Microsoft buys Bethesda, Apple Watch SE review | Engadget Podcast Live

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

Um good morning everybody welcome to our live recording of the engadget podcast i'm senior editor devendra hardware and i'm joined with sherlin lowe our reviews editor hey sherlin hello and ben ellman our producer hello this is going to be a fun episode because uh it's just just a little bit a little bit of news microsoft just bought a tiny tiny little developer called bethesda so we're going to be diving into that um well actually they bought zenimax media

Which is the parent company and they own all bunch of stuff so there's all of that uh thank you so much for joining us live uh we will be recording the podcast actually right now too so you may hear some behind the scenes stuff happening don't freak out and in between some sections we will do live audience q a's so stick around for that drop your questions in the chat or uh you can tweet us at engadget with the hashtag podcastlive

So ben will be looking at all those things so we get some nice back and forth with you guys um show lynn ben are you guys good to go yeah quick hello to everyone that's already here hello hello hello hello hello uh as always too if you're joining us for these live streams that's great please be sure to subscribe to the podcast on itunes or wherever uh that's super helpful leave us a review on itunes that's all great yeah people tend to dip in and dip out

Yeah and so like if you came for a certain segment but weren't able to see that or want to see everything around your favorite segment that's the podcast is the best way to hear all of that it'll also sound better yeah yes it'll it'll probably sound a little bit better and it's on literally everywhere that you could get podcasts uh as of about 7 30 or 8 eastern uh on friday every good friday morning bonus for everybody so so hey quick behind the scenes notes

For everybody now we didn't just want to remind ben and dev that we didn't record room tone right before we didn't know yeah we'll want to do that later yeah a little pressed for time as we were waiting for people to appear i'm looking at one person yeah right like you were the one giving us all kinds of bug problems with your silly little setup sure lynn loves to show up 10 minutes before we start recording live i don't love you wow all the time at the live stream

Okay are we good to go yes i just wanna like since the show is packed let's just make sure to like play the hits play the hits yeah and also yeah don't we don't need to spend time on some like the tiny things amazon will be talking briefly about the amazon event that's going to happen today but that's literally happening once we end so we can only talk so much about that uh the samsung galaxy impact stuff sherlin you know you can streamline whatever

There for for the people who are on the live stream will be you know answering your questions in between segments and at the end of the show like so questions about the apple watch s e and anything else we talked about today or anything in like anything okay we good to go let's go and yeah actually can we do a quick slate because we didn't even do a slate what sleep he means um so starting in three two one

Okay close enough it's fine okay all right hit it when you're ready what's up internet what's up internet and welcome back to the engadget podcast i'm senior editor davindra hardawar and reviews editor sherlin lowe this week it is about a lot of things but it is microsoft dropping some of the biggest news not just of the week but of the year uh monumental news about them buying zennimax media the parent company of bethesda

And all the studios that they're a part of that it's just insane news uh we will be diving into all that sherlin will be talking about the apple watch se i believe it's your first apple watch that you're reviewing sherlin right my first apple review whatsoever oh wow yeah that's a big step um but yeah we got shirlin over from the android side over from the dark side for the playing with an apple watch and uh it is funny to see shirlin um actually enjoying this piece of you know stable consumer electronics so we

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okay so some surprise microsoft wow wow so let me tell you guys about my monday morning i got up i made coffee i figured it'd be a pretty quiet week because things were super busy last week um 9am struck and just a little piece of news dropped microsoft buying zenimax media bethesda and this is insane news and if you're not a gamer i can understand it's like oh this this just sounds like a media holding company which it is but it's a media company

It's a media company that contains some of the biggest and most interesting game developers around including but that's the game studios um you know they're the ones behind all sorts of uh like the elder scrolls games they've got fallout um in software the the originators of the first person shooter they've got doom arcane uh they're a smaller developer but they made the dishonored series which i love so much machine games is behind the new

Wolfenstein reboot which are excellent tango gameworks is a japanese developer that's made the evil within and it's produced by shinji mikami the resident evil creator so this is huge and this news came um a day before xbox series x and s pre-orders went live too so talk about a combo of you know pr of monumental partnership news or a huge acquisition just getting people excited for buying these next generation systems i was a bit fluored by this um i wrote

Up an editorial about it too because there's a lot going on with this deal and we've talked a bit before about how game pass is kind of microsoft's killer feature now especially for these next generation consoles so game pass um yeah it's their first service uh 10 bucks a month you can get access to a library of over 100 games some ea play games and now they confirmed it's going to be is going to contain these games from

These studios too or at least the bethesda games um because they're all owned by microsoft that is just a ton of content that you know you'll be able to play and the thing i really go on about too by the way is xbox um uh was it x back but sorry the thing i really go on about is a game pass unlimited it is the the super game pass that is 15 bucks a month that includes xbox uh live and it also includes game pass for both pc

And consoles so there's a lot there's just so much going on there sure lynn does any of this mean anything to you because i'm i'm still processing this news yeah you said uh when you were introducing this news that if i'm not a gamer maybe i want to i i'm not a gamer really and i still knew that this was huge news a because like i've even heard of the name bethesda even as a non-gamer um but that's probably because like i hang out with a lot of gamer people um and and it was making the rounds on

Twitter as well so yeah it's a big deal i you know have said in previous episodes that i'm considering buying my first gaming console this year the xbox series s was the one i was you know advised to get and now one of the criticisms against it or or one of the arguments to go for ps instead of microsoft was that maybe ps titles might be more fun for me to play and so now with this like out in the open and assuming that some of these big titles will be added to the xbox game pass

Thing this definitely seems like the way to go for me if i could get a pre-order in i'm not good luck with that so they also yeah they kicked off pre-orders this week too and microsoft's whole thing was a lot more organized because they didn't just like dump the news on twitter and jeff keeley's you know twitter feed it was just like hey they said i think it was like 10 or 11 a.m on tuesday it's going to be at these sites go there try to get your

Order in it worked for a lot of people i know it's always a mess especially for such a in-demand product so it was messy but it was nowhere near like the disaster the playstation pre-orders were last week when people were just scrambling things were all over the place like nothing really made sense so we had to issue an apology sort of yeah uh no it didn't seem like we were on to a good start here but hey just crazy news and uh the game pass thing by the way it's game pass ultimate not unlimited i always get that

Mixed up um but this is really here's the key right this this acquisition just brings all these games some of the biggest franchises around within this game subscription service which is relatively inexpensive and um there there are potential downsides to that too i do feel like microsoft may start playing the exclusivity uh game yeah the exclusive game thing that sony has been doing for a while too which i think is not great for gamers

It's not great for consumers it's nice for a company to say like hey i have final fantasy 16 for the next year exclusively which playstation 5 will because they debuted that in the trailer a couple weeks ago um that's not great for gamers who only have you know an xbox one yeah or another system so i do think we're moving to a stage where game exclusives kind of need to stop uh but then again i think microsoft has long been criticized for not having those killer exclusives like sony does

Um so now that they actually have these free these franchises who knows what's going to happen um you know some quick updates uh they did say some of the games that were already basically scheduled to be um to be exclusive on playstation 5 will still be there like they're going to honor those deals so that includes uh was it tokyo the the next game from tango game works and the next game from arcane those are still going to be limited exclusives on playstation even

Though they're owned by microsoft which is hilarious it's a contract thing it has to be like they've got yeah we can't yeah money's already changed hands the contract is already set so that's that makes sense yeah but they did say microsoft said that they will take future titles like making future titles cross-platform on a game by game basis which could mean like the future like a future doom or future elder scrolls may only be on xbox for a while and that's a potential danger there

Um that's all in my editorial about all this because i think this puts microsoft on a on a path that is potentially dangerous i think it's exciting if you care about the business side of things it could be dangerous when it comes to the consolidation of media and having so many developers in so many games under one company is that something that worries you sherlin i i think that uh the exclusivity thing i know is like a business strategy but i do think why don't like making it available on more

Platforms should mean more money right it should mean more people are able to buy it the truth no that should be the way to go i i think for the biggest games that will probably be what happens and then such an adult i think in an interview with bloomberg said that their their goal is to be you know kind of work with the ecosystem and have their content be broadly available right and that's really what he's been pushing microsoft towards like not just building windows phones they

