Monster Transmission Intro with Transmission Cooler and Controller Installation #ETCGDadsTruck

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Greetings viewers air at the car guy thanks for tuning in guess what showed up at the shop yesterday if you guess the new transmission for monster transmission you would be correct well done you more specifically this is a 4l60e that is

Going to be going in my EGCG dad's truck project monster transmission put this thing together they sent it with some stuff in addition to just a transmission they also sent a dipstick they sent a box of miscellaneous parts

Which included a transmission mount they also sent this Thor torque converter and a whole bunch of transmission fluid synthetic transmission fluid to go into here as well as a transmission cooler which is sitting over on the bench and a

Transmission controller which is also sitting over on the bench because I was checking that stuff out looking at how to wire that stuff up which is what we're gonna do today but why don't we go check out that other

Stuff but I'm really excited about this new transmission it looks ready to go here's the cooler that Monstress sent with the transmission it is a perfectly fine adequate transmission cooler the thing

That I kinda don't like is just the attaching rubber lines to this it'll probably work fine this is also smaller and lighter than the one I had already ordered which is sitting right next to it here which is

The beam m4 so this there's a bit more cooling ability with it especially if I'm going to be towing with this truck which I probably will from time to time having a transmission cooler with as much cooling capacity as possible I like

That idea also I didn't like the idea of or how this would attach now this is all perfectly fine but the way you attach these is you run these zip tie like things through the radiator fins and these fins and attach it all together it

Is easy to install I just don't like to metal parts sensitive metal parts like this touching each other also these are heat exchangers I don't want to put one heat exchanger right on top of the other heat exchanger I'd like a little air

Space there in fact that's the reason why all these fins are here all those fins are there to create more surface area to dissipate more heat you put it on top of something else that's also making heat which in this case will be

The condenser it didn't seem like a good idea to me so I'm gonna make it hard on myself and I'm gonna install this transmission cooler like I said that one would work just fine this one I just think would work out a

Little better for my own peace of mind over here I have the new transmission controller so this is a computer that just controls the transmission it's a comp you shift intelligent shifting as it says in addition to the computer it

Also came with this wiring harness that plugs into it it's fused and has other inputs and outputs depending upon what setup you have so if you have an existing ECU this can connect to some of the energy management system also

Reading through it has the capability to connect directly to the can within your current setup if you wanted to and I don't know if this eliminates the need for all these other connections or not also it seems to have a main fuse in

Line but at the very least that needs power and ground and a TPS signal which I believe the only things that I'm going to be hooking up out of this harness in addition to the speed sensor coming out of the transmission it's a little tricky

For me because my speedometer is GPS so it's all self-contained inside the gauge unit so I really don't have a speed sensor output signal I checked that I can put into this or utilize this for I thought about keeping the speed sensor

Signal around that's an output of this system for the possibility of reconnecting my cruise control at some point I wanted if the speed speed sensor signal output from this could run that cruise control don't

Know for sure we'll find out someday but right now I just want to get this thing in the truck and running this copy shift has bluetooth capabilities so I'm able to tie into this via bluetooth which is set up when you initially set the thing

Up it just so happens that I have a tablet that is Bluetooth that connects to my engine controller so I'll be able to control both the transmission and the engine from the same controller which i think is awesome it also has this micro

USB connection up here and as well it has some LED indicators a bleed below this because they talked about going into LED mode I don't know if this will flash codes or whatever but you can either connect this directly with this

Micro USB or via bluetooth they also have this packet of miscellaneous connections and components and one of those things is this little plug which I believe is for the micro USB in the controller when you're going to work at

It but it goes in and this can be mounted virtually anywhere they just don't want it near the exhaust you can even mount this under the vehicle they want it I guess it's good for water down to like

A couple of feet or something like that so it can be exposed to the elements although I wouldn't necessarily do that there's also the small hole in the back I think should be aware of I think this is so that this can equalize pressure

Inside of here so I would do what I could not seal this up but do what I could to try to keep moisture and everything out of there I have a place in mind to mount it in the engine compartment you can also mount it under

