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by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Hey guys i'm tom the tech chap and this is the Microsoft Surface pro X now I got a quick hands-on with this and Microsoft's launch event late last year along with what seemed like hundreds of other surface devices but for me the Pro X kind of stood out not just because it

Looks good and it's slimmer than the regular surface Pro but because of what's inside because of the processor which sounds kind of boring but bear with me this is actually one of the most interesting laptops slash tablets

Slashed turn one things that we've seen in a long time so instead of regular Intel or AMD CPUs than you get in other surface models or pretty much any other laptop on market the Pro X uses an ARM chip which is not

This kind of arm but a kind of ARM processor that you get in your smartphone and while these tend to be more efficient and often offer a better battery life than traditional laptop processors they're slower and

Compatibility with the apps and programs that you me use every day can mean that this has some serious limitations so that doesn't sound like a great star and to be honest the price of this doesn't help either right now you can pick the

Pro X up from about 900 pounds but that's the entry-level spec and once you have the keyboard the pen which you really do need to make this worthwhile we're looking at about twelve hundred pounds and that's about the same as a

Much more powerful surface pro 7 again with the accessories here's one I made earlier so you really are paying a premium for this but is it actually worth it so the wrong issues with speed compatibility and price which we'll come

Back to in a second but on the positive side of things well the pro x looks and feels incredible the screen is brilliant battery life is better than any equivalent Intel machine and we get 4G LTE connectivity and because of its size

And lightweight nuts like witness I think as a word it's just a pleasure to carry around and news you would barely feel this in your backpack and while what I said about this not being able to run native Windows apps is technically

True it actually can in some cases via a software emulation although there is more of a workaround than a proper solution and just because it runs doesn't mean it runs well but sticking

With the positives for a second this is an absolutely stunning device with this matte black aluminum chassis although I hope you like fingerprints because it's a bit of a the curved edges look great again if I

Bring the surface pro seven in and put it side-by-side with the pro X you can just see the difference here it's 15 percent thinner we lose the side events and it has way thinner bezel so overall it just kind of looks like the next

Generation of the 2020 model of the service pro 7 because this hasn't really changed an awful lot in the last few years and I'm still a huge fan of this stand which comes on all surface models it sits flush with the body when stowed

Like that and then you can use it at any angle you like it's just a lovely thing you know that's say when you're using it on your lap the keyboard feels far less stable than a regular laptop keyboard and the stand can feel a little too

Close to the edge of your knee sometimes the 13-inch screen is bright colorful and high resolution but it's a three by two aspect ratio that I really love about this which is a little bit taller than you get on most laptops and just

Having that extra bit of vertical space just makes it feel so much less constrained for working and browsing color accuracy is more than good enough for most of us although it's not quite professional-grade now I have to say one

Of the most impressive and clear surprising features of the Pro X is just how good the cameras are I'm shooting this with a front facing five megapixel camera it can shoot 1080p 30 video we also get dual array microphone so

Hopefully the audio quality is quite good and of course we've got that separate IR sensor for windows hello face unlock but then around the back we have a 10 megapixel camera as well which could shoot up to 4k video which is not

Something you find very often outside of say the iPad pro and as you can see the quality is really good if we get a nice wide angle that's not much noise the colours are pretty accurate so if you're planning on using this for web chat call

Video Skype things then it's worth bearing in mind it's very very good the signature type cover I've got here is pretty good actually it's lightweight it doesn't add too much to the overall size of the Pro X although I don't know

If I love the Alcantara material although like any of the surface pro devices it does feel a little bit flimsy especially as I say if you're using on your lap it is backlit though when the keys have a nice responsive feel to them

And also the glass trackpad is nice and smooth and has a decent click action although it is a bit on the small size I think it would really benefit for being a bit all the best bit though is the secret

Compartment for the pen if you just pull the keyboard away a little bit you can see it's got two levels of magnet so you can use it either completely flat or up like that and when it is in that position it hides the pen but if you

Have it down and out like that then you can just pull it out and you've got your little stylus here and all you have to do is just plunk it back in and I'll start charging as for the pen itself this is what Microsoft called their

Surface slim pen I actually really like it it's light it's easy to hold and it offers 4096 levels of pressure on the screen so it is really really responsive and it becomes second nature after a while and even find myself using it to

Navigate around the screen okay let's talk performance and the surface pro X is powered by Microsoft's sq 1 processor which is a custom Qualcomm chip with slightly higher clock speeds now compared to the Intel i5 based surface

