Mark Moss: How To Succeed in Life Without College Education

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Guess what what I did it I took your advice and I saw I switched my my YouTube your you're responsible for in lack of traffic for this video right now hey what's up is Kiana Danielle thanks for joining the Ambassador movement my guest today as one of my good friends

Mark Moss he's an entrepreneur he's an investor and he's an overall cool dude and in this week's episode we're going to talk about how to make it big without even going to college and what really is a difference between college education

And self education self-taught education we're going to talk about what makes Bitcoin different than all these other cryptocurrencies out there and what these cryptocurrencies could become in the future we're also going to talk

About why your government may not always be on your side you probably you're not in the US or you're thinking that but even in the u.s. we're going to talk about that I had an awesome time interviewing and chatting with moss and

I hope you love it if you love it give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to my our Channel and let's walk Thank You Gianna thank you for having me on it's going great it's it's always so

Fun to be able to talk to you yeah so we met so we've met now I guess twice in person we taught the bunch on the phone and on Twitter and so last we were in Cincinnati Ohio at the chain Weis events we talked a lot about crypto about

Wealth mindset about entrepreneurship better all these things and today I was like okay what are we gonna talk about cuz we you like you basically take all the boxes about all the things that my audience would like to hear so but let's

Get started with where you really got started and what was fastened for me about you and I didn't know that because you come off as this like incredibly educated like you know everything but you didn't go to college so let's get

Started there cuz I think that's just super awesome for people to know yeah so that I know that was a big big surprise for you the other day when I talked about that you know I think there's a big difference of I think our whole

Society has been kind of taught this mantra which is go to school get good grades you can go to a good college you can get a good job and you can save for retirement and that whole thing that everybody's been basically if you want

To call a brainwash to believe it's completely false everything about that is false and we know that today because we have 20 30 years of proof that shows it doesn't work so we have all these baby boomers

That are retiring half of them have no money saved half of them have over 102 thousand dollars of debt so it didn't work for them and it's definitely you know not working today with the the way that we learned so I would say the

Mantra that we've been brainwashed which doesn't work but it's also because we're so trained to think that way we automatically think that if you don't go to college then you're not educated and so I think there's a big discrepancy

There and so yes you're right I didn't go to college but I would venture to bet that I've probably read more books than most pretty much most people that especially have gone to college and not only have I read the books

I've done the work and so there's three levels of learning right so there's one you learn in it too you do it and three you teach it and so I'm doing all three of those levels and so it's allowed me to take things that I'm passionate about

Which means I really want to learn them I take it upon myself to learn them I put them into practice on my own at my own expense at my own time and my own money and now and then I teach it so just because I didn't go to college

Doesn't mean I'm not educated I have you know what I love about that is because so I want to call I studied electrical engineers engineering for six freaking years in Japanese so it's like well right I do not use any of that any day

Of my life I have not used any of that any of my life and to your point anything that I've really come to master is been has been the things that have been passionate about that I put my heart and soul into it not just because

I want to get a good grade but because I actually want to see the outcome and then oh my gosh through teaching you know English is my third language right you know how I learned it through teaching I was in Japan I was teaching I

Started with kids I started teaching kids English I started with like twinkle twinkle little star and I would memorize it and then I would go and teach it to the kids and then I thought okay start this this is that and then eventually

Went up and up and over and I started like teaching high schoolers and then business people and that's how I learned English and I couldn't agree with you more and it's just such a sad thing that society tends to like have these labels

Like oh you don't have a college degree okay you cannot apply for I don't know we were talking about a certified financial planning but of course you don't have a college degree it's just it's stupid right yeah I mean I I I'm

You know just because I didn't go down that route I do see that you know for sure University or education is important I mean I wouldn't want a doctor that learned out of books to work on me but at the same time just because

They took the test doesn't mean they're a good doctor either and so some of the brightest and smartest doctors that I've met with are not the traditional educated route they've had to go get that education elsewhere on their own

And so the same would be true for any profession could be an attorney it could be you know the financial advisor or whatever and they have to have that credential and you would want them to have that credential but that alone

Doesn't mean that they're good at what they do they need that extra track record that is why exactly put it in the work and teach right so it's on so where did you go from there so you start it you didn't go to college and what was

Your thing what did you do instead I started working so I am you know I never really iiiiii like to say I've never had a real job or maybe I've been an employed for a long time but I didn't have a job my dad

Is a contractor so since I was a little kid he made me go work with him and I hated it I hated being a contractor I swore to myself I'd never have a job where I had to get dirty looking back on it with the perspective of being older

