Monster Stalks Your Nightmares – Jeff The Killer EXPLAINED (Short Animated Film)

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

It's one of those nights where you just can't seem to enter that final stage of sleep where deep sleep embraces you you turn over and over drifting in and out of consciousness having strange nightmarish thoughts

During your micro sleeps the day was oppressively hot and humid so you left the window cracked to get a breeze and now the curtains seem to expand and contract like lungs filling with air it's kind of

Relaxing to watch until you see something were those eyes peeping through the curtains your heart begins to race is this the creep you heard rumors about the deranged serial killer known as jeff

The killer that's still on the loose no he must have been dreaming you rub your eyes and take another look squinting through the dark you see a ghoulish monstrous face looking straight

At you as he slowly pulls himself through your opened window in the morning your bed will be empty in the weeks to come you'll be just another statistic another missing kid

One of thousands of young folks that go missing in the usa each year in time your family will give up hope of ever seeing you again you become one of the 115 children that year whose disappearance has been officially

Recorded as stranger abduction it's true that every year scores of young people just vanish into thin air sometimes they go out and don't come home sometimes they're at the shopping mall with their parents and just

Disappear never to be seen again sometimes they're snatched from their beds during the night there are real-life boogeymen out there maniacs on the loose skulking around

Quiet neighborhoods so who is jeff the killer is he responsible for those unexplained abductions is he even real moving to a new place in your teens isn't much fun at all you

Make friends and then you have to abandon them but for jeff and his brother lou the move wasn't so difficult to accept the new house was fancy to say the least and the neighborhood didn't look too bad

Either no sooner than jeff lew and their parents got their new house in order the nosy neighbors came around to say hello and check out who'd they be loving or hating in the next year or so

To break the ice one of the neighbors invited the family to a birthday party the neighbor barbara explained that her son billy was about to have a birthday party jeff's mom margaret said her husband

Peter as well as the kids would love to go at this point jeff and lou were in the background listening both of them feeling kind of peeved that their parents had agreed on their behalf to go

To the party of some kid they didn't even know young jeff had always had a problem with authority and he was quick to tell his mom that she shouldn't do stuff like that

He stormed off in a huff retreating to his bedroom where he threw himself down on his bed and skulked in that moment of teenage angst he felt something really strange inside him like his very own pair of anguish and

Acute pain in his stomach he felt hypnotized by his own anger how dare she do that he thought he then came out of his enraged trance not really knowing what had come over him the same thing happened again the

Next morning as he was hastily eating a bowl of multigrain peanut butter cheerios it was something in his stomach this time a grinding pain and there was that feeling of rage again he didn't know if he liked it or not

Maybe it was just moving stress anxiety about going to a new school meeting new kids some of them were bound to be jerks that was for sure he realized he was gripping his spoon so hard his knuckles were white

He was trembling with anger but jeff's anxieties were justified that morning at the school bus stop some wise-ass kid did an ollie on a skateboard right over jeff and lou's legs

Had he messed that up he could have snapped one of their legs like a twig jeff didn't know it then but this was the beginning of an end the skateboarder was soon joined by two other kids and in true stephen king fashion there was one

Cool kid the skateboarder whose name was randy a nerdy looking kid named keith and an obese kid whose name was troy these kids would become jeff's mortal enemies his bet noise

In literal french that means black beasts well look what's been dragged into the neighborhood said randy a couple of new freaks to kick around for a while the fat gave the fod and the skinny looking nerdy kid

Just stood there motionless randy explained to jeff and lou that as new kids on the block there was a tax to pay calling it a bus fare and intimidatingly he got right up and loose face

Loose stood his ground pushing randy back but in a moment of outlandish anger the fat kid whipped out a knife randy turned to his two bootlicker friends and said well looks like these two kids are gonna have to learn the

Hard way the fat kid wielded the knife right in front of lou's face and proceeded to rifle through loose pockets he then passed a wallet to randy all the time lou was thinking how

