Mithril (MITH) – Honest and unbiased review! WeChat for the Crypto Generation!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

we're gonna look at mithril today so
this coin right here this coin has been
doing very well since April 11th is jump
up 200% so we're gonna take a closer
look at this coin and analyze it see
we'll see what's going on woman with
mithril right so right now the market
cap is 187 mil we got a volume in 96
million wow that's huge volume got a
circular supply of 304 mil you got a
total supply 1 billion all right in the
markets that MIT throws on right now
it's ok Exim bit thumb so what is
mithril mithril is a decentralized
social media platform on the ethereum
blockchain mithril will integrate into
new and existing social media networks
award content creators for contributions
to the network they have a pretty nice
website here they stay in the fading
what it was you can help create content
and get rewarded for it
down here you can spend Metro tokens
they also partnered with in-store
recycle you can also exchange it for BCC
or etherium and mithril already has like
a working product it is still in the
testing phase is not the full version
yet it's called lit alright users could
share their stories via lit and you
order with mineral tokens based on their
stories impact and influence across the
network so I went on their telegram I
asked about the lit app you could also
download it in the App Store right now
and check it out a lot of people said
they liked it when I went inside their
telegram oh I saw something different
than I usually don't seen different
channels different channels they always
talk about all when we go into the moon
when we're going to the moon what's
going on with the price but in this in
this telegram everyone was talking about
the app how to use it and how to add
people people were just more concerned
about trying to get their profiles going
on the app so it's just really telling
that people are really more concerned
about using the app and using the tokens
and that's a really really good sign you
know it has a better chance of being it
being adopted long-term we're gonna go
through some of the features of mithril
and the lit app so the lit half has
three goals of mine when they developed
it the lit app is supposed to drive the
network and user adoption for the
mythril platform its develop a system of
rewards for benefits for users and
partners enables a mobile wallet to
spend myth and both retail and online
merchants so they also have a term
called social mining social mining has a
new concept that is integro with the
myth ecosystem and social mining the
idea is simple as users produce valuable
and user-generated content on the
network they were earn myth via social
mining their mining rewards will be
directly linked to their influence and
success as a computer tributo to the
network the more network value they
bring to the platform the mill the more
myth they will earn all mining efforts
and rewards will be initially transact
via the etherion network 35% of the
total myth pool will be available for
users to mine via social mining for the
next several years a total of 350
million mithril tokens will be
distributed to users on a metro network
through social mining the mithril
quantity that is available for discovery
will be half annually over the course of
predetermined number of years at the end
this mining period are all around 50
millimetre mithril tokens would have
been mined and distributed so it's
pretty much working like how bitcoin is
working the longer longer goes the
rewards get less so the earlier again in
the more myth tokens you can get for
sharing your content and being
contributes to the network so the next
feature is the mithril vault the mithril
vault will be easy to use transaction
system for each user and partner
platform to manage secure and spend
their mithril they seek to lower the
barrier of entry for users of all
platforms and allow for cross-platform
integration of the vault the mid-roll
vault will feature reward estimation
tools that can estimate a user's myth
reward based on their recent
contributions the reward estimation
tools will show users a rough estimate
of the potential social rewards the next
feature is the Metro platform the
ultimate goal of the mythril team is to
become the best and most optimized
blockchain for the social network
applications the first step to achieving
this goal is to integrate myth into all
major social network Metro features are
intended to be leveraged across any
major social media to give all users
direct impact over their social content
ownership that's rewarding them for
their work on any relevant social
network furthermore they are exploring
myth acceptance on partner apps and
services where myth may be accepted as a
form of social currency to pay for
premium features and services on these
platforms a part of this project that I
really like about this is the token
distribution just the way it's laid out
it's awesome the token exchange will be
30% which they sold in a sale
the development team got 5% of the
tokens and the tokens will be vested for
four years with one year cliff so that
right there
it's huge like you usually see teams
taking like 15 to 20 percent of all
tokens with their getting them 5 that's
that's big they also have a Community
Development there'd be several bounties
and security testing smart contract
auditing just still be giving 20% of the
tokens for those situations the early
backers and advisers also give 5% future
