Meet The Newest Name in the Smartphone Game…

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

So today we've got the newly announced TCL 10 Pro for the unboxing experience here on unbox therapy there are more of them here than you might normally see that's because TCL decided to sponsor a giveaway shout out TCL head over to my Twitter account for your chance to win

One of these there'll be a tweet at the top of my account you just retweet it it's simple you know the drill at this point next vision display 64 megapixel ai quad camera display greatness with unparalleled visual power fhd Plus

AMOLED display you'll love to see it at this particular price point brilliant color clarity and contrast real-time HDR enhancement 6.47 inch F HD Plus HDR ten video with Netflix certifications there's a low light video mode which I'm

Excited to try out of course we've seen the night mode for still photography is this our first glimpse into night mode for video and what that looks like 4500 milliamp hour battery in here it is quick charge capable not the fastest on

The market but it will charge up to 50% in around 35 minutes the color on here is called Amber gray and it's another thing that I'm excited to check out because this is one of the few devices modern devices that is not going to have

The glossy finish that you're seeing on absolutely everything that's I mean that's already been served up we've seen so much of that I like a little something I like an option with a matte finish

It's of course a personal preference oh that feels okay this thing's gonna be around 450 bucks obviously depends on the market that you're in very slender I'm gonna put it down for a moment also in the package course you got to have a

SIM card tool you have what is this a casing yeah you got some paperwork as well as a case to get things kicked off also inside the package we've got the USB type-c cable to charge it up and there is the power brick and that is our

First glance you know what look at the shimmer on the back like I said matte finish it's not a matte finish that's dull though because of the way that it reflects light it's like a Paul it's like a buffed out kind of

Sandblasted type of approach here yes it can resist fingerprints as you can see here now this is the most exciting part this is why I think this particular device is getting attention at the moment we have seen so many enormous

Camera humps it just seems like the standard now I remember when we first started to see camera humps and people used to complain about it then people got used to it and now we have something we have at least an option or they were

Able to embed all the camera modules and there are four of them there into the frame itself what does this mean for you well it means that look at this no tabletop wobble when when is the last time I said that I don't even know it's

Been a while somebody some detectives gonna have to go look through the inventory of smartphone videos on the channel to figure out how long ago it's been since we've had that feature what does it mean I don't know how I don't

Know how much that matters but from a design perspective if you can pack them in there certainly this is preferable these sections here where the two flashes are that's right there's two flashes on here they do bump up the

Tiniest bit but they're symmetrical and it's not even enough to notice it and it does not affect it when it's down on the table here you will see your USB type-c connector this is your speaker unit and that's your sim tray this side of the

Unit is where you insert your SIM card other side yes that's correct it does have microSD expansion top of the device here I think a lot of people will be excited to see the existence of a headphone jack this

Side over here has your power switch as well as your volume rocker and then over on the other side there's a dedicated Google assistant button so you can trigger Google assistant with one touch and a physical button so this device

Unlocks either with in display fingerprint or face unlock this is probably my favorite set up right now on all the different phones that I use I usually enable both and then just whichever is convenient for the moment

That's what I'll use just hold the phone 20 to 50 centimeters from the face it's a typical set up now it's important to note I mentioned this in every video where we talk about face unlock if it's optical based face unlock it's not the

Most secure thing on the planet use next vision to help improve your multi again photo/video visual experience automatically just contrast sharpness and saturation so this is going to give you a more vivid color on your display

Sure why not at least they give you the choice you can turn it on or off they also give you options straight away for the appearance of your home screen and this will give you your first look at the interface you're gonna notice

Straight away it's a lot of screen for your body here we're talking about six point four seven inches in a thing that's actually pretty slender to hold and that just comes back to the idea of stretching that display as far into the

Corners and as far around the edges as possible this of course is the popular choice is what people are doing at the flagship level and that approach is now trickling down into the mid-range or at least in this case into the 449 price

Point you can actually see it better the screen to body ratio when you open up a white backdrop like this here over to the edges this is reminiscent of some far more expensive devices as you're probably aware the notch is in the

Center there it's not a hole punch but it dips down in that central section from the top bar now let's go ahead and jump right into those cameras from 1 X 2 to X all the way to 10 X you can see the texture on the table starts to show up

There we slide over to video mode portrait mode super Knight and then there's also a pro mode which of course unlocks your various pro settings and that's the One X performance 2x performance this is kind of cool so this