Gave up on windows phones but they built their apps for ios and android to really get you know get their services out there because it matters more if people are paying microsoft you know monthly yeah or annual subscription sheet for for office than if they buy microsoft's phones and we're waiting to see if kind of the same thing will happen for xbox i do think game pass puts microsoft in a good place to basically continue that um and yeah if they sell copies even without game pass

If they sell copies on playstation 5 or wherever that's still ultimately good for microsoft exactly um yeah so this is a long confusing thing um surely you had joked that this is sort of like microsoft couldn't get tick-tock and we'll talk a little bit more about what happened to tick-tock but hey this is a fun consolation right yeah yeah we couldn't buy tickets yeah so here's here's bethesda instead offering another plate i think that's uh just

Looking at the timing of things that yeah that seems kind of funny i think we've learned that this deal in particular has been in the works for you know several months since i believe before the summer and for the past few years microsoft has also been rumored to be you know trying to buy some major studios i believe capcom was a really strong rumor for a while um which would be kind of amazing and honestly they could still do that um but capcom also uh they had what was it monster hunter world was

Such a huge success for them i believe one of the if not the biggest you know best-selling game of all time um street fighter when i hear capcom it's not been selling so i know not lately but monster hunter that's like the game i grew up yeah yeah yeah so ben i know you're a pc gamer been our producer um do you have any thoughts about what's going on here i'm actually more of a console gamer than a gamer but uh i think the interesting thing

Here i was just thinking as you were saying uh microsoft needs exclusives that when was i introduced to the entire concept of the xbox it was about 2002 2003 maybe 2004 and it was with um halo yeah halo exclusive on the xbox was really really consequential and as the main halo trilogy has gone through its motions and it passed on to 343. we talked about how 343 has not been doing as great a job

Keeping up the halo legacy as um bungie did it makes sense that microsoft would be looking for something to really like put that much more value proposition into their console or yes reinforce the value proposition of possible exclusives for their console yeah and this is a little different than just like halo right because halo was that was an in-house thing it was built by bungie and they they brought in bungie because they bungee was making was it marathon i believe for max in the

90s so they brought in bungie to do this but halo was a property you know that premiered on the xbox that was a big thing uh all these other games uh wolfenstein doom uh elder scrolls these are things that we're used to seeing on pc and elsewhere and other consoles for it to just be in microsoft that's uh that's an interesting change it's potentially you know bad change for sony because it means that they're gonna have to start working with microsoft to get these

Games but uh yeah it just seems crazy this is a deal on the level of uh like the disney pixar relationship i believe this is this was a seven billion dollar plus deal so it was more than disney played for uh lucasfilm yeah yeah so we were talking about that in the production meeting yesterday and so i looked up some of the numbers and actually so yes this is significantly larger than lucasarts because lucasarts was about lucas is different yeah okay yeah lucasarts is a subsidiary

Uh i don't think they exist anymore but yeah okay i'm thinking about star wars about the 90s the empire for 2064. excuse me but i so the scale of the lucasfilm deal was about one maybe one and a half billion dollars and so this is more on the scale of disney pixar as you said it's actually very very similar um i think this deal with bethesda was about 7.4 billion and the disney pixar deal was 7.5

Billion so like what is a hundred million dollars this film thing was four billion by the way but yeah yeah that is it's all big money like money what does any of this thing matter you know when we're talking about billions of dollars but yeah this is a huge freaking deal um we're gonna see the impact of this acquisition for years this is a sea change in the way the game industry works so it'll be interesting

Um listeners i want to know too does this affect how you're you're thinking of the next generation consoles email us at we'd love to be chatting about this there's just so much to get excited about and so much to get worried about too anything else for lynn or ben no i just gonna maybe buy xbox i guess okay yeah and we want to hear what you have to say in the chat like are you looking forward to the possibility of playing the next elder scrolls game

Just on the xbox for maybe about a year and a half before it goes to steam before it goes to ps5 um what i want to play is the alien resurrection game i mean you can't play that i believe that is on game pass too so that will be hot i hear it was terrifying and i really want to be terrified it's really good i want to be terrified in this day and age i always want to be terrified i've watched so many horror movies the

Last weekend it's a good it's a good way to feel you know it's a good way to feel something yeah yeah well no you you're basically preparing yourself for for the horrors of life yeah yes or i learned how to scare others by letting myself be scared i don't know what it whatever it is that's definitely part of it do we have any audience questions or should we just move no no audience questions right now i do think that like the big value

Proposition is past present and future yeah for um game pass ultimate the fact that you could just say oh i think i want to play a little bit of fallout 3 and then just immediately do that just immediately do that and yeah we were not even going to like the xcloud stuff where this is probably a future episode but it seems like where microsoft is going you will not need a console or even a pc because if you just have like a mobile

Device or tablet or if the xcloud stuff goes the that app just needs to be on tvs or other devices because it's just a little video feed you could play games on anything uh and from my experience so far x cloud is really great and low latency so yeah it's like a big thing go ahead ben yeah so we do have a couple of things from the chat they said that at 10 so tahama in the chat says that 10 or 15 a month game pass four game pass at 15

Million subs they're going to be earning 1.8 to 2.7 billion a year keeping games exclusive to gamer pass would increase increase their subscriber base and then jay is agreeing with that because he calculated the same thing he's like with the money that they paid for bethesda they'll make it back in about four years for sure and they by the way they went from 10 to 15 million game pass subscribers since april like they confirmed 50

Million this week but that was since april that that growth has happened and certainly with the new consoles all of this is gonna explode uh the hardware is not the point here i think that's the ultimate story right it is a subscription it is the idea that you're going to just keep paying microsoft forever i think on on you know initially it does seem like a better deal than spending 60 bucks on a single new game you know for 60 bucks you get what four months you know you get a good chunk of

Time with game pass um and if you're not doing ultimate then it's 10 bucks a month you know so you get even more um yeah this is a new era for gaming and that's by the way that's kind of how i game i don't know about you guys but i'll buy a title and then i play it like hardcore for a month and then forget about it you played obsessively yeah yeah like when i was into animal crossing forgot the title it was like i mean i

Was super into it and then now we're like three months into the pandemic i just stopped playing all together and it feels like a waste to throw that forty dollars down and then not be playing it anymore so for sure i totally agree the subscription weight seems to be the way to go yeah i think for a lot of people uh the only the only downside is you don't really own your games and some games could leave the service eventually netflix style but then at that point you

Can still just buy them right yeah we're this is all new territory so it does save your save files like locally and so you could just purchase the game it saves them locally and in the cloud too like if you're on good yeah i believe if you're on if you have uh you know xbox multiplayer you also get cloud save so that's all part of it so the only asterisk that i would put on the 15 million subscriber figure that you said uh for

Game pass ultimate is now just just like every ultimate is a separate thing yeah yeah okay um like everything else in this weird world during this weird year how much of a pandemic um thing do we have to um or like pandemic premium do we have to put on this number you know did more people subscribe because they know that they're going to be spending way more time at home and it's a better investment because you can go catch up on all the games you missed over the past couple of years so

It is a good way to play a lot of games without spending much up front so yeah yeah certainly the pandemic helped and i'm pretty sure like the new generation consoles will certainly be a big push there too okay so we're doing a quick hit about oracle and tick tock now sure for sure okay so we briefly mentioned that hey microsoft didn't end up getting tick-tock like a lot of our reporting and a lot of the drama around this really that's where this all started

So now tick tock is partially owned by oracle and walmart question mark so strange it's it's a very weird turn of events i wasn't expecting this to be the ending of the story but uh there we go what was it like twenty percent is healthy pride they're both getting a 20 investment stake in the newly formed tick tock global company and oracle is going to be tick tock's secure cloud provider uh basically you know the there there is no shutdown um the the president has basically

Approved the deal in concept uh although he was trying to find kickbacks from it because of course um get money out of it yeah yeah so hey tick tocks tick tock's still around um now what officially owned by or walmart i guess my question to our listener and our live viewers is does this make you feel better about tick tock now are you more likely to use it now that it's partially owned by oracle and walmart which by the way most major

