by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

Wow Wow bitcoin is currently shattered past two lower highs over the past month guys absolutely climbing this is big for Bitcoin is this their break we’ve been waiting for or is it a mega fake app as we’ve been covering for the last few

Days guys aetherium is absolutely exploding as well and this most likely will continue throughout this entire cycle aetherium and that theorems ecosystem are gonna have a huge impact on this cryptocurrency cycle over the

Next few years this is just the beginning guys absolutely a very big accordant we’ve been charting for the past three weeks absolutely now is breaking out of this symmetrical triangle with the Bitcoin pairing and we

Think it is just beginning there’s a lot of room to go what is bitcoins target to the upside guys cuz it may shock you it’s absolutely very big and we’ll take a look at what Bitcoin needs to do over the next three

Days to absolutely cement this very bullish pattern guys we need to see an increase in volume let’s dig Wow extremely extremely low so Bitcoin is finally breaking out basically right on cue guys anybody that says technical

Analysis does not work has not been paying attention because this so far is exactly what you expect so much consolidation so much squeezing within the symmetrical triangle for the past three months and we’re finally now

Seeing a breakout but more importantly a lot of these coins paired with the Bitcoin pairing a lot of you guys have been asking in the comments why you pair with Bitcoin we’ll talk about why that’s so important especially if you are

Trading you can find so many interesting patterns with the Bitcoin pairing not just the USD pairing in fact in the future maybe we’ll only be using the Bitcoin pairing because USD might be flying out the window

Guys huge and it’s not just Bitcoin today we have alts that have been leading the way for the past few weeks but now a theory specifically is breaking out with such a key area so we really have to talk about that as well

So guys huge if you knew the channel make sure to leave your comment like subscribe below so you can enter to win this ledger and as well guys huge update today under the active investments in t4 what I’m doing with my portfolio

Specifically one coin a micro cap coin with less than 20 million dollar market cap that we’re looking at that has some insane development and insane partnerships behind it so we covered that too

A in this active investment update and guys if you want to get in at 20% off with the coupon code platinum at checkout okay huge let’s dive in so let’s actually start here with the coin market

Cap because guys you can get a very clear picture at theorem up 13% okay Bitcoin only up to but breaking some key levels it doesn’t look like a lot but what it’s breaking right now is critical and again over the next few weeks we

Expect a lot more upside and specifically a very strong retest of 10k very soon most likely so let’s actually jump into the Bitcoin charts you can see if we hold above the 97 at the end of this week in just a few days that’s the

Most key level because we have not broken above that since February we have not concrete ly held above 97 since then because we’re climbing right now and this so far is looking very bullish you want to keep calm because again this

Is still early on in the break but we have shattered some very key levels so if we go down to the daily chart and this was the weekly if we go to the daily you can see we broke the key level of 94 75 and we actually broke the key

Level of about 95 85 okay absolutely massive now we might end up coming down and testing this for support like we’ve done with similar resistance for the past few days as we’ve been breaking out keep in mind we’ve been breaking out but

There has been a few for our consolidation candles you guys can see here gate we break out to a key level consolidate find support break out to the next key level consolidate find support and again we could be seeing the

Same exact thing we could end up seeing actually a push in this one – at least 9700 currently our highs I’m filming this around 96 84 so we want to continue to see patterns like this especially on the for our the guys overall looking

Extremely bullish this is key because we’re breaking out of this 3-month symmetrical triangle and altcoins and crypto across the board has been going wild for the past few weeks aetherium leading the way now I actually

Want to jump over before we finished the Bitcoin and altcoin technical analysis jump over to aetherium with the Bitcoin pairing here guys as we’ve been talking about for the past few days breaking out of this is

Absolutely key on this ascending triangle for aetherium and that is exactly what we’re getting currently offered like 28 million Satoshi’s it’s absolutely huge very impressive to see and again guys theorem is only 28

Percent of a Bitcoin and we expect that number to change drastically we expect aetherium to take up much more market cap over this cycle and especially aetherium x’ ecosystem which we’ve already seen with a lot of the

Defy coins and a lot of these all coins as well and I think it’s a pattern that’s going to continue to continue to keep happening so a theory I’m breaking out that’s absolutely key I think that was really the thing that triggered a

Lot of this you guys can see up 13% it started late last night and over the last few days it’s been looking really good a similar thing we’re seeing here with did you bite actually and this is the

Coin we’ve been covering for over three weeks okay guys you can see this clip back from July 13th of us talking about digi bite and a consolidation here and then pending breakout which we’re seeing now again I think we’re seeing just the

