Microsoft Surface Duo – Unboxing and First Impressions

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

Yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna do a quick unboxing of the microsoft surface duo now you can pick this one up from i'll throw the link up in the description the price on this one 1 hundred bucks now i know what some of y'all getting ready to say no it's one thousand three hundred and ninety nine wrong after taxes it's one thousand five hundred bucks trust me now it comes in one color glacier white

Why is we calling it white shoes white all right so let's go through all the specs for the display you got an 8.1 inch amoled panel with a resolution of 1800 by 2700 now that's dual screens with 401 for the ppi patrol folded up is 5.6 inches the phone is made out of glass with gorilla glass 5 for protection for the processor get the qualcomm snapdragon 855 with the adreno 640 gpu what does that mean in english last year's flagship specs broke

Last year's flagship specs now you got six gigs of ram 128 up to 256 gigs of storage no micro sd card slot for expandable memory now it's running android 10 with the microsoft skin on top you got a 3577 milliamp battery that features 18 watt fast charge for the camera you got an 11 megapixel wide angle lens single camera all right so doubles for the front and the back now you got a single firing speaker side mounted fingerprint sensor

And microsoft pen support other than that that's it all right so all of that for 1500 bucks let's see what it is first things first shout out to white shoes back in the building calm down all right here we go microsoft surface duo not a side note i haven't watched any videos on this i don't really know too much about this i'm going into this with a complete open mind here we go all right now one of the things that i love about microsoft their presentation is always

Top of the line and this one looks no different all right so no unboxing knife necessary here we go nice clean white box giggity here we go microsoft surface duo let's see did we miss anything no no no nope all right here we go 1500 bucks y'all put your seatbelts on here we go now inside the box i shoes inspect that for quality okay here's the surface duo let's see what else okay a little tray surface duo bumper specifically designed to protect your

Device okay now this looks cool little cases little bumpers for the side i will play with that in a minute let's see anything else nope just installation guide all right shoes this is going to be your 18 watt fast charging brick okay now they went with black on this one all right shoes quality control that's it for that let's see what this is now this is going to be your

Sim ejection tool okay usual books and plug them in follow them let's see any troll stickers nope that's it for that and let's see what this is is what shoes been waiting for shoes know exactly what's in the box usb type-c charging cable i said usb type-c to usb type-c but it's black shoes she don't really really like the black cables but it is what it is that's it for that okay nice presentation on deck now for the surface duo right

Here we go now let's get the um the the first unfold okay and the first fold okay honestly i like it i like it so far fresh out of the box it's super lightweight and thin all right it's really thin i super super thin the hinge the hinge feels nice and sturdy let's see it looks like you could put this at basically any angle this is the test right here okay a little wobblage

Yeah but you could basically put this at any angle it's completely flat there's a front-facing camera let's see on one side this is going to be your power button volume up and down that's going gonna be a fingerprint sensor there's your sim tray on the bottom usb type-c charging slot and that's pretty much it now i guess the speaker is gonna be right here in the bottom no dual speakers on this 1500 bucks on this one i don't know like

Now look i'm going into this with an open mind we're going to reserve judgment let's see the first boot up now the side note a lot of times i say first impressions i'm boxing and i usually take about 30 minutes i'm going to try to do this fast because i got to catch a flight in a few hours i'm actually going on vacation and here's my pledge when i go on vacation i'm only using two phones well actually three i'm going to use this phone and i'm going to use the galaxy

Z42 all right because i'm doing a full review on both of these devices as of right now you already know what it is with this phone this is the best phone on the planet hold up i need y'all to see that i need y'all to see this lock screen i need y'all to see this watch this hold up look at that lock screen okay this is 2 000 bucks worth every penny hundred bucks we'll see i will see like i said not gonna say nothing all right let's go all right let me set this up

Hold up let's see now okay now you can actually rock this fully fold it that's a nice little sound when it folds you heard that listen okay i like that i can actually see myself using this now one thing i don't like no outer display but i guess if you want to you can just unfold it like this and leave it on the table looks nice though all right let me drop my information in we'll set everything up then we'll walk through the os talk

