Manipulating America: The Chinese language Communist Playbook | In-Depth Report | NTD

published on July 3, 2020

No bombs, 
no bullets

This is an invisible war

They've developed way to manipulate all of us

This is all infiltration subversion to control the narrative,

to shape your opponents’ perceptions of you

Our God-given rights are being silently eroded

yet we are completely unaware

Sending an official letter urging that an

American elected official
shouldn’t exercise his right to freedom of speech

Make certain media outlets think twice about reporting certain issues or certain topics

The provost of the university personally called
me out

and escorted me off campus, telling me not
to return

An unnoticed dark force is attacking America

It’s a struggle between freedom and totalitarianism

Manipulating America
The Chinese Communist Playbook

The New Year's Crystal Ball descends 
at Times Square on January 1, 2020

At the same time, over 7,000 miles away in
Wuhan, China,

political pressure was mounting on 8 healthcare professionals

Local police found these doctors one after another around New Year's Day,

and accused them of "spreading rumors"

and "seriously disrupting social order"

Police also warned them,

if they don’t feel remorse,
they will face legal punishment

The incriminating evidence against them?

Messages they sent to friends on December 30th

One message read,

"7 cases of SARS were diagnosed
in the (Wuhan) South China Seafood Market;"

Another read,

"One case of infectious coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed

in the Houhu branch of the (Wuhan) Second Hospital"

Others read:

“The government has not yet decided to make it public;"

“Please be careful, everyone"

When the Times Square crystal ball dropped,

none of the revellers were aware of 
the political pressure thousands of miles away

But tragedy was approaching

Just hundreds of yards from the crystal ball
is the billboard of Xinhua News Agency,

the official news agency of the Chinese Communist

7 hours after New Year's Eve, 
Xinhua announced on its website in Chinese:

Wuhan police have “taken legal measures” 
against 8 healthcare professionals

because they were “disseminating false information"

The agency also told the Chinese public not to believe them and spread rumors

"You had hero doctors that were sounding the alarm,

trying to tell the world about COVID-19,

and the Communist Party of China clamped down
on that immediately

That censorship directly exacerbated COVID-19,

and it is something that is now impacting so many Americans"

Xinhua is China’s official news agency,

directly controlled by the State Council of
the CCP

Cai Mingzhao is the president of Xinhua

He previously served as the deputy director of the CCP's propaganda department,

where he ruled the media with an iron-fist,
firing writers who dared to tell the truth

With a tight grip over the media and political
loyalty to the Party,

some call him the "news killer”

In July 2011, Xinhua signed a long-term lease

for a prominent advertising space in Times

The fee for the giant screen is estimated 
at 300,000 to 400,000 dollars per month

On its first day of broadcast,
a Tibetan group staged a protest,

saying the CCP's censorship agency 
is not welcome in New York City

It's the official source of information
that's very tightly controlled editorially

by the Chinese government and Communist Party
in terms of what they're able to publish,

to the extent that they basically use it as a way

to channel the official version of events within China

The CCP calls this billboard "The China Screen,"

as a symbol of the regime's Da Wai Xuan, or "Grand External Propaganda Campaign”

That multi-billion-dollar media expansion plan was

Beijing’s response to a setback for the CCP

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics,

the CCP was eager to enhance its international image

by showing the world how China can host the perfect Games

Behind the scenes,

the CCP was increasingly abusing human rights and silencing dissent

After nearly two weeks of violent demonstration,

politicians and human rights groups from around
the world

called for a boycott of the Olympics in Beijing

Embarrassed CCP officials believed

this happened because its own message 
was not being heard enough outside of China,

so it needed a bigger voice

In 2009, the CCP launched the 66 billion dollar

"Grand External Propaganda Campaign”

to fuel the global expansion of its official

and drown out Western media voices
The CCP not only seeks to improve its image

The CCP not only seeks to improve its image in the world,

but also to further a strategic expansion of global power

As the international financial crisis began in 2008,

it seemed at that time

that many countries in the world 
were seeking help from China,

and regarded China as the engine out of the

Therefore, the CCP was full of confidence
at that time

Domestically it felt that it was necessary
to strengthen its totalitarian rule,

abroad it also saw an opportunity 
to expand its power overseas

and establish a communist order
according to the will of the CCP

Of course, the CCP still has no way
to confront the United States in military power,

so it has adopted the method of information warfare

There's information warfare, which is a lot more subtle,

which is how you shape the perceptions of your opponent

And there are lots of different modalities used to achieve those ends

For one country to achieve its policy goals by manipulating another one

As the vanguard outpost of this global campaign,

in 2010 Xinhua rented top floor office space
in Times Square

to be its North American headquarters for
the next 20 years

The next year,
it rented the highly-visible advertising screen

and started playing propaganda videos
Another Chinese state mouthpiece media,

Another Chinese state mouthpiece media, China Daily, entered Americans' lives in an even more insidious way