Retailers like this have been collecting your data for like longer than the digital revolution so enjoy that i have to go um there was a there was a great quote from larry ellison who's the billionaire you know in char the billionaire ceo of oracle and uh he had a great quote too that just sounded like of old guy trying to you know basically be with the young man it's like well not even be with the young people oh yes tick tock will you know our

Global cloud platform is certainly you know fitting for tick tocks blah blah blah blah blah it just sounded like oh this is this is one of the people now in charge of the you know the social network that is so popular with the youths clearly this all makes sense you know he knows what's up with the kids i just found it hilarious yep okay enough about this i don't want to talk to talk about tik tok for a while unless something interesting happens but hey it's still around um you know yeah we'll we'll dive deeper into what

Y'all in america is not over yeah but the good news is for now it seems like american users can still perform their dance challenges and share them on tick tock uh but hopefully you want to be careful about when you watch the service right devendra you're sharing like a disturbing story about the content that sometimes surfaces on on on tick tock yeah i mean we've talked about the power of tick tock as the power of the algorithm and the way the algorithm can

You know what can get popular in tik-tok is not just super popular people kind of followers but be a small thing from an account with very few followers that the algorithm lifts up and brings to other accounts and people share and share and share yada yada uh the problem is this account this algorithm is so good it's also kind of uncontrollable and i think a couple weeks ago there was a story of a guy who committed suicide on tick tock on well no he it was facebook live the

Video made it over to tiktok and it just kept getting shared and shared and shared and people would like put in filler opening video so that you wouldn't you couldn't tell that's where it was going whoa and then like clip in the stuff at the end so all this stuff like anything in the media and social media there's potential for abuse and this algorithm you know tick tock is trying to stop

This video but they had a hard time doing it because they can't control directly the algorithm you can't just because of the way yeah because of the way techdoc is built around sharing and resharing and constant like constant sharing like that it is tough to just stop one thing if people are re-badging it changing the the video a little or changing the music so that's a potential downside um i hope the company is looking at that situation because every social network has dealt with this it's not just them

But it does seem like they're virality it's like a viral engine that is uncontrollable so yeah who knows if they can get some control over that eventually do you want to talk about your apple watch that's the e because i'm interested in um your very first uh conference apple review basically oh it's a it's a it's a it's it's an experience it is it's like a soccer that's so polished and shiny it's not crashing all the time don't don't tell people i admitted that no i'm

Kidding um yeah this is my first review of an apple watch i've had limited experience with apple watches in the past and you know i'm the lead wearables reviewer on engadget and we've been trying to make sure that i get like you know yeah significant time with an apple watch for a while because it's only fair and it's it will inform my experience with other devices so i have the apple watch se this is a 40 millimeter uh size with a braided solo loop and it's gosh

Gosh it's nice i uh i've i've said before that i know and am aware and actually believe that the apple watch is the best smart watch in the space but now having spent an extended spend it having spent an extended amount of time with the steer the watch se i i see why i like i get it it's clicking like every other smart watch has died and only apple has survived yeah well there are certain things that i think samsung does better the tizen os is just easier to use there's

Fewer like things you need to do to get to like a widget for example i want to i want to add my you know water intake or something um but what really is great about apple watch's ecosystem is that oh my gosh hey this thing flies it's really fast b it works so well with like your iphone um siri is pretty smart with watch os seven they've moved certain like uh dictation like the on on dictation's moved on device so the processing

Is just so fast siri is also really accurate at understanding what i'm saying which is uh surprising but by the way worst theory you had to like when you did hit siri on the apple watch it would hit your iphone like it would go back to the phone to kind of do the work and there was always delay with that it was always it's straight up like um my dreams of being uh michael knight in knight writer just like talking to my watch

My robots uh yeah it's coming true your smartwatch dreams are coming true and i think that that like every review that i do i have a moment where i kind of sit and i'm like what am i going to like what is the message right and that was my message which was like what is this watch what does this watch represent and for a lot of people it might be their first apple watch because this is the cheaper 279 dollars um version as opposed to the 400 series six

Right and it is it just tells me how far apple has come in the smartwatch making game this thing you don't have there's so much fewer delays there are so few pauses and stutters uh everything that i expect to work works more or less the way it should and you know even though it's kind of super small this thing just feels really dense it feels so well made i don't know i don't want to like go on and on because i mean you're talking about all the things people have been saying about the

Apple watch i think it's the very first one although it's gotten more stable like i bought the first one it felt good like as a device it felt good the software was just slow you know apple's always made like good like feeling the things would feel well put together yeah um the i mean software has had this issue certain features were missing etc um but yeah no i mean i still prefer tyson's bezel interface where you can like flick it around and go and you know

Swipe through a lot of pages at once this is the first time anybody has said i still prefer ties in anything i still no no i will say samsung's spinning bezel everyone has been saying that it's still the best way no it's still the best way to interact with the watch i don't i don't mind the crown in fact i like the way the crown like the the little dial on the apple watch feels like an actual watch style whereas the bezel thing on on samsung based on what i saw like a couple years

Ago with some of the i think the second gen samsung watches like it was it was fine but those things are so thick like that's the thing even when you start off the samsung watch with us it's too thick on your wrist it looks bad whereas you look at the apple watch it's a lot lower profile it seems more fitting to being a smart device in 2020 right so the watch three yes they've made the bezels slimmer and smaller and lighter um and it still was a chunky watch chunky baby um and yes i agree that the

Digital crown is lower profile it is not as easy to use because it doesn't offer you as much like room to kind of like work with but it's again up to you if you're an android person the apple watch still isn't going to be good for you so you're still gonna go with like something like the galaxy watch uh the watch active too however does have sort of that spinning bezel interface with the touch bezel rather than a physical spinning wheel um and i don't like that as much but

It's there also if you need it anyway just like to quickly break down what are some of the things that are that are coming out of this experience with uh apple watch se with watch os seven which you know launches with this watch and the series six you get sleep tracking right and listeners of this podcast know about my love hate relationship with that and i also recently reviewed the fitbit sense which does a different like a more in-depth sort of sleep tracking so the watch i

Was seven one night i put it on i went to bed i was like all right grumbling grumbling grumbling i don't wanna watch the bed if i did it next morning i woke up i was like okay after this night of terrible sleep let's take a look at like what the watch os is uh what the watch is going to tell me didn't track anything it didn't track anything why because i was a dummy plus there was a step in the setup process that was like enable sleep tracking oh but you have to and i was oh but that's good that's good for privacy in that it

Is it's asking you to do that but yeah you have to do that extra step sorry i agree no no no i mean yeah we were saying like in our production call you were like no totally apple should be able to like it says automatic sleep tracking it should be automatic um i think once well once you confirm it i didn't know where you were in the setup process but i feel like once you're being like okay you could do all this stuff apple just let right and then i was like i see i see the total like the point of

The you know people's whole thing is being cautious about your privacy about your permissions so they want you to actively be like be aware we're going to track your sleep so this step i get the whole theory behind it it was just a moment of like in the review process this was frustrating anyway i enabled it and then it's tracked my sleep it's not as accurate i feel as the um others that i've tested fitness sense and a galaxy watch are a little bit better at it because

They actually use your heart rate and calculate your sleep zones whereas this thing first of all you set up like a wind down your time to go to bed feature i kind of like that i do like that i've been using on my phone and just like it makes the like little lullaby sounds like oh it is 1 15 am and i've been writing all night maybe i should leave this computer you know it's great on your phone it's not good on your watch because it doesn't do anything on my watch other than like dnd like blocks

All notifications i'm like great i don't want to be woken up later on so i set my bedtime to 1am which is i know it's late for most people but it's really for me and what it does is it just starts counting as if you were sleeping am yeah and i'm just like no it's not about when yeah right so then it notices that like it will notice breaks in the time and it will you know log those but ultimately it told me i slept a lot longer than i actually did which was i went to bed at like 2 30 or

Something i don't know but yeah um i'm still not fully convinced that apple sleep tracking is better than the rest yet obviously i think others do better on that and this is something they can improve on for the next i think this is fitbit fitbit was the one who started that with the trackers like back without competing with jawbone and yeah with the aria like back when fitness trackers were big on this fitbit has been doing it forever so they have the most

