Mike D’Antoni on Russell Westbrook’s positive coronavirus test, Rockets’ bubble plan | NBA on ESPN

published on July 19, 2020

For you can you tell us did Russ take part in any of the individual workouts before you guys left and Mississippi to be on the Worland oh yeah you know you know you didn't make the plane obviously and but he you'll be ready you know again he said what he said and that's

What we're dealing with and we're you know we're doing a lot of teams we're dealing with it but we're getting through it as a team and and like I said before which hopefully they're here sort of the like you know did he show

Symptoms you know if he showed any symptoms share with you what he wants to share thank you next question Joe Vardhan hey Mike thanks for doing this just to be clear on on one point I saw what you said

Yesterday about having James and Russ and Luke back maybe even this week I assume you said that knowing that at least Russ had tested positive for the virus and I expect him to be or sometime again you know although I didn't have

When you're pre-med but you know I don't know when it's gonna happen and nobody here says protocols get out away and they all are anxious to get here and they're doing what they need to do to stay in shape and and again it's this is

Not going to set us back we're not gonna let us hose back and we'll be ready to roll here in the next two or three weeks and then the the question that I that I had on my own and I'm not asking because you were less young than you used to be

Like the rest of us you know you're around guys who test positive and then you've got to take a test yourself those hours waiting for your result to come back a little bit more nerve-racking like knowing what happened to your guys

No because I think you can take responsible steps I'm not being within six feet everybody wearing anybody I'm around weren't about I'm wearing a mask and if they're around me their word of that and if they're not then why aren't

They but if we follow the guidelines that's been there for the last three months we our country wouldn't be in this shape to read but I feel good about what I do personally but also with the MBAs no one and what the other players

Are doing on their own they're very careful and everybody's mindful and we want to have the best startup that we can possibly have with always a little risk everybody knows that but we're doing everything we can to mitigate it

And I feel comfortable about it thank you next question – Fagan am i a little unclear just trying to hear your first answer putting more specifics on the timetable for the guys arriving and is

It the same for all three or to be determined or be determined you know I'm hoping and it's hope and I probably shouldn't sell oh they'll be here in the building I don't know I'm hoping they will be it's good chance and we'll deal

With it if they are that's great again they're doing what they can do though they get ready and the one thing I'm hearing is clear everybody wants to be here everybody wants to participate everybody's ready to roll and they're

Chomping at the bit to get here so whenever that clears off they'll be there and you and the guys talked a lot about the enthusiasm for the initial workouts as it sort of gets into a little routine and more like a training

Camp is there anxiety about being short-handed and the situation not just with the three guys with Brune but with Bruno as well is there some difficulty in dealing with some of the things that are unusual to this situation

You know sore hamstring is a muscle here turned ankle there you deal with what you got and we're all used to it and we're not gonna be anxious because we have time we just got to be very careful about

Getting these guys not ramped up two months that we're yeah we beat this but then I guess what we went too hard or whatever so we've got to be ready especially when the playoff start which is what August the 17th and will be and

Then we'll try to be ready August first game then we'll go from there but it's not perfect but I think we have plenty time to do that thank you question Tim Reynolds am i when you were putting together the plan for these that going

Into going into the seeding games and then going getting ready for playoffs how much did you rely upon the stuff that you and Coach K and those guys did in London because it's good it's a similar deal where you're away from home

For a couple of months and you know practicing in hotels and all that good stuff were there lessons learned from that you've applied to this plan yeah I think every coach has their experiences and

That's what I rely upon you know for about four or five summers we saw what we needed to do and ramp guys up after cope usually we had guys like two months all three months also and it's in the summertime so we're careful with them

And yeah we try to I try to you know follow the same format every coach is anxious and we want to put everything in and want to get going and got to have a great practice today where you're just going to be careful and I'll rely mainly

Not only my experience but with the training set the doctors and they tell me you know today's gonna be late tomorrow's nothing go hard today scrimmage a little bit tomorrow so it's a I rely on them and and our guts and we

