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sup crypto gaming welcome back to
another episode if you guys are new here
we do a giveaway the beginning of every
single episode and today's winner is
bean man thanks so much for commenting
on the previous video bean man I just
sent you some crypto this special
episode another edition and to our
crypto collectibles or MFT series which
stands for non fungible token we are
going to be going over and they'll be
champions it is a new crypto collectible
game that is actually using the license
of the MLB which stands for the Major
League Baseball League which guys are
not familiar with that it is pretty much
the biggest league in baseball in the
entire world it's a quick disclaimer
this is not a sponsor to video I partner
directly with them to do a giveaway for
everyone on this video as well as on the
platform grow your base and I partnered
with open C as well as nine other
projects for this crypto collectibles
series the series consists of 10
different projects and each video I do
multiple giveaways of the different
collectibles for viewers on grow your
base as well as a channel here and on
open C well that being said mo meet
champions is created by a company named
lucid sight they are a infamous and
development agency and they are working
directly with the MLB to roll out these
new NF teas that are very exciting you
can almost play like a fantasy baseball
with these different crypto collectibles
they've even gone as far as to partner
with the LA Dodgers to create the first
ever bobblehead collectable you can
literally go on there and collect the LA
Dodgers players in NF t form on the
etherion blockchain the idea that they
got a license to build out an NFC game
is pretty phenomenal really fun things
as Lucent site actually did was when
they partnered with the LA Dodgers they
bridged the online and offline world
when the Dodgers played in the Padres
last year on September 21st what they
did was they distributed out of these
eath back cards for the LA Dodgers
players to really stimulate the amount
of adoption that they would see for
these new Dodgers inspired bobbleheads
the etherion blockchain so what they did
to enable people to redeem these
collectibles online with their cards was
that you can go on there and you can
actually scan the different QR codes on
their website using their application
and you can also just enter in the
snippet which is your aetherium wallet
address where the asset is located and
it just renders right there on the
application so it's a really clever way
of bridging the online and offline world
with these rare and unique collectibles
so similar to the other videos in this
series what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
dive on to the open sea platform where
MLB champions is listed and I will show
you guys the market cap the volume as
well as the counts and some of the
properties associated with the different
collectibles addition to that I'm going
to show you one of the rare collectibles
on the platform and give you guys an
overarching view as to their application
and then after that and I'm going to
actually do the giveaway of these
different items at the end of the video
without further ado let's dive right
into the overview on the open sea
platform alright as you can see the
market cap here is estimated at twenty
three thousand three hundred and
twenty-five cerium average price is 0.1
aetherium or ten percent of one ether
and the volume is about fifty or
aetherium this week and then total of
twenty four hundred sixty nine aetherium
this week in total here tokens 194,000
tokens and the holders are thirteen
hundred and sixty holders so let's check
out one of their more rarer items one of
the things I like to do in this series
here to show you guys one of the rarest
items in the collection here so in MLB
champions we have show hey oh honey
and the last sale of this collectible
specifically was 12.5 either a little
over thirty two hundred dollars in value
you can see here the properties that
it's a five RBI game Team USA Glove
pitcher wind up Los Angeles Angels and
legendary and it was part of the 2018
season which there were only 2023 of
collectibles as a member of that season
and you can also see when it was bought
and sold and what it was bidded towards
and that was three months ago
bye honey thumb and you can see the
ledger here is pretty extensive with all
the different bids so you also see some
of these here are for sale or 180 and
ninety nine eight there we jump over to
rankings you can see that MOV champions
is actually number four in open seas
most active and most and volume so you
can see here fifty-four etherium over
the course of the last seven days and
then their market cap is twenty three
thousand your iam with an average prices
point one which is equal to what crypto
Cadiz is doing right above it owners is
one thousand three hundred and sixty and
then 194,000 assets on the platform as
you can see there is a marketplace
available on the MLB champions app where
you can go you can buy their in-game
currency and get packs of the different
characters and bobbleheads and things
like that and this is an example of like
the EBT cards baseball cards they would
have the packs of cards and then special
so like special you know items you can
get so they have a marketplace on there