reserves 5% and social mining 35% that
goes everybody that's just using a
they'll be allocating 35% of the funds
for that so the token distribution is
excellent and it could just show you
that the team is not greedy they really
want this thing to succeed because
they're not they're not there's not a
cash grab they're not coming in to take
the money and run and do something else
it could tell that they really want this
thing to succeed so we're gonna look at
the roadmap here
2017 q4 mid rewards founder early
advisers join late development q1
private exchange lit alpha beta so
that's all right now is you know you
guys can download late if you want and
check it out I suggest you do that if
you're interested in this project Q to
2018 lit release Metro wallet
development q3 mithril wallet alpha beta
mithril shift development q4 mithril
wallet release mithril shift alpha beta
mithril vault development Q 1 2019 shift
release mithril vault alpha beta myth
roboball chain development in 2019 Metro
vault release mithril blockchain alpha
beta and through so throughout all this
it's assumed that they're gonna be
trying to get on more exchanges whatever
you like about this so far – is that
they're only on like two or three
exchanges right now so they said there's
a lot of room to grow and big exchanges
like by Nance all the big ones even like
cool coin what they're all asking for
now is the working product so the for
the fact that these people have a
working product it's gonna make it a lot
easier for them to get on the bigger
changes if they want to in the future
this is the founder Geoffrey hang his
most recent product 17 meteor the number
one live screaming happened develop Asia
the mobile app quickly became the most
popular app in Taiwan Malaysia Hong Kong
Singapore in Indonesia with recent foray
into Japanese market 17 media intends to
be a multi regional online media giant
that challenges and seeks to displace
the traditional media of yesterday well
here's the website for 17
I haven't checked out that but this
thing's pretty big and developed Asia
right there so you could check it out if
you want here's also the other team
members Wilson Hank co-founder of hack
coin a blockchain researcher at MIT
throw he was a software engineer at
Yahoo so that's pretty good
back in engineer and half in tech so the
next person we got how's dang product
manager at mithril so he's a co-founder
of hack coin product man – manager a
voice – product manager again senior
product manager next person as a sole
yang co-founder of hack coin senior
developer at mithril software engineer
candy house software engineer wisdom
garden holdings in China so a lot of
these members are from hack coin I guess
so this person is chaoyang senior
Android developer at mithril a senior
Android developer iOS developer mobile
application developer person is Tong or
alex senior developer and mithril iOS
developer university of oklahoma
computer science master's of science
this lady jing wen yang designer and
Metro user interface designer design
intern at wisdom garden holdings in
china we got Paul V is investor at
Pantera Capitol solving problems with a
value-add perspective it's an advisor
origin adviser orchid labs mentor
advisor icon so that's huge right there
everybody knows what icon is Jason bang
managing partner Sora ventures founder
CEO of Sora foundation so mentor
Alchemist accelerator mentor a startup
bootcamp silicone head of PR marketing
at quantum foundation advisor of Mithra
director of marketing and chain B so as
you could tell from their advisers they
have people out people who are in the
blockchain space already right now so
that's very very good and these are
known blockchain projects that are
successful right now so liaocheng
principal co-founder of Block State
University of Michigan let's see
principle co-founder block state advisor
of ochem vice-president strategy
business development manager and they
also have a partner's quantum foundation
Sora foundation and block state now
we're gonna look at their social media
quick the numbers in the activity so
right here we gots their Facebook close
to 2,000 people a recent update so last
update was April
you got their medium just 222 followers
is very low I would like to see more of
that and they've been and they've been
active on that so March 20th with the
last post on their Twitter they have a
twelve hundred followers approximately
and they are active on their last post
was what's the 12th of April the
telegram is off close to 16 K and I was
on there today they're very active
that's where the majority of people are
in the community so I really like how
this project also has BC backing that
thing that's very very important to keep
the price up stabilized
especially in the market like this so
overall I think this is a good project
the advisors are like a plus the
advisors are a1 advisors right there
they all have a lot of blockchain
experience um there they work for
different blockchain companies that are
successful right now so I'm sure they
can advise them to make the right moves
to keep this thing going
but yeah myth roller is definitely
something to watch out for I wouldn't
sleep on this coin just keep this on
your radar and you should always do your
own research this is not financial
advice is for discussion purposes only
if you like the content hit that
subscribe button smash that like button
leave a comment below this was case of
them from crypto pedia and we out

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