Beginning of this I think there’s a lot more room for did you bite over this cycle specifically over the next few months also a few months also guys huge so in the short term we want to see 97 especially in the next three days but we

Want to mainly continue to see this consolidation where we pump up find support at the previous area of resistance and continuously do this gradually this pump could get absolutely explosive okay this is just the

Beginning of this in my opinion if we actually zoom out you guys this has a lot of room I think above the 2150 one thing we also want to be careful about though is maybe the possibility of forming some head and shoulder again

This is kind of ugly so I don’t necessarily think this would happen but we really want to make sure that we break at least above like 98 and specifically again around 10k on this run over the next few days okay we don’t

Want to stall out here this has to be a true breakout over the next few days otherwise it could get very bad but ultimately this looks very good we have a lot of momentum swing to the upside but again guys we need to be careful we

Need to basically break 10k on this run we need to break 10k and flip it to support on this run and ideally we want to get above actually exactly 10k because this seven-year support line this blue line here going back seven

Years we can zoom out and show you that a little bit okay you can see a key that goes back really far but basically we want to reclaim that we want that break to at least reclaim that ideally we could see this break go to at least ten

Point five but again perfect breakout target we need to be shattering 10k within the next few days here so if a few days go by and we have not reclaimed 10k guys then this could turn actually a little short-term bearish ultimately

Still bullish overall we’ve talked about a lot of possibilities especially we even talked about the possibility of breaking out here and coming back down and actually testing it for support and again actually going back under 9 K over

The next few weeks and why that could still be a very bullish tener with that healthy pullback okay guys huge and I actually want to jump into this article as well but published by Omkar bola here on coin desk three

Reasons Bitcoin will surpass 10k in the short term so one is the return of volatility you guys know the Bollinger Bands have absolutely been tightening we’ve been covering that as well you can see that here on bitcoins daily chart on

The BLX chart okay looking very bullish so far as well institutional interest you guys saw that news yesterday with cryptocurrency now definitely getting a huge boost from that banks in the US can now offer crypto custody services

Regularly says guys this is absolutely huge news coming out of the Office of the Comptroller of the currency or the OCC is letting all nationally chartered banks in the us provide custody service for crypto absolutely perfect

Timing perfect timing for this breakout as well and then risk on markets global stock markets are at five-month highs while the US dollar a safe haven in times of crisis is actually languishing near Marshall owes hey guys so again

Bitcoin is just really in the public eye I think this is absolutely going to continue look at this guys Bitcoin above 96 we see chain link back around to the 8 dollar mark even XRP is pumping take a look at that guy’s when XRP is pumping

You know daddy ain’t dumping but maybe it will we could still get a slight pullback here but guys absolutely massive we need to be testing and getting up to that 97 over the next three days specifically it doesn’t have

To happen today but momentum actually seems pretty strong right now absolutely very important so guys huge we can come back with another update if anything else substantial would happen but specifically be watching aetherium with

Bitcoins pairing be watching Bitcoin pared to USD and then also these alts and guys as well if you want to get the information on some of these much smaller alts that were covering now inactive investments make sure to join T

For today’s update is out guys so as well if you’re in t4 it definitely check out that update and if you want 20% off before you can use the coupon code platinum at checkout a lot of you guys have been emailing me

I’ve been doing my best to get back as much as possible and as well I got a request to shout out Jonah me so cheers brother keep stacking that crypto Wow as well check out sis coin up absolutely massively ever since really the middle

Of July actually only about a week and a half ago up 400% you guys okay all-time highs were actually back here well above 65 thousand Satoshi’s and another coin we’re still watching is are compared with the USD pairing here

Actually really good it looks like it’s actually ready to break out we think actually up to the one dollar 50 cent roughly level it’s currently only actually less than 50 cents so there’s still a lot of room with that and

Ideally guys in terms of Bitcoin for a daily close we want to get at least two clothes this is pretty low but at least above 9350 we could end up coming back to test this 50-day moving average of support so if we get a move down here

Over the next 36 48 hours I wouldn’t be panicking I was totally fine we’ve had a nice little run so far but again the momentum is really strong this is such a key technical pattern that I think most likely we’re gonna actually be

Continuing to the upside awesome guys absolutely huge and as well if you’re interested in getting some of these crypto currencies you and I both received $53 mcl when you sign up using my link below and you complete

Registration so important guys thanks so much for joining and I’ll see you in the next webisode peace

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