The China Daily, for example, the CCP controlled, state-sponsored newspaper from China,

is dropped on my doorstep as a member of Congress at my House office building

That’s just skimming the surface of 
how powerful and how advanced

the Chinese propaganda machine really is

China Daily has been inserting a multi-page supplement called China Watch

as paid advertisement into major newspapers,

including The Washington Post
and The Wall Street Journal,

over the past years

The Chinese Communist Party understands

that politicians in the West,
unlike there,

have to be responsive 
to public opinion to some degree

And by growing their influence
in these other media outlets,

they're able to shape American
perceptions of Communist China

to make the American public at least less

which makes it easier 
for Chinese Communist Party officials

to deal with American elected officials

Trying to shape the narrative about China,

these advertisements describe the CCP
as an open and civilized regime,

and claim that the people under the CCP’s rule enjoy economic prosperity as well as freedom,

and that the Chinese market has many business opportunities

On the first page of the insert,

in barely noticeable text,

it says the content was paid for by the official media of the CCP

Don't focus on what the Chinese Communist Party, what the narrative, is

Remember, a communist regime,

dominating a narrative and controlling the narrative

Look at their actions over the past decade,
and several decades,

and since they've been in power

When you look at a Marxist-Leninist socialist system,

or socialism with Chinese characteristics,

it’s always for the betterment of the party

They will trample human rights

and basic rights of individuals
in order to get to that goal,

and they make no mistakes about that

We know what they’re doing to the ethnic Uyghurs in northwest China in Xinjiang

We know what they did in Tibet,

and we know what they’ve done to the Falun Gong and the Christians

The China Daily, sponsored by the CCP's Propaganda Department,

was made to register as a "foreign agent" with the Department of Justice in 1983

New documents filed with the US Department of Justice on June 1st

show that over a three-year period,
starting in November 2016,

China Daily paid over $46 million to the Washington Post

and nearly $6 million to the Wall Street Journal

It is quite difficult for many newspapers to survive in the digital age

The Chinese Communist Party can publish a lot of information in these newspapers

with such a large sum of money

People in many countries have not directly suffered from the rule of the Communist Party;

they don't know how evil the CCP is

Therefore, Westerners are more likely to accept the stories told by the CCP before they are actually hurt

So you know Nazi Germany with Joseph Goebbels,

information warfare has been with us for a long time

Now the media environment has changed

how people absorb and consume information,
how rapidly, how it's disseminated,

is very different from the early 20th century methods

But the goal is the same

That is to shape your opponents’ perceptions of you,

to undermine their will to confront

Free press in the United States has helped the world understand the true nature of the CCP in the past

In 1989, when the CCP army blood-washed the Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement,

Western reporters risked their lives and captured images of the Chinese people’s fight against tyranny

In 1997, American media exposed 
the state-sponsored sale of human organs

from executed prisoners for medical transplantation

With the free flow of information,

the CCP’s propaganda machine 
wouldn’t be able to compete

even if it ran at full capacity

For that reason,

the CCP prepared another tool 
for its Grand External Propaganda Campaign:

Foreign Censorship

The Chinese government and Chinese officials inside China,

trying to obstruct our correspondents

from covering certain stories, intimidating sources

And so it does make it harder for them 
to report information on various aspects of

what's happening in China that the Chinese government doesn't like

In 2012, after publishing investigative stories 
exposing CCP officials’ massive wealth,

both the New York Times and Bloomberg 
had their websites blocked in China,

and reporters’ visas were denied

One year later,

Bloomberg reportedly killed another investigative report

about the financial ties of a top CCP official

In 2018, the CCP arrested the relatives of at least five reporters,

after these Radio Free Asia journalists covered the human rights violations in Xinjiang

In 2019, the CCP threatened data company Refinitiv,

a partner of Reuters news agency,

with having its service in China suspended

if Refinitiv didn’t remove stories
related to the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Refinitiv eventually complied

In addition,

the CCP has expelled at least 19 foreign journalists
in the past 12 months,

and about 82% of foreign journalists say 
they’ve experienced interference,

harassment, or violence while reporting in
China in the past year

The CCP has even extended this interference overseas

Chinese diplomats are regularly trying to interfere with the media space in the United States,

especially Chinese language media, but not only

So they're involved in intimidating reporters,

calling up executives to complain about particular stories,

intimidating advertisers who publish, who try to run ads from the local Chinese community