Inconceivable it was for three kids in a wealthy and quiet american neighborhood to mug him and his brother on their way to school jeff just sat there boiling raging on the verge of exploding

That devilish feeling again filled his guts he felt possessed with anger and he finally stood up and growled at randy you give that wallet back to my bro i'll knock the teeth right out of your

Freaking head jeff was seething and before randy could respond physically or come up with a smart retort he punched randy square in the nose shattering it like porcelain lou hadn't seen jeff do that before but

He was even more surprised when his younger brother grabbed randy's finger and snapped it jeff took randy's knife but soon skinny keith and portly troy were on his back

Lightweight keith took a stabbing for the team and went down like a sack of bricks jeff pushed troy off him and hit him so hard in the stomach that troy threw up as he crawled on the floor

The scene was a massacre who had never seen anything like that before from his brother man bro what the hell's gotten into you the two ran to school rather than get the bus

Jeff looked behind and he could see people on the street attending to the wounded kids did he feel remorse that day as he sat in his class listening to a teacher talk about verb conjugation

No he felt the opposite he felt alive he felt the violence in his very marrow he loved violence this was a new discovery for him part two jeff the maniac jeff got home that evening and his mom asked him how

School was to which jeff replied awesome as the sweet memory of the beating and the smell of someone else's blood filled his senses but as things tend to go jeff wasn't exactly off the hook

For executing what the justice system calls a serious assault not to mention using a deadly weapon on a child the cops turned up at jeff's house and explained that their son's outstanding

Wrath had caused some serious injuries to three kids that lived in the neighborhood jeff as stubborn as ever explained to the cops and his distraught parents that he'd been the victim of the violence and

He had only retaliated in a comparable fashion comparable said one of the cops i got two kids in the hospital with stab wounds and another kid that looks like he's

Been kicked in the stomach by a racehorse jeff had to try really hard not to smile he bit his lip what could he do though the game was up there were witnesses there was forensic evidence

Okay jeff said it was me but i was only sticking up for my pro those guys pulled out a knife first i just finished it jeff was already thinking about spending a year and what he heard was nicknamed gladiator school

When his brother lou came rushing down the stairs with the knife in his hands lou said it was me don't arrest my brother lou put down the knife and the cops cuffed him all the while jeff was telling him that

Lou was lying that it was he who was at fault for the bus stop carnage as his brother was taken away in the cop car jeff sat in the driveway weeping what had he done for days jeff stayed in his bed with the curtains closed

He couldn't go to school he couldn't even sleep he just lay in bed depressed feeling as if darkness had chosen him abused him manipulated him after a few days something unbelievable happened his mom waltzed into his bedroom as if

Nothing had happened as if she hadn't just lost a son to a brutal penal system possibly for many years she just whipped back the curtains and jovially exclaimed to jeff guess what day it is what the thought

Jeff as this woman lost her mind it's party day said his mom you remember before all that nonsense with the knives we were invited to billy's birthday badge jeff was rather displeased with his

Mom's patent lack of empathy come on jeff she said so your brother's gone for a while don't let that spoil an otherwise beautiful sunny day you'll always be my beautiful son let's go have some fun

For some reason jeff didn't like being called beautiful he noticed she'd really gone overboard with her clothes she was dressed to impress and this bugged him even more when the

Family arrived at barbara's house jeff noticed that all the adults were wearing fancy clothes all of them it seemed they were trying to impress each other some of them were noticeably drunk

Already talking loudly about their many accomplishments and the wonderful talented children they brought into the world go on in the yard and play with the other kids jeff's mom said this would prove to be

Foolhardy given jeff's track record so far with kids in the neighborhood and then it happened just as jeff was starting to get along with the children randy keith and troy appeared still looking a bit beaten up but no doubt

Ready for another round with the new kid randy said he didn't think this was done did you it ain't done by a long way again jeff was reminded of countless teenage movies he'd seen what ensued was a one on one with randy

