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published on July 2, 2020

[clapperboard snapping]


[upbeat hip-hop music]

– Well, I got my first
tattoo when I was 16

It was my mommma name
right here on my neck

You know you gotta get that

Like, that's the person who made you,

wouldn't be born if it
weren't for her, so

I had the stamp of my momma name, Tammy

Actually, when I got it, I got addicted

to tattoos after my first tattoo

– [Interviewer] How
soon after the first one

did you get your next one?

– Probably like the next week


My second one, oh shit

Let me see, it's on the back of my,

you can hardly see but it's on the back

It's a 800, it say 800

It's just my hood, it's
like, what we stand for

I had to put that on me too

Like, all of my tattoos is really like,

they got certain meanings behind them, so

[upbeat music]

I remember when I got my first
face tattoo like this dove

My brother, his name is
sleeping here at that

His favorite color red, so I
just got a red bird on my eye

When I did this my uncle
he pulled me to the side

He was like, "I know you
gonna make it in rap

"I know you gonna make it in rap

"Now, you tattooed your face

"You ain't got no other
choice but to be successful"

– [Interviewer] And what
was that decision like,

to get a face tattoo?

– I mean, I thought hard on it

I thought hard on the situation

But man, like he just meant a lot to me

so I gotta go and get a tat,

I gotta go and get 'em

It was like probably 2016, 2016

– [Interviewer] What would you say is

your favorite style of tattoo?

– My favorite style?

I like flames

I like the flames on my neck
with the colors in them

It's crazy, I got them on both sides

I really don't have no favorite tattoo

But, the tattoo that mean the most to me

is my other brother, Elo

He tatted on the side of
my face, his name, Elo

And the day he died, it's on
the other side, the right side

And then I got heartless
right here on the top

It's like, heartless

It was like back when I came in the game

I was saying two things

I was saying I was
heartless, and I was federal

and then they called me
like Money Bag Meyers

So you know, he used a knife and now,

it's like there's a little knife

if you get close you can see

like with the blood dripping off of it

It's like art too

Those the name of my projects, my albums

They took me to a whole
'nother space of my life

so I had to go and just put 'em on me

[intense hip-hop music]

– [Interviewer] Growing up, did you have

any kind of like tattoo heroes or guys

that you idolized that had tattoos?

– I liked a lot of Kevin Gate's tattoos,

he got real art on him

Like, he had like faces

That was kinda what I wanna do like

with my back and my stomach

I wanna get like all my
kids faces on my stomach

or something like that

A lot of more faces and stuff,
people that mean a lot to me,

like on my back and stuff

Like probably like, I might
get the Memphis Bridge

That's something like did on the back

I want some Memphis, where I'm from

I might get the house I grew
up in on my back or something

Ain't no telling I'm
gonna go crazy though

[dramatic music]

When I was coming up and getting tattooed,

I wanted to own to who
the best and all that

I just wanted a tattoo so bad

And but, it's now I look
at it like it's important,

it's your skin, it's your body

And I just wanna work with
whoever like do the best art

Whoever do the best artwork right now

– [Interviewer] Can you tell
us about the rest of your neck?

– Oh yeah, I got a money bag

You know, of course a money
bag, I got big money bag

This tattoo hurted a lot too

On my throat

It's like a big money bag

I got like green money coming out the top

Flames all around, you know?

– [Interviewer] Was that the
most painful one you got?

– Yeah, my neck, like the back
of the neck and the throat

It was the most painful tattoo

– [Interviewer] And what about the face?

I've heard that the face
doesn't actually hurt

– Nah the face actually don't hurt

Like, face actually don't even hurt

like close to your armpit hurt

I got some work going on there but

[dramatic hip-hop music]

My new album, Time Served,

you know what I'm saying,

Elevation, when you hear
Elevation, hard work, dedication

So, when I met Time Served,

it's the last series of the Federal

when I first started,
like I was telling you

I told you I was federal
and I was heartless

I did a series to both projects

And the Heartless series, I
ended it with Forever Heartless

That was my last project

But Federal is like Federal,
2 Federal I did with Gotti,

Federal 3 times, and Time
Served is like fourth version

and it's like the final

But, it's just like going to another level

of entering a new space

[upbeat music]

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