Mens Brief Hair for 2020 | Textured Hawk Coiffure

published on July 2, 2020


hello guys I'm Rasmus and you're

watching slick hair – today I'm here

with a K and another Rasmus are you up

for today

definitely cool so a K what are we gonna

cut and today we're gonna make a half a

ton Rasmus and we're gonna cut it a

little bit shorter in the top and a

little bit






now the hairstyle is done so Rasmus how

do you like it

it's super nice awesome and a que yeah

did you do I made a short fade in the

sides and a little longer in the front

and shoulder in the back and then I

style it with sidekick and go Tigger my

fing crotch hey guys as always you can

win free products you just need to write

down below what the thing about this

episode like the video and be a

subscriber and you can take part in the

competition we'll find the winner next

week see you guys next time


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