Amongst yourselves all right josh he'll be back in now i just put my information in the phone got everything all set up and i got to be honest with y'all the main reason i got this device is because one of my favorite products is the microsoft surface book now if you have seen my review for this you know how much i love this so of course i had to get the surface duo to complete the flex yeah i know they don't call me floss for nothing and keep it a buck this is a serious flex all right you

Showing up at starbucks and you got your microsoft service book and your service duo yeah you are flexing but honestly after using the phone and like i said i'm gonna go into this with an open mind this is just my initial impressions i don't like it i don't like it and it's definitely not worth 1500 bucks now for the same experience that i'm having with this so far you can get an lg v60 have dual screens but you have a better camera

Always on display water resistance wireless charge basically everything else this i don't know i don't know now let me tell you what i like about it so far the build quality it's super thin feels ultra premium and of course i gotta say it feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures i love how clean it is no logos on the back no words no writing just your microsoft logo so when you're chilling up in starbucks you got your two logos on deck

Looking like a boss other than that though all right there's a lot of stuff missing first things first a couple of different ways you can open up the device now you can swipe up you can use your pattern on your pin and you got your fingerprint sensor on the side no face unlock okay now once you open it up the screen does look beautiful i will give it that and one thing that i do like i love wide displays all right so when you type in let's pull up something

Let's take it over to instagram look how wide the keyboard is this is how i can fire off a long email especially if i'm on twitter or instagram going in on somebody i could be like this what yeah hold up going in hardcore i love the wideness i'm feeling that but so far there's one thing about this phone that's absolutely killing me i mean it's really getting on my nerves it's the swipe up from the bottom the swipe up from the bottom is killing me so far right now it's killing my whole experience with

This phone now i want to love this and i want to like this phone especially for 500 bucks i really want to like it but this swipe up from the bottom you see how okay look watch this all right i'm gonna go home here's how you swipe up and you get to your apps right then you swipe down swipe up to get to your apps what's up with this swipe look at this all right look come on man come on now look i hate cursing in my videos but this is getting on my nerves

And the reason i got a curse so you know that it's not a game uh you know that i'm not just like i maybe i could get used to it no i could never get used to this now this has to be some kind of hardware feature i don't even think this is a software feature this has to be hardware look at this well maybe it could be software let me not jump the gun when i first took it out of the box though all right the swipes was going the swipes was going pretty good and i was like okay i'm digging this two

Two damn apps at the same damn time i can get used to this okay there's my instagram let's exit out of that let's go over to um let's do youtube at the same time a matter of fact not youtube youtube music i should do youtube music at the same time right so i can watch some youtube music let's turn this down okay watch a little youtube music scroll on instagram at the same time now when i want to exit out of this let's do that now if i want to swipe

Over the apps i can do that now if i want the full screen drop it in the middle and now i got full screen now this big giant bar in the middle of course you ain't really going to like that let's click on let's see what we got let's click on the let's see a little driving video you see this is how it's going to look that bar in the middle you're not really going to like that let's try to go to comments at the same time now if you go to comments it's not even like the app is optimized

So you have the the instagram on the top in the comments on the bottom it's just gonna be all comments if it ever loads up see it's gonna be all comments i ain't really feeling that all right the software on this phone is mad buggy now look then we put it back to this angle let's go back to one side everything is just it's just a little bit slow let's go to youtube okay let's exit out of this matter of

Fact um let's go back let's see what the all right let's go take it over to destroy you on youtube all right swipe back on this now this is um my first time using this so i'm getting used to the buttons let's get some volume hey what's up guys gotta let you know about this tournament now let's go full screen with youtube big time youtuber make sure you guys go check it out let's go to a mortal kombat 11 tournament that's how it's going to look if you're trying to watch a full screen youtube video