Uh the most i believe they also bought some companies too for better sleep tracking is entirely impossible yeah i i think that the sleep tracker is a better device to wear to bed than a watch but oh yeah right let me go on about that talking about fitbit i just finished reviewing the fitbit sense that thing i mean gosh i love the sleeve inside to get from that honestly i don't like wearing anything to bed but on my watch on my wrist but um the fibo sense when you do get the results they're so

Like i spent some time looking at oh i i was in rem sleep for that long oh it was a restorative stuff that long that was so great to see and yeah samsung also does this which is nice anyway i almost feel like there should be a mode for these watches where you just slip it into your pillow maybe or something like a charging thing that sits under you or near you while you're sleeping so it can actually try right since i can actually remove the strap and just use the case that would be that would be a really smart piece of software if they

Ever came up with it but it can't um either does the apple watch do oxygen tracking no the series 6 has the blood oxygen and the ecg so between the se and the series 6 your main difference is the lack of ecg you don't have a blood oxygen sensor also you don't have that you have a different processor but this is the one that's on this is speedy as hello last year's processor right now that's good i do wonder what blood

Oxygen how that what that could add to sleep tracking because i am somebody who constantly worries like do i have sleep apnea i don't mean no i've never gone through a test but that's all about oxygen monitoring and everything and i snore a lot sometimes so that makes me worried and your only solution to that is to get the uh to get the mask or whatever you call that uh the guard the snore guard or something but also no it is the um the sleep apnea mask that has called

Cpap it kind of pumps for you i do feel like we are waiting for a company to do like a smart cpap thing because a lot of people sleep terribly a lot of people snore and just making people sleep better would be like a monumental thing i think phillips or some other companies have come up with them but they're like 500 bucks plus you know so what uh fitbit does is it has uh i think what looks like an experimental snore detection um which i turned on and i don't snore so like obviously

It didn't detect anything but um oh yeah no i know this for a fact and uh the fitbit's issue though my issue with fitbit and you can see this in the review that went up on is that like the way uh you know it detects or tracks your blood oxygen is only at night which the company told me the reason they do this is that like your blood oxygen levels don't change a lot during the day right right finally if you're tracking at night what you're doing is you're getting a baseline

Read and then you compare your variations and that's how you detect things like sleep apnea or other respiration issues um so i think that it's fine you might want to consider the sense if you're really that concerned um i don't know apple and samsung with their blood oxygen they're detecting more throughout the day it takes apple just 15 seconds it takes samsung more or less around the same time to get a reading which you're just going to get a result that tells you like you're good

More or less so i don't know yeah i think another good thing about fitbit 2 is it's good for being cross-platform where if you are somebody who doesn't know if you're going to stick with ios or stick with android uh i i know the samsung stuff works with ios 2 sherlin you mentioned that but i have a feeling that it still works best with android and all the android widgets right every yeah we've discussed this before every smart watch that's not an apple watch

Works better with android because it's more open it allows you to stick your replies and stuff like that whereas ios doesn't but uh obviously fitbit can also work with an i os or iphone if you want to and you can still get those insights um i wanted to say a really quick thing about the fitbit which is it yeah it's just comparing the fitbit moving from the fitbit to the apple watch i think is part of the reason why i was so amazed at the apple watch because fitbit os

Is limited it's very it's it's raw it's kind of unrefined it's kind of it's a shame in 2020 fitbit software is still so right they bought pebble just for the software yeah yeah and they did very little with it except for open up like html developer platform for like easier app writing which is great but anyway um one last thing that i really liked about the apple watch though

Is um you know people keep talking about closing your ring yeah yeah yeah yeah that's like oh no it's another game we found another game we're shooting to be obsessed with it is the ring game so tell me did you just walk around in circles for a full day i didn't walk around circle in circles for quite a lot of the day uh literally see how this plays out like fully predictable i just walk up i go grab like a glass of water and i start pouring it by like a walk around as i

Pour it i'm just like let's do this um no but what's been even more fun is uh at the start of my review process chris belasco our senior mobile editor and also apple watch user was like uh chris velasco has uh invited you to share your activity oh god the second that happened he and i are both like so competitive now with each other like he'll go for a bike ride at the end of the day just to like match i added valentina palladino and other like apple watch users on the engadget

Team and yeah we have like a i have a mini competition going on with everyone so valentina always kicks butt she's always like waiting for her to so i also get alerts when all these people finish their workouts now because we're sharing info i wake up every morning to valentina already having completed like two runs or something like yeah just like no i just woke up um yeah so it's that's really fun and

It's not that fitbit doesn't offer competition in its service there is a fitbit community that allows for that it's just not as baked in this seamless yeah yeah it just i ran you're starting to see the apple spell shirlene like it's the baked in it's the it's yeah oh yeah no it works it's a lot of that is the reason people stick with apple what it is i knew in theory before and then having it now and also being a person who has reviewed a lot of other smart watches it's more that like because i've seen

What's not so great coming up with something that's really well done feels different you know what's funny is that you being an android expert has made you in a way appreciate ios and really like i'm bored i did write i did already write an article like in june that watch west 7 might be what gets me to move over to ios i will say dear listener viewer don't worry i am not a trader i am still going to stick to android but this thing really tells me a lot but

Now your life is filled with regret you're just like man i wish i'm just gonna have two phones and two watches because the iphone can be my work phone you'll have the good phone and the bad phone that's so mean that's not true the good watch and the bad watch maybe so talking about bad phones i don't know or other be mean again tell me about tell me about the samsung galaxy impact for every fan event in which they announced another goddamn phone

So samsung yeah announced the unpacked event for every fan it was tues wednesday or tuesday at like whatever time again time is on wouldn't the fans already own the phones like why are you hosting an event right a year after uh that's the question that everyone has been asking since they talked about the s20 fe which is the fans want the higher end phone well the s20 fe stands for fan edition and it comes it's 6.99 is so it's like 700

Which is 200 cheaper than the s20 ish and it's got like 6.5 inch screen but 1080p instead of quad hd you get like the same processor but the camera the the camera that's the telephoto lens is a little less sharp it's eight megapixels actually if i uh i'm not 100 sure on the actual i just i want to my head like like an owl and just like feel like what none of this makes it so very too strange yeah it's a strange mix and hodgepodge of specs

It's just that keeper s20 right but don't they already have a cheaper s20 no they have the s20 s20 plus and s20 ultra oh okay okay so now you got the cheap fe s20 and let's let's talk about why the hell they named this fe cause we were saying it's clearly not so called for the fans like they're trying to tell you uh we we had a briefing with samsung and someone asked samsung hey why are you calling it the fe yeah they're like well because we did market research and the word light

Doesn't do so well and the word e doesn't do great and so we're going to go with f e because fe tracks well with people we're like yeah it attracts 12 people because they think you're going to stuff it with special bonus yeah like or like bts or special edition phone with the new processor something that the people who bought early didn't get right right and i think it's also kind of a take on apple's se right we've got the apple watch se

We've got the um you know iphone se are you saying samsung may be copying apple in some respects that's that's unfounded i mean that's that's uh that's totally nothing no one in the industry has ever done before yeah i mean s e f e even sounds a little bit like s e become a thing so so let's uh i think that that's what they were going for so let's see if they continue this naming because samsung has tried a lot of different names for his budget phones now and

It's none of them have really stuck the other thing too is with this phone we've got the total number of phones launched this year by samsung just in the flagship lines it's up to eight okay so like yeah i'm gonna run this down galaxy s20 s20 plus s20 ultra z flip then we had the no 20 no 20 ultra the galaxy z fault 2 and now the s20 fe you're not even carrying like the a line which is the yo yeah not even the a line and then i tweeted

This out and i got like all kinds of like all around the world not even the m51 the n9 i was like guys i know there's a lot of phones there are other markets yeah but like holy crap sam song and i mean i agree they used to do like carrier versions of specific phones so it's already like a drop in the number and there are 5g variants this year too for some of the phones there are i think the z flip comes in the z flip 5g um but anyhow samsung y'all you you got a lot of assembly lines going on right there

So what what is the price of this phone because i feel like any any 6.99 this is their how does this compare to the uh you know uh pixel 4a which is 350 bucks and is our perfect lovely cheap boy so uh biggest difference i think you'll see is the processor is actually different there is 865 on the s20 fe and you know google uses more like a 700 level but google really you can't really tell the difference the software runs really well on the 4a

