published on July 2, 2020


hi guys thank you very much for tuning

in on slick-haired TV my name is Emil

today I'm sitting in my living room as

you can see and trying to do some

content because we have closed the salon

the government has probably also shut

down any salon you know about it's time

to be creative do things at home and try

some new hairstyles at least for me I

like to experiment with hairstyles every

single day during the lockdown I think

it's important that you like what you

see when you make yourself in the mirror

I'd like to know how many of you out

there are styling your hair during the

lockdown please come in come section

down below the lockdown is a good

opportunity to rethink what you give

your daily habits whether it's exercise

the food intake or your hairstyle I

think it's important that you look at it

as a big picture and see what can you do

better if you can do the food better

you'll have a better life help if you do

a little bit more exercise more health

as well and if you can have a better

hairstyle then you'll be heavier with

yourself in the long run and now for the

hairstyle tutorial I brought that by

Bellini on sea-salt phone and it's a

very good prescience great because it

adds a lot of value its unique compared

to the psychics break because it's a

foam so you add it comes up comes and

then you distribute distribute it

it's a little bit more fun and this when

you add it but it's in my opinion it's

it's very nice because it spreads very

good in your hair so now we have some

few options I like to blow dry my hair

so I have high volume and I have a lot

of control and I can actually form the

hairstyle I want the second option is

that you leave it in so when you heard

rice naturally then you will actually

feel the gold and also you will see that

your hair will stay in the shape your

form it like this and actually the third

tip if you do leave your hair like this

and you let it settle in five minutes

something like that and then you feel

it's still a little bit moist then you

can add your hair product then you will

have a wet look if you use the third

step then you leave in the pre styling

spray and then you let it settle for our

Brown five minutes so it's a little less

moisturized and then you add the hair

ways that way you will have a wet look

with super high hold and it can also be

an advantage if you're going for five

weeks without a haircut and most people

are not able to get haircuts these days

anyway now for the priests time for us

like to keep high volume

the presetting process is very important

and it's important that you use the

right technique use the skeleton brush

from the bottom product line and then I

used to do this to get high volume and

the pre-sentence prayer as well also

brings you he protects it so it's very


when you freestyle you have then it's

important to finger comb it because you

can feel where it needs to dry the hair

a little bit more it's especially

important on the back



now the hair is so dry and what you can

see here get a high volume and a super

dry movie break control over you here so

now you can actually play around with

with the D of what is the options when

you add the hair wax I like to say

without free styling

there's no styling at all so this looks

nice I think God needs to add some hair

wax and the good thing about playing

around with your hair when you are going

at home most of the time is that you'll

not offend anyone with an outgoing hair

style it's just a around with it make

some fun the revolution wax is mud wax

with super high hold and you get a matte

finish you get extra playtime and it

actually has all the benefits from the

Bible in gold digger a little less cold

though but I think it's actually super

nice you have the extra place I'm in the

end and also the fragrance is super nice

it's a I'll call it a boutique cologne I

likes it make it a little bit more messy

it's totally up to you

I like the classic a little bit more

formal look but still it doesn't have to

be too fine so I just finger combing it

do you think I think it's about it


this is today's hairstyle Stanford Bible

a near for super great volume and

control in the pre styling process and

finished off with the vibrating revenues

and wax if you comment down below you

will have a chance to win the Bible a

minion and the Bible a revolution wax

another thing you can do when the whole

world is locked down due to the corona

virus you should bring your answers look

at this one it's actually disgusting

there's a lot of nasty stuff in your

brush to make sure to clean it all up

you can also decide to go and buy a new

one if it's too much now the skeleton

brush is as good as new now it's time to

get back to work Home Office and they

mean you watch some cartoons yes thank

you very much watching


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