I think if the purpose is to try to encourage censorship,

or make certain media outlets think twice

about reporting certain issues or certain topics,

or make advertisers think twice 
about advertising on a particular news outlet

Then yeah, I would say  that that's been effective in some cases

But they don't have the freedom 
to silence those who disagree with them,

or to present the Chinese Communist Party line

as the only correct perspective

The censorship of speech is far-reaching,

and at some point, can be deadly

When SARS broke out in China in 2003,

the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine
reported on Chinese doctor Jiang Yanyong,

who exposed the CCP officials' coverup of
the epidemic

The reports attracted global attention,

and experts from the World Health Organization

soon went to China to investigate and confirm the CCP’s coverup,

thus preventing the epidemic from spreading further

Seventeen years later,

the CCP's censorship machine has matured

At the beginning of the virus outbreak,

the CCP ordered Chinese doctors not to accept interviews from any media

And the WHO took CCP information at face value,

then based recommendations on it,

leading to the global spread of the epidemic

In the meantime,

most media in the US directly quote the CCP data

even after it has been exposed as propaganda and lies

Today, news outlets continue to report Chinese data as fact

China has had an enormous success,

rarely mentioning how the CCP’s initial coverup left the world unprepared,

costing countless lives

And instead,

these media report on what lessons the rest of the world can learn from the CCP

They feel that their newspapers will have no influence

if they cannot do reporting in China, 
so they desperately want to please the CCP,

and be very cautious about
what they report on China

and try to balance their reporting

Their so-called “balanced reporting”

is to publish a lot of the CCP's words, 
or simply flatter the CCP

I think this has violated the most basic principles of news journalism

The Chinese government is lying about the number of deaths,

and for American media to take those propaganda statements,

to repeat them as fact, to deceive the American people

into believing those propaganda efforts,

is at its core anti-American, 
and from a journalistic standpoint,

it’s unethical for them to not do their own research

into making sure that the claims they’re
repeating are accurate

And sadly, if you’re asking what college students think

and what young people in the next generation think,

many of them simply are ignorant to the fact 
that this information is not truthful, it’s a lie

And so shame on the media for repeating these accusations,

because you’ve got an entire generation of Americans coming up

Even as the pandemic continues to spread globally,

the CCP has been trying to persuade the world not to blame China,

but to praise China

Using its Grand External Propaganda machine and fake social media accounts,

the CCP is pushing a narrative that the world should thank China

And it’s trying to get politicians to say it

The Communist Party of China reached out to me on two occasions

to pass a resolution praising them for their handling of the coronavirus

And what was probably most unusual about the request

was that they provided me with the resolution

I’ve never had something like this happen

Roth received the two emails directly from the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago,

one in late February,
the other in early March

At that time, 
the epidemic was spreading across the United States;

the American economy was hit hard as well

“They (the CCP) actually just had the samples destroyed

The initial samples taken from the sick in Wuhan

where they had the genome sequenced –

and they destroyed all of that

They destroyed the evidence 
They covered up They hid

They prevented researchers from getting into the country

And they basically said, 
well, they see no evidence of

human-to-human spread of the virus

At the same time,

hundreds of thousands of people were leaving Wuhan,

and going to all points of the compass”

“So all these emotions are running through me,

and to be honest with you, I got downright mad

And that's where I told my staff,

I dictated to them a response

I said, you send this out word for word,

“Dear Consul General, Nuts”

Besides anger, Roth had worries too

He realized how the CCP had extended its influence
to elected officials in the United States,

and that it may even be a common practice

“I’ve never spoken to their consulate before

So that’s why it makes this request very unusual

and very scary that they felt that this was normal behavior

for a foreign government to come to a sovereign state like Wisconsin,

and ask them to pass this resolution

Here is probably the part that should scare most of us:

they actually felt it was okay for them to do this

So it makes you wonder,

am I the first one that they’ve reached out to to ask for a resolution to be passed?