Another huge difference camera um you get additional sensors with the s20 fe which offers you a bit more flexibility of versatility in your shooting um but again google has done such a great job with the one sensor that i you know much as i would like a wide angle lens for landscapes i not i don't feel like i'm missing out i kind of trust google's software more than samsung's multiple sensors especially like i think i was watching reviews at the latest note right and

The camera stuff seems weird it just seems like samsung is doing weird processing to a lot of things in a not great way uh well depends well stand strong your selfies are always going to look a little bit artificially tweaked just a bit um and the rest of it though i mean there's like some sort of artifacts in processing samsung has tamped that down a lot but i kind of see it as like one of the things is the way they render color and i see the approach of samsung versus

Google and versus the iphone cameras on color and similar to that philosophy of canon versus uh nikon or right right something like that like bolder versus more muted exactly exactly so it's really up to your own preference sometimes i think samsung users are either already used to it or they have found their own workarounds or they like it um and everyone else that prefers like natural more neutral colors they're going to prefer something like i mean we don't even talk

About the huawei phones the huawei phones are over saturated a lot of the time for sure i mean yeah it is sort of like it is like looking at tv screens too like if you look at the tv screen and best buy or something it's too bright the colors cranked up way too much like that's how people try to sell you on screen so yeah i get it uh children are there going to be any other samsung events this year because i am i'm done with samsung i don't want to

Talk about samsung anymore i uh so we usually see samsung do a development conference in november everyone's all like where's the galaxy homeboy where is that galaxy you know uh-huh so we don't know whether they'll have another where the tizen bands at where the or the bixby where's the bixby speaker maybe there'll be a bixby fridge does not exist i don't think probably doesn't yeah actually i think uh you i don't know if you've seen pop star

Never stop never stopping yet trillion which is a masterpiece of comedy and one of the greatest american movies ever made of the past 10 years at least but there's a point where they make a joke about a smart fridge and how smart fridges go haywire when you send songs over a bad firmware update i see the bixby fridge that is the bixby fridge that is the fridge with the speaker in it for some reason that you talk to and samsung sends an update and it just plays music every time you open it

Way too loud that is samsung you can do that you heard it here first i predicted okay let's spend a second talking to chat just because we've barreled through a bunch of things let me take a note 46 20. uh he means special edition yes not standard edition um the funniest thing that i saw during the apple watch segment is someone saying uh that shirlen said oh the watch is pretty and apple corp is like we got her yeah

It's more like uh was it janine and ghostbusters we got one there are people pointing out that like the the bezel they like the bezel like they're look there are people who like it i love it uh the samsung bezel sure yeah you can have one thing you can have one thing that is nice on the samsung watch it's that bezel that round rotating bezel yeah uh i think we hopefully answered stuart wiley's question about the sleep

Tracking after i set it up yeah and a lot of it is talking about how you know well-made and hefty uh apple products can be um like hefty as in just no no well i mean just hefty is like it feels like it's well made yeah just strongly i almost had like a moment from like i don't know if you guys remember one of the climactic moments of the abyss where somebody is very strong wedding ring engagement ring i forget uh prevents like a giant door from slamming

But on multiple occasions my apple watch has prevented a door from just like slamming on my wrist because it's just like it stops right there and the glass is undamaged reaction was not concerned for your wrist i was concerned for the watch the watch is fine okay all right as long as you didn't crack the watch i don't care about your wrists yeah so speaking of like healthcare stuff it's interesting that you were talking about um a smart cpap because my dad has

Actually used a cpap since i was in high school and so that's like his primary connection to any kind of like health cracking sort of thing yeah he was telling me about how he got a new cpap recently that i don't know if it reports like sleep quality or anything on the level of fitbit or apple watches sleep tracking easily because it has all your movement like they can sense your movement it reports you should usage statistics to um your insurer

Interesting because like some people get prescribed to cpap but don't end up using it right so like that may be applied to their um insurance payments or something like that versus if you use it every single night for three years there are some um programs in some insurance policies where if you use it every single night then they're like okay yes you really need it you're being good about using it and so now you just outright own it oh that's interesting i feel like

Let's earmark this for a potential topic for a future episode but data tracking and insurance companies there's a lot going on there oh yeah absolutely yeah i also did the car thing like the i was signed up for car insurance for the first time in 10 years you know and they do the thing where they track they they can give you a sensor to track how much mileage you've done yeah yeah yeah all of that now and i'm like i don't i don't want to know i don't want allstate to know when i break too hard

You know count that against me even though i'm getting a discount for it so yeah that's interesting then well and the discount as all of the more paranoid people would say is for a closer look into your life it's really a like surveillance discount it's surveillance and it's in for your insurance company so inevitably they could use that against you if anything happens right so i have one silly question before we go on um and it's uh like since we've been talking about apple watch stuff i've

Been thinking about how on twitter and you see like screenshots of tweets pop up on instagram and stuff there have been many variations of the same thing which is if you're going to a fancy event take your apple watch off because it makes you look like a spy kid so i it makes me wonder when smart watches are going to become either the design of smart watches is going to get in the direction of not looking so much like just a screen on your wrist

Or when smart watches are going to get to a point where it's just normal to be wearing them normal to see them as you're you know out at a wedding or at a you know some kind of award reception or something like that i mean there's been a lot of effort on the side of fashion brands like fossil like marc jacobs like even lv tag hoyer they make smart watches that like are supposed to blend in

And look pretty hybrid ones right yeah not even the hybrids that's actual wear os ones um and then there are hybrid smart watches that do that as well that are very much in disguise but are also carrying step trackers and sometimes heart rate sensors like the withings watches um so there's those but i think you're talking about something else which is the smart watch becoming mainstream like a household product and that is a ways to go that is what i think the watch s

E and that's something i already wrote down in my review that that what just e might foster it might bring about so but we're not there yet i don't think we are and i don't think you know i think eventually though and this is something i'm about to pitch as a story to write but um no don't say it because you won't get scooped it's okay it's okay i'll say it here and then everyone will know i got i had the idea first um with the rise of telehealth and all of these watches collecting so much

Different types of data the fitbit sense by the way collects all sorts of data um together with all of that it will start becoming more essential to your overall well-being that you have all these like convenience devices at home like your ecg whatever you don't have to go to the doctor's office to do that anymore yeah that's one of the reasons people will start buying more of these things and then eventually hopefully maybe not hopefully but eventually it'll probably like take off

That sounds like a good reason to bring um we should chat with chrissy chrissy fargo because she has been exploring all this for a while so that would be fun and then there's the question of whether or not like the traditional watch would just go in the way of the cufflinks you know when do you when else do you wear cufflinks right or maybe one or two fancy events a year and so maybe you take off your apple watch you take off your fitbit you take off

Whatever other smart device you would have for just that one night right and put on your traditional watch like you put on your cufflinks i think they're going to go the way i mean like we're talking about a very different type set of the public population here the people who have ten thousand dollar luxury smart watches to go to a gala so those people are going to keep doing their thing and the the rest of the world is i think most analog timepieces are going to go the way of the hybrid they're all going to

Try to figure out a way to put at least a step counter in there so that they're watching us more than just tell time and nobody wants to wear anything that's the thing that's the hump you gotta get over it's just your phone doesn't watch the extra yeah yeah um so there's also that yeah people don't even wanna wear watches anymore because of phones so they have to find a way but i mean i think that's where we're headed i did wanna point out that while we were talking during the podcast recording i got a reminder from the apple watch to

Breathe so thank you very much that's a good one unclench your jaw signed apple and then also as if you got one of those very popular tattoos on like the inside of your wrist just breathe have you used the breathe after lynn because the meditation stuff is a lot better again than does it like the way the it tells you to start breathing it it vibrates in the pattern of like a balloon expanding yeah and then it and decrease and like going back to normal

Whereas like fitbit would just buzz once and be like hey breathe however you want breathe do whatever yeah i will know to like try to hit that pattern as well with that balloon i'm imagining it and the haptic the haptics in the apple watch by the way does a good job so good oh my god the hackers are amazing huge huge gentle touches and stuff yeah we've got a comment from the chat that says the usability of smart watches doesn't quite feel convenient enough to me to be a daily driver