And jeff jeff headbutted randy breaking his recently fixed nose yet another time and blood splattered on the faces of the younger kids sending them running around the garden in hysterics

A small kid froze and as a teddy bear dropped from his hands you could see a wet patch form and expand on the front of his spongebob shorts jeff got the better of randy but then

The two goons pulled out their guns this was unheard of in the neighborhood and even some of the parents were now running into the distance shouting someone call 9-1-1 jeff couldn't do anything with guns

Pointed at him and before he knew it randy stabbed him with a knife troy and keith laughed like the goons they were and then randy just started beating jeff to a pulp he dragged jeff into the kitchen

Whereupon he picked up a bottle of vodka and smashed in on jeff's head but jeff didn't fight back he took every punch every kick his face was dripping blood a shard of glass was sticking out of his head

His stomach was punctured but he didn't fight back come on said randy hit me fight back jeff just took more shots to the face but he didn't retaliate to try and light the fire again in jeff

Randy shouted you bro some dude's girl right now and that's all because of me fight me part three jeff snaps and that was it that was the final straw jeff felt that rage build up inside of him again

He lurched at randy like a rabid lion he pushed him down and smothered him with his incredible strength randy was helpless jeff drew back his fist and punched randy right in the heart

A shocked look appeared on randy's face like he'd just seen the devil himself he took one last breath blood bubbled from his mouth and he died there and then the parents there still couldn't believe what they'd witnessed

There were children children that had become feral animalistic beast jill keith and troy now turn their guns on jeff they fired and missed jeff ran up the stairs past the parents now in a state

Of shock their face is whiter than the new ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor now out of bullets troy and keith pulled knives out on jeff but soon jeff had his own weapon a towel rack he cracked

Troy's balloon sized head with a rack knocking him clean out skinny keith realized he was probably now out of his depth but it was too late there was nowhere to run they were both in the bathroom fighting

And suddenly they hit a shelf and a bottle of bleach fell on them inexplicably the bleach was open and the boys were both covered in the stuff keith screamed as the bleach burned his face and that's when jeff caved keith's

Wiry face in with his handy towel rack as keith lay on the floor not far from death he smiled funny huh said jeff somewhat non-plussed even though he was no stranger to strangeness look

At you mumbled keith through bloody broken teeth you've been doused in bleaching vodka keith's last effort to beat that new kid was to throw a cigarette lighter at jeff jeff burst into flames and screaming he

Ran downstairs and threw the house he was a ball of flames a human inferno parent stood back in horror jeff collapsed and that's the last thing he remembered about that day part 4 jeff the killer the next thing

Jeff knew he was lying in a hospital bed and he couldn't move almost his entire body was covered with bandages suddenly he heard he's awake he was that familiar voice of his overbearing mother but this time

He was pleased she was by his side jeff she said louis out witnesses told the police that randy had first produced the knife your brother's free we're going home a family again jeff felt a twinge of

Relief but it was hard to be happy when his body was covered in third second and first degree burns he tried to smile and then he realized that he had no lips to smile with his mother saw her son's pain good news

Though jeff every clown has a silver she didn't finish her sentence this time being self-aware enough not to be chirpy in a horrible situation sometime later both jeff's parents were

There when his final bandage had to be pulled off this is gonna hurt a bit the doctor told jeff as those final bandages unfurled from jeff's face he was taken aback by the sheer

Horror painted on his parents faces they were trying to suppress their disgust but something hardwired into their brains wouldn't allow them to hide their terror jeff asked for a mirror the doctor told

Him just start with one part of your face and then move to another part this might come as a shock to you but you'll soon get used to it jeff didn't take that advice and instead

Just grabbed the mirror for seconds minutes he stared at that mirror moving his head from side to side studying every angle his parents were waiting for him to cry to scream to collapse in shock but as

Jeff kept looking at his new face a white leathery face a face without eyelids without anything resembling normal lips it just looked as though he was happy with the results of his personal tragedy

