Males’s Morning Routine + I completely love this routine

published on July 2, 2020

good morning gods I hope you had a very

good morning or day so far but interval

and today I will show you my morning


and on my bed table I keep that glass of

water in case I needed during the night

or I bring it all in the beginning of

the morning to get my body started I put

on my robe in the mirror and I see

quickly tell myself that I'm going to

rock this day and then I make my bed so

it looks nice and neat checking simple

tasks off early on then the morning is

also very good for your mind saying so

I'm curious how many of you are making

your bed in the morning please make a

comment down below

time to go downstairs in the kitchen and

make some coffee and breakfast at always

be wait here hey here's the kitchen

first thing I open the laptop next stop

the coffee machine find up as good form

of coffee so my ambition


I always drink cappuccino in the morning

and it's with old milk


why am i drinking oat milk well I think

it takes good and also it's good for the

Aurora brightest sunset but every day I

see you die

how never thought could be bad I love to

smell off coffee beans especially when

it's freshly grinded

BRF fine I'll believe you

I am practicing my eyes the skills


and in case you're wondering why I'm

making two cups of coffee the other one

is for Sarah and the balloons in the

background are my daughter's she is on

vacation and her grandparents I need to

breakfast every single morning caps are

so important for your body and brain to

function for the base I prefer whole

grain oatmeal around 10 almonds young

Bob raisins chia seeds

I had a topic of seasonal fruits then I

like some crispy granola to give a

little bit of contrast to the oatmeal


and for my oatmeal I also prefer ultra

milk I always open my laptop in the

morning so I can check up on urgent

emails after breakfast I have some

things on the shopping list then I go to

the shower


these days you cannot wash your hands on

time too many


I'm a big fan of second date beard

however I like it to look group so I

shaved the jawline and my Chin's



first I applying brushed shampoo time to

add the conditioner it has a cooling

effect to the scalp I apply a face scrub

to refresh my skin we have worked on a

skin care product line for a few years

now then a brush bag my hair is the

first thing I like to keep my skin

moisturized makes me look younger and

fresher today I applied by the lane

naeun pre styling foam it gives you heat

protection high volume and great control

over your hairstyle


it's definitely worth spending a few

minutes extra under free styling every

single morning it will save you a lot of

time during the day since you don't have

to restyle your hair Bible a revolution

is the latest member of the binding name

flags family a light that works because

it's very easy to spread out from your

hair has high hold to matte finish and

it's very easy to reshape the hairstyle

to go back if you haven't yet go by a

skeleton brush or an eyebrow brush it's

very important for the final details it

what's makes the difference now go

upstairs to man living room and change

to some sportswear now I'm ready for

quick 15 minutes workout so this is what

I do first I start stretching a little



and then I take some push-ups as many as

I can then I'm working on my apps

do as many as you can

then I do some a squats then I take 30

seconds and then I do some babies time

to Train yumps do some dips white open

ox push-ups call training is super

important so I do the plank for around a

minute while I'm doing the plank I'm

training my body balance thank you very

much for watching this episode now it's

time to get some work done right now I'm

editing a video for normal it's called

the slick hair product line which is out

in over 300 stores all right guys in

these difficult times I'd like to hear

what is your own Korona routine what are

your doing in self-isolation please

comment down below and remember that

will give away some hair products for

one of the most inspirational routines

in the comment section see you guys


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