Now I realized that that's a lot of what made me who I am today but anyway in high school just in my senior year I started working at my friend's dad's company was like a little engineering company and it was just four or five

People that worked there we just swept the floors took out the trash and what happened is they invented this new medical device and the company that they designed it for being engineers asked them to start building it and so they

Started building a couple a week and then 10 a week in 20 weeks 30 a week and right when I graduated high school I started working there full-time and my parents begged me not to do that you need to go to college they said if

You start working now once you start making money you'll never go back to college and that's that that's exactly what happened and so part of this little thing the company started growing growing growing and over the course of

Several years I think was about six years I went from sweeping floors to then learning how to manufacture the equipment I started the service department we had made so much we had to

Repair the equipment I worked my way up into the marketing department I was running the whole trade shows internationally and then I just did working my way into the engineering department and it had become this

Publicly traded company hundreds of millions of dollars of Revenue and I just looked at it and I just said you know I looked at the top and I looked at the CEO of this multinational cup corporation and I looked at how much he

Was making and he wasn't making that much and I was like that's that would be like the limit for me and I probably could never even get there but like that's the limit I look at these engineers who had had all this schooling

And they were designing the most high-tech medical equipment that was available at that time digital x-rays and stuff way way back and they're driving piece of junk cars and their Drive and there weren't old clothes and

They're like living on these tight budget that's the thing with engineering so engineering like making money is actually considered a taboo taboo like when I was at school I was doing research with my professor and I started

Getting fascinated about finance and economics that was like 2008 and I was like I told my professor like we were working on the radar assistance whatever it is and I was like yeah this injuries like no no no that's like kind of the

Same thing that your parents told you is like no you can't you can mix these two you're either a scientist or you have money and your scientist science is better so they were very passionate about it but yeah it kind of I mean it

Sucks because these people why can't you have both right if you're the reason the reason why is because with the age of the Internet it's created this connected world and it's taken technical skills like being an engineer and turned it

Into a commodity and so our parents generation that was a really good job to ascend to at some point but because of the Information Age because of the Internet it's commoditized being an engineer and now I could hire a dozen

Engineers overseas for for what you know for one hourly wage of a person here and so it's taken that away and so now to be successful it's not about being a good technical person it's about having the creativity to be able to use those

Technical people in the right way think of it like instead of being the best trombone player or the best guitar player I'm the conductor of the orchestra and I can't play the instrument better than any of those

People but I can make them together make beautiful music you can't write no absolutely and I mean that's what my son my husband is an aerospace engineer and for the longest time he was building like rockets and

Helicopters and everything he was not making any money like literally I was making somewhere more than him it wasn't until we became like he kind of switched he's not designing anymore but he's now the

Leader position leadership position now he's leading all these engineers and now it's like a Sunday so yeah I mean it's a different skill set and people have to cook I mean it's I don't want to discourage people who are interested

Into engineering it was like our kids gonna watch my channels I hate dad I'm not going to be good engineer but it's just for important for people to see that there are there are other routes available and then you got to where you

Are today so tell us so um yes I was like I was like looking around and realized like wow that's the top that's the ceiling for me I don't like that ceiling like I don't want that as a limit for me and so I started while I

Was still working there I started investing into real estate and I I bought this my first thing I got zero down and have a lot of money and I got a zero down but I said to come with closing costs and money to fix it up so

I brought a partner in I spent every night and weekend there working it for six months working full-time driving in an hour to the house every night every weekend working on for six months but when I was done with that I made as much

As I was making a year at the job and I was like dang okay sorry so I started doing a lot of real estate started building up while I was working and then while I was working I also noticed that you know this company had had built a

Really good product and developed you know this huge market around it but they weren't servicing their customers right and so I left and I started a service business servicing the equipment they were selling and of course I started

That before I quit my job so I had my real estate business and I had this service quittin business and I left that job and I and I ran both of those at the same time and so yeah that was that was kind of my path and so I say I've never

Had a real job because I started working at my friend's dad's company I never filled out a job application I just was sweeping floors and I got sucked up into this huge thing and then since I quit that job in that was like back in 97

Kind of tell you how old I am I've never had another job since wow you're so that's the thing again I feel like you're under belying what entrepreneurs do which is literally working all the time in your bed and

Your bathroom I mean that that's a that's a reality for me yeah I don't have a real job but I'm constantly working sure I love it so that's the point that's the difference about it I was talking to one of my mom friends

