published on August 2, 2020

I swore we seeing the first signs of life returning to Bitcoin potentially finally breaking out of this patently we've been in since the very end of April 2020 is this the very beginning of a multi trillion-dollar cryptocurrency run over the next few years we'll take a

Look at some key levels that Bitcoin needs to break to be confirmed because we're not there yet still long road ahead of us but is this the first sign on these charts and as well this coin paired with Bitcoin might actually be

The key to starting this bull run we'll take a look at what this means guys because we are on the edge of a breakout for this coin and if this breaks out I have no doubt the rest of the market will follow this includes billions of

Dollars worth of market cap okay huge we have to take a look at that and as well we'll be taking a look at two smaller alt coins that we have not covered on the channel so far that look as well as though they are primed for a nice move

To the upside and guys bitcoins showing signs of life but aetherium and its crew might be stealing the limelight and as well guys Bitcoin interest has been going down as a violent break is on the horizon let's do this

Extremely thermal Tuesday webisode we have a lot level-2 with bitcoins price this morning but specifically Ulta Queens as well you guys as you know over the past few months Bitcoin has been doing absolutely nothing and what that

Has done is shifted traders and investors attention to a lot of these old coins basically every channel in the space is covering alt coins almost exclusively analysts covering alt coins almost exclusively and guys if you would

Rewind two months ago you would not see this that is exactly why investors will tell you not to get married to an investment because say for an example you are a Bitcoin maximalist and you know another year and a half goes by and

All coins across the board continue to get thousands of percent gains guys you are not gonna want to miss out on that it's not like you're in a relationship and if you invest in anything except Bitcoin you're cheating on your partner

Guys this is investing most of you are here to make money and if you see an opportunity to make money it would be idiotic not to take that you're allowed to have fundamental beliefs in something such as Bitcoin but if you see

Opportunities to make more money and potentially you know later on just trade that into Bitcoin anyway so that you can have more Bitcoin you would be an absolute butter brain if you wouldn't take that opportunity guys you need to

Be smart you need to be unemotional in these markets and that is the best way you can make the most out of your moolah Wow guys so much to get into and as well if you guys are interested make sure to smash the like gain comments for this

Legend Nano and we'll actually be doing big giveaway for this nano in the next webisodes so make sure to smash turn on subscriptions so you can see for that next upload to see if you've won this ledger and wow guys we're still doing a

Sale 20% off t4 v4 with the coupon code platinum if you've been following along we've talking a lot about all coins here named active investments to have very interesting stuff and we have a lot more to continue bringing to you guys and as

Well you guys yesterday was our first video specifically dedicated to all coins which we're gonna continue as well got a lot of great feedback on that so again guys alt coins there's no doubt in my mind the value and the interest in

Old coins is going to be increasing over the next two years so make sure to pay attention so wow let's actually start off this video by talking about bitcoins price so we actually got a little break above the 21 day moving average around

90 200 and shut us all the way up to that 50-day moving average that we've just been unable to trade above for a very significant amount of time above like the 90 dat are about 9400 right here and guys

This is still I mean this is why interest is waning in Bitcoin this is why we're gonna cover that article because Bitcoin has been trading in this period for so long you can see the volume here just continuing to decline

Ever since the end of April with no significant break just yet we still want to see an increase in volume which we haven't gotten just yet but at least we're seeing some movement as well if we switch to this chart this is key because

We've been trading along the bottom of this ascending triangle for the past like week and we finally got a little pump back above that very huge but the thing we want to see first is just a break above this lower high which would

Be right around like the 90 475 right below 9500 which again guys we have not breaking just yet so no bullish confirmation until we at least break that the next level above that is actually right around like 90 800 and

Then obviously the very big one is that 10,000 anywhere in between the 9900 and 10,000 is gonna be huge that is where we need that massive confirmation first and although this pump this morning was decent we still have a long way to go if

We want to actually cement an actual break here you guys look at this there's really no room this is a two and a half year resistance this is a two and a half month support actually almost three months now and we're still consolidating

And trading in this range with really no significant breaks here you can see on the weekly chart we have been stuck in this same exact range ever since the end of April a thousand dollar range basically

Between eighty eight hundred and ninety eight hundred we've been in here for three months and price specifically has basically been between like ninety four hundred in nine thousand so a four hundred dollar range

Ever since the middle of June so up over about a month now where we've traded in such a small area a break above ninety seven will be extremely big but really we need to wait guys you still see on this weekly look at this volume the

Weekly volume just continuing to go down as well it's extremely extremely uninteresting now guys before we actually do some altcoin ta over these three specific alts I want to look at this article on Yahoo Finance published

By Bradley Kuhn and Omkar got bully here first mover Bitcoin shows signs of life but aetherium and its crew might steal the limelight so taking a look at the market cap of ether the native token of the theorem blockchain it's currently

Stands roughly around 26 billion in market cap but that doesn't include all the digital assets that are built on top a theorem guys and that's where a lot of this defy stuff you've been hearing about also comes in pro chain line

Compound Khyber there's a very big list so with all of those combined that puts the market cap of all of these built on a theorem and a theorem over 50 billion comparable to bitcoins roughly a hundred and seventy billion dollar market cap

