“Map Warfare”: How Chinese language Maps Have Infiltrated the World

published on July 3, 2020

We told you how China has been taking over
map production

Pushing false territorial claims over India,

Taiwan, and the South China Sea

and forcing the rest of the world to accept

But it turns out, the problem is much worse
than we thought

Welcome back to China Uncensored

I’m Chris Chappell

Viewers have sent in the proof, and it’ll
blow your mind

Chinese maps have infiltrated the rest of
the world

Like a virus

On January 29, we published an episode called

“How China is Secretly Changing Everyone’s

I talked about how every company

that prints maps and globes inside China

is forced to adhere to the Chinese government’s
official map designs

That means they have to include Taiwan,

a disputed area controlled by India,

and the so-called Nine-Dash Line

that encompaseses the entire South China Sea

all as a part of the People’s Republic of

And as some viewers have pointed out,

the Nine-Dash Line actually has TEN dashes
on a lot of maps now

They added the extra one in case Taiwan tries
to escape


If you don’t remember the map of China

looking like this when you were a kid

that’s because it didn’t

Other countries—like the US—

do not recognize some of China’s more outrageous
territorial claims

These ones

But the Chinese regime is trying to change

They want to change how average people in
other countries

perceive China’s borders

A lot of maps and globes these days are made
in Chinese factories

And the Communist Party is using these factories

to change the designs of maps and globes exported
around the world,

with the hope that everyone will just get
used to

the Chinese regime’s official version,

and eventually accept it

The US and other Western countries have freedom
of the press,

so there are no restrictions on what maps
can show

And the Chinese regime is taking advantage
of our freedom of the press—

and our insistence on having all our cheap
stuff made in China

Chinese state-run media acknowledge their
plan explicitly

Their goal is to “make the [Chinese] government’s
position on territory

clear to the international community”

This is what I call “map warfare”

The Chinese Communist Party’s goal is to
expand their territory

not by firing bullets,

but by controlling the world’s digital and
printed maps

And it’s working

I know it’s working, because I had asked
you guys—

our amazing viewers—

to send us photos if you saw China’s version
of the map in your country

And the rabbit hole went much deeper than
I imagined

I’m going to show you just a few of the
ones viewers sent in

Here’s a globe a viewer found in France


And wrong

Here’s a globe found by a viewer in the

What were they smoking?

This is a globe sold in Canada, made by Oregon

It teaches Canadian children the “correct”

Here’s another one for kids, sold on Amazoncom

It’s for ages 8-plus

It’s “detailed and educational”

That’s great!

I mean, it’s practically correct!

Except for a few glaring inaccuracies when
it comes to China

Then there’s the “Discovery Kids Mindblown

2-in-1 Day and Night Earth”

Hmmm that’s kind of hard to see

Well, Discovery is a media company,

so I wonder if they have some sort of promotional
video online

“We put a new spin on a classic globe,

to create an educational centerpiece for any

Clearly marked countries, cities, bodies of

Wait, slow down:

Is Taiwan the same color as China?

OK, it’s hard to tell from the promo video,

So I bought one from Target in New Jersey

Let’s see


Taiwan is labeled as a province of China

And here’s the Nine-Dash Line

It also appears to claim that part of India,
Arunachal Pradesh



I wonder where this globe was manufactured

What a surprise

But ok, a bunch of globes made in China and
sold around the world

have China’s version of the map

What’s the big deal?

Well, this Discovery globe is specifically
made for “Hands-on Learning”

This is a product *designed* to teach children

about “countries, cities, and bodies of

And what are American children learning?

