MI BAND 4 REVIEW [2019’s Best Fitness Watch, Only $40?] – Waterproof, HR, Sleep Tracking

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be talking about the all new me band 4 so this little fitness tracker SmartWatch kind of combo there it's only $40 so $40 is way cheaper than a lot of the other products out there I see a lot of these fitness trackers that

Are anywhere from a hundred to a hundred twenty dollars and this is claiming to offer almost exactly the same features as something like the Galaxy fit for example and even more features in some different aspects so in this video I

Really want to dive in and figure out is this actually worth $40 or are they somehow cutting so many corners that you know they're feeding you fake numbers I'm gonna be testing the accuracy of the heart rate sensor the sleep tracking and

All of the other sensors and tracking that this is able to do but then also I'll be diving into the interface on this the screen brightness the screen resolution and as well as the app because honestly a lot of the magic

Happens in the app for products like this so a lot to talk about in this video this really is a pretty amazing product if it does what they say it does so let's find out in this video so if this is your

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Upload them so starting on for just a box I order this on Amazon it's not easy to really get this you can find it on eBay or Alibaba I found it on Amazon just because I trust Amazon a little bit more and the

Shipping was a lot faster as well and when I got it you have to make sure that if you are not in China you buy the global edition because the non global one is only Chinese and it's a slightly different product so you want to get the

Global one so I bought the global one when I got it let you know let me just let me just show you the box right now so I got it and I open it up and you can see on the front it's all it's all Chinese let's see I mean I don't I can't

Read that there's a couple numbers here and there but for the most part it's like it's all Chinese everywhere in there and then I look at the manual and if we look at that that the whole manual is nothing but Chinese everywhere and so

I was a little concerned when I first got this because I thought you know did I accidentally buy the wrong version so what you have to do then or if yours looks like this when you get it it's all Chinese what you do is you download the

App and you sync it with the luckily I was able to use Google Translate there's kind of like a lens right there and I was able to read on there what the watch wanted me to do when I paired it

With the app and as soon as it was paired everything went to English and now it's been working perfectly ever since so inside the box you really only get two things you get the watch right here and you get a little charger and

The charger is sort of this little cradle that when you pop you pop the watch apart so you take the little unit out of the band and you put it in there to charge it it's fairly easy to do although it's a little bit strange I

Kind of wish it just set in the charger like some of the other watches but regardless it's just the way they charge everyone does something different so let's do a quick little mechanical tour of this so the straps actually a pretty

Comfortable rubber right here it's a very soft rubber it doesn't really have a lot of friction so it'll rub really you know lightly on your skin you won't really feel it when it's on your wrist because it's such a light watch you have

Your AMOLED screen right there so it gets fairly bright and you can change the brightness on five different levels I'll show you that later in the video but overall it's extremely light on the back you see that little bump out there

That is for the optical heart rate sensor which should be significantly more accurate than the previous me bands I'll be testing that later in the video to really find out and on the screen right there on the front you can see

Kind of where the screen is there's definitely a chunky bezel on the top and the bottom even more so on the bottom because you have a cap touch home button right there where you see the little circle that is going to take you home

Whenever you are on a different screen right there you can actually see a lock because there is a screen lock on this I haven't really figured out exactly why you want to use a screen lock I've been setting the lock anyway but you still

Get notifications on here you'll still get your text messages even if it's locked and to be clear it only locks when you take it off your wrist it'll automatically detect that it has left your wrist and then it locks it so that

Other people cannot get in and you have a four digit PIN with four possible numbers so putting it on can be a little bit annoying because you have to feed it through that loop right there and then somehow hold that there while you reach

The pin over to stick it in so putting it on is not the most convenient thing in the world it's kind of like a two-handed job that I'm trying to do with with one hand all the time but hopefully you're only taking off once

Every week or so whenever you charge it so overall I think I do like the band is very comfortable although on this side right here this little loop sometimes does get caught on stuff if you rub your against things so just a really small

Drawback there not a big deal at all but next I want to show you the actual interface of this because that's where this device really starts to shine has a lot of really amazing features in here that I think are borderline like actual

SmartWatch so for a fitness tracker like this I think this could easily be an introductory SmartWatch let's dive into this so getting into the interface right now I just chose this watch face to kind of show you the color and the resolution