A seat you can mount this a lot of places they say that you can mount it in the engine compartment just be careful of exhaust and heat this over here is where my cruise control was formerly mounted I'm leaving it off there for now

I thought about mounting this here in place of the cruise control but as a stated I might want to add cruise control at some point so I think mounting this down here like this is gonna be what I'm gonna do I think those

Three mounting points will be more than be more than sufficient so I won't have this one and I'll still be able to get down into this the way the connector goes on is it actually goes in this direction or else I'd turn it around and

Out this way but if I did it that way the wires would come out and go around and that would look well untidy I think this will be easier without the washer jug in the way but before I go there just get a rough

Idea of where it wants to live so I'm just gonna put a little dot for the back just so that I know that's as far back as it goes and then take this one shoe washer bottle off I already disconnected the hose and clean this thing out

I'm just gonna use these self-tapping screws that I've used before I didn't want to just run it all down with that impact but this stack of washers seems to keep this from lining up against that little piece of the body

That's coming out let's get this transmission cooler mounted to the front of the truck which happens to be sitting on my workbench I assure you that it will go back on the truck but yes that is the front of the truck this is the AC

Condenser right here this is my pass through this is where the AC lines come and connect to the condenser I don't know if I'm gonna have to make this larger which I could in fact know I'm thinking about it it might not be a bad

Idea just to have this a bit larger to run the transmission lines through but I'm gonna run two new hard lines from the transmission to this point and I'm gonna have them pointing straight out like this and I'm gonna put on

Compression fittings to change it over to dash six I'm going to use 90 degree fittings to run it over to the cooler which I planned them out in this area just like that that stated I don't like the idea of just mounting this directly

Up against the condenser like this I could but I don't like that I want a little bit of air space between the two and I think I know how I'm gonna accomplish that this is the cooler that I'm using and I got it from Summit a

Link in the description I went digging through my scrap and I found this eighth inch by 1/2 inch steel that I'm gonna use that I think it's perfect for this yes it does have a little flex to it but I'm not going to

Be too worried about that however it's like the perfect size it seems to match up with those holes whenever I fab something serviceability is always in my mind I'm thinking one day I may have to remove this condenser

So this is removable if I make it so that the transmission cooler is not removable well I'm kind of screwing myself if I end up needing to replace a condenser as I said so not only do I want to make it so that can

Mount this in here but I want to make it so that it can be removed if need be and what I thought was as I take this bend this over to 90 degrees fasten it up in here and fasten it down here but it's kind of wide the transmission cooler

That is so I can I can do that there but over on this side I'm gonna have to fasten to this which would be a shorter run you can still do it it's not impossible but in order to fit this in here one's going to come down here and

One's going to come down over here now what I've already done is I've taken the front clip plastic clip that goes over the front of this to make sure that there's enough room for this I did this first and there's plenty of room in this

Area the grill sticks out to about here so the actual front of the truck will be probably about that far away but this will be nicely positioned and probably cooler than anything else here give myself probably yeah about that much to

Do it myself a 90 degree Bend here I was gonna put this here so my bend somewhere around there I'll work nicely I just need to come in and trim it down I just realized it's gonna be interesting trying to get the

Screws in here because I'm gonna turn this around the other way so in other words this will be in here like this I'll have to run the screws up from the backside I guess we'll worry about problems when

Problems are problems and I'm gonna drill the holes and I'm gonna mount this first before I do the next part or maybe I'll just check it I think that'll work nicely maybe over just a little bit more I'm

Seeing over here this other side I don't want to get into that piece that's rolled over right there so I want to try to come over to the left as far as possible

I just need to hold in place for the moment because before this is all said and done these are coming off and getting painted it's not really just lining everything up taking stock of what I have left and I have just enough

Left to do a couple of bends and do this exact same thing I was originally thinking I'd attach to here but now I'm thinking that I'm going to remove that and attach behind it so I have something similar what I have here now I just need

To figure out how far over I need to go and it looks like I'll be right on that Bend like that would be the middle which isn't very helpful because it's black on black I should've got my other marker but yeah pretty much right there on that

