Massive Dam Failures Caught On Camera!

published on July 9, 2020

When a dam is operating exactly as itsengineers intended the water held withinits walls sits peacefully and idly whensomething goes wrong affecting the waterpressure levels the dam transforms intoa man-made weapon of destructioncatapulting trillions of gallons of

Rapidly moving liquid in the directionof unsuspecting people houses and townscatastrophes like this have happened allover the world from Michigan to ColombiaLaos to Brazil and yes even theworld-famous Niagara Falls far too many

Times have we witnessed avoidabledisasters what causes something likethis to occur how much danger are weactually in time to find outdams are built to withstand the harshestof weather conditions

And are designed to stay in place fordecades hopefully centuries but theunfortunate reality is that no piece ofconstruction can last forever no matterhow many thousands of tons of rockssteel and bolts are involved as a dam

Ages the risk of catastrophe grows thepeople of Michigan were dealt thatlesson firsthand when not one but two oftheir largest dams collapsed in May of2020 the visuals are mesmerizing but thedanger and destruction cannot be ignored

Combined Central Michigan's Edenvale damwhich is here and its neighboringSanford dam over here caused at least175 million dollars in damage and leftbehind to empty lake beds once Edenvalefailed the floodwaters quickly gushed

Downstream exposing cracks in theSanford and turning it's Lake and alittle more than a puddle these two damshighlighted a glaring issue in Americanengineering aging infrastructureprojects like Edenvale which was built

In 1924 almost a hundred years ago needto be re-evaluated Tom Smith theexecutive director of the AmericanSociety of Civil Engineers suggestedthat the cost of repairing lifethreatening dams across the country

Could top 20 billion dollars a numberexceptionally bigger than the allocatedbudget halfway across the world is theSoutheast Asian nation of Laos whereresidents witnessed a catastropheof their own on the 23rd of July 2018 at

Approximately 8 pmsaddle dam D in the Champa sak provincecollapsed violently spilling itscontents across communities in everydirection sweeping away homes roads andbridges just look at this footage as

Cars and people scrambleit's truly terrifying the collapsedsection was part of a much largerhydroelectric dam system which came atan initial cost of roughly 12 billiondollars heavy rainfall had caused the

Waters to rapidly rise and ultimatelythe dam wasn't prepared for it reportsrevealed substandard construction andfor that reason the government hadconsidered taking legal action againstthe company responsible saddle dam D was

About 26 feet wide 2,500 feet long and52 feet high and was intended to helpdivert water around a local reservoirhowever the choice to build on top ofthe reservoir may have been the integralproblem with underground movements

Causing a rotational slump neighboringcountries including South Korea Vietnamand Singapore combined for multimillions in emergency relief the bancowell Reservoir Dam on the ROO River inChina's zoom Aegean City had two

Purposes one to control flood waters andpush them downstream and two to generateclean energy through hydroelectricityfollowing its completion in 1952 Bankcows served its duty for over twodecades up until everything went

Tragically wrong shortly after 11:00am on the 8th of August in 1975Mancow was claimed to be unbreakable andfor the most part it was to break it theperfect concoction of factors needed tooccur and that's exactly what happened

At the time typhoon Nina was wreckinghavoc she was the worst storm everrecorded in the region pounding downover 40 inches of rainfall in just oneday more than the entire annual averagethe ROO river was rapidly rising and

Residents were hastily trying to stacksandbags atop one another as a defensemechanism with too much water the claydam caved in following this disaster aswell as the preceding 1998 Yangtze Riverfloods China has spent almost ten

Billion dollars in repairing andconsolidating the country's nine197 degraded reservoirs as we head backup to the USA about a year before theMichigan disasters another dam failedthis one on the 14th of May 2019

In Lake Gundlach near the town of NewBraunfels in Texas that's right abouthere on the Guadalupe River the dam andreservoir were built way back in 1931with the objective to harvesthydroelectric power it served its

Purpose ever since and has flourished asa popular vacation destination well notas much these days because that fatefulday in 2019 reiterated the point aboutAmerica's at-risk ageing dam technologyby the end of the day almost the

Entirety of Lake Dunlop was empty justtake a look for yourself you canactually pinpoint the exact moment thatthe middle section of the spill Gatebreaks apart it's as spectacular as itis horrifying

Local authorities hopes to rebuild thedam as soon as possible but acknowledgedthat it would be a multi-million dollarrepair job that doesn't take intoaccount the millions of dollars thatlocal businesses had lost the area

Relied on Lake Dunlop attractingtourists and no lake means no touristsat least for the short term it just goesto show that regular maintenancealthough costly can prove a money-savingand life-saving investment as we hop

Over from North America to South Americawe learn one crucial lesson never builda dam on wetlands due to the soft groundthe probability of structural movementincreases this can change the overallweight distribution of the water held

