MI BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Honest Comparison and Testing Side by Side)

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

So the brand-new me band for and the new Galaxy fit both came out just a couple months ago so they're brand new on the market today and they both claim to be the best fitness tracking watch of 2019 and honestly they're both even more than that they're borderline smartwatches

Where they give you notifications from your phone you can see the weather on them you can track your sleep your heartrate and a lot more than that they have amazing features and amazing specs so in this video I'll be comparing them

Head-to-head guys I wore both of these watches on my wrist for several days now look like an absolute fool in public wearing this but I did it for you guys to help you decide which one is the best one to buy so in this video I'll be

Comparing the accuracy of the heart rate tracking the sleep tracking the step tracking it'll also be diving in and showing you the difference in the features to help you decide like I said to help you decide which one is actually

The best one for you to buy before you go out spending your money on either one of them so I think first it's important to note

The price point differences in these so the galaxy Fit is the more expensive of the two and it is $100 now if you have a Samsung phone if you use the Samsung eco system this is going to be a great device for you it's really compatible

And it just seamlessly syncs with your phone no problems at all now the me band 4 is $40 so way way cheaper and you have to get the me fit app now the me fit app is going to be running in the background on your phone

But that is really not a problem considering you're saving you know 60% off to get this watch with almost the same specs so next I really want to talk about some of the big feature differences between these two watches I

Think this is really important because some people value some features more than others and that could definitely you know change your mind on which one to actually buy so starting off with the me band for some of the really cool

Features about this you do have music control on here so if your phone is plugged into a stereo you know whatever some distance away as long as you're connected by bluetooth 5.0 so a very good you know a long range with that

You'll be able to control the song so you can play pause next song previous song you can also change the volume on your phone as well which is just a really convenient thing to do like I said if you're plugged into a stereo

Somewhere else and you're in your swimming pool or you're at a party it doesn't matter you can control it with your watch just a really cool function to have now that's something the Galaxy fit does not do also the me band has

Band lock so if you take this off your wrist it locks and you need a four-digit pin to get back in you can disable this if you don't like this feature personally I've been using it anyway just in case you know if anyone takes it

They're not going to be seeing your notifications or anything like that so just a really cool feature there and then also another one is the Ali pay if you are in China this is going to be for you the global version they kind of say

Don't use Ali pay because you're not gonna have the NFC features on there the function is still on here although I haven't actually tried it jumping over to the Galaxy fit though some of the features the Galaxy fit has that the me

Band does not have one of them is quick replies this is a really big one so when you get notifications on your watch which granted both of them get notifications but on the Galaxy fit you can actually

Have predefined quick replies so you go into the app you can define like ten different replies you want and then whenever you get a text you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket you don't just sign in you don't have

Anything like that you'll just see that you'll see the text right there and then you do a quick reply don't even worry about it and it's sent automatically from your phone just by tapping it on your watch also you have the calendar on

Here so you can go through and actually speaking of calendar you just have a bunch of widgets on here so the galaxy fit is really nice because you can actually change which widgets you want so if you go through and say you know

What I really don't care how many steps I take in a day or maybe I don't really care what the weather is whatever you know you're one you might want to customize the watch interface and you can do that with the

Galaxy fit you can go through and you know get rid of whatever widgets you don't like add whichever ones you do like maybe you want to track your caffeine maybe you want to track how much water you're drinking today have a

Little tally counter right there maybe you just want the weather and like I said the calendar is a big one that is not on the me band so being able to adjust the widgets one is really cool that the galaxy fit does and to having a

Calendar that actually shows you you know all of today's events it's kind of nice to have look at your watch in the morning and see what you have going on just to be on top of things granted it is a watch so after all having a watch

To tell you the time but also to see what's coming up later in the day makes a lot of sense so just a quick little aside if you're new here and haven't yet subscribed but you're interested in the latest tech please consider going down

And clicking the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss the latest tech videos so then the big one that I think really separates the galaxy fit from the me band is the advanced auto fitness tracking now essentially

What that is is just a way for it to automatically detect that you're running or walking or some kind of workout you don't have to press any buttons you can just you know go complete forest gump mode just start running and the watch

Will detect that you're running and it'll start a workout it'll start tracking everything it'll be recorded on your phone and it's just nice to have that extra feature like I said if you just go complete forest gum mode and

Start running nice to have that you can also use it for cycling or walking or you know a bunch of other workouts so jumping back over to the me band some more features that the even has that the galaxy fit does not

Have one of them is idle alert so I do like the fact that you have idle alerts most of us work at a desk job we sit around all day long you probably don't realize how long you're sitting because you're working on a computer or working

On whatever it is you do so it's nice to have something on your wrist that vibrates and says you know hey Mike you might want to walk around or do something you've been sitting for too long just a way to you know keep you a

Little more energized in your day keep you moving keep you a little bit healthier it's just something I found I really like on the me band now you don't really have that on the galaxy fit so instead maybe you'll set like a timer or

An hourly reminder I'm not really sure there are some workarounds there but having it built into the me band is pretty nice you can also silence the call instead of just rejecting the call that's kind of

Nice so it just kind of rings out and then goes to your voicemail so people don't know you just blatantly rejected them not really a big deal but I think I use that probably more than I should you also have an auto wait clock now I