Of this screen so it's a point 9 5 inch screen corner to corner and it's 120 by 240 pixels so a decent resolution for a little watch like this and there are a lot of watch faces I'll show you later on in the app so starting from the home

Screen if you go up or down this will take you through the main options so you can go to status and that's going to tell you basically you know how far you walk today and how many calories you burned basic stuff like that you can go

To heartrate of course that's going to read your heart rate workout if you tap on that you have you know seven or eight different workouts you can choose from here so I actually really do like the exercises on this watch as well now if

You just open up exercises and say swim for example you can choose how long your pool is and it's going to use the onboard sensors to track how many strokes you have and overall sort of track your workout as best as possible

And while there is no explicit underwater mode in order to stop your workout you have to swipe down and up according to what the screen says that sort of prevents you from having any accidental touches when you're

Underwater because this is just a touchscreen and using water will you know register as some touches on the screen then you go down you have your weather when you tap on that it's going to show you you know basically what the

Weather is like what the high and the low is for today and tomorrow not a whole lot of weather there and of course it has to be connected to your phone for that because if it is not connected to your phone this watch does

Not have GPS this watch does not have 4G LTE no Wi-Fi no cell service this watch only communicates with the outside world by bluetooth through your phone so continuing down after whether you have notifications and when you get

Notifications on this it's nice because you can it'll vibrate it'll tell you what app is notifying you and then you can read the text although one small drawback is you don't have preset responses to this so you can't have any

Quick responses that just say like you go and tap and say yes or anything like that you actually this is gonna notify you and you have to do everything on your phone unless it's a phone call in which case you can either

Silence your phone or you can reject the call from the watch so after notifications we have more and when you go into more you have a lot of settings like do not disturb you have an alarm in the alarm so this watch does

Not make sound it just vibrates so it is strong enough it wakes me up in the morning I actually like it better than you know an alarm on my phone that makes sound because just a subtle vibration it's kind of a nice way to wake up so as

We go down you do have a stopwatch we have a timer and the stopwatch does have lap up options so if you're running and you want to you know record lap times with that it is convenient then we have fine device if we tap this it'll

Actually make my phone star ringing that is perhaps the most annoying ring it could possibly have but you can't actually change it you know within the app and I'll show you that later on but you can go down and silence this which

Basically means no vibration for this then there is a lipe which I'm not really going to get into too much in this video because it is a little bit strange and confusing where they say you know NFC payments you really only can do

That with the China version from what I've read so far and I haven't actually tried setting that up with this so something that you know if you've tried it comment down below and let me know how it worked for you then settings is

Where you're going to either you know lock the screen reboot your entire thing because remember there is no on button on this so to turn it off or reboot it you could do it right there and then also at the top you can change your

Brightness to one of five different levels so back to the home screen what you can actually do from the home screen is go left and right as well and that'll take you into your music right here if I'm playing so let's just turn on some

Music on my phone the music is playing on my phone right there and when we look at the watch you'll see as we swipe over to the side it'll pop up and tell me what song is playing you can play or pause or skip to the next song and then

At the top you can actually turn your phone volume up and down remotely so this is cool if your phone is on a stereo somewhere or if otherwise your phone is a little bit farther away so the exercises on this watch do use the

Accelerometer which is onboard and the heart rate sensor which are two sensors in the watch that are able to track your activity fairly well so if you're recycling of course you want to be using the GPS on your phone so this doesn't

Like this doesn't have GPS but it can use connected GPS through your phone to track your workouts now if you're doing something like swimming this is actually waterproof for up to 50 meters I swam

With it I showered with it and I've been wearing it you know consistently in any kind of water or wet environment in the rain and it holds up just fine so it really is waterproof and I wouldn't worry about that so when you're

Receiving notifications on the watch you're not going to be able to see special characters or emojis the emojis I totally understand but these special characters on the global Edition I could see if you're not you know speaking

English this could be somewhat of a drawback for you I know a lot of other languages use different characters that might not be included on this watch right here on an Android this is what it's going to look like I don't know if