And put more pressure on certain spotsthan others we saw it firsthand on the25th of January 2019 when parts of thesand and dried mud structure on whichthe Bruma Dino dam was built dissolvedas soon as one section started to

Crumble the rest followed what's worseis that this wasn't 317 billion gallonsof clean drinking water it was watermixed with mud mixed with waste whichcreated a foul powerful wave of toxicsludge the company responsible for its

Construction called Vail not only had todeal with the millions of dollars worthof damage to its structure and the widerarea but was also ordered to pay 107million dollars in compensation to theworkers affected by the deadly dam

Rupturewhile not technically a damn NiagaraFalls is one of if not the most famouswater feature in the worldboasting three extravagant drops a totalheight of 167 feet and an astounding

Output of 6 million cubic feet of waterpouring over the crest every singleminute it's no wonder that this naturalwonder has become one of North America'smost popular tourist destinations butthe history of this thundering border

Straddling waterfall isn't all positiveit had a spectacular calamity of its ownway back in 1954 remarkably there'sclear footage of it when the firsttelltale cracks appeared in the rockjust beside the Falls local authorities

And filmmakers recognized that perhapssomething far grander was about tohappen cameramen from Movietone newskept around-the-clock vigil waiting forthe moment that the Magnificent Niagarawould tumble then the moment finally

Struck 185 thousand tons of rock gaveway and crashed down into the wateryabyss the California State Water Projectis made up of a number of criticalpieces of infrastructure one of thosepieces the Auroville dam on the Feather

River in the Sierra Nevada foothillsprompted the evacuation of more than180,000 people when its systemsmagnificently failed issues with thisdam go as far back as 2005 concerns wereraised regarding the emergency spillway

While it hadn't yet been used itappeared to have venerable ''tis a 100million-dollar request to build anadditional spillway was submitted butthe Federal Energy Regulatory Commissiondeemed it wasn't necessary on the 11th

Of February 2017 the dams emergencyspillway started filling up with waterfor the first time since itsconstruction some 50 years earlier in1968 it overflowed causing the nearbyground to erode much faster than the

Experts expected once again the visualsare striking but the damage and threatto local property and life is not to beunderestimated the total cost of thisrepair was projected to exceed 400million dollars the floating city of

Venice is a picturesque tourist hotspotknown for its spectacular endless waterweighs about 62 miles north anotherinfamous water feature awaitsvayan damn towering 860 feet high in theshadows of monty talk viand is one of

The world's tallest dams it's 89 feetwide and over 72 feet thick at the basealthough not everyone was excited aboutits creation the dam was located in ageologically unstable area which drewsignificant concern then in 1963 those

Concerns were realized when vayanse Lakewas being filled with waterdisaster struck a landslide triggered amega tsunami in the lake 17 billioncubic feet of water spilled over the damin a petrifying 820 foot high wave as

You'd imagine nothing in its path couldwithstand such a violent force a mediafrenzy followed conservative newspapersmaintained that the event wasexclusively natural and unavoidableothers suggested that the disaster could

Have been avoided and that the maincause was human error in the form of theoversight of environmental risks eitherway it was a hefty multi-billion dollarcleanup in 1889 locals living near theartificially created lake Kannamma in

Pennsylvania witnessed one of the mosthorrific dam collapses in history in thelead-up to the 31st of May torrentialrainfall had bucketed down on the areacausing the South Fork dam to fill up tomaximum capacity this wasn't perceived

To be a major issue because the dam hada built-in spillway however even thoughthe plans specified a spillway width of150 feet in reality it only spannedabout 70 feet and maintenance was poorand irregular the dam was approximately

72 feet high nine hundred and eighteenfeet long 10 feet wide at its crest and220 feet wide at its base and it allcame tumbling down in an instant theflood waters pulverized anything andeverything that was unlucky enough to

Sit in its path with the town ofJohnstown particularly impactedseventeen million dollars in damage wascaused which is closer to a billion intoday's value when the water levels inman-made lakes or reservoirs come close

To dangerous levels authorities canconduct what's known as an emergencywater discharge it looks like this andtrust us you don't want to be standingin front of it these bursts arecontrolled and safe

Every so often however they happenunintentionally as a result ofconstruction malfunctioncase in point Columbia's 720 foot tallhe drove a twine godamm a number oflandslides occurred in the lead-up to

The final break out with one landslideclogging the water detour tunnel take alook at this incredible footage capturedat the precise moment that it burststhousands of people were evacuated fromthe Antioquia province and the cost of

The project skyrocketed as a result thecompany behind the dam suffered 13billion dollars in lost energy salesforked out six hundred and thirtymillion dollars in repair works andcontributed three hundred and fourteen

Million in expenses related to emergencyresponse actions all of that on top ofthe cost of the initial build did youlearn a little more about the importanceof diligent construction today well wecertainly hope so

Don't forget to like this videosubscribe to the channel and as alwaysthanks so much for checking out therichest see you next time and have agreat day

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