Massive DIVI Announcement | Cryptocurrency & Masternode Interview

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

What's up crudo gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway in the beginning of every single episode in today's winner is force dump thanks so much for commenting of a previous video for us I just sent you some crypto on this

Episode I sit down with Nick Savin ro to go through this special exclusive announcement that Divi is rolling out if you guys are brand new to the channel I've been working with Debbie for a little over a year now I've done

Multiple interviews with Nick I love their project I love the concept of one to two clicks to set up a quick masternode to support a network and earn passive income through cryptocurrency and I love the idea of a very low

Barrier to entry access to a wallet and crypto the announcer today from Divi is quite tech tonic for the crypto space as a whole and it's very exciting to sit down with Nick and also this is going to be released on the podcast the dippy

Crypto podcast will be linked in the description we've also set up a youtube series for the podcast so we can produce more video content around the podcast I'm working with them to help them get that out there who disclaimer this video

Is not sponsored I'm a fan of Divi I love supporting Divi and I'm also producing the Divi podcast so if you guys want to subscribe with the link in the description you can hear me talking about all things having to do with Divya

As well as Jeff Ann and Nick at the cofounders of Divi where they're going to be going through all the updates and future announcements coming out so it's a very exciting platform to be on you guys get a chance to follow along very

Simply whether you're commuting or whatnot simple simple simple simple simple set so all the links to not only Divis crypto podcasts on soundcloud and a bunch of other platforms like eight

Other platforms but there's also going to be the link to the new youtube series having to do with videos around the podcast episodes and all that will be in the description below so you guys can go and check out the announcement directly

From and Nick and Jeff the founders of a divvy and without further ado let's dive into my interview with Nick about the Divi announcement I'm here with the CIO Nick 7ro how's it going Nick doing really well Steve thanks for having me

Yeah for sure so there is an exciting announcement that we wanted to share with the Divi community and Nick from a high-level what do you guys want to share with the community

Well as you may have heard you know we are really trying to take the next step toward building a vertically integrated financial decentralized financial ecosystem and we're really taking a new approach to this in that we really feel

That Fiat is still necessary in order to transition people into digital finance into cryptocurrency and so for that reason we have raised enough funding and close the deal to acquire 30% of a remittances company in Costa Rica called

REE so REE will be actually rebranding to become redo V and this opportunity basically presents a whole slew of new opportunities for Divi and for Debbie's community and for hopefully new users of our of our ecosystem Wow so that is a

Pretty substantial move not only for Divi but for the space as a whole which is quite impressive for you guys and Bravo on being able to to pull that off in terms of what it means for for on-ramps what's uh what's going to be

Happening with read it now that you guys have done this deal so because we actually purchased you know stake in this remittances company we're able to expand their operations to move from just being a tremendous company to

Actually being a more full service financial services company so yeah as you said on-ramps will be able to actually provide a Fiat on an off-ramp and a big reason that we chose to invest in this companies because they already

Have relationships with 200 countries around the world with my transmitting licenses and with our investment they'll be able to basically integrate with the Central Bank of Costa Rica and issue I bands all over the world including the

EU and the United States so instant Iban to Iban transfers as well as the ability to of course purchase cryptocurrency directly from our application with your credit card or bank account Wow okay fantastic so on and off-ramps

Fiat – crypto and in terms of additional things that you guys can leverage from the traditional finance world what are you guys able to derive from the bank are you gonna have physical cards or what's what's the plan so we are in

Process right now with Visa and MasterCard to close a deal and offer cryptocurrency debit cards that should be pretty much done in the next well by the time this airs maybe 35 days and people people can actually start signing

Up for that on our website right now wallet Divi project org just enter your email and we'll let you know you'll be one of the first people to actually have that opportunity to own a Divi crypto credit or debit card scuse me but it

Also it really expands our opportunities around the world right especially as we move forward into the releasing our mobile application because we're able to issue I bands now we can actually Bank people who maybe previously couldn't get

A bank so as long as you have an ID and a phone number you can actually get an account number with us and store and send money right from that even if it's fiat where were you guys gonna be able to service effectively through this yes

So you know as I mentioned the re the company that we that we invested in they have already established relationships with over 200 countries around the world and all them I'll send you a list of those countries and you can see to be

Honest the only countries that aren't included on the list are countries that you probably wouldn't want to deal with anyway North Korea and things like that so yeah I mean we're pretty much expanding to the entire worldwide market

Which is as you know you know a multitrillion-dollar market eventually yeah yeah that's crazy so in terms of where you guys are rolling this out obviously we're doing this here on the podcast but what other exciting venues

Have you guys gotten to announce this internationally yeah so we're gonna be we're gonna be at world crypto Con in October I'll be demoing the actual mobile app and showing how a one-click bank account