Weld not ideal or I can lay it up against this one I think I'll do that that worked out wd-40 continuous spray it kind of has to go in at that angle because it's right on the edge

Underneath here if I went straight through it would kind of straddle the two pieces of metal here and I can't do that I'm gonna go get that metal piece just so I can see where it lives this is gonna work awesome

Yeah that'll work touching that bring it down low it was touching this and I didn't want it to touch that in case it moves or something I just got to thinking that after I paint this my marks for up aren't gonna

Be visible so I thought an easy thing to do would be to just scar it I'm just gonna scar it towards the top and this will be top that's top that'll show up under paint as long as we're at it in fact that means left side I'm gonna

Drill these holes ever so slightly larger in fact I went up I think to drill bit sizes for this and I'm doing this because I don't have the fasteners and I'm going to be using to fasten this yet number one but number two if I'm a

Little bit off a little bit larger hole will allow me a little bit of wiggle room but this has some flex and it'll be fine but I'm just being extra cautious by drilling a slightly larger hole just want to make sure that yeah I think

That's going to compromise anything being that large especially once the fasteners run through it that'll work these fittings turn this into – six and I'm trying to think of what this opening is but if nothing else

If you look up that part number it will give you exactly what I'm using so it's a reducer it's gonna take it down to – six a n so that I can like I said we're in a little bit of steel braided over to this I'm going a little overkill on this

But I kind of like to over build because that way I'm not regretting later on that I didn't do something more over building makes it awesome or at least I hope this is the correct size and I hope it's NPT just gonna check it real quick

If it is I'll put some thread tape on it yeah cuz there's no yeah it's MPT there's no o-ring or anything on here you hold it in your hand like this and you roll away from yourself yeah so now when you screw it in it

Won't unwind as you screw it in so holding your hand like this and roll away from yourself still protected there's some sharp stabby edges like down in there and there usually is when you do stuff like

This and I just like to clean those up I do that with a wire wheel as long as we're over here I brought the old AC line through so I've got one that's going to come in and connect like that another one that's going to come

Down and connect here and I'm still gonna have two metal transmission lines coming through here so looking at that I just think it would be easier now that's on the bench just to make this hole a bit larger both upper and lower just in

General just open this whole thing up to accommodate more stuff I should have done this long ago but once again thank you Shane but yeah I should have done this in the beginning before I did any fabrication or anything in this

Neighborhood and by the way I came back in here with a little bit of paint and just shot it through the bare metal not that it's not gonna be bare metal again but yeah I'll keep corrosion down just a smidge and here's what I'm thinking

Well you know what there's something down here so I won't be able to do that yeah yeah there's something up here too I just had a thought there's a giant radiator on the other side of this at least I'll have the

Extra room to move stuff around if it's behind the radiator I'll put these lines in before the radiator either way this holes getting bigger I don't want to leave rough edges

It almost looks natural better holes for a better tomorrow and we're back to the electrical portion of wiring up our copy shift I just spoke with Mike at coffee shift and that dude knows what he's talking about so if you end up calling

Comfy shift I suggest asking for Mike and Mike just cue me into a lot of things about this harness that weren't correct and he's good sending me the right stuff so I can correct it and I just learned something

Else about this comp you shift since the system that I really like and that's that you can hook up a momentary switch hold it for three seconds and change transmission modes safe you have a pickup truck like this you can switch it

Into a towing mode and then back to a normal mode or a race mode something like that which I knew I could mess around with it with the app but having a momentary switch that I could just push on the dash and boom I'm ready to go I

Like that three seconds later this is the can bus connection so what this is going to allow me to do is I would have had to tie into the throttle position sensor and tied into the tachometer signal because the computer the coffee

Chef needs that in order to calculate shift points now I don't have to do that because this can this can bus is going to go from that computer over to my elder Brock Perot flow for system now this I've come to find through Mike

Who's very knowledgeable about this stuff this is the old connector he was asking me how old my elder Brock chloro flow for system was and I said for me it's only about three weeks but then I think about it this could have been