in addition to being listed on open sea
which is great because you can go on
here and also open sea to sea where the
exclusive items are and you can see that
these are selling for $4 $13 almost $100
here Freddie Galvis and it has a really
robust marketplace bill didn't see when
we go to any different figures that they
have available on special on their
website on the marketplace you can go
through and see the triple bags homerun
packs all the different packs and you
can get you buy them for the diamonds
which is the you know in-game currency
here that's conversion with the theory
own so we have all the different teams
here with their different players and
different elements that they've added to
the marketplace to provide people with
an entry point that's really really easy
and slick and easy to use having their
own marketplace on there giving it that
of liquidity is pretty important for
newcomers to the space where they're
coming in they're just looking at it as
you know memorabilia to buy so as you
can see you can go in here and actually
purchase their in-game tokens with US
dollars they come at me school these
little coolers at popcorn machine that's
pretty funny but very very well-designed
way of doing this because newcomers to
space aren't necessarily looking at this
as something that's backed by blockchain
they're looking at it as something that
they can purchase for each other other
fans and things like that so they've
done a great job in the marketplace on
the site and then they're also doing a
good job with liquidity on open sea so
that is it for my overview of the MLB
champions crypto collectibles segment
I'm really excited to dive into this
because not only is the first
partnership with a national baseball
league in the United States is a super
exciting thing for the entire industry
when you have a company like the LA
Dodgers backing these digital
bobbleheads that are being used on the
endearing blockchain and add a Padres
game they actually distributed it out
when they were playing them that is a
very very cool concept that they're
backing but the idea that they're
supporting not fungible tokens on the
etherium blockchain but they are also
just supporting blockchain and by saying
hey guys we will allow you to do this
and create these unique collectables for
our different players it's a very
exciting time to be involved in the
crypto collectibles space idea that
every MLB champions game is tied to an
actual MLB champion game in real life is
pretty mind-blowing and I love this
concept if they are tying real sports on
to the blockchain and doing this
blockchain power game but now for the
section that everybody's really excited
about the giveaway section and the first
item that we're going to be giving away
and this is wit Merrifield so wits
unique properties are actually quite
cool they have six different properties
associated with wit all of which are
actually making him more rare one of the
really cool things is the MLB is taking
advantage of his seasonality
when you have different players that are
playing in the season that makes them a
unique property that gives them a unique
property that they can actually carry on
to make them more rare so for example
with mid wit Merrifield here we have him
as one of two thousand and twenty three
different collectables that actually
existed in 2019 the other attributes
consists of that he was a member of a
shutout in one of the games the other
properties associated with MIT
Merrifield is that he was in the shutout
during his season he's a member of the
Kansas City Royals he is on the second
baseman so there's only a select amount
of second baseman's he performed a
lunging catch of which 477 people did
and he is one of them glove type which
is considered a midnight club which is
an element in the game that he actually
uses and the last but most certainly not
least is probably his most famous one
which is the number 15 that he uses on
his jersey and they're even using that
as a property that represents some
scarcity and gives it a sense of value
that there are only a couple of other
people out there with the number 15 as
their Jersey note the second giveaway
item here for this series is going to be
Lewis at Barrera Lewis plays for the
Oakland Athletics of which is actually
where I've just moved from and that is
also well known for the movie Moneyball
his uniform number is 79 and only 901
other people in the MLB share that
character trait this has six different
properties he has hit for the cycle
silver glove center fielder high jump
cab ladies for the Oakland Athletics and
he is a bronze MLB champion that is it
for this episode if you guys are
interested in learning more about MLB
champions I'm gonna be putting a link to
everything in the description below and
you guys can get a chance to see some of
these MLB characters going for a hundred
to two hundred eath which is a
substantial amount of money or NF TS and
it's really exciting to see these bands
engaging on a blockchain application so
that is it for this episode
I hope you guys liked it if he did slap
a like if you guys are new here don't
forget to subscribe for this latest
series there gonna be more
coming out with some exciting new
projects and I will see you on the next
episode of Pak Krypto

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