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by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Today I am tearing out an interior wall and a staircase I'm going to show you everything you need to know so you're not going to have the structure fall down on your head so you want to have an open-concept living space and you want to tear out some walls and in this video

We're going to show you all the do's and don'ts for when you're tearing things apart so you understand how your house is built and how not to disrupt your mechanical electrical and plumbing so you don't run into any disaster so

Before you start any major demolition project you really want to ask yourself an important question how much do you know about the way it's built there's two things you really want to do when you get started first turn off the water

To the house and I know you might think that's redundant but believe it or not you might have water supply running to a garden hose or something in the floor and the pipe for that supply line might be attached to something in this frame

Going through the floor you just don't know play it safe and turn it off all your electrical breakers that are attached to the area as well that way you're gonna run into any surprises of course we're in some safety

Gear is probably important there's always things flying around so watch your eyes and your face and your hands for me my hands are the big thing so I buy these really good gloves because I'm always getting myself chewed up now

We're gonna be tearing apart this wall and the staircase that's in behind it because if want to create an open-concept space this is not a load-bearing wall traditionally staircases are built so the gravity does

Most of the work but the way that a house is structured is usually you have your floor joists up here that's following in line with your staircase and it's usually meeting up with another floor joist here and they've got that

Going on but this house is so old they've just got it nailed in there are no joist hangers here they didn't have them back in the day just three really great big six-inch splice and generally speaking that's enough to carry the

Weight but we are gonna bring everything up to code so I know that when I'm tearing this apart nothing's gonna be falling apart I'm not gonna destroy the home but what I do have to be careful of is when you remove drywall just remove

The drywall give yourself time for a physical inspection there were a couple of interior walls here and there's a possibility that there may have been a split in two joists that might have been shored up as

Part of this interior wall now I wouldn't know that if I didn't take the time to take the ceiling down first so when you're doing demolition pop off your ceilings inspect your structure make sure everything looks normal then

Start with walls you know weren't carrying anyway and then work your way from there make sure you just understand how it's built so that as you go along you're not taking up something that's really important that can be really

Dangerous okay so we've got our ceiling removed we understand our structure we know this isn't carrying any load so what we want to do is we want to take off the wall drywall first just to make sure we're not using any cutting tools

Here I don't really I'm not a big fan of using a reciprocating saw when I'm cutting blind so I only use it if I can see what's on inside the wall so here you want to just grab your drywall the idea here is the bigger the piece the

Better there was a joint right there on that stud and having a big wrecking bar like this makes this so much easier because you don't have to fight too much with what's going on now traditionally there's a stud every 16 inches okay so

What I want to do is I want to just slam this through the wall I know there's no mechanical in here and then jiggle all right here's the goal if you jiggle the drywall the screws that are in the surface the head of the school will pop

Through the paper and the drywall loses all of its strength and then you can just grab it and pretty good pieces remember the bigger the piece you tear off the less trips to the dump so one of the things you're gonna want

To do before you take off your walls let's take off all the trims I don't know it sounds silly remember the smartest demolition is just uninstall everything backwards if you get rid of all the things like this

There's nothing else left holding the drywall to the wall then the screws and everything will break off a lot easier for you oh here we go this is another layer this wall actually was originally outside corners there didn't there

Wasn't a door here originally somebody frame this door on here and didn't open that back up to the frame southern side corner B's here are made of metal all right not every corner beat is these things

Are screwed on around the door where I was working yesterday they were actually a spray glued on so they came up real quick and easy because you don't know what you're dealing with it's always a good idea to be wearing gloves here this

Is galvanized metal and when it cuts you it gets you pretty effective pretty good so be careful with it a lot of screws people put more screws in a small space than in a big one so I know this is a hollow wall so one of the secrets that I

Have for getting rid of drywall just punch it through from the other side just a bit of a jiggle amazing how many times I'll see somebody swinging their hip arose violently trying to taro drywall really the end of the day all

You're doing is making tiny little chunks that got to be picked up and put in a bag the other thing is more accidents happen from guys swinging a hammer and the rubber part of the hammer comes off the handle or just slips out

Of their hand so just your self into control when you work that's how it works there just a quick tip if you're not familiar and you're not used to working with a hammer just treat it like an axe all right and think if I miss

Where is it gonna go okay so have your knee up there on your swing and hit yourself in the leg I always try to swing between your legs okay worst case scenario if you miss everything you're gonna miss yourself too here we are

