Million Dollar Hybrids That Put Tesla To Shame

published on July 9, 2020

Sure tesla's are pretty impressive sowhat about the Aston Martin Valkyrie astreet-legal f1 hybrid worth 32 milliondollars Ferrari Porsche and evenMercedes are getting in on the hybridtype by creating some of the coolest

Electric vehicles there's an SSC withmore than 1,700 horsepower and a 2million-dollar price tag and even aLamborghini designed as part of a 100million dollar deal with MIT so let'stake a look at some electric cars that

Would make even a Tesla look basic theTesla Roadster boasts 288 horsepower andcan go from 0 to 60 in 19 seconds witha top speed of 400 kilometers an hourand a price tag of 257 thousand dollarsit's pretty much the car of our dreams

Well at least it was until we saw theFerrari s f9d star Dali Ferrarisbrand-new plug-in hybrid has aturbocharged v8 engine and threeelectric motors with 986 horsepower itcan go from 0 to 60 in 25 seconds and

Reach a top speed of 340 kilometers anhour it's also the first mid-enginedFerrari with all-wheel-drive the SF 90sprice blows the Roadster out of thewater it costs an astonishing 625thousand dollars

Ferraris also come with some prettyheavy maintenance costs about 10 grand ayear but since it's a plug-in the fedswill credit an SF 90 owner about fourthousand dollars off for taxes maybe youcould use some of those savings to grab

Yourself some $12,000 racing seats ifyou're planning on testing out theacceleration on your fancy new hybridLamborghini is also getting in on thehybrid action the tears Oh Milenio has apowerful 65 liter v12 engine and boasts

838 horsepower able to go from zero to60 in less than 28 secondsthis hybrid supercar is actually theproduct of some serious science it wasdeveloped as part of a 120 point fivemillion dollar deal with MIT just take a

Look at those high-tech wheels whichcost millions of dollars alone thisLambo maxes out at a top speed of 350kilometers an hour while it has yet tobe released the hybrid is rumored tocost two point five million us dollars

And it's limited to only sixty threeunits in fact it's reportedly alreadysold out not that that's surprisingsince Lamborghini even intends to makethe cars carbon fiber structureself-healing while maintaining a Lambo

Can cost as much as five grand a yearthe self-healing structure will at leasthelp you save on body costs one downsideto electric cars is that they can'toperate at full performance for verylong before their batteries start to

Drain and overheatbut the Lotus avaya might have figuredout how to use its power for a lotlonger with 1,900 horsepower the car canzip from zero to 60 in less than threeseconds with the top speed of about 400

Km/h it's able to go full-out on a racetrack for at least seven minutes beforehaving to slow down despite beingelectric and it has a steering wheelthat's meant to help with those highspeed runs it's based on racing

Technology and probably cost a fewmillion to develop for a road legalhybrid while it's yet to be releasedit'll reportedly costs 23 milliondollars much more than the company'snext highest priced model the Evera

Which is the only Lotus available in theUS at a much lower price of $96,000 atypical Lotus costs two thousand to fivethousand dollars in annual maintenancecosts but this much more expensive Lotuswill probably run a much higher bill

Making electric f1 car seems to be thebig thing right now Aston Martin is alsotrying to achieve a race car perfectionon a street-legal vehicle and they'vedone a pretty great job with their newValkyrie the car with its six point five

Liter v12 engine is probably the closestthing to a road-legal f1 car on themarket with 1000 horsepower the Valkyriecan go from zero to 60 in 25 secondsand reach a top speed of more than 400kilometers

Now it's no wonder it was designed byrace car expert Adrian Newey inpartnership with designer Marek Reichmaneach of these designers makes a cool 10million dollars a year for theiringenuitive creations production of the

Valkyrie will be limited to 150 unitsfor 32 million dollars each when youbuy the car you also have the option tobuy the AMR track Performance Packincluding a 24 karat gold option forhundreds of thousands of extra dollars

Depending on your tastes thecustomizations will be done by expertsat Aston Martin HQ so you'll definitelybe getting your money's worthwhile normal maintenance on an AstonMartin averages around three thousand

Dollars a year this f1 model it willdefinitely be a more expensiveinvestment the million-dollar hybridsjust keep coming and there's no wayMercedes wasn't getting in on the actionthe Mercedes AMG project 1 hybrid is a

Futuristic concept car that's meant toappeal to racers who want to feel athome on the road or for drivingenthusiasts who dream of owning a racecar this Mercedes even integrates ahi-tech f1 steering wheel to really

Bring those dreams to life the project 1is expected to go from 0 to 60 in 25seconds and reach a max speed of 350km/h the 1,000 horsepower engine goesgreat with the cars built in racingseats worth thousands of dollars alone

Which prepare any driver or passengerfor some serious speed this f1 hybrid isexpected to cost 27 million dollars andbe limited to only 275 units yearlymaintenance of a classic Mercedes isonly about $1,000 but expect it to be