Kind of just made that term up but on the me band you know how when you turn your wrist it lights up that's something you really don't want at night so you can turn on night mode on either one of these so it doesn't do that but what's

Nice about the me band is that you can set a clock so that you said you know make it turn on and off when I flip my wrist up during these hours and then during these hours make it not do that so automatically every night after like

9:30 or 10:30 or whatever time you want you can say that you know what's going into like they do not disturb the night mode and then when you turn up your wrist it doesn't actually light up it doesn't blind you at night and it won't

Wake you up so back over to the Galaxy fit another really nice thing about that is the number of workouts you have you have 9 over 90 workouts depending on what source you check I've never actually gone through and counted them

If you did comment below I would appreciate that but I've been told over 90 different workouts and I have some really obscure ones as I mentioned before in one of my other videos you have like yachting you have kayaking you

Of backpacking all these different workouts that you know you're not gonna have just the main six well you might have you know the big ones like running swimming walking whatever you also have all these other ones so if you like to

Do different obscure workouts then you can track them you know just as easily on this and have them categorized in your phone differently according to the very specific workout that you were actually

Doing so that was kind of long showing you all the different features that are different between these two but I think it's important to know those but now what I want to do is actually show you guys some testing that I have done on

The heart rate sensors so see how accurate they both are how similar they both are as well and then I'll show you the sleep tracking and lastly I'll show you the step tracking to make sure you know is a pedometer accurate and of

Course if you are going for a run without your phone you want to know you know maybe how many steps you took just as a general reference or maybe how many steps you took while you're walking all day long now granted I will say if you

Are going for a run both of these can connect to GPS on your phone and honestly that's the way to do it if you're going to work out just because a pedometer is never going to be that accurate for how many how long you're

Going just because you know depending on how fast you're running your steps might be a different length okay so now looking at the heart rate you'll see you flip these up and on the right we have the Galaxy fit on the Left we have the

Me band so looking at the me band first let's go up and check out heart rate see what I'm at right now it says 86 and just so you know I actually have both of these tracking real-time right now you can set the

Galaxy fit to only track you know every 10 minutes oh look at that they actually are both very very similar they're both at about 86 right now 88 they're you know honestly they're close within one or two beats per minute I haven't really

Seen any major differences and if I take my own pulse they are again almost identical there as well but test these step tracking so looking at both watches right now we have all threes on the galaxy fit and then we have 587 for the

Me band I will walk 500 steps and see how well these track the 500 steps ok so 500 steps unfortunately we're gonna be in the sunlight right here so it looks like the screens flashing it's not actually

Doing that that's just a camera so it looks like on the watches we have 3834 on the galaxy fit and 1086 on the me band okay so I'm wearing all three of these on my wrist tonight hopefully I don't lose all circulation to my hand

It's looking like I might am I wake up with a number and but I want to let you guys know how well these track my sleep so wearing them side-by-side hopefully we can see how different they are in the more

When I look at the apps so the sleep tracking on these actually vary quite a bit they both showed significantly different levels of deep sleep and a wake time and actually every kind of sleep so because they don't have any

Medical equipment it's really hard to compare these two and decide which one is actually accurate all I can tell you is that these two are different so neither one of these unfortunately has a particularly convenient band so when you

Put the Galaxy fit on what happens is it's very easy to put on and you set it to what you think is the right tightness then you have to actually feed this underneath there to the inside and adding extra material on the inside

Makes it tighter than you thought you were originally doing so that doesn't require a little bit more adjustment so on the flip side the me band is also a little bit annoying to put on because you feed the strap through the loop and

Then you go to what you think is tight enough but you have to keep that back the entire time so what you actually have to do is take on one hand to hold that one there little the loop over there and then put it on like this it's

Not it's not the most convenient to put on they're both a little bit annoying honestly so to mention charging and battery both of these have approximately the same battery life charging that the Galaxy fit is definitely a lot easier

It's a totally wireless charger you just plop it right on once you take it off your wrist it has a nice long wire and it charges you know just you plug the other end into a USB now the me band is slightly different you actually have to

Put it in this tiny cradle with a very short wire the short wire is very annoying and to get it out you have to kind of just like pull the whole band apart which is not necessarily hard but it's also a little bit inconvenient then

You have two little nodes you line up right there and you snap it into place and then you can charge it again both of them charged fairly quickly so it's not a huge deal and you charge it once every week or every seven days so it's not a

Huge drawback but just something that you want to be aware of so now looking at the apps it's important to note that you need two apps for the Galaxy fit so you need galaxy wearable and do you need Samsung health the one of them is going

To control your settings the other one's going to control you know essentially showing you what your health looks like and give you all the statistics I think it's obvious which ones which and then the me band requires only one app that

Is the me fit app and it has everything in there honestly they're both good apps they both have basically everything you need I haven't seen any major differences between them and overall I think that

They both you know they're both decent apps so honestly they're all decent apps and I haven't really seen any huge differences between them if you're interested I made videos on independently I made a video about the

Galaxy fit and I made a video about the me band for I'll link those right up there you can watch the full reviews on them if you're interested and again I give you sort of a tutorial about the watch and show you more in depth on the

Interface and in the app as well so check those out after this video if you're interested guys I think that's all I had for you in this video between these two watches let me know which one you like best comment down below to vote

Thank you all for watching if you enjoy this video please remember to like and subscribe thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time you

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