This morning is she's like studying to become a trainer and she's like I hate the study I hate the study I don't want to do it and I'm like oh my god like my husband literally when he comes home he has to pull me away off my chair

Otherwise I love it I enjoy doing it so yeah I mean that's that that's the key piece that you just said there right so and I think you actually said earlier like you study the engineer you weren't really passionate about it but all the

Things that you were passionate about you learn on your own yeah so that's the whole key right so the cliche is that if you love what you do you'll never work in your life which sounds like a cliche but it's actually true or needs to be

True and the reason why is because to be successful it requires a lot of extra work and if you don't like it you're never gonna put that work in you'll never put that effort in and so it has to be something that you like your

Passion about and then you will go that extra mile and I feel like the number of hours also is the energy that is the energy that you bring in the minute the mental state that you're in when you go to work if you're like okay it's a it

All right I'm gonna work for 12 hours to put the work okay office 8:30 yeah I can't wait what whereas from my case is like okay oh oh my god like I wanna I want to make more out of it instead of just passing

Times I think there is there's a difference about between how much time you put in but we're versus how much passion you put in right oh yeah for sure yeah so so alright let's get to the juicy stuff then so you got from real

Estate and then but but see you somehow somehow got to cryptocurrency and I want to know what got you what what was the first time that you really got it I'm gonna I'm gonna give you the super-high level because if you go

You go too far but so in 1997 I quit my job I was doing a real estate in Bell development and at the time my roommate also quit his job and if you know anything about the Internet in 97 98 99 2000 it was going up like this brand new

Invention it was creating all this money and my roommate quit his job and we're day trading these internet stocks and and it was kind of like what we see in the crypto boom and the market shot up like a rocket in 2000 and then it

Crashed and my roommate had to go back and get his go get a real job I kept doing my real estate which was still going really good at the time and then in 2001 at the bottom of the dot-com crash when the market was

Completely shattered everyone thought it was a big scam I just I just decided to start in her business I'm like I'm gonna go start a business selling products online and there was no like Shopify or any of that at the time I just spent a

Lot of money was really hard to build that and at the time I went to these companies they said hey I want to sell your product on my website and they laughed at me and they told me no one would ever buy anything online and I

Said well I think they will and I bought I built this website and I'd love to just buy your products and resell them they said no we don't even want our stuff on the website and so fast forward so I've been involved online ever since

That was in 2000 well what happened is is I started a company selling motocross stuff online and we crushed it did really really well selling millions of dollars of products online but I didn't understand a big piece of the game and

This is really when business started changing and businesses today aren't really in the business of making money businesses today are in the business of raising money and so what happened is as the internet started getting big in

2006-2007 a couple companies went and raised 4050 million dollars and I didn't know this at the time I only found this about years later but these companies all of a sudden popped up out of nowhere and they were selling products cheaper

Than I could buy it for and I was like and they started undercutting me so low that it kind of basically put me out of business and I was able to sell off the business before it got too bad so I got out of there clean but years later I met

Some of the guys from those other companies and they said oh yeah we wouldn't raise 50 million dollars and I didn't understand that part of the so that's kind of where my I kind of I kind of lost out there but so anyway

I've been involved in the internet space and Tech ever since and so when I came back around a Bitcoin it was kind of the same thing it's like oh I understand where this is going I was involved in the early days of the Internet I had

People tell me it's stupid it's never gonna go anywhere and I'm like yeah I've heard that before and so I was attracted to it and and I've been all-in since about about 2015 oh I need didn't sell when it when it

When Bitcoin hit twenty okay I did sure so I did and that goes back into deeper deeper investing principles but so I would been investing in real estate for a long time in 2000 2008 I got wiped out like like a lot of other people and part

Of it was because I didn't understand about like asset allocation and how to diversify our portfolio so I had a hundred percent of my money and not just harvesting my money I had sold to businesses to fortune 500 exits and I'd

Done really well in all these different areas but I put everything into real estate and I lost it all and so over the last decade I've developed a series of systems and and really principles and methods that I use to put money into

Different allocations but then also keep that in maintenance and so what that means is that when one asset gets too far overall sell some take profits and put it into those other areas so with crypto at the end of it was actually

January 1st of 2018 like I do every year I just rebalance the portfolios which caused me to take a bunch of profit at twenty thousand and put it into real estate and put it into cash and whatnot and so it wasn't because I saw the I saw

The world coming today and I didn't I wasn't so smart I called the top of Bitcoin I'm not trying to call it say that but my system my principles is what allowed me to take profits right now that's exactly how what I tell my