I got my wife one of those michael kors smart watches and she's cute but she doesn't wear it yeah i have exactly what davindra has said about some of the stuff that he gets for his wife right yeah i mean well so my wife is more of a techie and she like i got her was it the galaxy was one of the wristband galaxy from a couple years ago the fit two probably i think the fit two and she liked it for a while she uses it for like a year but also after a year those devices

Either get too slow or we want something else where we want some new features and so like she she's not the same but i will keep you know i'll keep doing this if my quest to bring my wife over to ios succeeds i can get her an apple watch happier i wanted to answer one question that i saw from matthew cotton about is it so well made the apple watches e that it is worth nearly 300 uh i see your point but i will tell you every other smart watch at this price point doesn't do all the same things

You don't get the same quality screen and everything yeah this watch for the price uh beats all the competition i want that's my early review thoughts like of all the other smart watches in the whereas space other than the mob voice and the amaze fits which are dubious in terms of quality sometimes um they're like 300 dollars to start or 350 dollars so and then you get like wear os which doesn't do as many things so man don't don't yeah we need to dedicate

A whole episode to how where west has disappointed us because it had the potential to be so cool and so interesting the mother 360 remember when everybody was so hyped over that thing oh man we joined the general the first gen the first gen first i mean first time when i first appeared to was like apple watching great but look at this cool round thing from motorola oh hype for where os when it first we're all hyped and our hearts have been broken so many times by android so if i

Poke fun at android it's because of that it's because i've spent so long wanting android to succeed and at every every front google's like i i i don't know how to make watch software anymore so let's just give up folks you know oh my gosh well there was one other thing from like that is unrelated uh stewart in the chat says that i use cashback websites would be interested to hear thoughts on the trade-off

Um uh for like what you buy in terms of data versus the cash back that you get so are there any do you guys have any thoughts on that i didn't use any of those but i think my wife loves to shop around and find deals so i think she does i'm not going to use i use the honey uh brown invention which is it just finds you coupon codes i don't yeah cashback i do like like credit card or something does some sort of cashback and i am worried about the data from honey too like that

One i know a lot of podcasts uh sponsor them and stuff too where if it's something running on your system i'm always worried whereas it's not that hard to google you know coupon for you know forever 21 or banana republic or something and go to retailmenot and just find it manually like that's all it does yeah exactly um i don't know we need to move on if we do i just want to like shout out thanks to everyone that's been in there interacting like d man

Tahama alstin millers all the other people george thank you folks yes so are we going to do the amazon event as just real quick just real quick and then then straight to working on yeah okay okay so it's worth mentioning as you're hearing this um you're probably gonna you know see a lot of news about new amazon devices we're recording this on thursday morning literally hours before the amazon event starts so unfortunately we cannot talk about the

New amazon stuff yeah which is a shame and hey i'm just going to throw some ideas out there um probably new echoes probably these smart features probably some smart devices that nobody will give a crap about that sampling is crazy enough to make so the smart can opener yeah let's let's throw some ideas out there yeah what are you thinking uh smart smart curtains have been done that's good what is it yeah yeah a smart smart uh drying rack because

Amazon basics is closed drying rack is pretty pretty freaking good so you can get some smart air on your wet clothes smart or like uh moisture detection and then tell tell i can't say the word alexa but tell alexa that uh you you you want she can tell you when you are close or dry i mean that that's one thing i i sent a note to scott stein over at cnet because he was wondering what sort of crazy things were popping up to you uh i propose the echolu

Which is a smart bidet that tracks your excrement uh therefore tracking your nutrition levels and everything you've eaten and also automatically starts building a shopping list for you based on what you've already eaten amazing i feel like that is the full circle going straight to whole foods it's a full circle amazon ecosystem right there echo bidets are hot now in the pandemic era just wait just wait yeah no speaking of that whole ecosystem thing with amazon having announced the halo wearable with

Like health tracking and like tone detecting weirdly yeah they're a new like controversial product being the echo weighing scale this year i mean this is too high time to not buy so much candy from whole foods or something because those those have existed for years so i'm sure actually i'm adding i think you're right they could easily add that yeah it would be a very obvious thing for them to make but if the rest of you watching or listening

Have any ideas as to what might come out of the amazon event feel free to send them i think there were there were some the fire tv stick light a cheaper version of the fire tv that is one thing that's a smart project uh product to launch just because roku has a whole bunch of uh cheap sticks now like cheap streaming sticks are all over the place they make great gifts they're easy to install so that makes sense yeah and we saw that google is announcing a new chromecast

At its event next week too so this is going to go up against that for sure that is next week's news we're going to be all in on google and that's going to be fun i do like the one thing google does pretty well is the whole chromecast platform even though they kill chromecast audio and i'm still that still hurts um but yeah chromecast hopefully they can keep building on that anything else you want to mention about amazon trilin i don't know by the time this episode is up and people are listening to it on

Whatever podcast platform you already know but just keep sending those wild ideas to us maybe one of them will be picked up by amazon and you can claim bragging rights to being have you thought of it first i think one fun thing is let's collect some ideas we could go start talking to smart gadget companies and see who wants to build some of these things my echo lou will be real one day one day actually i have a toto bidet on my uh on one of my bathrooms yeah that is that

Thing i wrote about that for a gadget one of my favorite one of my favorite gadget purchases of the past few years is a is a freaking bidet because in the middle of winter you want something warm on your butt that is it this might yeah that's all you want i can't that's all you want uh let's move in to what we've been working on and uh you know things i'm doing when i'm not sitting on my toe bidet is uh testing the razer blade 2020 uh which is uh their latest blade with

The rtx 2080 chip and a 300 hertz screen so i'm going to be working on a review for that soon it is super cool i'm testing one of the first intel evo laptops i believe there's never i can't yeah i don't need to keep it secret it is the asus zembik flip s which is super cool so i'm gonna that's gonna be a fuller review i'm gonna be out next week but i'll have a review for that in at some point i'm really digging this and also last week i tested out that intel tiger lake uh prototype machine

These things feel so fast and this machine in particular feels so super thin while also moving really quickly it is it's a computer where almost the instant i flip up the screen it just pops on into the login screen or into like windows hello to get me to the desktop how fast that compares to existing like not to say windows on snapdragon but a lot of the ultrabooks i've used lately are are pretty fast already so it'd be nice to see how it's like the new big thing

Um so yeah testing those two things um certainly i mean what else is new there's gonna be a lot of stuff coming i am prepping i'm preparing for the onslaught of console reviews which are certainly gonna hit us uh towards the middle and end of october uh that's gonna be a big thing look out for our content around all of that um sherlin what's up with you uh yeah in addition to reviewing the apple watch se now that the fitbit sense review has gone up i

Am working on a lot of embargoed stuff as per usual that i can say i'm the secret keeper i have only a lot of secrets but everyone knows that google's event is next week on wednesday so i am obviously also preparing for that it's like studying for an exam this is our job i i have to like do all the research and revision and write a lot of stuff uh i'm very sure we will have all the coverage for you we will be watching that event live most probably so stay tuned for a link from us or you know

Subscribe to our youtube channel to get notified when we go live so you can watch it with us uh it'll be fun davindra you said you won't be around next week right i won't i forgot this google event was happening but yeah um i will not be around but hopefully you guys will be fine enjoy the android stuff i know we will be we will hopefully be okay and hopefully have plenty of help from the rest of our co-workers so you can take some well-deserved time off i'm just gonna be playing a lot of games

But uh okay do you have any pics you want to talk about trilin what's up this week yeah so i mean we all heard the really sad news over i think the weekend that ruth bader ginsburg passed and i you know saw that over the weekend too a lot of people were playing the rbg documentary yeah by the way smart move hulu like who's streaming the rpg dock uh straight up right to the front page like immediately that night and it makes sense because a lot of people

Want to find this thing yeah um i think the it's no secret that the um rbg document documentary is a great documentary um sorry guys i need to pause for a little bit i'm getting some kind of double audio going on hello strange i'm it i think there is a rogue tab on my thing that might be playing our youtube live features okay yeah yeah yeah uh but i can't find it is something going