Little love tap we're just jiggling the drywall off the screws now generally if you just push it up are you gonna have left is the tape drink he should be able to just pry this off the ceiling for there wow that's a lot of

Much you know it was a pretty normal back in the day especially in the older homes there used to be a different kind of culture you know you had your adult spaces and your kid spaces walls and doors everywhere to kill the drafts look

At this how we did was take the drywall off look how much bigger the space is there's nothin structural going on here the end of the day this probably could have just been a half wall or a railing but if you wanted to save some money you

Could you just put a half wall in here what made moving furniture and stuff up here a lot easier so here's the classic example if you were just swinging your hammer wildly from the other side and you hadn't taken

A look to see if there's a light switch here you could have put your hammer right to the back of this pinch some wire and started a fire so you know take your time understand what's going on the best you can

Don't be violent just move it a healthy pace so you can do things safely here we are we're just removing these very important to turn off your breakers listen I mean when you see a handyman special like this don't assume they know

How to do electrical they don't know how to do anything else in this particular box is attached by nails so what I'm doing is I'm just getting in behind the box and prying the box off the wall a little bit creating a space and then I

Can take my hammer and pull those nails it now I'm gonna want to have some power on later so if I can maintain the integrity of this box then that would be fabulous that way in case they did some creative wiring and there's still power

To this at least you're working safe what do it yourself' renovations you might think you've turned off the power you don't really know so unless you're turning off the power to the whole house just play it safe because man they never

Know where they're gonna find a power lead somewhere in the basement and fish it all the way over to here and it's totally unrelated to this whole part of the house okay time to rip out a wall so we're gonna rip out a stud well now the

Idea here you want to just check for two things hey you're going up against the stairs so generally speaking there's gonna be a few locations where they've nailed this side of the staircase into the wall so just have a quick look

There's enough movement there there's no nail in this particular step so I'll teach you how to take out a stud this is made where there's two nails from the top plate and two nails from the bottom plate and then they stand the wall in

Place so the way to remove a stud quick and simple is actually take one of these bad boys from Stanley this is my favorite wrecking bar and this is just batter up right hit right down near the bottom you don't have to be crazy with

Your force just enough you're gonna be bending over the nails and knock the bottom loose a couple of little shots like that alright and then you pull it towards you you're pulling it off the ceiling now

You see the separation you have then you give it a twist and they yank it's that simple always under control don't be wild and crazy again so in a ten-foot wall you're having six or seven pieces of lumber

Feel free because you're not taking out all the garbage right away usually we'd like to demolicious a certain amount of space before we open the doors or take it off the garbage just knock knock down the nails in the meantime keep the

Environment icing safe that's got a couple of extra nails in it a couple extra twists and you're good to go so just because you see a lot of wood doesn't necessarily make it structural I'm not sure why there's a double plate

Here I think it's just a creative process that this person went through they built the wall basically what you want to understand is this the foundation of the house all the way around that can carry all the weight of

The whole house and in most cases depending on the width of your house your floor choices will transfer from outside of the house to the other side of the house all the weight that's on that on that second level if the span is

So long that it needs to have a supporting wall in that supporting wall weight will be transferred as a point load down to something else that's also structural and that's not a floor joist it's usually steel beam or it's all the

Way down to the floor and the concrete in your basement and they've poured a foot in there so if you look in your basement and take a look if you have no steel and your house is only 16 feet wide chances are they're just going

Straight across and nothing on the main floor is structural if there is a structural wall of course all of that can be removed and re-engineered there is no limit to how much open space you can have it really comes down to

Getting a good engineer and opening up your wallet look at all this beautiful space and the best part is it is exactly 16 feet wide this structure and we have a 2 by 8 framing it's spaced out a little bit more than I'd like I think

That's a 30 inch on center which is typical for the day you'll see that a lot but it's a lot thicker lumber it's an actual 2 inches wide not inch and a half like our structural employers today plus all the flooring on top is tongue

And groove and nailed into it I think the best approach here when we go to read and install is I'm going to end up putting a 2×4 strapping on that ceiling instead of this little 1 by 2 now way I'll just help hold everything together

And transfer weight from one part of the floor to the Nexus people are moving around they'll cut down on all the creaks and all the movement because of this whole flooring system in this decking this is not gonna be as easy to