Chinese propaganda, produced by the Discovery

and conveniently delivered by unsuspecting

Or Santa Claus

He outsourced to China

By the way,

we reached out to “Discovery Mindblown”
for comment

They did not answer any of our questions

This changing-of-the-maps has been happening

mostly since 2017

And it falls precisely in line

with the Chinese government’s goal of pushing
its territorial claims

in the international community

And if you think the infiltration of children’s
globes is bad,

well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg

China’s map warfare is all over the place

Let’s say you want a VPN to protect your

This advertisement from ExpressVPN makes me

they don’t realize you can *already* access

Facebook, and Twitter from Taiwan,


Yeah, if you want a reliable VPN,

I’d suggest you go with Surfshark

Surfshark has sponsored a bunch of our episodes

about Chinese Communist Party infiltration,

so they know what’s up

Now, ExpressVPN may have hired a marketing

to make that unfortunate ad,

and it was probably a mistake

But here’s what’s not a mistake:

This screenshot of Apple Maps that a viewer
from the UK sent us

He bought his iPhone in the UK, and Apple
Maps looked normal

But when he traveled to China on vacation,

his Apple Maps suddenly changed,

by adding China’s Nine-Dash Line and Taiwan

We reached out to Apple for comment

They did not respond

Here’s another example, even worse:

An Indian viewer sent us these screenshots

from the Google Maps app on his mobile phone

But he didn’t visit China

These are screenshots he took while he was
in India

It shows China’s Nine-Dash Line, Taiwan,
and craziest of all—

it legitimizes China’s claims on Arunachal

that part of India that’s administered by
the Indian Government!

This is a map people *in India* are seeing!

You’d think this would upset the Indian

But our viewer emailed us that

he reported it to the Indian authorities,

and they replied that their Google devices

are showing the correct map,

so they can’t take action against it

“I don't understand why Google—

a company banned in China—

are using Chinese maps”

Oh, I can understand why

Google, by the way,

also did not respond to our requests for comment

And even when Chinese map *production* hasn’t
been infiltrated,

some printed maps have

One viewer sent us photos of a book he bought
in China:

The English language edition of Guns, Germs,
and Steel

Someone from the Chinese government

had literally gone into each physical book

and added a stamp, saying that the maps,

which show Taiwan as a separate country,

are a violation of the One-China Principle

So those are just a few examples of what

China Uncensored viewers have discovered

Why does this matter?

Well, China’s version of the world map legitimizes
its claims

over territory that it has no legal right

An international tribunal confirmed this

If the Chinese Communist Party is able to

in its “map warfare,”

it directly affects the rest of the world

For example, their pressure over the Taiwan

prevents people in Taiwan from being

a full part of the international community

That’s why, as the deadly coronavirus spreads,

China has been able to block the World Health

from working with Taiwan

The Chinese regime is happy to risk the lives

of 23 million Taiwanese people

just to assert their territorial politics

China’s claims also affect countries around
the South China Sea—

like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia

For centuries, their people have relied on

in the South China Sea

Now China’s claims threaten their access

A few years ago, we hired a Filipino fishing

to take us to disputed waters in the South
China Sea

and made an episode about it for China Uncensored

The fishermen told us they’d been fishing

at the Scarborough Shoal for generations

But when we got there,

the place was surrounded by the Chinese Coast

and they wouldn’t let Filipino boats into
the Shoal,

where the best fishing is

Because the Chinese regime decided it was
*their* territory now

And remember back in the early to mid 20th

when world maps showed Tibet as a separate

Well, in 1949,

the Chinese Communist Party claimed Tibet
was part of China

By 1951, they had forced Tibet to accept their

And within a few years,

Western countries simply accepted that the

is now part of the People’s Republic of

So we should take their territorial claims

If we don’t stand up to China’s “map
warfare” now,

it will only get harder to deal with later

Especially once the next generation grows

playing with propaganda globes sold by the
Discovery Network

So what’s the solution?

Don’t let your kids learn geography

Wait, what’s that Shelley?

Yes, that is a better idea

Ok, I just had a better idea

Tell your elected representatives to actually
DO something

to stop China’s “map warfare”

We’ve created this petition on Changeorg

It calls on Congress to enact legislation

the import of maps and globes made in China

If American companies stop selling globes
and maps made in China,

then the Chinese government has no power over
our maps—

and no power to undermine our freedom of the

So click the link below and sign the petition,

and then share the petition with everyone
you know on social media

And if you see more examples of China’s
“map warfare,”

keep sending them to us

Especially if you see them being used in schools

Once again, I’m Chris Chappell

Thanks for joining me

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