On with the uh it looks fine on my end so you're not hearing this only me yeah okay just kill all your other browsers i need to kill everything i think i think it's yeah it was twitter okay it was the tweet that we um had you uh oh it was pouring in the tweet yeah wow okay very loud okay anyway i'm back i'm ready to pick it up from right now why don't you take a step back just to um reset everything yeah it's like if you saw me looking off a

Bit there tell us how you went to a small school on the upper west side all of that stuff okay um so i know that everyone is aware of the rbg documentary i mean a lot of networks were streaming it for free hulu did like devendra said uh put it front and center for the weekend as well so you know it's a good documentary you've probably already seen it but i wanted to point out my personal like connection to this documentary one of the directors uh betsy west was

My rw1 professor at school at j school uh and julie cohen her co-director it was also one of our professors at the school so you know it's nice to see my uh the person who taught me everything i know about video production aka none of the skills i use today um yeah you know have her work be celebrated and also have worked with such an amazing inspiration like she spent so much time with rbg collecting all of that you know

Information about her life and her legacy so just check it out if you haven't already i'm so glad this movie was made by the way like it's it seems like it's been something people were trying to do for a while and i'm glad this yeah was able to happen uh shortly before her death yeah i'm glad yeah we they were able to do that in like such a timely fashion too and it was wild to see like my professors on the red carpets and winning emmys and stuff even though they've already won a lot of awards it's

Just sure all right y'all are now like even more a big deal than you were when you were yeah this movie was a box office hit too so it put them in a place to make a lot more documentaries you know so that's a lot of clout within the movie industry yeah i want to also recommend something a little less uh heavy uh or a little less inspiration and and i don't want to sound rude to follow up rpg with this but the ventrac you'll be happy to know that

I have i watched uh recently the fast times live table read that was on youtube have you heard of that i've heard i mean there have been a lot of table reads i have not seen this one but yeah this one i like fast time it's fine huge names like yeah big names and everyone went wild for the uh for the jen aniston and brad pitt reunion moment on there that was kind of slightly awkward because i'm sure you remember the iconic scene because i've never

Watched fast times at richmond high this was my first ever encounter with the wait so you haven't even seen the movie i know i was livestreaming i never watched the movie but okay the table read and it was awkward as hell but also great shia labeouf i'm not entirely trying to pronounce his name he did not work his butt off since he was a child for you to call him shia labeouf well there's a lot of people whose names get mispronounced all the time andrei

Perek on the emmys also had his name mispronounced despite winning a very important award so let's put that out there uh i'm sorry shia labeouf uh was also really great in character as piccoli this was my introduction to all these characters you guys have known for a long time and this was you're taking the route that i'm sure a lot of like uh gen z folks uh are doing who have probably not seen this movie but who knows because listen the youngs have have latched on

To the office as their new nostalgic look which is yeah and friends so who knows maybe this is for me this was my nostalgic look at like the 80s when i was you know a 90s kid so yeah okay oh so now that you've said gen z kids are picking it up can i classify myself as gen z like you're you're in a generation of your own trilogy what do you recommend people watch um so i have been previewing a show that's going to be premiering on amazon this friday and that is the remake of the british series utopia

And it is freaking astounding like it's very good i tried to watch the original show and i know a lot of people who loved it um so i you know the caveat of the show is that basically it seems like a straight up almost direct remake of everything happening um you know in the original series but just i love how well done it is um so first of all this is a utopia remake um by gillian flynn it's written by gillian flynn so like

You know the the the person who brought um gone girl to like like the the author of gone girl um it is a show about a group of comic nerds who are obsessed with a with a comic called utopia because they think it can help them predict uh how the world is going to end and it is a show it's a hard show to watch out because it's all about pandemics it's all about like the things and the impending apocalypse that we're facing um but i like the characters i think the

Writing is super strong um you know it has a great cast yeah it looks it looks great has a great cast including john cusack as like a super rich pharma bro who may or may not be in charge of this rain wilson is in it as a like biotechnology guy um and just just something for me one of the lead roles is played by sasha lane i believe her name is and she was you know she's tremendous actor who first appeared on american honey uh like an independent movie i loved

From a couple years ago so just great cast all around great like end of the world stuff um if you like good thrillers if you like apocalyptic thrillers and it's it's really deeply embedded in like fan culture and stuff too if you've ever loved you know something so much if you've been a fan boy or fan girl or something and you feel like your devotion to it could help you unlock the secrets of the world which i've certainly felt with some

Shows um namely neon genesis evangelion uh but yeah things like that if you were if you've ever had that band culture i think you'll really appreciate utopia so check it out on amazon uh starting friday i actually can't wait to watch this it looks like this sort of sci-fi tv show i've been looking for instead of watching ghost hunters which i just started stop watching ghost numbers uh instead for once i will pick one of your recommended

All right you want to do the outs i'll do the outro ben are you ready yep that's it for our show this week everyone thank you as always for listening our theme music is by game composer dale north our outro music is by our very own terence o'brien the podcast is produced by ben elman you can find davindra online at davendra on twitter i podcast about movies in tv at at the slash homecast if you want to hear me talk about

The legend of korra which is incredible i'm at republic city dispatch uh just google that and you'll find our show and if you can hold off on sending me all the different types of phones samsung has made in your country that would be great you can find me on twitter at sherlin lowe feel free to send me uh tips on where to find the best malaysian food in the us as well oh and email us at leave us a review on itunes and subscribe please on anything that gets podcasts

Including spotify i like how food took the priority for you know like food is very very in character yeah i'm done yesterday so i used i was testing the gps on the watch and i was like all right apple maps take me to the nearest restaurant and they very very astutely led me to a bakery so i was like okay and it was like the nearest asian your blood sugar seems slow you need yeah that would be kind of um like the next step though yeah if you

Like trigger monitoring work your um yeah if you could network like let's say you had type 2 or something you could network or type one it doesn't really matter but you could network your insulin pump with your um you know samsung gear if you could uh is that correct samsung gear galaxy you watched galaxy watch galaxy gear but that died okay so yes if you could network it with your galaxy watch if you could network it with your um with your apple watch or something

And then you didn't have to check two screens yeah be cool that'd be good i mean that that is the ultimate that's where we want all this medical tech to go so that's what i'm super excited about and hey maybe even if it can help type one diabetes folks uh really take care of themselves like it can help prevent this the prevent it from getting worse like that's the big problem for a lot of people but yeah do we want to do q a yeah so if you have anything to ask questions about in the chat doesn't

Matter if it's has anything to do with what we talked about today whatever yeah if you're thinking about buying a tv if you want to know what might have the edge in the console wars we've been talking about it for a long time last few weeks but we're happy to talk about it more one thing that uh i wanted to comment on from a little while ago was yes you were joking about the amazon lou the amazon bidet that will like automatically order the food that you've

Eaten is that there was a study that came out of yale yale is doing a lot of good coronavirus research that showed that you can actually predict a coronavirus spike by monitoring the level of inactive virus in the local sewage treatment plant i love it sensors everywhere yeah sure and i mean but that sort of thing is not i don't think that's as much of a uh breach of privacy maybe it's because we're in a different

Scenario right now and we have to worry about okay this could uh you know help protect people right right it widespread statistical monitoring which is not does not directly impact your individual right which is another difference yeah if i remember the um specifics of the paper right it gave maybe like an eight or like seven to ten day lead on whether or not there would be a uh spike in coronavirus cases which means that you could

Ostensibly give um hospitals a uh heads up and say okay you might want to get extra supplies you might want to make sure that you're stocked up on ppe and the coolest thing about this is that it went from uh paper in the early summer to i was i just heard something about it on the news within the last few days of like they're actually talking about putting this into practice that's amazing uh sorry i was slightly checked out

During that discussion because i was looking at the youtube live chat as well some people have some excellent amazon device ideas i want to quickly say dman rightfully points out that amazon did launch smart ring and smart glasses last year still haven't been able to see them except for over one reviewer at one publication has tried them on his seams um someone said allston miller said smart countertop which is really cool imagine like an

Embedded weighing scale for cooking i can't see that being interesting or at least like a smart like board like a smart cut or a chopping board that you do a lot of different things with that could be good but those things are they have to go in the washer like you have to be able to throw them or you have to only hand wash them which is also a lot of trouble um tahamah says that dev for your echo lu do you really want bezos in your toilet that is the place

