Meat Lover Takes a Stand Against Vegan Activist

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

My name is 8 what is my name Emily oh nice to me it is my name is such a weird way of saying it oke it's okay hey leo so I've got a table profit Yale and it says if eating animals are eating approach there's a choice than why do we choose to be cruel and you've kindly

Decided to sit next to me and so I'm interested to know what your thoughts in that statement are okay yeah so I don't have too many like logical arguments but basically I love I really love meat yeah I derive a

Lot of joy in my life out of eating meat and I don't think I could give that up and I think that like we have to kill something to eat and sustain our lives so do you think that I was the same I wasn't born right so I used to love

Steak like bloody around all that stuff I'm I guess the question would then be it just sensory pleasure alone provide enough justification to to morally excuse what we do to animals well I mean I think I don't even know if it's that

Morally wrong like I grew up where a lot of people would hunt like hunt deer and then like have that meat for the whole winter and I I don't see that process as being super morally wrong so I think it's justifiable if it if it provides

You with sustenance and enough joy in your life yeah so we would make the argument that sensory pleasure as a justification but that but when we simplify it down to taste that's the argument that we make right I'm making

And it's definitely not right can we play that consists because we got up like consistently right if that if that's the moral standard then that has to be consistently applied and so are there any examples you can think of with

Sensory pleasure does not provide justification for something that we do probably maybe maybe even this example I might honestly not be in the right here but I really have to go to class now but this is my closing statement is that is

That I'm probably wrong but I don't think I could be a vegan I used to say the exact same thing but as but anyone could be surprised right and then you've got you've got nothing to lose from trying to get some bill meat burgers I

Like for I like falafel who doesn't look fly who doesn't say Kelly I appreciate that hey my name is AIDS and that's to me well um thank you so much Elliot for stopping I'm at Yale and

I've got a tablecloth that says if you Tiana products is a choice than why do we choose to be cruel and so you very kindly sat down I'm interested to know what are your thoughts in the statement totally so I feel like there are ways to

Enjoy me maybe like that are more creative than those already out there but that are ways to actually not be cruel to animals could you define what those ways would be sure so I feel like for example like in Connecticut there's

For example the issue of overpopulation of deer so you know it's causing a lot of environmental harm causing a lot of you know imbalances in the ecosystem and so hunters will go out with their crossbows and painlessly kill the beers

And then you know enjoy the meat afterwards so I feel like maybe that's cunha an example but you know you could tweak that system – yeah I think that's a really valid point about overpopulation of day especially in

Connecticut right I'm from London and England but that's but when I think of overpopulation of dear Connecticut is the state that comes to mind I don't know why okay so I think we have to look at the the cause of that so there's a

Reason right you know we look at the food chains exist in nature and they're they're quite harmonious the sense they exist to maintain the sizes of populations and so we have an imbalance and so we've got to look at why this

Imbalance has been caused right so oh and part of the reason is we've removed predators right a lot of predators from that food chain so now we have an overpopulation of the herbivorous animals and no carnivores to

Hold them in size and so then why have we done that well because we've cleared huge expanses of land to make way for agriculture that predominately been animal agriculture and now coyotes Cougars

Whatever the carnivorous animals the Predators well they've been hunted and many of them to the point of extinction and beyond because they were hurt in farmers livestock animals and so what I what I advocate for is not to hunt deer

Although I see that it's been that's like for me that's like putting a bandaid on it on like a what would be like a cut artery right there's like it's not practical so it seems like a short term solution exactly and then fix

The problem go to the root of the problem the rear the problem is that we've destroyed huge amounts of land and we've hunted predators so I advocate for and remove animal farming go vegan remove animal farming and then we allow

The land that we don't no longer need to repopulate but because we've got no longer livestock animals that farmers need for profits we can reintroduce natural predators and over it'll take a while of

Course but over a long period of time this process of what we call rewilding will somewhat balance out the population sizes and another point is let's say we all fall into that idea of thinking we no longer buy meat dairy or eggs from a

Supermarket we only hunt deer we now have what several hundred million people rushing into the forest to shoot deer and not in itself will cause an an ecological imbalance the reason it's somewhat sustainable

Because not many people do it but take out the 98% of people that buy farmed meat and replace them with hunting and all of a sudden you have an imbalanced with different kinds what what do you reckon well I would propose for example

Creating an artificial or maybe not entirely artificial but somehow creating an environment where you could have deer roaming free that they could live their whole life and you know instead of you know having their life ended by getting

Eaten by a natural predator or instead of you know how I guess how deer normally died naturally of starvation or however they normally die I feel like maybe we could as humans step in and then you know kill them for our to eat