It's going to be absolutely insane it's titled champions now let's put it like this september 2nd 6 pm eastern time okay now let's see if we can take it over to the comments on my twitch channel okay now this ain't bad fgc this ain't bad watching the video check out the dwelling in the comments okay i like this okay i like this it would have been nice if you could pinch the zoom shot let's pause that i like this so far

Here's another thing that i don't like though all right let's exit out of that exit out of this here's another thing i don't like the bezels i the bezels on this phone are gigantic i this giant forehead giant chin look it's just like the original galaxy fold when it had all that unnecessary space then the second one came and they filled that in microsoft if you're gonna try again with this one we need all screen display all right this bezels that ain't it chief all right that ain't it

At all let's do a little sound test all right now of course we got the official flossie carter sound test from my man mark ruby8 let's go does it sound loud cover that up nice and loud on it ladies and gentlemen mark rubio all right so now let's take a look at the display okay that is how it's gonna look you got

To run your table or rock it like this black bars everywhere let's open it up all right so now let's do a full screen so say you wanted to fully open it there it is and line down the middle is kind of annoying exit back okay i say you want to be in the comments at the same time let's fold this up all right now check this out this is the

Best part let's see if i can reply to a comment yeah this will be the best part type in the comments and watching the video at the same time i don't know how i feel about that switch though okay let's open up instagram at the same time okay now let's see if we can swap them just like that let's see let's uh through instagram okay now we swapped over again this is early testing

I don't know how i feel about this i don't know how i feel let's keep it moving all right so let's walk through the basic settings here's your quick toggles got your battery saver airplane mode do not disturb you got a flashlight okay link to windows got your hotspot screencast data saver focus mode and to-do list okay let's go to settings now one thing i did want to mention no nfc all right so you do got screen cache you got printed

No nfc you can also link to your windows apps and notifications nothing to really see there sound again i thought the speaker was on the bottom one speaker on the top it's pretty loud let's go to display colors you got uh rgb and vivid let's see you got dark theme we'll leave it on white for now adaptive brightness let's leave that off so we can rock max brightness now the screen does get pretty bright i got really no complaints with that security

Got smart lock and fingerprint sensor on the side the side mounted fingerprint sensor works flawlessly accessibility if you're hearing a visually impaired you're good to go that's your digital well-being monitor your scumbag activities and i know you're not buying this for a kid so who cares about parental controls let's say you got microsoft now you can uh link up to all your microsoft accounts about and that's pretty much it you see

This is what's killing me though this swipe from the bottom this is what's really ruining my experience with this phone because like i said i want to like this for 1500 bucks i really want to like it i love the fact that it's foldable and it's way more durable than the galaxy fold you see with your galaxy fold you got to really babysit this display you can't really write on it with this one you can use your surface pen hit it as

Hard as you want and one thing i noticed check this out the pen does magnetize to the back nice nice strong magnet because i was trying to see if it could fit to the side and look at this if you put it to the side the magnet is like no bring me to the back it stays right on it so if you got this in your bag it might not flop around too much but i doubt if you're gonna walk around with this in your pocket this would be good i guess let's see does it stick on the front too

Nothing on the front really on the back so should have been on this side so you can had it with your logo flex saying i know i'm all about that flex life you're gonna have to rock it like this you lose a little bit of shine it is what it is but the display is way more durable you got your peak display all right look if you open it up a little bit get a clock okay fully open it fingerprint sensor works extra fast let's take it over to netflix

I was in the middle middle watching a little star trek if you want to swipe it over let's go to instagram like this is going to be fun for multitasking watching star trek and chilling on instagram at the same time i'm kind of digging that let's do the full screen one more time i got to get used to these gestures now you're not going to be able to watch a movie like this you're not going to be able to do that but you will be able to rock it like this

Now one thing i noticed too when you fold it like this it always goes black let's try that again look we're gonna fold it it always goes black i hit play all right there it is it's just buggy it's just very buggy and i i just keep wanting to go like this i want to pinch those black balls up out of there very buggy software though look at this what's going on here all right now these are recently used apps i got a lot of apps open let's clear all of those real quick