Harder to find parts for this road-legalrace car let us know in the commentssection below if you'd be excited totake this f1 model out on the road whenit comes to expensive maintenance costsPorsche is definitely up there it can

Cost up to $11,000 a year to upkeep anice Porsche but since their newesthybrid comes at a bit of a steal thesemaintenance costs might not be sodaunting after all the Porsche Cayenne ahybrid has 455 horsepower can go from 0

To 60 in 47 seconds and maxes out at atop speed of 133 kilometers an hour whenelectric only its 14 point 1 kilowattbattery also allows for 20 miles ofelectric only driving while the Porscheisn't the fastest hybrid out there it's

Definitely one of the most practical andit comes with a super sleek moderninterior for drivers who want a littlemore speed there's a sport responsebutton in the middle of the wheelthat'll turn the family-friendly hybrid

Into a rocket for 20 seconds this burstof speed hybrid goes for a base price of82 thousand four hundred and fiftydollars or you can lease it for aslittle as seven hundred and ninety fiveper month faced with the problem that

Electric cars can only run for so longbefore needing to chargeKoenigsegg came up with a revolutionarynew hybrid called the Gemara this 1,700horsepower vehicle can go up to 1,000kilometers or around 621 miles before

Needing to recharge or refuel it canalso make that leap from zero to 60 inonly 19 seconds the all-wheel vehicleis made up of three electric motors anda three cylinder combustion engine thatKoenigsegg says runs on renewable

Alcohol fuel the seats are memory foamit comes with two 13 inch touchscreensand there's a 360 degree floating cameraon the dashboard instead of side viewmirrors the innovative car definitelyneeded an innovative designer which is

Why lead designer Christian vonKoenigsegg who's worth a hundred milliondollars took charge once complete thecar will sell for 19 million dollarswith a limited run of 300 vehicles withmaintenance costs from anywhere between

Three and ten thousand dollars annuallyyou better have a thick wallet if youwant to get behind the wheel of aJumeirah I hope when people look at ourcar they don't feel lost and when I lookat this it doesn't look like you were

Lost either it looks amazing let's slipinto something a little bit moreaffordable while BMW is no stranger tothe hybrid game they recently came upwith an updated and relativelyinexpensive model called the i-4 with

523 horsepower and an 80 kilowattbattery pack the i-4 boasts a drivingrange of 327 miles and can go from 0 to60 in four seconds the concept modelalso features a sleek white interior anda rose gold exterior with reports saying

That the i-4 will come with a lot ofcustomizable options the price isexpected to start at around $50,000 fora base model but we don't have any wordyet on what other models BMW is planningon producing if you keep in mind that

The yearly maintenance costs for in BMWare one to two thousand dollars thengetting behind the wheel of thisfuturistic hybrid doesn't seem sofar-fetched it has 600 miles of rangecan go from 0 to 60 in 29 seconds and

Has 8,000 pounds of towing powerit's a cyber truck and it wasdesigned by Nikola Motors the truckwhich they're calling the Badger is afuturistic hybrid model with 906horsepower and a 120 kilowatt fuel cell

And while a physical model has yet to beunveiled we are all over thesefuturistic concept photos that show theelectric truck taking on the terrainNikola CEO Trevor Milton revealed thatthe company has put billions of dollars

Into developing electric options for itssemi trucks so it's about time that thecompany decided to use this futuristictechnology in the much more accessiblepickup truck of its 600 mile range 300miles can be traveled with battery only

And all of this actually comes at a goodprice the standard cyber truck modelwill cost less than $40,000 other modelswill likely be made available and we'llbe keeping our eyes open to find outjust how high-tech these crazy pickup

Trucks can get Shelby supercars has acool new hyper car on the way it'scalled the tuatara and it's a superspeed light it has a 1750 horsepowerengine and can go from zero to 60 in 25seconds

The 59 liter flat plane crank v8 enginehelps make this electric car not onlythe coolest vehicle on the road but alsothe fastest it's estimated to be able toreach a max speed of 483 kilometers perhour plus power routes through a robota

Sized chima 7-speed transmission whichmakes the car capable of shifting gearsin less than 100 milliseconds pair thatwith the high-tech dihedral doors whichare button operated and hydraulicallyactuated and the tuatara might just be

The coolest hybrid on the market and funfact it's ideal for tall drivers whodon't want a huge carSSC says that someone as tall as 6 feet5 inches can easily fit inside evenwhile wearing a racing helmet the car

Was designed by Jason castrato who hasalso designed for Ferrari and Maseratihis salary is kept private but it'sdefinitely in the multi-millions as heworks on his mission to make ultraexpensive hybrids totally worth the

Price and it's no wonder since thehigh-tech torotoro will cost 1 point 65million dollars at base but can be morethan 2 million with customizations butfor the fastest car on the road thatprice doesn't seem so outrageous after

All which of these super powered hybridsdo you want to climb behind the wheel ofthe most let us know in the commentssection down below don't forget to likethis video and soscribe to the ridges for more thanks for

Watching as always and we'll see younext time

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