And I guess I would like but they would still get to live their whole life in an international matter I believe I see and I and I and the logic I think is very clear like I think it'd be very logical but I believe that that logic has been

Applied it is slightly disingenuously in the sense of where we're trying we're almost using like the idea that we want to help the deer as a justification to kill them now nature is of course incredibly cruel there's no denying that

Right and many animals die in horrible ways but that is that is that is nature and that is the way that the world is designed to be and so I don't I don't believe that we should then then hunt deer because we say well they could die

In a more painful way I think well you know many do who we hunt wouldn't be killed in that way and then if we hunt like you know mother deer believe that the children there's a whole host of ethical implications which would mean

That morally we would still be somewhat I would believe deficit more morally bankrupt in that way whereas if animals in the wild naturally hunt to kill well that blood is not on our hands directly and so for me it's about necessity and

In it and if we can remove the need of necessity then hunting a deer would be just an action that we do not because we have to but because we want to and that and then the idea of that want does the little want that the consequence of the

Meet at the end does that provide justification but that's that's from it's about necessity for me right I just I feel like when I joined this table like the issue was why be cruel and I feel like you know letting a deer live

Its whole life and then you know at the end of its lifespan you know instead of letting it die from normal consequences from you know having a cross but I feel like that's not cruel and in essence and I think that I guess part the problem

Would be well I'm we wouldn't know how long some the deers have lived I mean we have a rough you know gauge of age but I guess when it gets maybe a 18 months old they probably have fully ground I know that but there'll be a point where we

Can't differentiate between the ones who are younger and the ones who are older if you could tag them but then that is self exactly second almost like a safari park like a farm you know like I like it but here's a question yeah do you only

Eat a hunted deer no not at all it's super high it's inexpensive too yet so that's like oh that's another thing so it's a financial problem right so then we have an economic socio-economic issue but then but then by your own your own

Admission and if you're not only eating hunted deer I don't if you eat anybody if you're not only eating hunted deer then you are partake in an industry that we could deem to be cruel done it's exactly yeah like these dining halls

They don't offer hunted deer yes so in this situation where you don't have the option of what you would deem to be more humane you only have something that you deem to be cruel and they're like maybe a vegan option how would you then

Justify taking something that you've accepted in yourself to be cruel feels not good and I feel like yeah exactly yeah and I think like you know I can do my best to find me that is treated the most

Humanely available but that's honestly the best I can do I can't I can't do anything more than that it's interesting it'll be used like most humanely or more humanely but we don't we don't say objectively human would you say well it

Could be worse but but then surely the most humane thing to do would be to buy like the beyond meat burger you know that would be more humane than buy like the ethically weird food yeah I also feel like going fishing in the wild like

I've eaten fish fresh Cod from the sea that feels a lot more ethical to me then we use the word more ethical again so what we have to establish is is it objectively ethical not more or less but just ethical objectively

I just feel like clams don't have that much feel allistic I mean I'm not gonna get the bivalves I'm not too interested like I think about that I think that for me that that has more of a logical and moral emphasis but like but like sea

Bass or salmon or tuna would be different and so what moral justification do we have then to buy animal products in say supermarkets when we have an option of something that's less cruel or it's not

Cruel objectively well I feel like people you know have they they're some people have decided I'm going to eat meat because of the flavor and so I think given that people will you know tend towards the most ethical side that

Available and not but I think as we pointed out the options are not great no not yet no no the options are getting better and I said this question I think it's your friend Leo and them and I'll ask you the same question is a sensory

Pleasure or all the enjoyment something does that provide enough justification for what we do to animals totally not let's break up this very honest of you I like that very much and so we would argue then that when we

Buy these products we are being we have somewhat being morally hypocritical yeah yeah that's not like that that's what led me to the point of being vegan was I felt like oh my god this is I'm saying one thing but I'm living another way and

That made me super like oh my god you know it's a weave realisation it's weird I just think with my dear solution I would feel I would feel justified with them with my meat-eating solution of letting deer live okay and you know my

Ignorance against that okay but at the same time the point I guess the point I think is most person now is that that's not the solution you're abiding by right now and so even if you do believe that you're still not living by that but I

Would obviously disagree about for ethical reasons it's unnecessary these animals still have a right there and like without us harming them and then a process of rewilding and restoring a natural order would be would be much

Better ecologically speaking than having everyone in new haven in the end connect running out with guns and crossbows to shoot deer that seems like a nice conclusion in a way it was very sick think I like those if you anything else

You'd like to add or say nothing else for the moment yeah even do anything monologues come back I'm Elliott what a pleasure really appreciate stopping to talk to me thank you have a lovely day my friends

Bye you

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