Matrix AI Network | $MAN | Blockchain 3.0 Meets AI Technology

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

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Disclaimer I'm not a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please always do your own research alright let's get started matrix launched in 2016 and presents itself as an intelligent blockchain 3.0

Platform and combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence it is an open source project that uses a range of machine learning tools also known as artificial intelligence and uses them coupled with smart contracts

Making them easier safer and even faster to use the project's goal is to solve the biggest current issues that we have with blockchain which is scalability ease-of-use security and interoperability up next is the team

Stephen dang is the chief AI scientist he received a PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 2006 his research includes machine learning industry data

Analytics and computer architecture he's authored over 50 papers and he wrote a textbook that is used in many universities Billy is the chief network architect he is the leading communications and IC design expert he

Has been and continues to be a major contributor to China's 4G and 5g standards dr. Lee's work on communication IC design has won numerous national awards his book communication IC design was the best-selling textbook

In its field and is currently used by many prestigious universities out of the IC o—- the IC o—- ended with a complete success of raising a total of thirteen thousand two hundred and twenty seven eighth through two hundred and

Twelve transactions the IC o—- started and ended on January 17th the United States and China as usual were not permitted to be a part of the IC l the project is initially in ERC 20 token which means it runs on the

Cerium Network for now until their main net goes live at which time they're gonna support a token swap among the 1 billion man tokens a total of 150 million were sold in the ICL the remaining eight hundred and fifty

Million tokens are reserved for the following purposes 10 percent retained by the foundation for the founders directors advisors early backers management and community initiatives after the matrix box chain is deployed

Before the end of 2000 at 18 the rest of the tokens will be distributed as follows 22 percent will be issued in subsequent sales as an additional token sale 40% is reserved for mining rewards 15% is

Allocated to the foundation as management in sales and census for grants and scholarships to support R&D assigning 25% of the total tokens to the team is a little high but you have to consider that they're also using this to

Create a foundation for the ongoing development of the platform they want it to grow and develop well after the initial launch also this is the first time I've seen money assigned for grants and scholarships investors will be able

To purchase 35% of the tokens that's a little low but you also have to factor in the fact that miners get 40% of the tokens available to them this results in 75% of the total tokens being made available to the investors who supported

The project I wrote on reddit that the community was a bit frustrated because it seems there was no cap in how much one individual could buy during the public sale and some people felt like others got a leg up or were able to get

More tokens from the sale than others and it seemed a little unfair I am the technology the current circulating supply is a hundred and fifty million tokens and the eventual supply will be 1 billion matrix has

Implemented a unique hybrid proof of stake and proof of work consensus mechanism the proof of work is performed in a significantly smaller network of Delegates which are selected with a randomly distributed voting algorithm

The probability of a node to be selected is proportional to its proof of stake the winner delegates shares the proof-of-work reward with the other nodes in the cluster matrix has two types of master nodes which they also

Call super nodes a mining master node which requires a deposit of 10,000 man tokens and requires your hardware to have a processing power to run a thousand transactions per second also note that mining can be done easily via

Matrixes own mining hardware the second is a validator node it requires a deposit of 100k man tokens and requires your hardware to have the processing power to run 2,000 transactions per second both nodes will be randomly

Selected each ten minutes to an hour ensuring a truly decentralized and fair network matrix token holders can also contribute computing power to the AI server matrix primary function will be to provide

Consulting and technology solutions to the belt and Road Development Research Center one belt one road initiative is the world's largest mega project in history covering 68 countries and 65 percent of the world's population its

Goal is to re-establish the modern-day Silk Road the strategy underlines China's push to take a larger role in the global affairs of the China Center trading network matric will bring its expertise in the blockchain and AI

Technology to help manage the next generation of roads and transport systems including the many IOT devices required to manage such a vast system matrix also boasts a multi chain structure it will have the ability to

Run a public and private chain on a platform it also allows the integration and interoperability of public chains being completely public and private chains being coordinated with security access features and control mechanisms