I find it hard to believe that I would be”

The New York State Senate passed a controversial resolution

on June 18, 2019, 
designating October 1st as "China Day"

October 1st is the anniversary of 
the Communist Party’s takeover of China in 1949

Huang Ping, the Chinese Consul General in New York,

was invited to witness the adoption of the resolution

Many Chinese groups in New York state protested the resolution

Among them were groups oppressed by the CCP

They worried that the resolution 
would boost the CCP’s image in New York state

A month before New York state passed the resolution,

US-China trade talks had collapsed

because the CCP was unwilling to make real legal commitments

to protecting intellectual property rights

Some federal officials called for 
escalating sanctions against the CCP

At that moment, the friendly gesture 
toward the CCP from New York state

was immediately praised by the Chinese Foreign Minister

"Since President Trump came to power, 
especially during the US-China trade war,

the two parties have reached a consensus on the CCP

So the CCP shifted its focus to the state governments,

because the state governments do not have 
dedicated personnel for foreign diplomacy,

and people at the state level are far less vigilant
towards the CCP

Also their understanding of the CCP’s nature
is not as good as the people in the federal government

The CCP really wants to have some resolutions passed

at the less guarded state level to create an environment conducive to itself,

while exerting pressure on the Federal government"

New York state, which was hit hard by the pandemic,

has more economic and cultural exchanges 
with the CCP than any other state

According to the China General Chamber of Commerce,

509 billion dollars of investment from China
was injected into New York from 2011 to 2017,

much more than any other state

The New York state government stated in 2017

that developing relations with China is one of its top priorities

The CCP has mapped out every politician in the country

down to the governors and senior elected state

So it’s not just national-level politicians

And they’ve mapped out who’s soft on the CCP,

or even likes them,

who’s moderate or ambivalent,
and who’s hostile to them

And they’ve developed ways 
to manipulate all of us

Whereas if you just want to make money
and bring jobs into your state, fine,

then let’s cut a deal and don’t ever say the name Taiwan

or don’t ever be critical of Xi Jinping

And we’ll make sure that our party people invest businesses in your state

Is the communist regime censoring remarks of US officials?

One way the regime can do this is through its "sister city" relationships

According to the CCP,

sister cities bring more cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation

However, this cooperation sometimes 
comes with strings attached

When the Czech capital of Prague
signed a sister city agreement with Beijing in 2016,

Prague agreed to adhere to the ”One China” policy,

that is, recognizing Taiwan as part of China

This was exposed by newly elected city officials last year

The new mayor rejected including a political declaration

in the agreement between the cities 
and wanted to remove the One China language

He said his country should not turn away
from the victims of injustice

The CCP immediately threatened Prague
with breaking off diplomatic relations,

stopping flights, and cutting financial aid

New York City, like Prague,

has signed a sister city agreement with Beijing as well

China's Consul General in New York sent a
letter last month

to the speaker of one of your state legislatures

Here’s what the letter said in part

It said: “As we all know, Taiwan is part
of China

Avoid engaging in any official contact with Taiwan,

including sending congratulatory messages
to the electeds”

A representative of the Chinese Communist
Party in New York City,

sending an official letter urging that an American elected official

shouldn’t exercise his right to freedom
of speech

And this isn’t a one-off event
It’s happening all across the country

The abuse of so-called “friendship” goes
even further

The Association for the Defense of Human Rights
and Religious Freedom

publicized an internal document from the CCP’s Henan Provincial Party Committee,

dated March 2017

The file contains the following text:

“Make full use of the foreign sister cities

to squeeze Falun Gong’s space in their activities

Falun Gong is a popular traditional Chinese
spiritual practice

It’s been heavily persecuted by the CCP
since 1999,

but is practiced freely around the world

The document from Henan Province reveals something more:

“Since provincial party committees don’t

have the authority 
to formulate foreign policy,

it means the order came from the Central Committee
of the CCP

That means the CCP is trying to export its
persecution of faith

through its "sister city" relationships”

"The CCP has implicitly exported its values

and influence to the United States

This is a kind of sharp power that forces,

or influences America to give up its values

This has caused the most harm 
to the establishing foundation of the United States

American people have never experienced such harm in the United States’ history,

not even during the Cold War"

"This is all infiltration subversion to control the narrative

and to control actions throughout the United States

and to weaken the United States"

As of March 2019, 
the US and China have 227 sister city relationships

and 50 pairs of sister relationships
between American states and Chinese provinces

The Chinese Government has been methodical 
in the way it’s analyzed our system,

our very open system, one that we’re deeply
proud of

It’s assessed our vulnerabilities, 
and it’s decided to exploit our freedoms

to gain advantage over us
at the federal level, the state level, and the local level

Another Trojan horse entered the United States

under the banner of cultural exchanges in 2004

It’s part of the CCP’s warfare on ideology

They are called "Confucius Institutes”

Beijing-funded Confucius Institutes 
work with American universities and schools,

and are billed as centers for teaching Chinese
language and culture

But really they execute a more subversive
political agenda

They feed the Chinese Communist Party line
on everything

I did case studies at 12 Confucius institutes
in the United States,

and when I talked to the Chinese director
of one Confucius Institute at New Jersey City University,

I asked her what would you say if a student
asked you

what is Tiananmen Square, 
what happened there?