Okay a theorems obviously been number two and what are the chances that aetherium ends up continuing this trend over the next few years and especially particularly this bowl cycle what if this bull cycle ends up shocking a lot

Of people and much of the valuation and much of the growth that we're going to see is actually in some of these altcoins specifically built on the etherium blockchain and specifically aetherium as well it's a reality we

Definitely have to prepare for because there is value being added with some of the stuff in this etherium ecosystem because one of the reasons crypto blew up in 2016-17 was actually very largely in part due to aetherium

And the excitement and the possibilities that aetherium brought it had the capability of building the space fast forward a few years to 2020 and it definitely has guys there has been so much wealth generated if you would

Invested in some of these coins at the very beginning there is no doubt you would be a millionaire you know just pending a few thousand if you put a thousand bucks in some of these coins early on you know if you caught it the

Exact beginning which again is extremely hard to do but the point is some of these have grown extremely extremely large and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't continue this idea that only Bitcoin is going to have value in the

Next few years it doesn't make any sense to me it says here a theorem has blown past Bitcoin Ryan Watkins a Masari analyst wrote on Monday with increasing amount of economic activity taking place on a theorem the trend is likely to

Continue it's unlikely to reverse anytime soon if ever because I agree with that why would this trend reverse clears day the people that really are denying this and don't want this to happen honestly are people who are

Emotionally tied into Bitcoin I think that's a huge mistake I have made a lot of gains in the past few months specifically because I've never only been invested in Bitcoin in fact the only time that I was ever only invested

In Bitcoin was probably in the first five minutes that ever gotten to cryptocurrency where I bought Bitcoin first and then within the next five minutes I bought other cryptocurrencies aside from the first five minutes of me

Ever getting into cryptocurrency I have never been a Bitcoin maximalist I have never only held Bitcoin ethers prices up 81 percent in 2020 to over $200 almost three times bitcoins 30% gains a year to

Date we've seen a tremendous change in our retail customers behavior where Bitcoin is extremely flat and a lot of people start trading these other cryptocurrencies again a lot of room to grow and we're gonna see that very

Shortly I just want to highlight here quickly guys Bitcoin interest is obviously decreasing a lot every day that goes by you see it in views across the platform you see it in engagement across Twitter even YouTube everything

Engagement is down people are losing interest day by day they're waiting on the sidelines but overall it is pretty boring still but even in this article okay since the having bitcoins prices mainly traded in between nine and ten

Thousand compared to the red-hot defy an altcoin space that is actually like triple digit increased here in recent weeks bitcoins range is tightened with these Bollinger Bands and again there's going to be a massive move here

Basically as all we want to say there now guys let's actually take a look at three of these all coins that I'm up very much so so the first one we have here is just arc and this is in the USD pairing we

Could easily see I think I move up to two dollar range here very shortly arc has absolutely been destroyed recently but I feel interest is returning it's a coin I've actually been interested in since 2017 so it's not something new to

Me and as well a coin that's not new to me is only say go with the OMG ticker symbol here this is actually in the Bitcoin pairing we could actually see a move up to about the 23 24,000 satoshi range here in the short term but I think

There's a lot more upside specifically up here to maybe even 50,000 Satoshi's once we get actual break in some movement I think we could actually see OMG pump up a lot and guys specifically aetherium compared to Bitcoin is the

Biggest thing you want to be watching right now this is absolutely huge ok it looks like some sort of ascending triangle but really we've had so much resistance right around this 25 percent of a Bitcoin or roughly 25 million

Satoshi mark and again guys this looks extremely bullish I feel as though this is going to break to the upside without a doubt it's just a matter of when and this actually could end up leading the entire crypto currency markets charge

Okay because say Bitcoin you know let's say Bitcoin goes up to 10k again or it keeps trading around the 9k or even 85 K range we see aetherium let's say we get a burst up to maybe four or five million Satoshi's and as well we see

Altcoins as well continue to explode past that guys that would accelerate the market a lot with the market already so willing and at least looking so ready to have a break if we actually start seeing these

Breakout and specifically the most importantly this one aetherium if we see if we start to see this breakout no doubt my mind we're gonna get explosive really quick and things are gonna follow it okay everybody's eye is on the defy

Space right now and specifically a lot of people are eyeing up aetherium because again most of it's built on a theory this is actually beautiful I'm excited to see this breakout but yeah this is the etherium Bitcoin pairing I

Think this thing is gonna explode to the upside meaning a theorem is going to gain on Bitcoin in my opinion and this is a very good probably short to mid-term trade or just investment in general because again I think this is

Going to be very much to the upside keep in mind though we as well could actually come down before we get this break to that 23 million Satoshi mark before we actually break the 25 or 26 million Satoshi mark but either way this is a

Huge area of resistance and this is a bullish pattern ok this is absolutely almost a year long in this Bitcoin pairing so again I think we're gonna break up in the next few months could be much sooner could be within the next few

Weeks okay guys huge thanks so much for coming by make sure to leave your comment because we're gonna be dropping a giveaway for this ledger in the next episode and as well guys if you're

Interested in following along with all Qin specifically you're interested in getting my charts if you're interested in learning about TA and trading there's so much information here and it continues to grow as well but yeah a 20%

Off with the coupon code platinum at checkout and I'll see you in the next webisode peace

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