Will work then we'll be going to malta to do some stuff over there at a conference and in between you'll see us on you know different podcasts and things like that and we're really excited so we're just trying to get the

Word out to pretty much anybody who's willing to listen at this point I really you know when you look at when you look at someone like Tesla right I think they're a great case study for for what we're doing actually because they

Basically took the automotive value chain and looked at all points of friction along that chain and said we're just gonna put it all into one vertically integrated stack rather than you know manufacturing in China and

Assembling in Germany and then shipping you know they do it all themselves now that's incredibly capital intensive initially but I think we're starting to see why that initial capital was required as they start to corner the

Market of electronic view or electric vehicles I should say right and that's exactly what we want to do here with with finance by taking all of those points of friction along the value chain whether that be you know signing up on

Coinbase to get that on-ramp get your first crypto and then moving that to a wallet and then moving that to an exchange you know there's all these points where you almost have to relearn things along the way so if we can

Provide that service in one package I think we we have a really good shot at at taking some substantial market share yeah yeah I mean and in terms of the space I've I've talked about this in the past of how and when you talk about

Finance and global monetary systems in general it's like pouring a bucket into a thimble what like the current space is just so petite compared to all the money out there and including in other countries

Other than the United States obviously but I think that it is a massive opportunity even to capture one to five percent of that is just an insane opportunity but you told me recently was that your co-founder Jeff

His was it his mother came into telegram what was that story yeah so we had launched a new desktop wallet update and it made some like massive improvements on mochi and some of the user experience and even in the UI and she comes in and

She's like the update went flawlessly just launched a new master note I can't believe how easy it is and this is literally someone's actual grandmother that was that was like a big achievement for me like okay if grandma can actually

Do this you know we're on the right track but there's still there's still a lot that needs to be accomplished I think as far as the user experience goes and that again that's a big reason that we chose to revisit you know the whole

The whole app from start to finish from top to bottom and so you know you're not just getting a new design with with Divis new mobile app you're getting a full back-end experience as well that we've redeveloped our api's it's a new

Light client methodology and of course you can deploy masternodes will even be able to stake from the app on day one as well as all the fun financial features as you said you know we have to sort of integrate with what people are already

Using like how lolli does people already using venmo people already using square cash so if you're not offering something better than that or at least equivalent why wouldn't they just keep using cash app and venmo right

The decentralization aspect only appeals to a small niche so if we can offer a good experience as good as then more better than venmo as well as all the decentralized aspects of cryptocurrency I think that's where you start to see oh

Maybe I will you know give this new one a shot maybe I will buy a little bit of cryptocurrency on this app since I'm already here you know yeah and in terms of like obviously you guys are rolling this out in with rediff II which is a

Massive massive move for the space as a whole what's what's next like obviously you're rolling out the the mobile application and I don't want to give too much away that's coming up just to keep people excited and keep

Hyping but in terms of you know what you're looking forward to on the divi roadmap for the rest of the year what's what's something people can look towards yeah yeah of course we are relaunching pretty much the whole brand so you

Already see a new a new logo across most of our channels now once this airs a new website should be coming if it's not already out by the time this airs it'll be there by the end of this month new desktop wallet that really works

More interoperable with the mobile so again we're actually going to end up ditching the current version of the desktop wallet for this new build-out and that's you know that's all extremely exciting but I think I'm really excited

For 2020 because once everything's established once we do have mobile out and desktops working with it and everything like that then we can really go out there and start generating interest in getting real adoption you

Know we're already seeing some use cases in Venezuela where people are buying groceries which you mentioned on on the last podcast update you know if we can actually get into some merchant operations you know have point-of-sale

Systems both online and offline where people can actually use Divi or use Bitcoin in the real world that's on an app that's connected to their to their bank I think we're gonna see a lot a lot more opportunities present themselves in

That sense and so I'm really excited for that and as the as the financial services operations grow there are a lot more opportunities that present themselves there but I'll maybe save that stuff for another episode cool well

If you guys are new to the show subscribe and we're gonna have a lot more of these exciting hype up shows and then your future because there's a lot of exciting announcements coming but thanks so much for sharing today Nick my

Pleasure anytime thank you so much Steve so that's it for my interview with Nick seminar oh it is really exciting to be helping Divi get the word out there about their project overall

I'm very bullish on their concept setting up masternodes is something that I'm passionate about hence the massive master note series that I did in the past and I'm really excited about the ability for newcomers to come into the

Space and easily onboard into the ecosystem through something like Divi or it's very simplified very stress free and very easy to use so that's it for this episode I hope you guys like it if you thought but like all the links will

Be in the description below to the podcast announcement as well as the sound money podcast announcement so don't forget to go check that out and I will see you guys on the next episode of a Krypto

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