This is a joke i'm joking about literally it is the most invasive thing i can imagine amazon doing but listen they just released a health tracker that checks your tone like the ultimate the ultimate dude thing like they are doing that so yeah i can imagine samsung wanting to get down and dirty with our poop too because you know they love it yeah uh and then i also want to shout out to the one person that said hi i'm in malaysia hi kibili or tv lee i think it's how you

Pronounce your name uh and malaysia oh my gosh i miss the food um do we do have one thing coming in uh from bryant like do you think that it's disappointing that you still need an iphone to use an apple watch absolutely we've talked about this um family setup does allow you to set up watches for people who don't have an iphone only if you already have one so like it's still kind of not really true freedom from an iphone uh but i mean apple knows that it knows ios

Better than android it's not going to be able to build a product that works as well on android or any other phone so i think that's why they haven't made it there's just no reason for i would love for apple to bring it over to android because it would be it would kill the android the remaining android watch market it worked as well yes but i i suspect it won't work as well that's what i'm saying when like i think if you keep asked like this one thing's like hey look at this nice gadget if you were on

Our side you could have it oh you'll be like yeah yeah so i feel like it is a good attempt is a good way to tempt people back over because apple has broadened out certain things um uh apple music is on android now you know like there are certain things airplay is coming to more tvs and other things one one thing i have been so sad about which is as i've been using an iphone more because of testing i can't chromecast a lot of things it's so sad

There are some things like google apps like it's mainly for like youtube it's mainly for i think any good video streaming um it was more like i can i need to remember the specific instance i'm talking about but i couldn't uh chromecast certain things so i was pretty bummed but anyway uh you chromecast is that how you watch tv why do i have to tell you this again because you've made fun of myself tv so many times you don't have a normal box for lin

Because i like chromecasting for like a convenience thing but not like that can't be the only way you're watching my main tv thing it's fine it's totally fine i'm still living in 2012 is okay we've got a comment in the chat that but from raheem that says do you think that instagram will ever make an ipad version of instagram that usually utilizes its bigger display well raheem if you had been listening if you have been listening to the last couple of uh episodes we've been talking about

Various tablets um the samsung tablets the new slate of apple tablets that just came out and one of the biggest complaints is that instagram is a trash app on tablets on top of that i also have a very specific complaint about instagram ui changes just in the last couple of days i wanted to go to the instagram explorer page i have a very active group chat with a few friends and i find memes and other pieces of

Internet trash on the explore page i i hit what i thought was going to be the explore page and they were like surprise that's reals now this is the only one competitor yeah i i i think instagram has a lot of work to do i don't think they are going to figure out a tablet app i mean you can look at what the facebook app looks like to see though it's a willful it's a willful thing like facebook is on purpose it's not like a camp like anybody

Give a developer a couple weeks and like they can get a functioning nice instagram app open like but facebook just doesn't want to do it i think in part it has to do with and you know how they used to force people to do square photos for years and years right it's partly to do with the aspect ratio thing that they're so precious about fair enough right pictures really only look good in certain size i guess um but they could use the extra space for other stuff it doesn't have to

Be all for just the pictures it could be extra commands or tools i don't know figure it out i almost feel like this was one of the things like maybe the actual instagram people just didn't care about like kevin systrom and those folks like you know they they they were always about smartphone photography and being yeah you keep smartphone photography so i could see like being we don't need tablets if we if we criticize them enough and loud enough maybe they'll do something that's what we've been doing for the

Past eight years now how long has it been so yeah uh also quick sorry to cut uh you ben but quick shout out to ambi 222 the social dilemma they watched our recommendation and they're still freaking out i don't know which recommendation they're talking about but is that one of your recommendations i think i had talked about i forgot who would mention that but that is something i still need to watch i need to watch it too so i plan on watching that too now um

Thanks for that so speaking of kevin systrom wasn't there like a very brief thing about how he could have been taking over like tiktok u.s or something sure yeah and that who knows something may still happen with like the new tick tock uh group that they founded so that would be kind of funny like the guy who basically one of the pioneers of instagram now being in charge of like the new hot mobile thing uh that would be there's something poetic about that and a nice few to facebook too because

He left facebook in a huff so yeah yeah oh boy there is one comment about uh amazon smartphones the fire phone was a a just like a mess it was a terrible mess disaster is there any possibility that amazon will get back into the smartphone market i don't know why would they it's always the possibility it's always a possibility but they haven't proven that they uh need to right i'm sure the fire tablets are selling like hotcakes

They really don't need to they've got that space well owned like the fire tabs by the way i'm i'm ready to write up the new ones but these things are down to like what 50 bucks like super cheap super cheap they're so cheap they're embedded there there's amazon data tracking embedded there's ads that they're being delivered to it so they're also making money off of you looking at these things so if they could produce a free smartphone a smartphone that was

Completely free you know that was powered by ads that would that would be the only way i could see this happening and i could see that happening in the way that like people to get to people who can't afford a regular right otherwise that's really good but then i've watched too many movies with that premise to feel like you have an idea wasn't that literally um kingsman was free cellular exactly and that worked out really well that was great

Uh samuel l jackson i think was in it yeah i almost said nick fury that was the first one but yeah yeah and like speaking of which i mean there was a little kerfuffle on twitter about how um like amazon is launching amazon pre-k or something for like low income the entire thing is that everyone was like okay well you could do that or um bezos and amazon you could you know just pay taxes pay your taxes and then perhaps we could have universal or like be on the way to universal pre-k or universal um

Kindergarten um in singapore that is mandatory but yeah yeah yeah i know you guys have a nice functioning authoritarian society over there and now i'm jealous yeah all have to be don't be generally don't be jealous of the authoritarianism like a vaguely like um socialist way like that part is good but yeah hey we're getting close to authoritarianism the other thing by the way that amazon also makes well and sells a lot of is kindles

So they really i don't think need to make it they sell a lot of kindles i don't know if we have the data so no i think they do i mean yeah compared to the nerds some nerds like us by kindles i like kindles because i like e-ink and i like e-paper but everybody else is reading on their phones me too i mean i i have a kindle that's just fully gone kapat and yeah like sad but i'm not gonna replace it because my phone is just fine but do people do i think that people

Really use like kindle like the kindle app on their phone it's great it's super great like it is also you've been honest in a while let me let me be honest but it seems like there are still a lot of people reading paper books and then maybe some people like reading articles or something on uh their phone i'm not sure yeah the best by the way the the whole reason to have the kindle app on your phone is to make that to get the little like sharing widget so then you can

Share to your kindle account and if you have a proper standalone kindle then you can read those articles on your e-reader you read it yeah it's a good way to pop overcome i mean i i don't hate there's still going to be a lot of people who want the physical book at first when e-readers first started coming out i thought i was never going to like give up physical books i have my in my childhood home i still have like shelves full of books which is great and they're all kind of going

Yellow but there's something to be said about the convenience of having digital books you have them with you all the time whenever you need to read you don't need to go look for the book you're you know you can store so many in one tiny little device it's just easy also e-readers feel almost like paper so even though they have backlights now like it's still on your eyes it's a lot easier so i do appreciate that um yeah that that whole thing is super good i do miss the smell though

You can't replicate that anything else ben no i don't i think that we're just about done so stay tuned like in i guess starting at one yeah is when the amazon event starts at one p.m eastern and we're going up right back rushing into cover that it will yeah who's gonna be doing that live stream no live streaming it is just we're pounding out like last year we did almost 20 news stories and they're not making they're not streaming this to everybody they're only inviting a couple

Journalists so we we're going to be hustling this is what we have to do okay so this is like good old-fashioned live blog situation yep stay tuned just keep refreshing in around 1 p.m eastern today and you'll see all the amazon palooza stuff okay and yeah so thank you everyone for watching thanks to everyone in the chat this stream comes to you via our video team which is owen davidoff julio barrientos luke brooks and jason shark but it's powered again by everyone in the chat if you stuck around

For this long please rate us in itunes that helps keep everything around we we all live in a world of algorithms it's the same thing as rating your uber driver five stars remember uber anyway thanks and we'll see you next week thanks folks you

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