Students as well is like you can never nobody can ever tell exactly where to get in and we're good where to get out that's what the best you can do is risk management and say okay this is my Sicily you you tell this if okay

Whenever I go out 50 percent I'm gonna take profit then I'm gonna go back in or I'm gonna put it here in there because I mean whoever says hey I said this alright it's just be as got lucky but I mean if you if you say

That hey I systematically did that but I absolutely agree with you with that with that yeah you got to get any gotta maintain it but you go you shouldn't so I know that you kinda got partnered you partnered with a more active trader

Afterwards with crypto which is something that I'm over it I'm over day trading because I feel like I did it when I was I first started that I started with with forex day trading and you get sucked into it and the

Volatility and the emotions it just I feel like it's not worth the money yeah you could make money but the amount of time and energy and the it's sucks your energy out with with all the greed and and you can't you can't help it what was

Your experience like with the person who would yeah I would agree with you on that I I started I've been an investor in businesses and in real estate and I brought that same investing kind of mindset I started writing an investing

Newsletter in 2015 so I ran that or 2016 so I ran that for about four years and as you're right I partnered up with a trader and we started we kind of combined our businesses and we had an investing inside and a trading side in

The last couple years yeah I was kind of involved in that trading side and you know I'm not to say what's right or wrong for anybody I think everyone can do what they choose but just like I have a lot of friends that love to bet on

Sports and I have friends that always bet on whatever game we'll go to Vegas and spend a bunch of money and that's just not me I don't like to bet on games I don't like to I don't like to gamble in Vegas I don't have a problem betting

Large amounts of money on investments but it's that's different and so I think trading is a lot like that so I think a lot of people that like to gamble a bet on the games or the biggest also like to trade because you get that same kind of

Adrenaline rush but I would agree with you I think through a couple years of data and thousands and thousands and thousands of traders coming in majority of them just don't make any money and the ones that do make money I just don't

Think it's worth it enough for me you know I would rather spend that time and energy somewhere else and then take that money that I make and then just put it into investing so let's get futures every guy your

Background but God where you are do we got your principles so where are you going next are you we know that you're diversified Oliver across a bunch of assets but let's stick to crypto for right here and where do you see crypto

Going in the future and do you think and I know that you actually you brought this up last week they were saying there's not gonna be a category crypto so they were like ah it's not like nobody has an Internet conference

Anymore I don't think we're gonna have a crypto conference of the future we had a good chat about it but um so what do you think where do you think this is gonna go well I definitely will I definitely

Think that crypto currency will be it already has been but we'll continue to fry be the best investment opportunity that will probably ever see we have these technological revolutions that happen about every 50 years and we're

Kind of in one right now and it's such a deep subject it's really hard to go into but it's gonna be the largest shift in society that we've ever seen because it removes the need for trust and again that's a deep subject but so it's this

Massive shift so it's probably the best opportunity we have for investing today so that's kind of where I think it's going as a whole overall I think that I mean like I said it already has been the best investment I think I kind of look

At it like Bitcoin is the most proven asset that's here to stay and it's really it's the revolution I look at other than crypto assets as like little venture capital bets and maybe allocate a little bit of money there homerun

Shots and maybe you catch a couple here and there you're gonna probably lose on most of them but that's kind of how I look at the kind of crypto landscape so I totally agree with you but the Bitcoin was the one that started it it has much

Better branding than any other critize that most people might know the word Bitcoin but they might know the word crypto like I've actually seen that so that just shows the power of the branding of Bitcoin which is something

That people should consider about we know that there are a lot of cryptocurrencies and bad have let's say agendas or better emissions or work better or have lower costs so what are your thoughts on that do you think

Bitcoin could get MySpace meaning like Facebook something like Facebook can come on crush it and actually in fact what are your thoughts on Facebook Libre so as far as the the Bitcoin being the myspace analogy I I think that that

Narratives actually false just because a Bitcoin wasn't the first there they you know Bitcoin was ten years in the making with multiple companies trying and failing trying and failing trying and failing Bitcoin was the first one that

Got it right and so Bitcoin wasn't the first it was it was way farther in or maybe even past Facebook it's like tick tock or something here I mean it's like guys it's several iterations in the other thing I would say is that you said

There's other ones that are quote unquote better and what does better mean better to me he may not be better for you and so it's really like what features are you trying to optimize for and so

What I see for me the core features are censorship resistance immutable like andreas on top of those talks about it like open permissionless censorship resistant borderless and immutable anything that has those features for me

