Microsoft Surface Duo first look

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

all right we're not done if this was a
symphony it'd be missing one instrument
that's what will be happening and I read
your tweets and I saw the leeks and I
read the websites I got that good job
you guys did your job everyone in here
did their job you got it all right
except for one thing
take a look
Oh sometimes I get a good feeling yeah

never never happy phone no no hello

tell me right now uh I believe I really
do believe something's got a hold on me
Southern's home

let me turn now I've got a feeling it's
so strange everything seems to have got
a brand-new walk I even saw later when I
in the field

I am pretty excited to show this to you
yeah this is me excited there this is
surface deal I'm super clear I'm super
clear you're gonna talk about this
you're gonna talk about as a phone and
and I get that and you're gonna talk
about it as a communication device and
it does both those things incredibly
well for sure for sure you can text you
can write you can do what you want but
make no mistake this product is a
surface how beautiful how beautiful is
this product not just cuz of the
hardware not just because of the
hardware nope no no but because how
productive you can be on it the premium
fit finish the thinness pretty
all the adaptable postures you saw on
surface neo enabled right here by that
same 362 5c 365 degree hinge the two
side by side 5.6 inch displays come
together in an incredibly powerful way
enabling every single one of the
postures you see there
and this product brings together the
absolute best of Microsoft and we're
partnering with Google to bring together
the absolute best of Android into one
product that unique design ethos and
innovation that surface brings with
every single app in the Android
ecosystem this this is industry pushing
technology and its technology pushing
possibilities people need to use their
phones to be more productive but phones
have their limits think about starting a
mail an important mail and then
finishing it on your PC
never done that what about when you're
on a video call and your ass to question
maybe what time's the game what time are
you gonna be home for dinner what does
your schedule say when's the next
what's the score and your fantasy match
up what do you do you get out of the
video call you lose the thing we talked
about that might be the most powerful
thing on the planet which is human
connection you blur your screen and you
go get the information you're also
context switching your working memory is
flushing your right out of your flow or
sometimes you pull data from one app and
yet to put it in another you switch
between those apps maybe a frequent
flyer number or an address or maybe just
trying to get an address into your maps
but what if you could just push a button
and two screens would light up with the
two apps you wanted we absolutely know
scientifically that you will be more
productive on two screens much more than
one screen ever could do but it has to
be elegant it has to fit in your pop it
has to be robust it has to fit in your
bag and it's not just more real estate
you need it's not it's defined real
estate its structure and the way the
mind takes it that seam down the middle
lights the product up in ways that are
almost impossible to explain because you
have to feel it and that space drives
you into flow and the opportunity that
I'm most excited about announcing this
product early is fundamentally bringing
developers along with us creating api's
that create magical experiences the cost
dual screens
the idea that you can do two tasks in
context switch with ease without losing
focus this this is a powerful product
this will come holiday 2020

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