Sitting on a shelf for a while so this is the old connector they don't use these anymore the connector that they use now has apparently this gray connector instead so what he's doing is he's making me a new one of these

Pigtails because I don't know if you can see it down there I can't quite reach it but there's that black connector hanging down off those two tan wires so that connector is going to go from there and come over and terminate into one of

These connectors that I can just connect into this fact he's sending me new end for this so I can change this into this so these computers will be able to talk to each other in the sense that they'll

Share TPS and tachometer information so that the copy ship can calculate those shift points but very happy to have that stuff worked out in there's a couple more things I want to share with you this is the transmission side of my

Harness this main connector goes right here on the back of the transmission so I'll just be able to plug this in and this will you know tell all the cell mates to do things what I need to do next is

Connect to this which is the speed sensor because it's going to need to know how fast it's going in order to calculate shifts once again this is the T ISS connector the tisk connector this connector goes up in here and connects

But it's not supposed to this is supposed to go to something completely different what needs to connect to this is this the toss the t OSS on here and apparently I got the wrong adapter that's supposed to go from here to here

This is the old GM style speed sensor connector and I needed the noose geum's speed center connector so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go in here probably back to here and snip these wires and take this connector which I know plugs in and

Connect these wires to here speed sensors it doesn't matter what wire gets hooked up to what it's just a signal coming out so I asked Mike about this and he said I could do that so I'm gonna cut basically this out of the harness

It's no longer needed and tap these wires off but then graph these wires onto this so I can just plug this in so there just be two connections going to the transmission they'll be this major one and this one going to the speed

Sensor the other part of the harness is going to go away completely I asked the question what's the yellow wire for the yellow wire for goes to a transfer case so if you have a four-wheel drive this is a signal coming out of the transfer

Case that's what this yellow wires for also something I don't need also something that's going away here is that cooler the finished mounting of it I'm really happy with how it turned out it's exactly where I wanted it to be a couple

Of notes on this they say you can mount this sideways like I have it here this way or this way or you can mount it with the inlet and outlet facing upwards but they don't want you to mount so that it's facing downwards and I

Never let you know exactly which trip cooler I was using this is the super cooler it's the seven zero two six six so this one's a little bit larger and I got this cooler from Summit I'll link it down in the description for you normally

When you mount a transmission cooler they may be smaller and you actually want to run the cooler lines through the radiator transmission cooler and then into your additional cooler so you have as much cooling as possible since I

Don't have that option with my new radiator this is the only cooler I have which is why the super cooler was where I ended up but here the transmission lines these are just stock transmission lines

I just cut one of the ends off there just to see my camera but I was checking but anyway I'm gonna run these in now the other important thing to note about these I'm gonna hook this up to the transmission and have these exit right

Through this hole and then as I said I'm gonna run lines from here over to these hard lines when they exit here one thing that they say is that if you're gonna mount the cooler like this that the inlet is the bottom so the inlets going

To be the bottom and the outlets going to be the top and I believe on the transmission the way it is is the lower port is the outlet and the upper port is the inlet on the transmission just to give you an idea of what goes where so

If we're on the transmission and these are the transmission lines this would be the outlet this would be the inlet so going to coming back from cooler special shout-out to monster transmission on this one I hope you enjoyed the

Introduction of my monster transmission and the installation of some of the supporting systems the transmission cooler and also the transmission controller unit I'm putting this in here now because in the videos that are

Coming after this I will be installing the engine transmission in the truck and I wanted to give you a bit of backstory but rest assured I will be back with how I hooked everything up how I set everything up driving the truck in the

Transmission how it shifts all that kind of stuff that will be covered after those videos are posted so rest assured there is more information coming on this monster transmission if you have automotive questions not covered in this

Video I ask that you had to air at the car guy calm there will be additional links including a link to Eric to car guy calm to the parts tools and things that I used in this video also additional videos on eat ECG dad's

Truck I want to thank you very much for watching please like comment and subscribe be safe have fun stay dirty and I will see you next time thanks for watching

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