Math is Illuminati confirmed

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

so recently a few people left comments to the effect that mythology is Illuminati confirmed and they based these you know comments on a couple of things they spotted in the opening sequence in the background of the

Opening sequence to the videos that we're playing here all right and about the same time my eleven-year-old started identifying all sorts of Illuminati confirmed in the house and I was a little bit I didn't know what they were

Talking about I've been living under mathematical rock for the last ten years so they look up what Illuminati confirmed all about well there is the secret society which was formed in the 1800s and they had you know logos like

This like 666 and triangle was an eye inside and supposedly this society is actually ruling the world I kind of just pulling the strings in the background and everything that really happens here is is you know governed by them and so

People have been very busy spotting the signs of the Illuminati all over the place and what you're really looking for is like these sorts of triangles and 666 preferably in the same spot now one place where this comes up really

Prominently is the one dollar note the American one dollar note so they actually focus in on this part you see the Illuminati symbol right on top of the pyramid and there's also a number down there in Roman letters which is

Actually 1776 which is the year that the Illuminati society was formed also happened to be the year in which American independence was declared but with its beside point here also if you have a really really close look you'll

Find that in here is DC lxbe and mm-hmm so DC LXi okay of course that's 666 and Roman numerals it's a coincidence I don't think so so there's something really serious going on obviously alright and so what people a

Lot of very responsible people are doing is they they find these symbols everywhere and you know figure out where Illuminati's at work so for example we've found Illuminati in the Teletubbies

Well obviously pretty obvious there's a triangle there right where is it down there right and if that's not proof enough well I see another one right there mine and coincidence I don't think so

So okay for the Illuminati spotters that's pretty good evidence but for mathematicians you know for a mathematician I always think it's three three three points the determinate triangles are there's lots of three

Points in there it's not really that convincing yeah so we've got a little sad little minute triangle there what I really want is this equilateral you know that's real proof for me that Illuminati is at work there and well if you

Actually know something about maths you know that for any triangle for any you know said Illuminati triangle there is a heart it has a heart that is actually one of those super Illuminati triangles and there's a couple of other things

That actually will help illuminate as spotters to find these super iluminage so I'm going to talk about this a little bit now so here we go said Illuminati triangle first thing we need to do is we have to realize that 6

6 6 divided by 2 is 3 3 3 exactly so so so what we're supposed to do here is we're supposed to trisect all the angles so three parts here equal parts three equal parts there and three equal parts there three three three okay now we

Extend those lines here until they meet and how it turns out that they meet in three point that always always from one of those equilateral triangles one of those super Illuminati thing else there we go

Always and I've got proof actually animated this whole thing so let's just pull this thing around and see how the triangle in the inside changes it doesn't change at all that's a pretty evil looking there

Going around going around it's five hours worth of animation effort on my part with it okay so we found this thing but that's not the end of it so every every triangle has a super Illuminati heart okay that's not the end of it so

Let's just extend all the sides of our triangle and now there's new angles coming up we also try sectors so try sectors extend all the try sections that you see here everything inside gets extended right so extend extend extend

Now there's new points that are forming here and here and there and there and then there so in total nine points you can probably already see there's three more super Illuminati triangle equilateral triangles orbiting every

Everywhere everywhere right and actually I ran out of steam I didn't animate this but if I had animated it days worth of animation yeah anyway you can imagine you know you change to triangle in the middle and and everything kind of

Rearranged itself but it's always going to be one two three four of those super Illuminati triangles they're you know they're just there naturally and that's not all you know if you have a really really

Close look you can see there's another one forming right hand side they're really big huge one so it's definitely Illuminati confirmed now if you think that this is amazing have a look at this Morley's miracle Morley was a

Mathematician who discovered this theorem in 1899 what's miraculous about this is that for thousands of years people have been torturing triangles and only in 1899 somebody found this miraculous result

But that's not the end okay how oh look at this can you believe it well that's not all right that's not all 1899 have a look at this what can I say it was right in front of our eyes the whole time okay but there's much much much more I mean

Morley might not be somebody who heard of it but somebody else really famous turns out to be an Illumina and actually tells you that there's another super Illuminati associate with any triangle whatsoever and that goes

Like this again one of our said Illuminati triangles what we do is we attach super Illuminati's to the sides like one to each side one superluminal equilateral triangle another equilateral triangle another equilateral triangle

And now have a look at the Centers of these triangles they are right here right in the center of the eyes what you see is why smoke there is another one and you just prove to you that it's not a coincidence

I've also animated this one's another five powers down the drain there you go chase the base triangle you know everything else changes but it's always one of those equilateral triangles that's that's right there in the middle

And who's the guy responsible for this well the theorem in masked is is called Napoleon's theorem and it's really in a bowl upon a part who supposedly figure this one out what's a little bit of debate there but as far as I'm concerned

You know it was Napoleon and it's definitely Napoleon's theorem you know just like it's just it's Napoleon's theorem okay now Napoleon pretty obviously was an Illuminati and it's so obvious all right I mean you just have a

Look at like one of those typical pictures here and I mean that's that's it and I mean you just put this one I know you know super Lemon Artic oh I never knew that he's definitely Illuminati right okay

Now for the last one I mean you you won't believe this one and you won't believe this one so for this one you have to kind of wait until it's it's night then you have to look up into the heavens right and there you you kind of

Look for Orion the constellation of Orion and Orion is tick out right here by one of those super super triangles and it's actually constellation it's called a winter triangle the winter triangles an equilateral triangle up in

The skies I don't know how the Illuminati's got it they're pretty pretty amazing but as a clue if you actually look at the different stars that make up the triangle there's Betelgeuse they're

Serious and as proc Leon I don't know I mean there's a Holly pronounces anyway so three big big big stars when you actually look at their actual position in space they form a triangle like that it's this really screwed up triangle so

I guess what would have happened is that at some point in time the Illuminati took earth all right and just position that right smack here so that we can actually see this triangle so these guys are really powerful it can move planets

And stuff resource unlimited resources unlimited resources but that also reminded me of another theorem mathematics which says that you can take any any screwed-up triangle whatsoever like that one here and you can look at

It or you can find a position from where it appears to be equilateral you can do this with everything okay so I'll just demonstrate how does it's done okay so here we go so there's a couple of different ways in which you can doors

And obviously you have to kind of reverse things because I'm demonstrating it with a webcam is the webcam really looking at the thing so what I'm doing here is I'm having the whole thing here alliant so this is kind of in line with

Your eye or with the webcam at the moment and this is at 6 degrees of the horizontal alright and now I bring things over kind of a long horizontal and at the same time I make sure that this guy has always stays at 60 degrees

Again and let's keep on going and eventually there is pretty impressive right ok and well that should give potential Illuminati spotters a lot of new tools to find these super Illuminati and just

In case you're you know really hardcore mathematician and you actually want to know why these things are the way they are I'm actually going to present a proof of mores theorem in a separate video and it's got to be

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