Manga in 3D #MangaMonth

published on July 2, 2020

One thing that may surprise you,

because you think of manga as 2D

or one, in general thinks of manga as 2D,

is our 3D works

Actually manga, anime, gaming

has spawned an industry of complimentary

materials, sculptures but also inspired artworks

and we have a lot for you here

We have two fantastic sculptures, one of Astro Boy

and one of Yabuki Joe, tomorrow's Joe by Chiba Tetsuya

we also have a 5 metre Titan head

We have beyond that, in our last zone, when we look at beyond manga

we have two manga ceramics

We have one by the impressive Hosono Hitomi

she's famous, at least for us in the

Japanese galleries, for a thousand leaf vase

but in fact she's made a manga for us, we've commissioned her

it is now in the British Museum

Eight pieces of food out of porcelain

This is a story of a porcelain blob that comes illegally

into the country, from Tajimi,

the Stoke-on-Trent of Japan

it then goes and lands, as one does, in Seven Sisters

it gets impressed with the food there and

it morphs into the food that it sees

absorbing the conversations and the body parts

of the people around it

There's a fish and chips, there's an Obake kebab,

a ghost kebab there's a blood pudding

there is a ghost houmous

but the best is the beans on toast

Now, it's got a riot of beans, each bean has a face and

they're chattering to each other

it's making such a noise that the the toast

is getting a little unhappy and the

Border Patrol comes because they hear

all of this conversation going on and

they find the illegal porcelain and they

try to deport it but the porcelain gets

nervous and it does as all good porcelain

does from Tajimi, which is the home of

inaxs and Toto, it turns into a toilet!

And that's our porcelain manga

We have another one that's a little bit more serious

by Mishima Kimiyo and this is

a manga book installation out of stoneware

and she's making comment on ephemera and throwaway culture

We have a sound sculpture by Akatsuka Reiko

using the sounds her father Akatsuka Fujio

the famous manga artist has used in his gag manga

and this is a sound sculpture that

kind of comes up as a forest of sounds,

it's something that is rather special

but you have to see it to understand

and see how manga infuses and reaches out

so manga certainly is much more than 2D

Thank you for watching and sad news

only one more video to go, why is July so short!

Can you put one of those sad manga

the expressions on?

Happily the exhibition is on until the 26th of August

but we have one more video for you, YES!

it's Kutsuwada Chie part four!

How to draw facial expressions- Monday be there!

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