Try to just do the best we can do and also players have to be responsible they have to know their own bodies what they need they need extra conditioning that's what they need to get and then we'll see where we aren't we scrimmaged then we'll

Have the eight games and then they also start and hopefully win a great place thank you next question rainy McAvoy hey my brandy hey you just talk a little bit about you follow up on Russ and you know him well

You know what he brings to the floor and then enthusiasm leadership how much is this driving him crazy that he's not able to be there obviously and you know as you guys begin preparations enough are you confident that when he's there

And whenever James gets there that there's still plenty of time to to get them ready for further a game actually knee up well very much so and they're working now on their own and they're they're gearing up when they get here I

Think they'll be able to hit the court running which will be huge will be careful but not know us personally I mean he has been he is so good about everything that we try to do and and you know first at the film room paying

Attention asking good questions speaking up in the locker room when he needs to so he's been a great greatly great teammate and that's all you can ask and I know this is killing him not to be here but you know once again obstacle

That yes to overcoming and there's nobody better equipped overcoming with him next question Dan woky like along the lines of kind of those eight seating games you guys are in this group both teams more home court advantage would

Have been a really huge deal kind of going down the stretch kind of three through six in the West that are all clustered now it won't be as obviously do you think that will that change kind of the way that you approach

Those games without home court on the line we maybe be a little more conservative or a little more matchup conscious I don't think we'll be matchup Kazakh so every time I try to do that it goes they go sideways because you never

Know these are all going to be a really good team so we just I think that for most thing we won't look as our guys do they need to play 30 minutes a day whether it's the fourth game of the eighth or the first or the eighth do

They need to play 40 to get them ready do they need to play set out and whatever they need what we're going to try to do about the matchups we're going to have to be really good teams to get to the finals

And whether you're in because like you said the home court is not about it's not matter and you know again you never know about math specially now you really don't know who's going to be playing well who doesn't so you do the what you

Would the only thing you can do you do best for your team to be ready I guess whoever that is and that's why we rely on solar thanks Mike I'm sorry Jill called you old earlier that's quite all right

We'll take two more all Akane but Johnny hey coach you know in terms of ramping it up for practice what is the balance you have to deal with when it comes to getting them to do five on five or the drills and kind of making sure they

Don't come up with some of those soft tissue issues soft tissue injuries you talked about well that's a good job we have monitors on and that shows how much they are doing and normally you know in training camp it's the third and fourth

Day you got to be careful today we're real light we went pretty hard the first two days today light and we'll go hard a couple days then we might take a day off so we're just trying to balance what they need and then once the scrimmages

Start we can get them to the scrimmage is that's going to kind of where you get your sea legs and we'll play three art games there how they have a few days of rest then you start those eight games and it will be a little uneven there's

No doubt about you can't get around it we can't be you risk too much if you think that you're going to get a mobile play off form right the first game of the eighth so through this these eight games we're going to use it to keep

Ramping up keep getting the better and individually what they need and then ultimately about playoffs we're ready to roll and whatever that means whatever position where I'm RIT and I think we'll be confident that time and feel good

About where we are be good okay last question Cody Davis thanks JC hey coach um the other day PJ Tucker spoke on the importance of communication on a defensive end so from what you've seen the first few days of

Training camp how confident are you that the Rockies will be a better defensive team in Orlando I think will be better and I think that you know and again a lot of the stats and stuff and there was that you know against the top ten

Offenses were like eighth in the league or tenth in the layers of night he's in the top ten and then against the top seven offenses were like seventh in the lake so we have a tendency and it's not a great tournament where you love to get

That out of a game but it won't matter once we get in the playoffs now we will communicate we will do what we need to do and we're just trying to get better at it and try to do what we what we need to do so I'm really confident that

They'll do it now whether we can get up to the like a top three level that's the challenge we're gonna be good can we be great and that's going to come you know a lot of that is just brains a heart and soul and that's why they call champions

You have to have a heart you have to have smarts and you have to be intense all the time can they do that well if they can they'll be called champions if they can't they won't be called champions that's just the way it is and

And I do trust our guys that yeah we'll be we'll be a good defensive team when it counts thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live-streaming sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus

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