And what is this okay this is the part that kills me though you see now it's supposed to go like this you're supposed to just swipe up from the bottom and get to your abs you're not supposed to be going like this a hundred swipes you know you that that's killing you you're in the elevator you got to go to the 32nd floor you're on the fourth floor you want to check your emails real quick you swiping up going like this you're

Wasting valuable time i hate that all right shoes ain't feeling that neither let's see anything else we need to check out like i said this is basically just an unboxing i'm going to put it fully to the chest i'm gonna try everything out and like i said when i go on vacation i'm only using two phones this is gonna be one of them hopefully after i get the hang of it my opinion will change but as of right now i am not feeling this a hundred percent

Right now all right let me see how would i rate this on a scale of one to ten i'm gonna give y'all an actual number i would give this a five all right i would give this a five if i had to put an actual number on this i just like the fact that when you close it it is extra thin i like the look of it that closing feeling is very satisfying now let's see can you open this with one hand let's try the one hand open you can open it with one hand if you if you i guess if you really you had a

Frappuccino on one hand and you really needed to open it let's take it over to the camera all right so we go to camera we're going to close this up because i'm about to get a nice picture of shoes right now look at this all right hold up exit out of this all right let's go to camera flip okay we got a nice picture of shoes catching catching a little nap okay she was taking a little nap on the job i respect that the camera looks okay

That's a nice way of saying trash let's see uh you got slow motion you got video you got photos you got portrait and panorama now let's see let's go to video let's see let's go to settings video size okay 4k 60 frames per second okay shutter sound turn that off video stabilization okay we'll do a little test video with this too i don't know though right i don't know i'm just i'm just not sold on this for 1500 bucks like this if this is if this was 700 bucks 800 bucks

All the little bugs and i could probably deal with but all this swiping up and down 100 times that's going to get old real fast all right that's going to get old all right so now let's check the web browsing speeds go to opening webpage okay that was nice and fast let's see clear all take it over to instagram all right so we're on instagram and amazon at the same time yeah this will

Be fun for multitasking i'm definitely buying these let's see do they got my size size 12 bucks 63 yeah now i need these for halloween i will add those to the cart and at the same time let's check out some cat videos on instagram see what's going down in the cat world okay oh hold up i might need these two basically you get the idea all right so overall fresh out of the box on a scale of one to ten the microsoft surface duo for 1500 bucks is trash

All right this is pure garbage now i'm still going to use it for a week and do my full review i still got an open mind but it's hard to have an open mind when you can't get to your goddamn apps look at this this is all right there it goes it just worked what about the other side now it works it works one out of every 10 15 swipes yo come on look at this this is garbage for 1500 bucks trash now look let's turn it off turn it back on

Hit that button now i know it's a first generation device that's cool that's cool but they're not charging first generation prices all right they're charging flagship prices it's 1500 bucks there's no way on your 1500 phone when you want to swipe up and get to your apps it shouldn't swipe up every single time every single time this is one of the easiest things a phone should be able to do all right we're not talking about multitasking we're not talking about

Some hardcore gaming we're talking about swiping up to get to your goddamn apps look at this this is and that's starting to make me mad all right i'm gonna of course i already turned it off turned it back on did a power cycle i did the update i did everything i'm still having the same problem okay let's go to ubereats let's move it over like the concept is nice let's go to our calendar okay go to calendar

You know the concept is there but the execution the execution it's annoying bro this is annoying well watch this i want to show you guys something i want to show you guys something real quick hold up let's take it over to camera hold up watch this camera switch over damn i was trying to get y'all a nice picture i had shoes was looking extra cute like shoes do that again shoes was looking extra cute for y'all white shoe lovers i was trying to give

Y'all a nice picture but whatever anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what y'all think about this and let me know if there's anything specific y'all want me to cover when i do my full review but like i said when i go on vacation i'm using this and the galaxy z fold which i already know i already love this phone i mean i literally love everything about this i'm just gushing over this this right here though 1500 bucks now look out the side though on a side

