Microsoft Surface GO REVIEW – THE BEST FOR ONLY $400!!!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys it's Carl here back
with another episode and featuring maybe
one of the best products Microsoft has
made in a long time
it is the brand-new Microsoft Go this
thing retails for $400 so this guy
actually just came out yesterday I've
had the opportunity to use it for the
last little while and it's so refreshing
to see a company like Microsoft that's
coming out with a product for four
hundred bucks I'm gonna label that as a
budget model but isn't crap that's
actually decent in it's actually really
good but before we of course start
today's episode we do have a update for
the winner of the Huawei P 20 pro that
is being flashed across the screen right
now Congrats you just won this very
smart phone I will be shipping this out
just make sure you shoot me an email and
if you want to see the Microsoft Surface
go as a potential giveaway update just
let me know down below in the comments
and I will hopefully work with Microsoft
to get one of these out to you guys so
this guy 400 Benjamin buttons and for
that price you're getting a Pentium Gold
processor you're getting 64 gigs of
space and four gigs of RAM I would
honestly stay away from the baseline
unless you truly truly need to go budget
spend the extra 150 bucks upgrade to the
mid tier which is what I have here this
guy doubles the storage 128 and of
course doubles the RAM and I think that
makes it a lot more competitive and
still not too too bad for 550 bucks once
you've picked your model you get a 10
inch display and this is usually smaller
than something that I'm used to I
usually start off with either 12 13 say
my 15-inch MacBook Pro it's a three by
two aspect ratio and I won't lie it
isn't the prettiest a tablet slash
hybrid out there he's got quite the big
bezel which you'll see around but that
doesn't really detract from anything
still great for media consumption
whether you're watching youtube vids
Netflix anything on this tablet this
screen is great for 400 bucks I know
it's not quad HD it doesn't have the
highest resolution but when you look at
other devices in this price range those
screens are
usually it's got two front facing
speakers which enhances the audio
experience and it actually has a very
half decent front facing camp which is
something that say my $2,000 MacBook Pro
fails to have maybe I can finally Skype
now half decently when you combine it
with accessories like say the surface
pan the experience once again is also
great you can use it for say jotting
down notes and it's a fairly lag free
experience it is something great for the
form factor but when you do see parents
weave the keyboard I think it's an
absolute must but the only thing which I
think is the biggest shame this guy is a
hundred extra dollars so if you're
paying 400 bucks for the bass line this
is 20% of the cost I wish this guy came
in at 50 maybe 75 tops I think it's a
bit of overkill but I still think it's
necessary it makes the experience so
much better since now we have a fully
operating OS unlike say iOS which is
mobile based I can make this a
Productivity Beast I've actually been
using this as my primary work device nap
for the past couple weeks and it has
crunched through emails it has taken
notes it has done everything that I
usually do say on a two thousand dollar
machine perfectly and it fits into I
want to get this on cam here this is
gonna fit into my pocket a laptop in my
sweater pockets when you do have the
surface keyboard attached it's very
reminiscent of the size of a book it
isn't too big it isn't too chunky and of
course once you open that up this
keyboard is one of the best just doesn't
feel as good on this guy and of course
this thing is more expensive too and if
I were to choose between the sky or say
the iPad pro I probably lean over to
this guy right here so who is this guy
really tailored for I honestly think
this thing will sell like hotcakes for
comes in such an awesome price point or
say for a very first device kids
kindergarten to grade eight their
primary device
I still think you can get by totally
fine in University all I honestly did
was write essays maybe browse the net
the occasional game of Starcraft 2 and
unless you really need the dedicated
power of say a surface pro a service
laptop I would definitely give this guy
try it is great for portability or maybe
as your secondary device if you're a
professional anyways that is be my
review of the Microsoft Surface go as I
said maybe you can spend the extra
hundred fifty bucks upgrade to the
mid-tier I totally get it though if
you're being super on budgets you do
have to bite the bullet and spend the
extra hundred dollars for the keyboard
but I do think it is worth it it makes
the device an all-in-one
curious to hear your thoughts down below
in the comments and remember I can try I
can wiggle to give one of these away
just let me know what your favorite
feature is down below and I will catch
the rest of you in one of my next
episodes or vlogs peace

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