That's the revolution that's what I'm excited about that means that no central government or anybody could seize it steal it manipulate it stop it block it prevent it any of that so whatever value I decide the store transfer hold cannot

Be taken and so for me that's the revolution we've never had a technology in the history of the world that allows us to do that now other ones are faster you say okay but for me that's not one of my core

Features like I it is is it open permissionless borderless and supe resistant immutable that's what I'm trying to optimize for so I think like Bitcoin speed is not a bug that we need to find something faster I think it's a

Feature and because of the time that it takes to process it makes those areas that I care about better and so again better to me is better different than better to you if that makes sense yeah I know it absolutely so

Every each of these cryptocurrencies are basically optimized for a different thing now talking about Facebook Libre which is good for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole because it brings up attention and get the government

Involved and people talk about it and types up the crypto industry as a whole but you and I both have interesting opinions about Facebook what are they are they opposing viewpoints I know no so I wanted to basically want to talk

About do you think Facebook I know they're optimizing for being a fast they have all the data they can they can reach as many people as possible and everybody can have access to cryptocurrencies it's optimized for

Something else that you don't care about but what about the fact of putting this much power in to Facebook's hands what do you think of that well again good is it good or is it bad I mean then and that's a relative term so I think there

Are things good about it there's also bad things about it so for example some of the good things were maybe it's like a gateway into crypto currencies and then once people are in they can see they can compare it now to Bitcoin which

Will be obvious how much better it is and then people will use Facebook as an entry and then find their way to the Bitcoin so that might be a good thing it's bad in a lot of ways in a sense where Bitcoin is a tool for freedom

Bitcoin is a tool for self sovereignty meaning that no government can be oppressive on me and steal my money or inflate my money away or whatever and an office of privacy there and Facebook Libre is opposite of all that so that

Means that they'll have more surveillance on you you'll have less privacy you'll have less control it's gonna be very easy them to seize your money or stop your money and prevent your money from being transferred I'm

Just like we saw there was big news yesterday PayPal decided to stop working with a huge company called pornhub which you know maybe not everyone agrees with I get it but the very fact that they decided to stop allowing pornhub to pay

Their employees or whatever you want to call them hundreds of thousands of people and so that depend on him so there's some morality there which that line is different for everybody but because they

Don't like it they're not gonna allow you to transfer money but like it's my money if I want to transfer to you nobody should have a say in that the reason why I got a became fascinated about Bitcoin once I got it I was like

So I don't know about if you know about my backstory so my dad was this like massive super successful CEO in Iran before the Revolution and he was like working with a shot and all these things and had all these assets and money in

The bank and all the things and then the revolution happened the new Iranian regime and we're Jewish right so he they seized the company they seized all the assets seized the banks nothing so I grew up in poverty because of that and

Once I learned about victims like oh my god like if my dad had a fraction of his assets in something like Bitcoin the government would not have been able to do anything I would not have grown out of probably so if there is real true

Powering it globally and I feel like in the u.s. a lot of people got get spoiled about I mean we somewhat trust the government no matter I mean yeah bipartisan we hate those who hate that but at the end of the day we are not

That worried about the government I feel like as much as a person in Iran or in Venezuela so I feel like that's why in the Americas a little bit we were lagging in accepting and understanding the true

Power of Bitcoin well anyone that anyone that's listening right now I will just give you a challenge when you're done with the interview go go just open up a Google window and type in civil asset forfeiture and basically what that means

Is the the police take your assets and it's not criminal not criminal asset forfeiture so criminal means you've done something wrong and they're gonna seize your assets I'm talking about Cybil so Google that civil asset forfeiture and

Hundreds of millions if not maybe billions of dollars are taken by police with no charges filed nothing no wrongdoing all the time so just google that and just just back that up for yourself for people that don't think

There's a problem but I'm just curious I know you're the interviewer here but so having that past experience having that past experience of really seeing the need for it and not having it right what do you think about other

Cryptocurrencies that don't optimize those core characteristics that would have saved you oh I'm against them I just want I really wanted to get European because every time I go on Twitter and say something

About Libre I get attacked I don't like you know like guys but I don't like Facebook right now at this very moment they have banned me from advertising because they thought I teach I provide employment opportunities to I'm like

What like something completely Falls they algorithm went off wrongly and they flagged me and now I'm not able to advertise on Facebook and do I want to trust them with my money no what if their algorithm goes off and Flags me

With something okay you're Iranian I can get flagged very easily and they're like okay we don't want you to be able to transfer your money because you're Iranian what if what if it goes off oh yeah and and Bay and banks do this all