Note somebody asked me somebody asked me was i mad that microsoft didn't send me a review unit and the answer is no like i don't i don't reach out to no companies i don't reach out to anybody asking for any handouts i've been on youtube for 10 years i buy all my own products if a company like samsung wants to send me something to review i appreciate that but i'm still going to buy my own anyway because i like to give y'all my unfiltered opinion so microsoft it's a good thing that they didn't send me this

One to review because you know when somebody send me something to review i try to be a gentleman even if i don't like it i try not to use the harsh terminology but for 1500 bucks this is garbage all right let me stop let me stop i'm just kidding i'm just kidding i'm just kidding but for 1500 bucks though now this is trash all right this is trash build quality is excellent nice and slim all right if you got your tight pants on it's still going to fit

In your back pocket i love that fold i love the multitasking i love the look i'm really just going to use it so far i'm really using it just for this just to go to starbucks put this on the table put this on top order a frappuccino and just stun that's all i'm using it for right now you at home don't buy this for 1500 bucks don't do it to yourself trust me anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what y'all think about this one all right so i just finished shooting my

Video about two hours ago i went upstairs to pack my bags and i decided to do something that i never do i i usually don't watch anybody else's video until i do my full review to make sure that my opinions are based on my opinions not something that somebody else said and got stuck in my subconscious but i was like you know what for 1500 bucks i'm really not feeling this device maybe i got a broken device so let me watch a few other videos and see if anybody else is having the same issues

As me so shout out to my man mkbhd i took it over to his video i'm watching it and his phone is running nice and smooth so i'm like okay let me take it over to my man michael fisher all right shout out to fish i took it over to fisher's video his phone is running nice and smooth so i'm like all right either i got a bad device or it's a user error and come to find out it's not a bad device the user is a

dummy all right let me tell y'all what happened all this time i'm going like this i'm swiping from the bottom come to find out you ain't got to do that all right you got to actually swipe let me show you how to do it you got to swipe from the screen i know this is i'm such a dummy all right shoes i'm such a dumbass you got to swipe up from the display so from the display now you can get to all your apps every single time because honestly i

Started getting pissed off i usually don't buy products and then return them but i was like 1500 bucks if it's gonna be unusable like this i can't keep this even though i love the flex i can't keep it so after playing around with it for a little bit longer i realized i was doing it wrong all right you gotta swipe up from the middle so yeah all right even me i make mistakes so i'm here hat in hand to let y'all know i made a mistake now i could have

Edited out all of the i was talking in the video but i think it's funny so i'm gonna just leave it in there user error right it's not it's not microsoft it's a user error now with that being said now i could take this phone on vacation and enjoy it because all that time in the back of my mind i was kind of pissed i didn't go i was kind of pissed i'm like 1500 bucks i ain't even gonna have a good time i can't get to my apps when i want to get

To them no all you got to do open your device don't be a dumbass like me i'd open your device swipe up from the display now part of it is my fault but part of it is microsoft for these big ass unusable bezels that's the problem i'm swiping from the bezel this bezel is so big i'm getting no action from it i get no action from it i didn't realize all i gotta do is right from the actual display alright so i retract my last statements

About the phone being garbage so far fresh out of the box i would say the camera still does look kind of trash the speaker don't really got too much bass but it's quite it's loud enough just ain't got that much bass to it and um i still love the foldable design i don't know i'm still not sold yet i'm still not sold yet but at least i'm going to be able to get to my goddamn apps all right let's wrap this up shout out to everybody rocking with me on facebook foursquare twitter google plus shout out to all the google

Gangsters i see how holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram i know that's where i'm at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays y'all already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys

Oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that's where i'm at and a special shout out to the notification squad i'll see y'all in the comments section early salute oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y'all haters all your trolls close your eyes and picture me it's your boy floss i'm out deuces spock won the beam up

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