump's campaignmanagerteased a mask would be coming soon butit never happened as the presidenthas continued to disregard max use thecampaign's production gap is giving some

Of trump's most ardent supportersan opportunity to make extra money ohboylucratia huge cluckin and her mothernancy mooreof georgia started making masks in march

But were initially just focused onproviding them to the senior members oftheir familywho are more likely to die from thecoronavirus when moore lost her jobbecause of the economic downturn

The family turned their altruism into aprofit gaining ventureby selling masks online solots of discussion of course controversyofuh trump masks or trump in general but

If you do go over toetsy obviously a lot of donald trump butpeople are making joe biden masksnow not in the vein that they're makingthe trump mass the trump maxhave all of trump's different slogans on

Them and they have trump'sface on them as well you don't get thatwith joe biden you're just gettingbiden's name and and 2020 and i knowwe've seenandrew cuomo masks and other celebrities

And politiciansbut um i guess if you want to make moneyand you're making masks and you can slapdonald trump'sname or face on it there's a market forit on etsy and finally today a little

Bit of poshmarknews they have updated their facebookpage first they put a lot moreof their inspirational quotes today is agreat day to remind yourself how amazingyou

Are and this gem when you can't find thesunshinebe the sunshine and you can goscreenshot uhthese uh inspirational quotes and sharethem on social media with poshmark's

Little logo on them if you want tobut um they have also put up a new postthat says we're in the summertime swingof thingsand here with the insights into the topperforming brands and categories

From the past 30 days on poshmarkhighlights men's polos are a bigstandout in terms of saleswhy polos this data is on par with therising popularity of golf this summerwomen's swimsuits are a not so surprised

Trending swimmingly oh poshmark withyourpuns and hashtags so what's trending onposhmarktop selling categories and brands againmajor sales increase in men's

Polos and women's swimwear in thewomen's top categories we havebermuda shorts and squirts bikiniscover-ups jumpsuits and rompers andone-pieceswimsuits the top brands by category in

Bikinis it's sheenreally sheen is the top selling bikiniyou guys know about sheen don't youthey're one of those anyway i'm like isthat themost quality people want anyway dresses

From lily pulitzersandals from tory burch and shorts fromjcrew and is that the only thing thatthey've given us are those twolittle pockets of wisdom no one more

Men's top categories what selling men wehave board shortsrash guards sandals and flip-flopssunglasses and swimhybrids and trucks the top brands bycategory for button-down shirts

Tommy bahama polo shirts vineyard vinesshorts lululemon and sunglasses fromray brand so a little bit of sourcinginfo there fromposhmark although to be honest the onlyshock of any of this is sheen bikinis

Bikinis from sheeni mean is there another company calledsheen because if it's the one i'mthinking of that's not exactly thebest quality but anyway i don't thinkany of these are surprised me tommy

Bahama vineyard vineslululemon ray bran lilly pultz or toryburch j crew those are pretty muchstablesfor all clothing resellers but that isthe latest bit of info

From poshmark and that is a wrap ontoday's showif you listened on youtube please besure to give the video a thumbs up andleave a commentremember that you can also listen to the

Podcast via anchor spotify apple andmorecheck out the show notes below for linksto the articles i referenced and if youwant to learn how to make money on ebayand youtube the way i do

Check out my books over on amazon myamazon store islinked below thank you so much forlistening i will talk to you againtomorrowhave a great day bye

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