MekaMon Berserker V2 – The Amazing AR Battle Robot

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

that is so cool
what's up guys sack you're on
super-sized TV and we've got a very
exciting unboxing today
here is the mecca mod berserker version
tuned from rich robotics
it's an interactive and agile
four-legged app enable gaming robot with
some awesome features which we'll be
taking a look at let's initially have a
look at the box so here at the front
we've got a picture of the mecha
monitors air conversion to next level
robotics gaming and ER and here at the
back we've got some of the highlights
encounter single or multiplayer
strategic battles so if you do have a
friend with a mecha mod robot you can
fight against each other but if you
don't that's absolutely fine you can
play single-player and use advanced
augmented reality for some seriously
cool interactive gameplay let's get out
of the box little pull tab here and off
comes the box here it is now inside the
box as well as the mech come on we do
get the Quick Start Guide a product
information guide there's a battery
charger the battery unit for training
shields and two fury rifles
now before we power this up let's go
ahead and attach the fury rifles our
training shields which quite easily snap
on and now for the battery waking up
looking around hey little guy what do
you think we should name it definitely
me know in the comments below I gotta
say it's really impressive how the legs
are moving and how everything is
balanced it's kind of getting familiar
with its surroundings thinking who's
this better right now that it's fully
awake we can download and install the
dedicated mecha Mon app which is
available on both iOS and Android and
then we can connect the app to the mecha
monitor so it's already found it
select there's a little wave actually
it's a big wave
now once connected we've got a few
different modes les initially look at
free drive this is a free play
exploratory pilot mode which lets you
fully control your mech on one bot so
the left hand side let's use
move your men come on left and right
forward and backwards and you can use
the right-hand side of the controller to
rotate the Mecca more check this out

that is so cool now in addition to the
standard movements you also have control
over the speed steps stance and also the
body height so right now the body height
is at 30% but we can easily change this
to a hundred percent all the way down to
zero when it's resting and what's really
impressive is how responsive the Mecca
mod is to the app check yourself all the
way up 7450 one so so quick you also
have a bunch of animations there's lots
of system animations like power down
that's power down it Chi it's kind of
like a dog there's also tail wag but as
well as the system animations you can
also create and save custom animations
yourself now things get really
interesting when we go into battle mode
so here you can set up a battle with up
to three other players if they have a
mega maaan bots but also play
single-player in AR this uses your
smartphone camera to set up an AR
battlefield where your physical Mecca
man can interact and battle with virtual
Mecca Mon BOTS there's a few forms of
attack there's a primary light attack
which is quick but isn't and of course
as much damage and there's a secondary
heavy attack which is gonna cause a lot
more damage but does take a lot more
time and you also want to keep an eye
out on your heat gauge to avoid
you can block or take cover behind
digital objects in a or skirmish or even
physical objects when battling another
mecha mod in multiplayer and the more
battles you complete the higher you'll
move up the ranks and if you're out and
about and you don't have your mecha mind
that BOTS with you then you can still
play with a virtual mecha minder bot
inside the app in AR which is pretty
cool to get some practice and there we
have it guys that is the mecha mod
to a really fun an interactive piece of
kit if you want to find out more or pick
one of these up I will be leaving a link
in the description below it's available
on the men come on website but also in
Apple stores on Apple comm Harrods as
well as Amazon what do you guys think of
the mechanoid berserker version –
definitely drop me a comment below and
let me know I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful if you did
then do hit that thumbs up button for me
and if you haven't already then be sure
to subscribe and switch on education
there's lots more content coming up on
here thanks for watching this is SAP on
super-sad TV I'll see you next time

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