MKBHD Studio Tour with SuperSaf (Vertical)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

right so we're gonna have a bit of a
tour of the mkbhd studio yeah okay so
this is one of the wallpaper TVs it's
sort of like the entryway point we
occasionally use it it's not that crazy
but there's a smaller one because we got
the bigger one so we have to put one
over here
the bigger one is absolutely nice
so entryway snacks Oh snacks if you like
just snacking on extremely oh yeah hot
ones was all supplies no I wouldn't
recommend this kind of stuff every day
but I am sold have you ever had Nando's
I need to ask you a question it isn't
when you come to the UK I'm taking these
Nando's everybody anybody who's come to
the UK to see me yeah I'm taking to an
end OHS okay that's like the proper
spice level but it's nice it's nice it's
like you know I read okay all right okay
I'm a total wuss by the way so I
literally can't even have like I don't
even have a medium i i'm i'll all the
time' this is my my beginner level but
this is like where they have names for
these areas but like a slider stuff is
over here – oh that's interesting yeah
that's something that I don't think many
people have seen yeah the matte black
box box collection I like nice boxes I'm
not like unboxing things all the time
yeah if I do they're up there nice this
is the dream desk oh this is my favorite
piece of furniture ever
so see I would say so so second you can
put things on this end of it waited so
much that's amazing I love this thing
that's good to see that in person yeah
you two pillows yeah touch of red this
is one of the little run and set ups we
got going on running to you I say little
boy who carries this thing this is
literally shoulder workouts man man this
is like you need to be like a body
builder for this man
oh yeah like that probably weighs is the
same as I do double-digit number of
pounds it's not a man but it's worth it
man that 77 hole
Wow it looks crazy when it's not even on
but when it's on it's even better
obviously nice so that's that's gaming
station that's rocket League that's
Nintendo's everything sort of a lounge
area or a meeting area for a lot of
times nice you got the main gear over
here this is the gaming machine that the
arm machine that runs the HTC vive set
up in this little area when we we make
the space for it I love the customer
gaming monitor of course and then the
editing and productivity setups so yeah
I might pros you got a jib of course
yeah trustworthy oh yeah enough you see
nice represented yeah I guess get some
deeper I'm in there
nice look at that school and in terms of
one question I've always wanted to ask
you right I'm just like kind of ruining
the interview that I'm later on but
lighting so do you use any additional
lighting who do you useless yeah no we
we often bring in a lot of extra light
so what are we shooting like something
we just did a thumbnail I brought over a
lot of these lights or we just have
lights to make it look better than it
doesn't yeah these are nice like base
layer for like having a brightly lit
room but y'all finna suite and it's good
to be this thing no joke this hasn't
probably has more square feet than my
house crazy because all that square
footage and the high ceilings but you
can see there's enough stuff in it now
and so you've got what about on the
ceiling as well a lot of foam yeah Wow
yeah over there
you got all this wool this is basically
a little vocal booth in the corner here
a lot more foam over there and then the
cement floors are completely covered in
tiles and tiles carpet so and we took
care of it that is a big that is a big
so good to be a man all right so that is
the mkbhd sudio tool I hope you guys
enjoyed that vertical video I wanted to
try something different and now that
YouTube does support vertical videos and
most traffic is coming from mobile
wanted to kind of see what you guys
thought definitely let me know in the
comments below a big big thanks to
Marcus for showing me around his studio
if you don't subscribe to him already
then make sure you do and also subscribe
to this channel if you want to check out
the interview that I did with marques
that's also gonna be linked in the
description below thanks for watching
this is staphon supersoft TV and i'll
see you next time

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