It looks slightly different on Apple I didn't try that but overall it should be fairly similar and when you're on the home page right here it's really gonna show you mostly about your day the most stuff that you're caring about like you

Know what your exercise looked like what your sleep looked like when you go and tap on that it shows you you know how long you slept in deep sleep light sleep when you were awake and I do kind of question that so one thing kind of about

The sleep is it says I slept in deep sleep for about three hours and so I'm not a sleep scientist I don't know a lot about sleep so I just did a little bit of background research to figure out you know is this a reasonable number or you

Know how there is really no way for me to test this without medical equipment so just from a quick Google search I found that your deep sleep on average should be about 60 minutes to maybe an hour and a half an hour and 45 minutes

So for that reason it seems a little odd that I've been sleeping maybe I'm just really good at sleeping but having three hours worth of deep sleep seems a bit strange so I do question the accuracy of the sleep tracking so I don't know if

Anyone if you are like a sleep professional if you know that comment down below and let me know why this is actually happening I believe the heart rate sensor might not be reading correctly at night maybe the algorithm

Is tracking slightly in less correctly but overall it should be consistent from day to day so at the very least it's good for a to be testing and this is typically what I would use this for so if I am going to you know I'll try like

If I don't eat something this long before bed or if I read before bed or if I'm watching TV before bed I'll see differences in my sleep patterns and just you know a to be testing some split testing like that I can fit

What's helping me sleep better so even if this is not accurate I still think as long as it's consistent it should be fine for my sleep tracking so then we have the heart rate tracking right there now the heart rate is relatively

Accurate as I kind of mentioned before it's more accurate than the previous versions of this the me bands you know two and three and whatever else and so you know I just compared it just by taking my own pulse right there and

Comparing it to what the heart rate is reading here and after a couple measurements it's been accurate within plus or minus maybe two beats per minute so relatively close definitely close enough for my purposes so I can see you

Know how hard I'm working out you can go over to my workouts you can dig into a lot of other stuff within this app there really there are a lot of data here but what I want to do is go over to profile and you'll see the me smart band four

Which is what I'm connected to right now this is where you can really change a lot about this so it tells you the battery percentage at the top which just a quick disclaimer right there about the battery it should be lasting you easily

A week in my opinion yesterday it was at 30% today it's at 16% so 15% a day if I'm doing the math right that should be about 6.5 6.8 days or something around that order now the band display settings this is where you can

Sort of change what the band displays are you can change the watch faces on here and there are tons of different ones and there are a lot of you know very colorful ones very animated ones some that have you know they'll tell you

Your heart rate or how many steps you took today and so a lot to choose from then we have find band let's test this out right now so the fine band is a nice feature although it only buzzes like two or

Three times and then you have to keep tapping it and it'll keep buzzing rather than just a long continuous buzz to help you find it it works the same honestly I don't think that's a real drawback it's just a cool feature to have if you lose

This just that little buzzing especially if it's on a hard surface it should be fairly easy to find this so farther on down in the app you can actually change which wrist it's on so that when you lift your wrist up the screen should

Come on right away and then you of course you can Palm it to turn it off just I also tested the pedometer and honestly it was fairly accurate I was able to get approximately the same steps I was using of course if you're going

For a run and not using GPS a pedometer is never going to be that accurate your stride length might change with your pace or it might change if you're walking versus running obviously so if you're trying to track your fitness and

You're like a run or something like that definitely bring your phone so it's a little bit more accurate but if you're just looking for time or a relative idea of maybe how far you ran within 20-25 percent then it definitely works

Honestly the guys I think that's all I have to say about this me band I think that for forty dollars it definitely is worth it this is seems to be a really great deal you know the battery lasts a long time has a really nice screen has a

Lot of features seems to be fairly accurate honestly I'm not really sure what kind of drawbacks there are so forty dollars if someone told me this was a hundred dollars I would still buy it so that's why I think this might be

The best fitness tracker that I've seen yet of course I will be comparing this to the Galaxy fit and another budget fitness tracker later on this week if you want to see that make sure you go down and subscribe guys if you like this

Band or not let me know your comments your ideas down below even questions you have I've been using this fit band you know for a couple days now to really get a good feel for us let me know in the comments below guys thanks for watching

I'll see you next time

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