Mens summer time Outfits 2018 | four New Fashion Traits (vogue suggestions)

published on July 3, 2020


I see you hi nice to see you thank you

welcome thank you very much

right now we arrive two revolutions

headquarters and we're going to pick out

some summer spring pieces and some

casual clothing but first of all thank

you very much Bella for having us

oh you're welcome you're welcome we're

curious if you can tell a little bit

about when did you you the co-founder

and when did you start the company we

kind of go back to 1995 or something

like that at least that that's the day

but we talk about us the first day we

actually started so it's what is it now

so we count about 22 23 years or

something like that and yeah well we

started out being only two guys in a

small cell our doing only a few t-shirts

and now we are ya doing

it's a national brand and trying to do

that it's crazy

yeah it's I remember 15 years ago went

to high school and I had the first

revolution t-shirt or with the no it's

not the first one no it's not because

it's it's 24 years old the brain but I

remember that it was one of my favorite

t-shirts with two diocese YES on fire I

think or something with the finish trace

flex something it was good now we are

here picking out some cool designs yeah

so let's take everybody's looking here

we have a line sign that we can switch

on in the dark days and upstairs we have

showrooms and shows up there and we have

a big Terrace up there where we can sit

in the Sun and enjoy at evening and when

people wants to yeah and yeah pretty

much the design the poplars over there

people in sales are here and then we

have the warehouse up there



yeah well this is actually where all the

business is going on

well when the collections are finished

this is where we show them all for the

customers and we discuss them back and

forth and I've picked out a few sets

that I believe that could be really good

for a daily of outfit and something

which could be more fresh for the

summertime so with that in mind I've

tried to you know navigate between

colors patterns flowers something that

can really spice up a little bit of the

summertime so that sounds nice orchard

because normally I am NOT dressing that

loud it's mainly black tones so like

Android so what I'm going for today is

to spice up my everyday look and find

something that I find more toned down

for for my timber so casual and fresh

spring look I think sometimes also like

you know I like the color

how will you describe the color is it

salmon or no no the pink color is kind

of quite popular right now this one is

in common type color which means that it

is a faded it has a faded look to it so

every time you wash it that the car

would get more authentic more vengeance

in the looking you just be more and more

beautiful than more you wear it it looks

a little bit like them you know original

one of the fabrics you have used from

the very beginning like this place

that is it's more or less the basic

fabric which we started out the whole

company about that could be really nice

for you


you have to put this on but when you do

like this I mean especially what is best

for the summer times with your shoes and

everything rolled up a little bit and

show your show your ankles really

Scandinavian style so combine it with

something really you know basic on the

top combine it with that leather jacket

or that could also be like a black denim

jacket basically it's a very important

that you do not mix up two different

they're loud styles every could take

this one yeah it's like an example would

be I mean if you combine flowers to the

text yeah kind of too much you know yeah

or a silence in that way so if you

combine it with stripes and checks you

are better with the top so one of the

things only topped either or bottom yeah

either either co-creation unbutton them

be more easy facing at the top or to the

offices it's it's mainly black and white

of course you can see that but it's the

color speaks to each other so that's

that's something that's important to you



that's the flowers yeah

now the summer comes in I mean for the

summer edition choose a pair of tennis

shorts copy easy easy and nice to wear

with a little bit of stretch in it so

they actually comfortable and connected


nice so but if you combine that actually

still kind of good-looking I mean wow

but but but still not wilder than yeah

what should we expect upon simulations

so I would suggest you Elias one and

tell it you have designed it yourself

yep what thoughts have you put into the

design I mean I mean the falls apart of

this that you could see the color is a

little bit different you see this kind

of color coming where you're kind of

popping it up like this one so I kind of

standing open in that way this is I mean

it is kind of this you could say if you

look for more movies it's kind of a

little bit at least it's at the tacky

type but you're present coming along

yeah secondly I mean for us it's very

important to use some of the found some

of the colors that you see in the season

witness in this case the pink you see in

the flowers they do a base color on the

bottom which is in this case naming navy

blue so is the the base is actually very

subtle and uses some of some of the

seasonal color on the top of it that

works well and it's not too young it's

still it's still workable for I mean I

would say for anyone between 20 and up

to 40 and it's a season of the year and

when you were allowed to do something

and it's really a design that catches

the eye yeah I'm definitely taking this

one it's nice a short time yeah yeah and

I think also since it's vacation season

it's it's just a piece you need to bring

you can use it on the beach but it's

also thing that is not for dining in the

evening this color is very notable yeah

it's really unique you don't see it a

lot cool you do it in your case the last

set we put on you we put some some Czech

pants and some easygoing on the top yeah

we do the opposite with you great we put

on and put on a pair

soup and shorts this way very easy code

little roll up on the leg and then it's

a sign with the roll up yeah good yeah I

like that so if you combine that with an

easygoing like a logo t-shirt yeah it's

easy going

yeah but the logo Jesus is a big thing

right now as well yeah and then for the

more wild part of it take a completely

trashed of denim jacket on top of it in

a light blue color it fits very well

it's good it has to it has to fit good I

think these have really we have added

stress to the fabrics of which means you

can actually move nice that's that's

important that's something I choose from

actually it's never buy any jeans

without stretch it's like yeah get to

set really tight it's about 1 to 2

percent in the stain right now but this

one has somebody distress effect to it

you know holes are created and some some

blast effects to the front of it yeah

it's just a good piece for the sewing

machine as well so I think you should go

feel that this is gonna fit very good

good let's jump into it I'm really lying

on the pieces and pedaling you for the

introduction and finding all this nice

items we got looking forward to try them

on right now


now we have seen four different outfits

and we hope you liked the episode we

would like to see what you think is the

coolest so please vote up here and let

us know it's definitely fun to be

visiting here in Russia

I like the outfits and this one is very

nice to wear right now since it's very

hot here in Denmark the thing the cowboy

jacket just a denim jacket you might

call it cow horn

I think the denim jacket looks awesome

and also the classic super notes the

flower print here is also very awesome

it reminds me of my of Miami anyway

please write in the comment section down

below and give us some ideas for what to

do next so what's left to say see you

guys see you guys



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