Her answer was that she would show a picture 
and point out the beautiful architecture

That's the most important thing 
about Tiananmen Square, the architecture

We know that there is a major historical event 
that happened there that students need to learn about

But you won't learn about that at the Confucius Institute

The CCP has opened 541 Confucius Institutes in over 100 countries around the world

About 15% of them are in the United States,

the largest number in any one country

In the United States alone,

the Chinese Communist Party has invested 
at least $158 million in Confucius Institutes,

including start-up and operating costs, 
teacher salaries, and teaching materials

The money comes from Hanban, 
the supervising body of the Confucius Institute,

which is under the Ministry of Education of the CCP

The Chinese government reserves to itself 
the right to veto any course materials or programs

To think of this, this is a foreign government telling a college or university

what it can or cannot teach on its own campus

Rachelle Peterson, policy director of the National Association of Scholars,

visited 12 Confucius Institutes in the United States to conduct a case study,

but none of the American universities 
were willing to show her their contract with Hanban

After she filed Freedom of Information Act requests,

she got eight contracts,

and understood why the CCP wanted to keep
them secret

The contract terms include:

* Chinese employees of Confucius Institutes, even in the United States,

must obey the laws of the Chinese Communist Party;

* Hanban has the right to evaluate the performance

of Confucius Institute teachers in the United States;

* American universities and employees must not tarnish the reputation of the Confucius Institute,

otherwise all cooperation and funding will be terminated;

The purpose is to signal to colleges and universities

what kind of behavior is desired by the Chinese government,

and what kind of behavior is necessary 
to maintain the financial benefits

of having a close relationship with China

With the Confucius Institute as the outpost,

the CCP has provided various grants 
to American universities that host Confucius Institutes,

sent thousands of Chinese students who pay full tuition,

and invited American university administrators to travel to China for free

When I spoke to American college professors who were at universities with Confucius Institutes,

they felt that pressure coming down on them from their deans and from their provost

They feel that pressure to watch what they say

both because the Chinese government is listening,

but also because their university is listening

And their university wants to maintain that,

that flow of money from China

In addition, Hanban’s hiring practices

have been found to include provisions
that discriminate against certain faiths

This is completely contrary to American law
and values

“The Chinese Communist Party has wiped out
the traditional Chinese culture in mainland China

Instead, it has replaced the traditional culture with the Communist Party’s culture

So the cultural exchange is actually

exporting the Communist Party’s culture
to the world

The CCP culture is contrary not only to American

but also to the universal values of the world

If this cultural exchange is accepted unwittingly,

it is actually helping the CCP undermine American

At present,

of the more than 80 Confucius Institutes in the United States,

a total of 12, or nearly 15%, are in New York state,

far exceeding any other state

When I went to Alfred University,
having actually secured permission in advance

to go to the university and visit the Confucius

I found that when I actually arrived on campus 
and tried to sit in on a class,

the provost of the university personally called
me out

and escorted me off campus

I felt deeply alarmed,

alarmed that basically the Confucius Institute
had set up

a little piece of the Chinese government right
on campus

But keep in mind, a lot of the older generations in America,

they were old enough to remember the Soviet Union,

they were old enough to remember the Cold War

They remember countries crumbling under communist and socialist regimes

But a lot of young people,

they don’t really remember any of that

They’re not super aware of what’s going on there,

and because of that,

they’re more likely to fall for the propaganda efforts

than maybe older generations are

The communist and other totalitarian regimes,

they try to create a homo sovieticus or homo

in order to make people think or stop thinking 
and just accept what the party says is right or wrong

Beijing knows that today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders

The China competition is happening

It’s happening in your states, 
and it’s a competition that goes to the

very basic freedoms
that every one of us values

It’s a struggle between freedom and totalitarianism

Between people having the choice to do with what they want with their lives,

and having somebody else tell them what they must do, and how they must live

And that is why when I look at the Chinese

I see us in them

But I also know that in the end of the day,

if you look at history,

right always wins out

The Declaration of Independence says,

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,

that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator

with certain unalienable rights, 
that among these are

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

Now these rights bestowed to us by the Creator

are being silently eroded

It’s a confrontation between communism and universal values,

between authoritarian totalitarianism and freedom and democracy,

between atheistic materialism and God-given rights

The war of ideology is being waged on our everyday lives

Censorship and propaganda have silently broken through the line of defense of truth,

and the invisible enemy, the CCP virus, 
has marched in without resistance

Now, we find ourselves at a crossroads
and we must decide—

continue sleeping in darkness,

or wake up and follow our consciences

and defend our God-given rights

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