Is gonna let you see your frame at the same time through three different options original ultra wide and low-light video so this is a composition tool to allow you to see the difference on each camera in real time so let's go

Into that ultra wide setting bang-bang-bang so that's your camera versatility right there here we have our 2x assume this is your main camera that's your best camera as usual of course the ultra wide bringing far more

Into the frame and you know how it is with ultra wise those are typically the lowest performers of the bunch they benefit tremendous amounts of light and typically work best outdoors but I love

To see it because it means you can fit more people in the frame for a group shot I've talked about it extensively for my eyeballs the main camera is the nicest looking of the bunch so we are now at the maximum setting for videos 4k

30 frames and this is the standard lens that you're viewing through gonna grab the text if I bring that up yeah pretty smooth autofocus actually and then back to the plant we move it around yes and let's not forget the macro mode I'll

Bring in the unbox therapy unboxing knife the macro mode is sitting inside of the more setting also inside of there there's a light trace mode stop motion slo-mo is there and so is the high pixel option they say you want to be between 2

And 10 centimetres I'm gonna get that into the light most certainly this allows you to see the little lines inside the metal it's kind of fun to use versatility right that's why we all got crazy and put a tremendous number of

Cameras on the back of our smartphones now the other thing I'm interested in is this night video where is that setting the low light mode is enabled up here you can tell it's pretty dim in here we're down to one light and I think what

It's doing is some type of noise reduction in order to take a frame that would normally look gained up and smooth it out a little bit definitely looking brighter on this camera than it does to my eyeballs and that gives you an idea

Of how much video you can fit in here the vast majority maybe like 95% of the sound coming out of the bottom so it's a down firing unit and then a tiny little bit getting ported up through the ear section I don't know I might even be

Crazy I just it's definitely loud enough I just wish there was a little more fidelity a little bit more low-end in there they do have a game mode as well fairly basic

Game mode so that if you launch into it you can block notifications for example do a few other things you can game on it how's this camper Oh actually for a while there yeah so you

Can game on it no problem Snapdragon 675 it'll get the job done it's not gonna give you any crazy frame rates the screen doesn't support it either it's not a gaming phone I think it's a slim and trim it's got an executive vibe to

It but it's still packin a flagship feel into it at that 449 price point remember I also mentioned this button here you can set up that smart key to do a number of different things single press can turn on or off the next vision

Enhancement it can launch Google assistant you can launch a Google search you can scan a code you can launch the camera I mean it's there's actually a tremendous number of options of things that you can do double press will then

Enable essentially a secondary button function and the long press can do something else you can also just turn it off if you want this of course is something we've asked for from other manufacturers in the past who've given

You an extra key but then kind of not allowed you to do what you want with it I'm not gonna say the words cuz I'm gonna trigger everybody's assistant okay fine hey Google from Google anyway the options are in there I like options you

Like options who doesn't like options oh yeah I just forgot we didn't test out the face unlock even though I registered my face during the setup process yeah and now I'm going to turn it a little bit just

To try out the fingerprint probably on this phone gonna use the face unlock the majority of the time because it is a it's a bit faster than the fingerprint for the selfie photo it doesn't look oh there's a little beauty button but it's

On 0 by default well done it's the way I like to see it and let's do a little beard hair little contrast 3 2 and we zoom in and we have yeah we got beard hairs there bit shorter than they have been in the past but they still work

They do the trick I think this is also gonna attract people who just are not happy with those flashy glossy devices that are out there this one it's a bit more it's a bit more subdued it's a bit more minimalist you have this

Streamlined camera layout it's a minimalist approach without really giving up the features and functions you're looking for there's still four cameras there it's almost hard to believe there's four cameras there given

The fact that it doesn't bulge at all so when I was booting up the game it triggered that next vision video enhancement and so I selected to leave it on and what it does is it sort of just punches up content like this

Whether it's a game or something animated it gives it a more vibrant look to it six point four seven inch F HD Plus AMOLED HDR 1064 megapixels Mac's on the main camera unit 128 gig storage six gigs of ram it is expandable through a

Micro SD card 4500 milliamp hour battery which you can charge 50% in about half an hour so once again don't forget the giveaway there are four of these that need to find a new home that home could be yours I'll make it really easy go

Follow me on Twitter and retweet the tweet that's at the top of my account that's all you have to do you could win a TCL 10 Pro and own one of the only smartphones in 2020 that you can lay flat on the table and have a no wobble

Zone can you believe it imagine that you

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