The time so if you want to read through your bank documents you'll find out that it's not really your money it's their money and they can decide that they don't want you as a customer anytime and basically take your bank account I have

One of my business partners this kind of actually happened to him where he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank luckily the bank didn't seize it but one day he found out his all his accounts

Were closed and they sent him a check in the mail and they said we don't want your business anymore luckily he got his money back but yeah you know it's like the banks or PayPal or Facebook yeah having to stay over your money and and

Whether you're even allowed to keep it or take it or send it to somebody else it's just just wrong so no I'm super passionate about it because I see it like I see the the power of any monopolies anyone who gets

A power they just they categorize you Balch you and put you there and then you're labeled forever and it just it sucks as a person I mean I've never actually talked about this ever but you know how long it took me to be able to

Come to America my parents were citizens my sisters were my sister and brother were living here my grandparents everybody they all came but for whatever reason nobody knows I was not allowed to come to the u.s. for

Ten years I was alone when I was 16 my parents so we went to Turkey my parents were wanted to come my sister was getting married we were like okay we're gonna go like we had agree all the visa things and they gave my parents their

Green card and they sent me a 16 year old home so I had to go by bus from Turkey to Iran back stay there for six months on my own because the government somehow thought the 16 year olds should be separated Wow and this is the

American government and it took them ten years and then I went to Japan and again my sister got divorce got married again I still couldn't go get her I miss her wedding twice grandma passed away nothing and I'm not even like it's even

If you want to call it okay Moo's Linder I'm Jewish like this it has nothing to do with it I was just flagged and I don't know it's something that apparently have carried on since I was born I always gets flagged and then

Finally after ten years they gave me a visa and I came here and it was just like so that's why I'm super passionate about all these things and yeah Bitcoin definitely excites me for all the reasons that you said and yeah so I I

Know that you have a call in five minutes all right so let's wrap it up mark you're super awesome you're like you literally know about everything and I really enjoy talking about you with you okay with the N about you so are the

People like what is it where's your personal goals water where where can people find you what can they learn learn from you and I know that you're passionate about helping people as well so tell us a little bit about that yeah

So I kind of alluded to in 2008 I got completely wiped out I knew how to make money but I didn't really understand everything that ever that was required to keep the money and so there was pieces I was missing and so I had

You'll figure that out the hard way and kind of build my systems and then as I was writing the cryptocurrency newsletter I watched all the people that I was writing to making the same mistakes and I put out over 20 calls

That went up a thousand percent one that did over a hundred thousand percent which is like the most incredible thing I'd ever seen in my whole life but yet people were still going broke and so it was really painful for me to watch them

Going through the same mistakes that I was so I have a youtube channel just under my name mark Moss and I talked about a lot of these topics I try to give away as much free education as I can

There's some guides and reports that you can download that will teach you some of these things like I'm talking about like how to distribute your assets around so just go to youtube mark Moss I'm on Twitter pretty active number one mark

Moss so I drop a lot of tidbits like this and anybody can get at me and and to start jumping the conversation that way yeah we're gonna add all your social media over here to go intense either here or there

Get the editor got it or guys get it back so yeah thank you so much Mark for joining us and thank you for pushing me to make this new YouTube channel you're responsible for making

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Hi everyone and welcome to talking technicals I'm Kiana Danielle and today is November eleven two thousand eleven 11 11 11 you can probably see this interes...
Hi everyone and welcome to talking technicals I'm Canada Daniel with forex TV and we are going to do a technical analysis of the major currencies across the...
Hello everyone and welcome to talking technicals I'm Canada yell with forex TV today is thursday november seventeenth the day that marks two months for the ...
Welcome to talking technicals I'm Kiana Daniel currency analyst with Forex TV here is your technical analysis on the euro dollar for today January 10 2012 t...
A key meeting scheduled for later in the day between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde German ...
Iran's currency fell twenty percent against a dollar in the last week despite Iranian central bank intervention many Iranians are concerned about the econom...
Have you ever traveled to a foreign country if you have you probably had to find a currency exchange counter in the airport and you probably noticed screen with...
Excuse me sir yeah also have you ever been to a foreign country I'm American I'll leave this country I have everything I want here we're not like Eu...
Hi investors is investiga on your coach Kiana and I'll be covering the hottest market gossips in just a moment but before we get started don't forget to...
Stocks Forex and crypto are things we'll like to invest though CEO of invest diva comm author of cryptocurrency investing for dummies Gianna Daniel the CEO ...
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