Come out now both of these studs stop at the plate so I'm gonna just hit the top of this in that direction until it gives up the ghost shark swing remember if I miss you got to think what's my follow-through mission accomplished

So now we're going to take out the stairs should be pretty straightforward and I'm hoping to be able to reuse the stringers I have the same rise and run going on where the new location is and I don't have any problem with popping

These off reinstalling them over there and then putting some new new treads in so let's see looks like it's just nailed together well just do that oh there it is find the head of the screw oh that is a lot of screws here we go do not do

This without eye protection I've seen it a lot of times these nails are come firing out real fast all right yeah that's a good sized nail so now yeah they didn't nail the other side because they put that they put the frame in

First and then slid this wood in now this is awesome because they actually made this staircase out of just regular spruce 2 by 6 2 by 8 2 by 4 is attacked in the back end that's amazing so I'm not gonna use any of this we're

Actually going to go back with the one solid piece of lumber we're gonna go with 2 by 12 to make our stairs and then I'm going to you attach some some backs on it I'm gonna be carpeting the stairs because it's an old house and I like

Things quiet and the feeling of warm carpet just works really well for me I can also cover up the side of the stringer with it and I'll just do a waterfall carpeting technique no no Zing's nice and simple just make

My life easy but right now that's gonna find all of these nails put your weight into them tip if you put your hand over the head there when you pull it out there's nowhere there for that narrow fire off if all you do is just go like

This sometimes it'll just gonna go fire off the side of the head so just once you get a prayin put your hand over top of it and I might sound redundant but if you can avoid learning that one the hard way

Right here okay Hey look at that one was actually nailed in it shouldn't be that easy sometimes you just need some therapy you just want to hit something really hard feels good who needs a gym there's a little piece of woods gonna

Give me more trouble in the hole for the stairs you know to give you an idea how old this house is back when they built this they had one pair of clothes they worked in and one pair of clothes for Sunday

and they still make things really simple now when you're gonna pull up a piece of lumber like this apart you see a lot of guys up with the glue and they'll try to go this way and that works but if you're

Having trouble try sticking the client and going this way as well okay there's a lot more a lot safer if you're pulling towards yourself then pushing away from yourself and you're on the ladder oh yeah 16 feet long two

Nails yeah well what we got here a little bit of patience here do you understand how things are made there we go okay of course this last one here is nailed in in all kinds of directions I'm

Gonna get my work out here there we go just get that started I can hold the nail this is my stiletto tool it's a gift from my son Matthew he spent a summer doin framing our new house construction it's good for him learn how

To work like I'm in and it's got a hammer it's got magnets it's got all kinds of different claws and jaws so you can pry and pull nails or any situation you got to deal with this thing is just awesome solid titanium costs a bloody

Fortune but man is it ever handy everything's finally out of the way oh you're sitting and that's why we were hardhats not everything's attached here it is yeah all right so that is now no longer attached up here never the same

Day twice in my life every day is a new day I'm looking for a career and it's not boring I'll tell you this is something to consider one two three four five five minutes well there we go we're pretty much done opening up the space

Now I think before we go any further we're in take a little break and we'll clean this up very important clean as you go you don't want to let the garbage build up to the point where just guess mentally wears you down to

See so much debris in the room right so take time do a little demo do a little cleanup at this point it's good if you're finished for the day go by inspect all of your electrical make sure that everything is looking like it

Wasn't damaged home turn your circuits back on reinstate your plumbing just good do somebody else on the other end of the phone we have a little system in my company we always have a kid turning the tap while he's on the phone with me

So if you have a friend who can give you a hand with that make sure they're all safe and good to go other than that if you do run into anything that's making you nervous like the structure yeah it's only three nails on each side I had an

Engineer once telling me well it's been here for a hundred years it'll last another hundred years so it might look sketchy is definitely not up to our current standards but I mean if you're worried at all about it

You wrap a bracket throw a couple of structural screws into it or kind of two-by-four and stick it on there just to create some temporary point load if it need to do something like that to help you sleep that's fine but other

Than that just mark any holes in the floor make sure everything's covered up and no one's going to have an accident if they come through and take a look because we all know when you're renovating in your own home the family

Always comes through to take a look so clean up make sure all the nails are covered over or nailed down back into the floor so that your kids and pets are safe we'll see you in the next one so make sure to check out all the videos on

Our modern rustic farmhouse remodel and don't forget to subscribe

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