It's perfect he said just perfect he wasn't crying his mother noticed he was trying to laugh when jeff was left alone the doctor told his parents that their son was in shock and it wasn't unusual for

Someone to act that way the reality he said hadn't just set in just take him home the doctor said and give him a lot of support of course we will said jeff's mother feeling ever so slightly guilty that she was glad

About the fact that jeff would be easier to control now that he was damaged goods oh so the doctor as he was walking away don't let him be alone for long later that night while the family was sleeping jeff's mom was awoken by a

Strange sound coming from the bathroom when she entered that bathroom she couldn't believe what she was seeing jeff was covering a smile into his face with a knife he'd also cut off what remained of his eyelids how do i look

Jeff said earnestly she couldn't even speak she couldn't move the woman was petrified what's up ma don't you think i'm beautiful anymore yeah she said while slowly backpedaling out of the bathroom you are my beautiful

Son you'll always be my beautiful little honeypot she then ran for it got jeff's dad and the two of them tried to wrestle the knife from jeff's hand what

Jeff screamed you lied to me you don't think i'm beautiful he was too powerful for them the rage had returned and it wasn't difficult to stick that knife into both of them jeff stood over them their lungs

Drowning in their own blood was a beautiful sight he was jeff the killer that's what he'd always been a killer he had one last stop before he left the house and fulfilled his own prophecy

Jeff walked into lou's room standing at the side of lou's bed he put his scarred leathery hand over his brother's mouth who suddenly looked at jeff with wide open eyes as his dear brother sunk a knife deep

Into his stomach said jeff just go to sleep part 5 jeff the thriller we were kidding at the start when we said that in the u.s scores of young people are abducted by strangers but did jeff the killer ever

Actually exist we think most of you already know that this is fiction but what really gives it away if you go back from the start of the original jeff the killer story there's

Always a part that says excerpt from a local newspaper ominous unknown killer is still at large after weeks of unexplained murders the ominous unknown killer is still on the rise

After little evidence has been found a young boy states that he survived one of the killer's attacks and bravely tells a story okay so first of all the headline of that story ominous unknown killer is still at large

Would never be a headline in any newspaper anywhere trust us we have former journalists and editors on our team of writers the writer of jeff the killer seems to have found that adjective ominous and then gone and used

It wherever he can secondly the first paragraph is badly written listen to this there in the little ray of light illuminating from between my curtains were a pair of two eyes

These weren't regular eyes they were dark ominous eyes ominous again but the grammar also isn't corrected in the first sentence as for a pair of two eyes that's called a pathology

And no news editor on earth would allow that to go to print so we know at the very beginning that this tale is not true if the point was to make it sound believable the jeff the killer writer messed up right at the start as

For a young boy attacking other young boys and going on a murder spree well there just haven't been any murder sprees of this kind since the story was first published

In 2011. so what about jeff's amazing heart-stopping strength well let's just take a giant leap and say jeff was possessed and had superhuman strength for a 13 year old kid so there is something called

Comodiocortis which can happen to a person when they're struck in the heart region of their chest at just the right time and yes it can kill you can actually find quite a few stories of when this has happened to

Young people although baseballs were the killer not punches what about jeff going up in flames after having a vodka bottle smashed over him and being doused with bleach firstly not much vodka would have gotten

On jeff secondly you couldn't set a person on fire if you splashed vodka on them it's not flammable enough remember that keith somehow threw the lighter we're guessing it was a zippo lighter with a

Wick but even then vodka no way as for the bleach which made keith and jeff scream well bleach can irritate the skin if it's not washed off but it wouldn't make a person scream unless possibly it was poured into their

Eyes and another thing bleach isn't flammable it's just not believable at all jeff would now be 22 years old and still on the run after killing all those kids he didn't kill

He wouldn't be hard to spot given that he has horrific scars from burns and a smile cut into his face now watch this video the russian sleep experiment explained

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