Pro 7 in Geekbench the pro X was 38% slower in single and multivariate tasks and while this is closely related to a smartphone chip it doesn't support games made for phones either that said it does turn on quickly opening apps is speedy

And using office browsing and basic work apps feels like it would on a regular PC sometimes though multitasking can't feel a bit sluggish especially after a recent wake up so far so good them but now I'm gonna have to use the C word

Compatibility because being an ARM based processor the sq1 in here runs completely different code to regular x86 PC processors like you get your desktop or your laptop or even the service pro 7 and it also means the pro X uses Windows

10 on arm which is basically Windows that's been tweaked to run on ARM based systems and Microsoft reckon the 95 percent other software that most users like you and I want to use on this type of device will work here either natively

Or through software emulation but I think most of the programs will be the latter so it could be a little bit misleading on the plus side the Windows 10 store filters for native Windows on arm ABS so seek or install apps that

Won't work and the list of options are slowly growing but when it comes to emulation of programs designed for regular Windows right now it's limited to ones that support 32-bit only how big of a deal

That is really comes down to you and what programs you use for me I tend to use the Adobe suite quite a bit and I was be able to install oldearth a two-bit versions of apps and premiere pro and

Lightroom which of the two programs that I use pretty much all the time didn't even appear as options to install at all Adobe have said that they are we engineering their apps to run natively on arm at some point however

Compatibility is really only half the battle and while basic drawing and graphics work in illustrator was ok a bit laggy maybe performance in Photoshop was downright bad for anything other than

Simple cutouts and text it's just too slow and laggy and while this is a fairly complex program it underlines the serious performance overhead with emulation I mean these apps feel a lot slower than they should do given the

Benchmark results we get from this Microsoft do say though that they are working on support for 64-bit emulation this year so hopefully that will improve things but for now there's a lot of problems with this but what about

Battery life this is supposed to be one of the areas that the pro-x excels at and the good news is it does but perhaps not to the extent that you might think Microsoft claimed around 13 hours in their test but I – just over nine and a

Half hours of fullscreen video at 50% brightness which is pretty good considering the size resolution and brightness of the screen and also that the surface pro 7 got five and a half hours in the same test so this does last

Significantly longer with mixed juice time at around 8 1/2 hours of light office use and watching videos throughout the day so this will comfortably get you through a full workday I was also surprised how good

The sound is on the pro-x there's a lot of puncher than you may think bass is still lacking a little bit which is especially noticeable at higher volumes but most of the time it sounds good my one issue though and it's a big

Issue and that's that we don't get a three and a half mil headphone jack now I get that with this kind of next-gen altra portable device maybe it's forgivable and also we're in 2020 but if you want to use a pair of headphones

With this they're gonna have to be wireless Bluetooth or you're gonna have to connect it via the USB C port speaking of connectivity and the big news is that we also get onboard 4G and LTE which is great for working on the go

And without having to bother with tethering or hot spotting from your phone and it's not something we find on other service devices as for ports we get two USB type C's as well as the surface connector which is reversible

And used for charging but also allows for some connection options by the mind-blowingly expensive surface dock so I'm really happy we get USBC is something we're asking Microsoft for three years but the downside of this is

I guess because there's no Intel chip inside it doesn't support Thunderbolt 3 the question is though why choose the pro-x over its Intel based brother the surface pro 7 I mean it's not far off in terms of size and while the battery life

Isn't quite as good it does have a full fat Intel chip with decent onboard iris plus graphics and of course no issues around software compatibility and for a similar price you can get a much higher spec on the pro 7 there is one

More thing to consider though why buy the Pro X when you could have yourself an iPad pro for a lot less money and I see this as just a usable experience is a lot nicer all the apps here are optimized for the iPad it also comes

With a keyboard and a very nice pencil if you want to pay extra as well it's still cheaper than this if you're just gonna use this as a secondary device for when you're on the go I kind of think the iPad pro may be a better bet for now

At least hopefully over the next year or so as more arm-based devices that are actually good and worth buying come out the situation with compatibility and programs and also performance will improve but right now while I do love

This for being beautifully engineered and a glimpse at the future of ultra portables I just don't know who should actually buy this when you have options like the iPad pro or the surface pro 7 as well and they both offer better value

But what do you reckon of the Pro X would you consider buying it and also which would you go for between these three voting little poll at the top right and let me know thank you so much for watching guys I really hope you

Enjoyed this video and found it useful and if you do want to see more from me then make sure you hit a little subscribe button down below and I'll catch you next time right here on the tech jet

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