There are three major groups of users that matrix believes that their platform will target the computing facility this allows for the infrastructure of providing AI services smart contract institution application releases and

Transaction processing application providers these are the matrix services to customers matrix applications fall under three categories the high-end AI applications as an industry data analytics and large-scale learning tasks

Number 2 is autonomous execution of highly complex smart contracts that require human intervention and number three is enforcing regular smart contracts to ordinary tasks and lastly customers matrix States it has four

Major types of customers owners of computing power who can earn rewards through mining and renting out computer power users of computing power we need to use matrix computing power to offer their own AI services and applications

Application providers who develop and publicize applications on the blockchain for general users and ordinary users who purchase applications and services on the blockchain as of right now because the project is an e rc 20 token it does

Not have a dedicated while it it can be stored on any aetherium address that brings us to present day currently man sits at number 177 online coin watch with a market cap value of 20 million if you're interested in buying

The tokens you can do so on home boy global eath Phenix coin egg L Bank COO coin and others as far as partnerships go the list is quite but I'll just mention a few be partnered with the International digital asset

Company ID a which is an asset digitization and tracking company ID a holds approximately three billion and US dollars worth of assets in the form of Natural Resources the partnership between ID a and matrix

Allows the resources to be further digitized using the matrix blockchain they also have a partnership with bit main to help eliminate any possibilities of Asics mining power attacks that could possibly pose a threat to the system

Matrix and bit main are also working on the development of an AI chip related to their project Beijing cancer hospital matrix has teamed up with the hospital to focus on an image based medical diagnosis system matrix AI engine will

Eventually be able to quickly identify and recommend treatment for specific diseases while the project seems ambitious with the integration of working AI in so many areas the AI part is actually already done matrix now

Really only has to deliver a working blockchain solution matrix has recently finished the test net launch and supports basic transactions AI application tests and a handful of gaps working with auto coding intelligent

Contracts and sever all those surprises are what's coming up in the future their source code has been published for all to see on their github matrix has also developed their own version of a hardware wallet which will evolve as a

Digital asset platform providing multiple services and business models including exchange docking asset custody and a couple other things what's coming up that we have to look forward to on the roadmap they have a few things

Listed the full main net is set to launch in December 2018 which is obviously right around the corner the matrix mining machine is set to launch sometime before 2019 March 2019 which on the roadmap they've dubbed the age of

Civilization that has deployment of the a I secured intelligent smart contracts plan in December of 2019 which is the age of wonder will give us the deployment of mining facilities and big data applications out of the pros they

Have incredible team with pretty amazing experience AMD Nvidia Microsoft Dell Google Facebook so they've got some pretty heavy hitters this is kind of a neutral one they've got a very lofty technological goal but if they can pull

It off I see the project making a really positive impact on the space I like their hybrid consensus protocol I think long term strictly proof-of-work projects may run into a problem with

Sustainability so having the hybrid aspect I think is very strong attribute under the Khans the roadmap is quite long while they have the AI portion already they need to create the second half of the project

Which is the blockchain side they don't mention this because I believe will be a hurdle I just mentioned it because first mover advantage is very important in the space so timing of these things is also very important assigning 25% of the

Total tokens to the team is a little high but if you do consider that they're using this to create foundation for the ongoing development of the platform they wanted to grow and develop well after its initial launch as I mentioned before

Also that I mentioned before too is that this is the only time I've ever seen money or funds assigned for grants and scholarships final thoughts I like the project I'm impressed by their partnerships that they already have I

Think they have a very strong team and as I mentioned before I like the fact they are a hybrid coin and I think that's super important I do wish that the road map wasn't so far out but it's understandable because they have such a

Lofty technological goal and I believe that 2019 is going to be a great fear for this space in general but also more specifically for this project all right people that wraps it up for me today I want to

Thank everyone for watching and for the support as always and I will see you guys next time so you've gotten to the end of the video huh you must be devastated well don't worry if you're looking for more

Concerts to watch you can go check out my other playlist over there and get your crypto fix as usual thanks for watching my channel

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