Mega iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Unboxing!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

here gather all the new iPhone 11 and 11
pros were summoning the 2020 iPhone
leaks in this summoning circle what's up
guys let's go ahead and unbox most of
the colors of this year's iPhone lineup
I actually didn't get a couple didn't
get the black iPhone 11 standard and the
iPhone 11 Pro in gold not here otherwise
let's jump in and I think this is one of
the biggest hauls I've ever had on a new
iPhone event so let's finish unboxing
the pros now one of these is mine 512
gigabytes and this is the pro max green
obviously being my favorite color and
I've already taken a look inside once I
love the way it's presented and the
moment that light hits it you see that
frosted back which feels amazing I
wonder how it will hold up to scratches
though this definitely isn't a
revolutionary cycle but they did very
so there's green we haven't seen the
white yet almost looks gold and this one
has a beautiful way where the light hits
it also man it's like a pearly white
almost beautiful I love that finish so I
think Y is definitely one of the most
elegant colors on this it suits it very
I love the lens like I never thought I'd
say this but I loved the lens I loved
that they gave it those thick borders
something that the leaks didn't catch is
that you know Apple wanted to accentuate
it very well and they left the inner
portion of the lens transparent whereas
this is mattes and it gives it such a
striking presence you know you know
right away that this is something new so
you see someone walking down the street
holding this yeah they're using the new
iPhone 1111 Pro and we've got the Space
Gray so Space Gray takes on a new
appearance Apple already has so many
variants Space Gray this is the latest
one so I'd call this more of like a
stealth bomber gray reminds me of The
Wrap on my car and yeah it's beautiful
definitely not as dark as I envisioned I
love the inner portion on this color too
so there are those three and
unfortunately I'm missing gold but so
obviously the green I'm choosing because
it's new I always go for the new color
but I do like the white it's very
elegant and we've got the iPhone 11s so
let me start with my favorite color
actually it's gonna be one between one
of these we've got the purple I like
that they went with simple colors they
didn't call it like lilyc purple or
lavender just purple the pastel color
board here works very well on the budget
end iPhone this one looks great and
Easter color and I like that they
reversed it so the lens on the iPhone
Elevens is matte inside exactly reversed
with the 11pro here hands there's that
one not enough for room next up is green
and this is also a pastel beautiful oh
man this looks so much better in person
actually I love this color I definitely
think this will be a trend in phones
nowadays very very subtle notes subtle
colors nothing too sharp and we got
yellow nice so I'm a little sad to see
coral go but these are very nice
replacements this is a beautiful yellow
much more muted than last year's ten are
works very well and then we got white
which is more of an ivory so it's not
your pure white it's got some subtle
tones in it but it looks good man Apple
knows how to make a good looking phone
all right yeah definitely not as
futuristic feeling as the pros just the
aluminum borders versus the stainless
steel big difference in the field
although this will hold up the scratches
better over time
very simple Apple logo placed on the
back I love that and the red so product
red it's one we've seen before I wonder
if it's any different oh yeah actually
that is that looks a little bit
different than last year's red on the
I thought that this one would be the
weirdest looking lens wise
pretty normal to me just got stacked and
Apple moved this border over or gave it
a platter underneath it just to keep it
tied in with the pros instantly you know
right away that you're using a new
iPhone even with this dual one set up
the 11 so there are those I'm also very
excited to check out the titanium Apple
watch which we should have one of these
titanium case oh man this is like
Christmas day for an Apple fan Santa has
brought the goods no I actually have to
buy every single one okay and there's
the band which I do not like those these
should come bundled with a silicon band
okay here's the titanium Apple watch
interesting finish oh yeah I mean you
can tell that it's like a polished
brushed metal here it does feel a little
bit lighter I think officially they said
13% lighter yeah cool I just like
knowing it's made out of one of the best
materials on the planet titanium is my
favorite series 5 and Wow
so they have a new type of packaging
much more efficient for these bands it
comes with this very nice grey band for
the titanium and there's that one so
same processor as a series for just that
always-on display
cool can't wait to get to know it so
there it is and of course I've got an
abundance of the green ones being my
favorite color
can't get too many of those we're gonna
be doing a giveaway by the way with
Aaron for mister who's the boss just in
case you forgot from the last video the
link will be down below and we're giving
away for iPhone 11s for pros two lucky
winners and we're gonna give it one away
from each different source to make sure
to follow all the instructions okay
otherwise there it is out of the Elevens
I'd say favorite color probably gonna
have to be the green this looks really
really good and out of the pros actual
favorite color white and I haven't seen
the gold yet so I can't say fully but
the green is cool just because it's new
I like the elegance of the white one
usually I don't like white iPhones cool
all right guys thanks for watching be
sure to enter that giveaway down below
and stay tuned for more peace

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